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Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 2024 [Latest Paint Color Review]

By: Susie
Updated On: July 24, 2023

I am charmed by the tranquil ambiance that Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 7015 evokes in my living spaces.

It’s like this shade can transform any room into a retreat—from the cozy reading nook in the corner of my sun-lit living room to my work-from-home office where I brainstorm and create.

This color’s versatility stems from its unique blend of gray and greige, creating harmony between cool and warm undertones.

So, whether your home decor tends towards modern minimalism or country chic, this shade proves time and again that it can subtly complete your stylistic statement with breathtaking elegance.

Repose Gray Is Popular?

Repose Gray Is Popular?

There’s no secret that the popularity of Repose Gray Sherwin Williams has soared in recent years. Nestled tactfully between a true gray and a more welcoming greige, it infuses any space with an effortless blend of sophistication and warmth.

The Popularity of Repose Gray Sherwin Williams vs Other Shades

So, why do all roads lead to Repose Gray in the sea of options that Sherwin Williams offers users? Numerous reasons.

Firstly, its neutral foundation makes it a highly adaptable hue, capable of complementing most color palettes with seamless ease.

The allure also lies in its unique undertones. While most grays tip towards the excellent spectrum, Repose Gray maintains a careful equilibrium between cool and warm undertones—an attribute seldom found!

Perhaps one of its biggest draws is its transformative capacity Repose Grey Swatches. Under different lighting conditions—whether the bright sunlight streaming in from your window or the soft glow from your table lamp—Repose Gray has a habit of reflecting mild undertones that keep changing throughout the day.

Not every shade promises this much versatility or personality!

TypesRepose Gray Sherwin WilliamsAnother Shade
Undertone Balance✔️Balanced: Suitable for both warm and cool tones❌Mostly leans either cool or warm
Changing Undertones✔️Transformative: Changes subtly under different light conditions❌Static: Doesn’t change with light variability
Versatility✔️Highly Versatile: Complements most color palettes❌Less versatile: Matched with specific palette

Compared to other shades, it becomes evident why Repose Gray carries such stellar popularity – it’s in a league of its own.

Repose Gray: Is It Warm Or Cool?

Repose Gray: Is It Warm Or Cool?

We’re all familiar with the dilemma of selecting the perfect gray paint for our interior spaces. With many options available, settling on just one can be a bit overwhelming.

Homeowners and interior designers often choose Repose Gray for its unique balance. But is it a warm or cool gray?

Understanding undertones is key to identifying whether it leans warm, cool, or neutral. So, let’s delve deeper into this fascinating question:

A Closer Look at Undertones

When observing Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 7015 in varying lights, you’ll see it as a balanced mix of warm and cool undertones.

The fantastic element comes from the clear gray side of it; you’ll often hear people refer to it as “a true gray.” However, there’s also a subtle hint of beige which contributes to its warmth.

Light Influence

The perceived temperature can significantly depend on lighting conditions. In an environment with abundant natural light, Repose Gray elegantly portrays undertones of greige – indicating a play between both ends of the spectrum.

On the other hand, an artificial light setting may emphasize warmth due to its yellow-toned nature. Did you know? Visit this link and discover how illumination can impact your perception.

Decor Influence

Finally, another factor that could potentially affect whether Repose Gray seems warmer or cooler is existing decor elements within your room – put, colors around this shade can bring out different tones.

For instance:

  • Pairing with blues or silvers may enhance cool undertones.
  • Choosing soft white or cream could accentuate the warmer side.

In summary, Is Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 7015 warm or cool? The answer lies in between – it masterfully walks the line, making it one of those ‘perfect grays’ we often strive to find in our quest for serene environments.

Pairing Ideas with Repose Gray

Pairing Ideas with Repose Gray

Choosing the right color pairings for your Repose Gray walls can genuinely enhance the aesthetics of your room. Here are a few ideas that I’ve found work wonderfully well.

