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25 Best Sherwin Williams Cool Gray Paint Colors In 2024

By: Susie
Updated On: July 31, 2023

There’s something timeless about the color gray. It can transform a room from ordinary to stunning, commanding attention without even trying.

That’s why I’ve been captivated by Sherwin Williams cool gray paint colors lately. This subdued hue can fit into any style – rustic, modern, traditional – you name it!

I’ll let you in on a little secret: using cool gray as your base creates a perfectly tranquil environment, enabling your décor to tell its own story.

Whether that story whispers subtle elegance or screams bold drama entirely depends on your personal touch.

But regardless of the tale you tell, a foundation of cool gray paint colors will always give it strength and stability.

What Does Mean By Cool Gray Color?

What Does Mean By Cool Gray Color?

When we talk about cool gray paint colors, we’re referring to grays that lean towards the blue or green end of the color spectrum instead of those with a warmer yellow or red undertone.

These cool grays aren’t icy or metallic; they have depth, hinting at quieter hues that don’t detract from the elegant neutrality of gray itself.

Imagine being surrounded by a serene foggy morning or staring at an expanse of still water. That’s what cool gray represents – it’s soothing and tranquil.

Whether mimicking the lapping tides at dawn or capturing the essence of granite stone, this color can bring a refreshing yet composed atmosphere into your home spaces.

However, interestingly, in some light conditions, these shades often appear purely gray — it’s only when compared against other colors that their cool tones stand out.

So don’t worry about them clashing with your existing decor; these versatile hues are meant to blend flawlessly with almost any color scheme.

The Undertones Of Gray Paint Color

An understanding of undertones is imperative to select the perfect gray paint color for your space. These undertones can significantly impact how the gray will ultimately appear once on your walls!

Following are some essential characteristics of familiar gray paint undertones:

  • Blue-Gray Undertones: A serene and calming choice, grays with blue undertones work beautifully in bedrooms and bathrooms. These cool-toned grays tend to inspire relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Green-Gray Undertones: Grays with subtle hints of green can help to create a peaceful ambiance, making them ideal for spaces like family rooms or offices where comfort is key.
  • Red & Purple-gray Undertones: These are warmer types of grays. They can come off as cozier and more inviting than their relaxed counterparts, which makes them perfect for living rooms or dining areas.
  • Brown-Gray (or Greige) Undertones: The blend of gray with beige results in an incredibly versatile neutral hue! This ‘greige’ is warm and inviting, working beautifully across various spaces – bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens.

Whether you’re drawn towards cooler tones or warmer ones, one thing’s sure: exploring these distinct gray undertones will help banish any notions that gray is just ‘bland’!

Where you can use cool gray color

Where you can use cool gray color

Cool gray paint colors have a remarkable versatility that allows them to fit seamlessly into any space within the home. Below, I’ve highlighted some specific areas where they shine:


In the bathroom, cool gray hues provide a sophisticated, spa-like feel. This can create a calm, serene environment perfect for unwinding after a long day.

The color works exceptionally well with chrome fixtures and white accents for that pure chic aesthetic.

  • Imagine pale cool grays for the walls coupled with crisp white bath linens.
  • For an added touch, warmer grays or pops of muted colors can be introduced through tiles or accessories.


Cool gray is an ideal choice if you want to create a peaceful ambiance in your bedroom. It works beautifully with both dark and light-colored furniture.

  • Pair the cool gray walls with white furnishings to bring out its freshness.
  • For an updated twist on the classic style, try combining charcoal bedding or accent pieces against lighter gray walls.


Kitchens are another great place for cool grays. They pair impeccably well with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops, contributing towards a sleek, modern look.

  • To break up the uniformity and add depth, use different shades of gray – dove-gray cabinets on top and charcoal-gray ones at the bottom.
  • Add natural wood elements to your design to warm the space if you want an inviting look.


When creating an office environment that inspires productivity, go for cool grays. It’s neutral enough not to be distracting but offers enough of a visual appeal that it can help stir creativity!

  • Warm wood finishes go beautifully against cool-toned walls.
  • Incorporate industrial touches, such as metal shelving or lighting fixtures, for that chic edge.

