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25 Best Ikea Alternatives In 2024 [Discover New Options]

By: Susie
Updated On: November 27, 2023

Are you looking to spruce up your home with new furniture but tired of seeing the same Ikea designs everywhere?

In recent years, more and more consumers have been searching for IKEA alternatives to equip their homes with unique, high-quality, yet affordable furniture.

We’ve all experienced that moment when visiting a friend’s place only to notice they have the exact same IKEA bookshelf or coffee table as us.

It’s not a pleasant feeling when you’re aiming for individuality and character in your home decor.

The good news is that there’s a multitude of furniture retailers out there that offer stylish, functional items at various price ranges.

All of them are just one online order away from transforming your space into something truly special without resorting to the usual cookie-cutter options.

25 Best Ikea Alternatives

It’s easy to default to Ikea when furnishing your home; however, it’s far from the only affordable choice available.

If you crave uniqueness alongside value for money, it’s high time you explored the myriad of alternatives.

Whether you’re looking for cheap and cheerful items or investment pieces that add a touch of sophistication, we’ve got 25 top-notch Ikea alternatives guaranteed to meet your needs.



We cannot talk about alternatives without mentioning Amazon. Not only do they have everything else under the sun, but they also offer a wide variety of home decor items and furniture.

Amazon features everything from small knick-knacks to heavy-duty furniture pieces offered by numerous brands. What sets them apart is their fast shipping (especially for Prime members), reliable customer service, and almost endless choices that suit all budgets.

If you dig deep enough, sometimes you can stumble upon truly unique pieces carrying amazing discounts.

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West Elm

Known for its mixed fusion of traditional and modern touches on designs, West Elm has gained massive popularity among those with a niche for eclectic tastes in home décor.

It’s an excellent place to purchase unique statement pieces ranging from velvet sofas to living edge tables that break from the monotony and instantly spice up your living space.


Zinus is an excellent alternative if you’re shopping for couches, beds, and mattresses that are pocket-friendly and durable.

The company’s business model prides itself on cutting out the middleman to ensure you receive high-quality at competitive prices directly from them to your doorstep.

Zinus’s furniture is easy to assemble and adheres strictly to contemporary designs that can add an elegant touch to any home setting.

Their catalog has a wide range of options varying in style and price, thereby catering to all sorts of budget constraints without compromising quality.



For a super-easy online furniture shopping experience packed with nearly endless choices across all product categories at various price points – Wayfair is the go-to destination.

They house thousands of brands under an online roof. You can find everything from sofas and beds to quirky ornaments or eye-catching wall art with just a few clicks wherever you are in the U.S., thereby offering unmatched convenience.

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Maiden Home

If “Made in the USA” resonates strongly with you, then Maiden Home may be what you’re looking for. A relatively new company in the furniture sphere known for crafting sustainable, high-end pieces at reasonable prices makes it an attractive proposition among alternatives.

They collaborate with family-owned businesses across North Carolina known for their craftsmanship expertise, resulting in truly American furniture pieces carrying timeless designs coupled with handmade quality.

Maiden Home offers transparency regarding the manufacturing process, which provides consumers peace of mind concerning ethical practices and materials used.

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They are searching for furniture that is functional, modern, and easy to move. Look no further than Burrow.

Burrow’s smartly designed modular furniture has gained a lot of attention in recent years due to its thoughtful approach to construction and customization.

The easy-to-assemble and disassemble feature makes Burrow ideal for urban dwellers who are frequently on the go without needing any extra tools or professional help.

Alongside their innovative designs, they are serious about sustainability, with many products crafted from responsibly sourced materials.

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When it comes to affordable, easy-to-assemble furniture options, Target cannot be missed. They offer a myriad of stylish home essentials that cater to various themes you might have in mind for your home decor.

Their website segregates furniture based on different room types, making product searches more efficient. What sets them apart is their collaboration with well-known designers and architects in creating an exclusive line of items.

Target’s convenience factor, both online and in-store availability, makes it easier for you to shop at your own pace.


Known for its chic and trendy designs, Apt2B offers reasonably priced, high-quality furniture and accessories aimed toward younger generations moving into their first home or apartment.

Their user-friendly website makes it easy for potential buyers to navigate through a plethora of sleek and minimalistic pieces that easily fit into smaller spaces without sacrificing comfort or functionality.

Apart from offering beautiful designs at accessible prices, Apt2B also boasts environmentally friendly manufacturing practices, which is an added bonus for the eco-conscious consumer.

BR Home

BR Home is another worthy contender when discussing Ikea alternatives. As part of the esteemed Bassett Furniture company, BR Home offers classy designer-made furniture at prices that won’t make your wallet weep.

With carefully curated pieces made from select wood and upholsteries, the quality speaks for itself.

Whether it’s a cozy recliner for your reading corner or an elegant dining set perfect for family dinners, BR Home’s stylish lineup ensures that every purchase is a valuable addition to your living space.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn rings a bell when speaking about home furniture with a reputation for quality and timeless design. When you’re seeking that perfect blend of traditional-styled furniture built with modern functionalities, Pottery Barn should definitely make your list.

They offer everything from chic sofas to cozy bedding and even outdoor furniture.

Pottery Barn’s selection attempts to cater to nearly every taste. Although prices can run higher than Ikea’s, many believe that the quality of their pieces justifies the extra expense.