Accent Colors

  • Pure White (Sherwin Williams 7005): This white with a hint of warm undertone is perfect for trims, ceilings, and doors. The contrast it creates with Repose Gray accentuates the latter’s richness.
  • Dusty Blue: For those feeling adventurous, try mixing in some dusty blue accents in the form of upholstery or decorative artifacts. This combo adds a delightful burst of color and character to neutral spaces.

Floor & Furniture Tones

Believe me when I say that Repose Gray complements various flooring options brilliantly.

  • Dark Hardwood: It balances out the ‘heaviness’ dark tones can sometimes bring.
  • Light Hardwood/Greyish Tile: It enhances their coolness while adding warmth.

As for furniture, both dark and light wooden tone pieces work equally well.

Comparing Color Pairings:

Colour PairingRoom Setting
Pure WhiteTrims & Ceilings
Dusty BlueAccent Decorative Pieces
Dark Wood TonesFlooring & Large Furniture

Will Repose Gray Look Violet, Blue, or Green Purple?

Will Repose Gray Look Violet, Blue, or Green Purple?

One of the most exciting aspects of Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 7015 is its ability to adopt different hues under varying lighting conditions.

Although it’s a solid gray on its own, there’s an undertone of magic that plays out once it graces your walls.

Now, you may wonder, will Repose Gray lean toward violet, blue, or green-purple? It’s quite intriguing.

Taking a Closer Look at the Undertones

When we delve into the depths of Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 7015 undertones, we find subtle hints of blue and green.

The presence of these undertones depends significantly on the quality and type of light in your room. However, it is important to note that they are not overpowering and do not shift the overall gray appearance dramatically.

Underlying TonesVioletBlueGreen-Purple
Repose GrayNoYesSlight

Dependence on Natural Light

Under direct sunlight throughout the day, you’re more likely to notice these soft blue undertones coming through.

As daylight fades away and artificial light takes center stage in your interior space, you may notice greenish tones subtly peeping through.

Morning vs Evening

On a sunny morning when natural light bounces off every corner of your room painted with Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 7015, your walls might adopt a faint bluish tone.

Later in the evening, under warm white artificial lights though it seems to shed that crisp coolness and takes on slight green elements.

Although some people report seeing a tinge of a purple undertone in specific lighting conditions or next to particular colors, this is less common and typically only visible in particular conditions.

Complementing Colors

The color complement also plays a significant role in what undertones come out. If you pair Repose Gray with cooler tones like pure white; it leans more towards cool blues.

But if you juxtapose it against warmer colors or wooden textures; the paint displays warmer shades with negligible traces of violet or purple visible only upon careful inspection.

Considering its shifting tones across different lighting situations makes this hue an exciting color – offering depth and versatility that few other paint colors can match.

What’s The LRV Of Repose Gray?

What's The LRV Of Repose Gray?

Have you ever wondered how much light a particular paint color can reflect? Well, that’s precisely where the concept of Light Reflectance Value, or LRV, comes into play.

In the world of paint colors, particularly for shades such as Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 7015, understanding LRV can provide essential insight on how to better utilize it in your spaces.

For those unfamiliar with the term, let’s do a quick overview of Light Reflectance Value (LRV). Essentially, it measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects from or absorbs into your walls.

This value ranges between 0% (pure black) to 100% (absolute white). Therefore, a higher LRV means a lighter color that reflects more light instead of absorbing it.

What is the LRV for Repose Gray?

The Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 7015 has an impressive LRV of 58. This middle-of-the-road number indicates it’s neither too dark nor too bright but lands right smack in between as medium-hued gray.

Consequently, this versatile shade can add just enough warmth and depth without overwhelming your space.

The implication of Repose Gray’s LRV

Given its respectable LRV value, Repose Gray is an excellent choice for rooms with varying amounts of natural light.

If you employ this color in well-lit spaces, it’ll look lighter and softer due to its ability to reflect copious amounts of surrounding light.