The LRV Of Gray Color

When I talk about cool gray paint colors, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Light Reflectance Value, often shortened to LRV. Believe it or not, this can be a deciding factor in your hunt for the perfect shade of gray.

  • LRV measures the percentage of light a color reflects. Gray floats somewhere in between if you imagine a scale where 0% is absolute black (absorbing all morning) and 100% is pure white (reflecting all light).
  • Any value under 50% means the color consumes more light than it reflects, making it a ‘dark’ color. Over 50%, and we’re talking about ‘light’ colors.
  • Cool grays have lower LRVs due to their blue or green undertones. This means they absorb more light and thus appear darker and more profound than warm grays.
  • However, don’t worry about these cool shades making your room look like a gloomy cave! Even their lower LRVs reflect enough light for spaces to feel balanced and cozy.

Understanding the LRV of potential paint colors helps get a read on how that color will interact with your home’s lighting situation. From darker hues creating intimate spaces to lighter tones generating a more expansive feeling – it’s all about finding the right balance for your design vision.

25 Best Sherwin Williams Cool Gray Paint Colors

25 Best Sherwin Williams Cool Gray Paint Colors

When standing in front of the endless selection of paint swatches at your local shop, pinpointing the perfect cool gray can be daunting.

With so many possibilities, where do you start? Well, consider me your guide to the majestic world of gray. Let’s dive into two on our list: Big Chill SW 7648 and Gray Screen SW 7071.

Big Chill SW 7648

Big Chill SW 7648

Big Chill is more than just a punchy name. It captures an ethereal sense of relaxation and cool tranquility. This cool gray paint color adds a touch of sophistication to any room with its subtle blue undertones.

Here are some critical facts about Big Chill:

  • It’s light to medium-light-toned paint color.
  • The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) stands at 62, making it neither dark nor soft.
  • Big Chill works well in living rooms or bedrooms where you want a serene environment.
  • Pair it with bright white trims for an elegant, chic look.
  • It complements darker blues and greens beautifully to create a calm atmosphere.

Gray Screen SW 7071

Next up is Gray Screen. A mystical combination of blue and gray undertones captures the illusionary charm of an old-fashioned movie screen, hence its name.

Critical details about Gray Screen:

  • This is also a light-medium-toned color.
  • Boasts an LRV score slightly higher than Big Chill, coming in at 59.
  • Works fantastically for office spaces needing a professional yet calm atmosphere.
  • It tends to appear slightly darker when used in smaller rooms or areas with less natural light due to its lower LRV value.
  • To enhance its beauty further, consider pairing it with dark woods or other deeper grays for contrast.

Passive SW 7064

Sherwin Williams’ Passive is a beautiful, soft cool gray hue that leans towards the blue end of the spectrum. Here are some key points about this stunning color:

  • Its Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is 60, which means it has a radiant luminosity. This effectively makes smaller rooms feel expansive and open.
  • It’s an excellent option for creating a calm and soothing environment, perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms.
  • Passive pairs well with shades of warmer colors like taupe or beige to create balance.
  • The undertone of Passive can shift depending on the lighting condition. For instance, natural daylight may bring out more of its blue undertone.

Silver Strand SW 7057

Silver Strand sways into the green side of cool grays. Here’s everything you need to know about this rich color:

  • With an LRV of 59, Silver Strand is nearly as bright as Passive and can significantly enhance the feeling of space in a room.
  • The slight green undertone gives it a touch of earthiness compared to most cool gray tones.
  • Silver strand is incredibly versatile. It beautifully complements accents in warm hues—think deep browns and golds—to pop against its subtle backdrop.
  • It also works well with cooler tones and metals for a more modern look.

Reflection SW 7661

Reflections sashay closer to pure gray than it does either blue or green. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Reflection has an LRV score of 66, making it one of the lightest grays that Sherwin William offers. This makes it ideal for rooms where you want maximal brightness.
  • It’s a great middle ground if you’re unsure about choosing between blue and green grays; Reflection subtly exhibits both hues under different lighting conditions but always maintains its graceful grayness.
  • Whether used in bedrooms or communal spaces like living rooms or kitchen areas, Reflection creates an ambiance of unobtrusive elegance—never overpowering, always complimentary.