On the other hand, when used in dimly lit rooms or during evening hours with artificial lights on, Repose Gray tends to take on a slightly darker yet equally alluring guise.

0-25Dark ColorsEggplant Purples
25-50Medium-Dark ColorsWarm Browns
50-75Light-Medium ColorsRepose Gray
75-100Very Light ColorsCreams

Understanding the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 7015 enhances your ability to select suitable complimentary colors and furnishings while accounting for specific lighting conditions in different rooms.

What Are SW Repose Gray’s Undertones?

What Are SW Repose Gray's Undertones?

Sherwin Williams 7015, better known as Repose Gray, is a soft and sophisticated shade of true gray that carries subtle undertones. Understanding these undertones is vital in achieving your desired aesthetic.

Subtle Undertones

The primary undertone of Repose Gray is beige and a bit of brown. While it’s categorized as a gray paint color, it leans towards the warmer side due to these undertones. I love how it treads the line between being a cool gray and a warm greige.

Does it lean blue or green?
This is one question I get asked quite often. Does Repose Gray ever have blue or green-purple undertones?

Well, to be honest, no—or at least not noticeably so in most instances. With an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 58, any bluish hue is so subtle that it’s generally imperceptible under normal conditions. However, different lighting conditions can sometimes bring out a slight hint of blue.

Light And Its Impact

Another important aspect while talking about Sherwin Williams’ Repose Gray’s undertones is how light affects their visibility.

Types of LightImpact
Natural lightUnder abundant natural daylight, the grayscale property overshadows any tinted undertone, and the color appears predominantly gray.
Artificial lightWith artificial or warm lighting at night, you may notice slightly warmer tones due to the beige and brown components.

Let me mention here that each room is unique— factors like room direction (north-facing vs. south-facing rooms), time of the day, and even your other decor elements all play critical roles in how these undertones might reveal themselves.

So folks! To make things simple: Repose Gray situates itself perfectly in the ‘gray family’, but its complex subtlety extends beyond just gray—it fused cozy warmth into an otherwise crisp cool tone without turning your room into a cold cave.

How Light Affects the Appearance of Repose Gray

One of the fascinating features of the beloved Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 7015 is its ability to morph and twist in different lighting conditions, adding a captivating depth to any room.

Regardless of whether it’s bathed in bright natural light or a cozy artificial glow, this shade has an amazing knack for exhibiting an invitingly evolving charm.

Embracing Natural and Artificial Light with This Shade

Due to its neutral alignment, Repose Gray tends to pick up and reflect elements from its surroundings. Let me break this down in detail.

Natural Light

An expanse of open windows or a generously sunlit room can bring out the slightly cooler tendencies in Repose Gray.

You may notice a subtle tingling hint of blue on occasions when there’s ample sunlight seeping into your room. It’s almost as if this shade is getting refreshed every time there’s a peak of sunshine visiting your humble abode.

Always observe the paint sample at different times throughout the day to get an accurate representation.

Artificial Light

Come nighttime, flip on those lights, and experience the cozy element Repose Gray brings along with artificial lighting.

Under warmer light bulbs, its greige side flexes subtly, making spaces feel more intimate and cozier—a side that can be leveraged brilliantly if you’re aiming for more warmth in your room decor.

If you’re confused about how artificial lights may affect Repose Gray, here’s an easy way to visualize it.

Type Of LightingImpact On Color
Cool/white-hued lightBrings out warmer undertones
Cool/white hued lightTends toward lighter grey

Remember that every house has its own unique mix of natural and artificial light configurations which influence how any color will appear on walls.

So take some time to observe Repose Gray under varying conditions in your house before going ahead with that paintbrush.

Trust me when I say that understanding how lighting impacts Repose Gray will elevate not just your space but also your appreciation for this beautifully versatile shade!

This adaptable nature is truly what makes Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 7015 such a stunning choice—it understands your space perfectly & loves playing around!