Each of these cool gray shades possesses distinct qualities that make them incredible candidates for transforming any room into your new favorite spot at home.

Olympus White SW 6253

Olympus White SW 6253

Olympus White by Sherwin Williams is an incredibly versatile cool gray. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • Color family: It belongs to the blue-gray family. Close relatives on the color chart would include hues like Silverpoint and Gray Screen.
  • Undertones: This elegant shade holds a slight blue undertone, bestowing it with a refreshing touch that sets it apart from your average gray.
  • Light Reflectance Value (LRV): With an LRV of 68, Olympus White reflects a significant amount of light, uplifting dimly lit spaces or complementing well-lit areas.
  • Where to use: Because of its high LRV and cool undertones, it works wonderfully in smaller spaces such as bathrooms or hallways. It can also be used in larger areas, like living rooms, to create an open, airy feel.

Lattice SW 7654

Lattice is another exceptional excellent gray paint choice from Sherwin Williams.

  • Color Family: This hue nests comfortably within the Neutral color palette. Its counterparts include shades like Silver Strand and Gray Matters.
  • Undertones: I love how this elegant shade merges into the spectrum of cooler grays with its subtle blue undertones.
  • Light Reflectance Value (LRV): An LRV of 61 creates a warm ambiance yet reflects a modest amount of light, preventing glare in bright rooms.
  • Where to use: Being neutral yet intriguing, this shade can be utilized in main living areas such as the living room or kitchen for a serene atmosphere.

Front Porch SW 7651

Closing with Front Porch by Sherwin Williams, we have a paint color that gets your creative juices flowing!

  • Color Family: A Cyan/Aqua/Teal Color family member. You will find stunning colors like Watery and Topsail in its family tree.
  • Undertones: A cool gray infused with gentle green-blue undertones that whisper tranquility.
  • Light Reflectance Value (LRV): It’s mid-range with an LRV of 60, balancing brightness and depth perfectly.
  • Where to Use: It’s perfect for creating a calming bedroom or home office environment. Employ this beautiful hue in places where peace and relaxation are paramount.

Each one of these excellent gray paints brings unique beauty. While they carry the same gravitas common among grays, their diverse undertones offer distinct moods ranging from quiet grace with Olympus White, balanced presence with Lattice SW 7654 to pacifying retreat provided by Front Porch SW 7651. Your choice among these can beautifully dictate the aura you want your space to embody.

Tinsmith SW 7657

Tinsmith is a sophisticated yet adaptable shade of cool gray. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

  • This hue falls right in the middle of light and dark colors, making it neutrally cool but not aloof.
  • It has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 57. The higher the LRV, the more light the color will reflect. So Tinsmith, with an LRV in the mid-range, can make your room feel spacious yet cozy.
  • As an undertone, Tinsmith tends to cast a very slight hint of blue. This subtle touch enhances its soothing characteristic without making it appear too cold.
  • In terms of application, it works universally well on walls but can also make an elegant choice for furniture repaints or kitchen cabinets to give them a fresh new look.
  • Use soft white or cream for trims and door frames to complement Tinsmith walls. These colors will add a warming contrast to the cool gray.

Silverplate SW 7649

Silverplate embodies a calming shade from Sherwin Williams; here’s what sets it apart:

  • With an LRV of 53, Silverplate can brighten space without overpowering other décor elements.
  • This color leans towards the blue end of cool grays and is imbued with tranquility, allowing it to set the perfect backdrop for relaxing rooms like bedrooms or bathrooms.
  • It pairs beautifully with crisp white molding or trims, adding fresh balance while drawing out Silverplate’s underlying tones.
  • Silverplate adapts nicely alongside warm-toned furnishings like wood & gold, accentuating their natural features sidewise despite being on the cooler side.