Key Considerations When Choosing to Paint with Repose Gray

Key Considerations When Choosing to Paint with Repose Gray

The decision to embrace Repose Gray as your dominant color could be the best design makeover for your home.

But, to achieve the desired results, there are some key things you should consider when painting with this shade.

Specifically, you need to understand undertones, lighting impacts, color pairings, and where it works best. No stress, I’m here to guide you into nailing it!

Recognizing Undertones of Repose Gray

Repose Gray is not just a simple gray – it has complex undertones that can shift its appearance depending on lighting and surrounding colors.

The gray in this hue leans on the warmer side due to a subtle touch of brown undertone. What’s intriguing is how this warmth coexists with cooler greenish undertones which is arguably the charm of this versatile paint color.

How Lighting Changes Repose

Much like any other paint color, Repose Gray does not remain constant under different sources of light. During daylight hours, natural light will accentuate both warm and cool undertones evenly.

But as dusk falls and artificial lights are switched on, the warm greige comes out more predominantly.

Pairing Ideas with Repose Gray

Pairing colors aptly can make or break your interior decor. Luckily for us, Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 7015 pairs wonderfully well with many colors – both vibrant and muted shades alike!

Be it soft pinks or blues for nurseries, crisp whites for trims, or rich blacks for accent walls – bringing in colors that either contrast or complement Repose Gray beautifully enhances spaces.

Where Best To Use Repose

And finally, where to use this versatile shade matters because remember; context influences perception! The tranquility Repose imparts makes it ideal for bedrooms while its dynamism suits living spaces well.

AreaLikely Result
BedroomsTranquility & Calm
Living SpacesDynamic Interest
Trims & CeilingsOpenness (especially when paired with pure whites)

To sum up: painting with Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 7015 isn’t just about applying the color on walls; understanding its undertones and potential shifts in different lighting conditions matter a great deal too!

Equally important is choosing complementary color schemes aptly and knowing where best it works magic.

With these insights at hand, I believe you’re poised for a successful transition to using this chic shade – go rock that makeover.

FAQs About Repose Gray SW 7015

What undertones does Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 7015 have?

Repose Gray has a perfect blend of warm and cool undertones. Its warm nuance comes from a subtle brown undertone, while it also has slight greenish undertones adding a hint of coolness.

Does Repose Gray change color with different lighting?

Yes, like most paint colors, Repose Gray can appear different under varying light conditions. In daylight, it balances both warm and cool tones, while under artificial lights, it leans more towards its warmer side.

Which colors pair well with Repose Gray?

As a versatile paint color, Repose Gray pairs beautifully with many shades, including soft pinks or blues for nurseries, crisp whites for trims, or dark blacks for accent walls.

Where does Repose Gray work best in my home?

The calming effect of Repose Gray works wonderfully in bedrooms and its dynamic tones are great for living spaces. It also works well on trims and ceilings when paired with pure whites.

Is there a difference between Repose Gray and similar shades of gray?

Yes! While some grays may look similar to the untrained eye, the beauty of Repose lies in its blend of warm and cool undertones that provide depth and versatility that other grays may lack.


Repose Gray Sherwin Williams 7015 is indeed a color that gift wraps a myriad of moods into a single enchanting shade.

Its unique harmony between warm and cool undertones renders it the perfect paint to take on an incredible balancing act between coziness and sophistication in your home.

From its chameleonic ability to morph based on the lighting to pairing exquisitely with diverse color schemes and across different spaces, Repose Gray personifies versatility at its finest.

Embracing Repose Gray for your spaces isn’t just about creating trendy interiors, it’s about designing an ambiance that reverberates your personality and mirrors your aesthetics.

Your choice of this gray isn’t merely a design statement; it is essentially a reflection of your sense of harmony, penchant for elegance, and your aspiration towards tranquil living. Immerse yourself into this haven of calmness where you can repose in style every moment.

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