Ellie Gray SW 7650

Ellie Gray SW 7650

Ellie Gray is a deeper shade that captures and complements different styles effortlessly:

  • Unlike its predecessors on this list, Ellie Gray has an LRV of 40, making it one of the darker grays that effectively infuse visual weight into a room.
  • Its undertone hints towards green-blue shades adding richness and elegance along this cool spectrum line.
  • Great for offering contrast in rooms brimming with lighter elements—from furniture to accessories—Ellie Gray anchors them all while maintaining overall harmony within space.
  • As moldings and trim are concerned, be it crisp white or warmer oak wood, both styles stand out outstandingly against this distinct gray backdrop!

Selecting paint for your walls may seem challenging with myriads of gray tones available. But remember, your goal is to create balance—so choose hues that reflect your aesthetic sense & resonate within your living area effectively.

Classic Gray SW 7002

Classic Gray SW 7002 is a perfectly understated shade of gray by Sherwin Williams. This color honestly stands true to its name – it truly is a classic. Here’s why I can’t get enough of this versatile paint color:

  • Versatility: With a lightly warm underpinning, Classic Gray plays nicely with both warm and cool colors, furnishings, and accents.
  • Tranquility: It exudes an atmosphere of calm simplicity. Just imagine pulling into your driveway after a long day at work into the embracing tranquillity of Classic Gray. Honestly, it gives such ethereal vibes – instantly calming down your nerves.
  • Wide Application: It works beautifully in any room; kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, you name it!
  • Natural Approach: Leaning towards nature, this tint complements wooden structures and furniture flawlessly.

Repose Gray SW 7015

Subtly elegant with an earthy twist, Repose Gray SW 7015 by Sherwin Williams carries an undeniable charm that resides somewhere between cooler grays and beige/brown neutrals.

  • Neutral Undertones: Repose Gray has slightly warmer undertones, making it feel inviting and harmonious in various lighting conditions.
  • Statement-Maker: Although considered a neutral gray paint color, something about Repose Gray subtly draws attention while inviting visitors’ compliments.
  • Exuding Cohesion: Whether it’s walls or cabinetry — if you want to keep the aesthetic consistent throughout your space without being too ‘matchy,’ this tone provides the perfect solution.

Agreeable Gray SW 7029

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams can best be defined as “the ultimate greige.” It strikes an impressive balance between gray and beige, which successfully helps avoid the starkness often associated with most grays while steering clear from looking too warm.

  • Flexibility: Agreeable Gray easily adapts to its surroundings, making it flawless for all spaces – large or small, dark or light!
  • Friendly Hue: There’s something inherently comfortable about Agreeable Gray. The warm and cool tones blend makes this shade appealing, as it can complement virtually any color scheme.
  • Timeless Appeal: Its classic elegance means that, unlike trending colors that come and go, you won’t quickly tire of seeing these walls day after day.

All these paints have significant depth to them despite their inherent subtlety. What makes them unique is their ability to set the atmosphere depending on how they are paired up with different furnishings and decor pieces.
When picking out these shades or any other cool gray paint colors, remember to keep your existing decor in mind; after all, paint shouldn’t upstage your style but highlight it.

Light French Gray SW 0055

Down the road of cool gray paints, you’ll find a versatile shade: Light French Gray by Sherwin Williams (SW 0055). Thanks to its softness and adaptability, it’s one of the most popular shades.

  • The LRV (light reflecting value) of Light French Gray is 53. This means it falls on the lighter end of the grayscale spectrum, balancing brightness while maintaining that undeniably gray presence.
  • It doesn’t lean too blue or green and stands secure in its gray neutrality.
  • Makes an excellent choice for a minimalist interior due to its non-distractive quality.
  • Looks fabulous in living rooms and bedrooms but don’t let that stop you from experimenting with other spots!
  • It pairs exceptionally well with white, black, and darker grays for a monochromatic look. However, rich jewel tones can make it pop!

On the Rocks SW 7671

On the Rocks SW 7671

On the Rocks (SW 7671) keeps a low profile with a hint of complexity. This color eludes tranquility akin to a smooth river stone.

  • It has an LRV of 62, making it lighter than Light French Gray. This shade would certainly brighten up any room!
  • It flaunts a subtle blue undertone which gets revealed under natural light.
  • Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens because it lends an airy feel.
  • It harmonizes with warm tones like ‘Creamy’ or ‘Navajo White.’ Yet it can be equally fascinating when paired with contrasting colors like navy or burgundy.

Fleur de Sel SW 7666

Fleur de Sel, Meaning ‘Flower of Salt’ in French, this color truly mirrors nature’s purity.

  • Its LRV is at a whopping 72, making it nearly off-white. It maintains just enough gray to classify itself as cool gray rather than white.
  • Offers an almost luminescent feel to any room due to its high reflectiveness.
  • Perfectly suited for small spaces and dark corners where maximum light is needed.
  • Creates graceful pairing with both warm and cool colors thanks to its near-neutral demeanor. It’s compatible even with vibrant shades such as teal or yellow!

So there you have it! Remember, selecting paint colors should never be stressful. With so many fantastic options available, finding your perfect match is only part of the fun journey towards transforming your space into something truly magical.

Silverpointe SW 7653

Silverpointe is one of those genuinely adaptable paint colors that manages to straddle the line between blue and gray beautifully, giving off this wonderfully cool, soothing vibe which is why it’s one of my personal favorites.

Here’s everything you need to know about this color:

  • Color Family: Gray with understated blue undertones.
  • Complementary Colors: This goes well with light cream colors and darker blues or charcoal for a pop of contrast.
  • Suggested Areas of Use: This color shines particularly in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms, where its calming effect can be felt.
  • Light Reflectance Value(LRV): This paint has an LRV of 64, reflecting a good amount of light. Light plays a significant role in how Silverpointe looks – in a well-lit room, it could appear subtly bluish or even pale gray.

Serious Gray SW 6256

Serious Gray is an aptly named cool gray tone. It’s medium-dark with sophistication and depth, harking back to stormy skies or crashy waves during high tide.

Key aspects of Serious Gray:

  • Color Family: This cool medium dark gray leans towards the blue end subtly.
  • Complementary Colors: I love pairing Serious Gray with lighter grays, whites, or soft pastels.
  • Suggested Areas of Use: Perfect for accent walls, kitchen cabinets, or exteriors where its elegance can shine.
  • Light Reflectance Value (LRV): Serious Gray has a lower LRV at 23, so it can absorb more light making it more prominent.

Online SW 7072

Despite its tech-driven name, Online leans towards nature-inspired shades. It manages to strike a balance between blue, green, and gray tones without veering too heavily into any single territory.

A few essentials about Online:

  • Color Family: A soft cool gray with subtle green undertones giving off an earthy yet modern feel.
  • Complementary Colors: This looks great when paired with creams, off-whites, or deeper shades like olive green/dark teal bringing out its undertones generously.
  • Suggested Areas of Use: Extremely versatile; try it out in your kitchen, main living spaces, or home offices!
  • Light Reflectance Value (LRV): At an LRV rating of 45, Online falls right in the middle making it wonderfully adaptable to different lighting scenarios.

So there you have it! Three distinctive grace notes on the scale that “gray” can manifest as – Silverpointe’s gentle serenity, the compelling aura of Serious Gray, and Online’s blend that traverses both organic and digital inspirations.

Steely Gray SW 7664

Steely Gray SW 7664

Steely Gray by Sherwin Williams (SW 7664) is a unique cool gray akin to steel – wiry, robust, and timeless.

  • As you might expect, this shade is on the deeper end of the spectrum, it might even dip its toes in a bluish tone under certain lights.
  • Steely Gray works splendidly in larger spaces or rooms with substantial natural light because of its depth. Ranging from living rooms to open kitchens, its bold presence complements lighter and brighter elements creating a harmonious balance.
  • Pair it with creamy whites or soft pastels for an unexpected pop of color balance. Using it as an accent wall? Consider pairing it with metallics; nothing screams modern sophistication like a deep cool gray paired with sleek silver or gold!

African Gray SW 9162

Take a wild side with African Gray (SW 9162).

  • As intriguing as its name suggests, African Gray delivers an organic vibe that resonates throughout your home.
  • This cool gray may surprise you with tiny hints of green under certain light conditions, adding further depth and richness to its character.
  • Because of this added layer of complexity, African Gray works particularly well in spaces yearning for an earthy feel – think sunrooms where the sunlight can play off those subtle undertones exceptionally!
  • For best results, pair African Gray with warm wooden tones or leafy décor elements; this plan opens up an opportunity to build a soothing indoor nature escape that genuinely feels like home.

Network Gray SW 7073

Sherwin Williams’ Network Gray (SW 7073) has been my recent favorite, neutral cool gray.

  • Reveling in its neutrality, Network Gray adeptly straddles between being decidedly gray while still offering up whispers of blue undertones under certain lighting conditions.
  • Wonderfully versatile, it can play nice in any space! Whether applied in your calming home office or used for painted cabinetry giving your kitchen an instant update, Network Gray can seamlessly tie together diverging décor themes.
  • You can also create stunning contrasts by matching this shade with bright whites or even crafting subtle gradations by complementing it with deeper grays.

Remember! Your color choices are all about creating a mood that reflects you, and no color does so quite like the versatile range offered by these incredibly cool grays.

Software SW 7074

Regarding offering sophisticated charm, Software SW 7074 by Sherwin Williams is undoubtedly one of my top picks in cool gray paint colors.

Here are some intriguing details about this exciting hue:

  • This hue has a touch of depth to it. More relaxed and darker than many conventional grays, Software leans towards a stormier shade that adds a robust moodiness to any space.
  • I particularly like how well it works in brighter, naturally lit spaces. When the sun shines in, it feels vibrant and uplifting; it transforms into a more intense and enveloping shade at night.
  • Offering an excellent contrast, the Software works exceptionally well when paired with crisp white trims or lighter pastel hues.
  • It belongs to the ‘Aloof Gray’ color strip in Sherwin Williams’ collection. While it boasts the tranquillity typical of other cool grays, Software also demonstrates a unique boldness.
  • It has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) score of 23, reflecting some natural light while absorbing some – resulting in a pleasingly balanced illumination.

Morning Fog SW 6255

Morning Fog SW 6255

On the flip side, let’s talk about Morning Fog SW 6255 – another beautiful representation of cool gray paint colors from Sherwin Williams’ repertoire.

Key points about Morning Fog include:

  • As its name suggests, this color feels reminiscent of those crisp dawn mornings when a calming fog subtly veils nature.
  • The hue is softer and lighter as compared to Software. Morning Fog is ideal for those seeking a more subdued look and ambiance – perfect for creating serene bedrooms or tranquil living areas.
  • It has an LRV score of 42, quite high considering its ‘cool gray’ categorization. Hence, this shade can brighten up your room by reflecting substantial light.
  • Try pairing Morning Fog with deep blues or purples – the result is stunning!

To sum up: Whether you choose bold Software or gentle Morning Fog: these beautifully versatile cool grays will breathe new life into any space.

FAQs About Cool Gray Paint Colors

What makes a gray paint color ‘cool’?

‘Cool’ gray paint color has blue or green undertones, giving it a serene feel.

Can cool grays work well in any room?

Absolutely! Cool grays are versatile and can complement almost any interior space with their elegant neutrality.

How can I use cool grays in my home decor?

You can use cool grays as a base color on your walls or in accents such as furniture, curtains, or home accessories.

What colors pair well with cool gray?

Cool gray is highly adaptable, but pairing it with crisp whites or soft pastels can often create a pleasing contrast.

Can cool gray paint make my room look bigger?

Yes! Lighter shades of cool gray can reflect more light, creating an illusion of space and making your room look larger.


In sum, whether you’re striving for a modern, rustic, or traditional look in your home, cool gray paint colors are something you can’t overlook.

They offer this incredible versatility that no other hue can quite match. Cool grays deliver a straightforward elegance that respects and enhances every other decor aspect.

Their capacity to adapt to changing light adds depth and texture to your room in a delightful way.

Take it from me; by embracing the cool gray trend, you’re not just keeping up with contemporary design – you’re ensuring your home possesses a timeless sophistication that’s always en vogue.

Look out for shades like Software SW 7074 or Morning Fog SW 6255; they have something unique yet universally appealing.

This sense of tranquility and refined grace about cool grays make them a priceless addition to any color palette.

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