Based out of Portland, Oregon, is Schoolhouse, a brand renowned for its handcrafted light fixtures, hardware, and versatile home goods.

Their products carry a nostalgic aesthetic while boasting functionality tailored for modern living, which can add both character and charm to your place in no time.

All items are made in-house or sourced from craftspeople around the globe, which ensures exclusivity in design and high standards in product quality.

Schoolhouse is committed to ethical manufacturing practices – hiring locally and paying fair wages, which also contributes to sustainable consumer habits.



When it comes to originality and a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and textures, Anthropologie never disappoints. This store offers not just a fresh, eclectic selection of furniture but also an entire lifestyle.

Their items showcase artistic designs and unique structures that could turn any space into an avenue for personal expression.

Their line stretches from stunning wall decor to beautifully printed daybeds, and their eccentric collections may be the dash of drama any plain room needs.

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Tupelo Goods

For anyone craving simplicity with a sprinkle of vintage charm, Tupelo Goods is your kind of place. This online retailer has an impressive catalog filled with minimalist yet bold statement pieces that can instantly bring character to your home.

Most items are inspired by the richness of nature and the serenity it provides. Advocates for green living will find this company particularly appealing as they utilize eco-friendly manufacturing methods when possible.


If your aesthetic leans towards luxury, uniqueness, and timelessness, 1stDibs might have what you’re looking for.

This marketplace unites high-end dealers, galleries, and shops from around the world to offer an extensive array of distinctive items, from antiques to contemporary design pieces.

Expect impressive craftsmanship in every piece – they’re not necessarily budget-friendly but definitely worth investing in for those who truly appreciate design heritage and quality.

Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs

Here’s a solution for those seeking high-quality, European-inspired furnishing without blowing the budget: Ballard Designs.

With various collections that capture all sorts of exquisite designs, from rustic to contemporary, Ballard Designs offers exclusive products that are hard to find elsewhere.

They provide customizable options, which means you can dictate the exact style, color, and fabric. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of personal flair to their living spaces.

Each item is exquisitely crafted to seamlessly fit into your home regardless of the chosen decor theme.

Floyd Home

Floyd may appease you with its sleek design focused on fewer, better things. Their signature product is ‘The Floyd Bed,’ known for its durability and simplistic assembly process.

What’s more appealing about Floyd Home is it invests in sustainability, keeping in mind our planet’s future, ensuring every piece of lumber used is harvested responsibly, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Lulu and Georgia

With a keen focus on fashion-forward designs, Lulu and Georgia are your go-to destination for furniture that complements a modern lifestyle.

The latest trends inspire their carefully curated collections and are available in a large variety of choices that allow you to create your own unique interiors.

They offer everything from plush sofas to chic rugs, catchy wall art, and other eye-catching decor items.

Despite Lulu and Georgia’s slightly higher prices compared to other brands, their quality craftsmanship justifies the investment.

Urban Outfitters

For those who are after bohemian-inspired innovative designs, Urban Outfitters will surely catch your fancy. Though famed primarily as a clothing retailer, they also offer equally trendy interior pieces with an edge of quirkiness.

Their offerings range from vintage-style furniture pieces to eclectic artwork and funky accent pieces, giving you the flexibility to mix styles effortlessly while adding personality to your living space.

The plus point is that they often run sales where you can snag some pretty cool pieces at great prices.

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Living Spaces

Living Spaces

If you are seeking to jazz up your living area with quality but cost-effective furniture, Living Spaces may be worth considering.

Their thoughtfully curated collections, ranging from traditional to contemporary styles, make it easy to find pieces that suit your personal aesthetic.

What makes this retailer stand out is their unique 3D room design feature online, which allows you to envision pieces in your actual space before purchase.

Their quick delivery and excellent service contribute to a pleasant shopping experience that can help make the often daunting task of furniture shopping less overwhelming.

Joss & Main

For anyone who loves the blend of vintage charm with modern sophistication, Joss & Main is likely a dream come true. This furniture retailer has built a reputation for offering high-end designs at wallet-friendly prices.

They constantly update their inventory, ensuring an endless array of options for those seeking unique style statements for their homes.

Aside from offering a wide variety of indoor and outdoor furniture, Joss & Main’s site is also home to plenty of accessories and decor items that will help you personalize any space.

Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach is the haven for you if you cherish iconic mid-century modern designs. They breathe new life into classic design pieces from iconic designers such as Herman Miller, Knoll, and Emeco.

The meticulously crafted furniture with clear lines and minimalistic aesthetic makes it ideal for those seeking to create a stylish yet warm and inviting home atmosphere.

They offer a range of outdoor furniture options that integrate effortlessly with your space, sculpting out an outdoor haven right in your backyard.

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An office space giant, Haworth is highly regarded for its functional, ergonomic-friendly designs that add aesthetics and comfort to any office environment or home study room.

Whether you’re seeking to furnish your office or improve productivity with a home workspace upgrade, Haworth’s extensive product line offers practical solutions.

Their chairs are particularly noteworthy given their emphasis on ergonomics without sacrificing style. A blend of technology and design ethos truly sets Haworth apart.

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane brings the charm and unique feel that you might be seeking with its distinctive approach to home furnishings.

Their focus is on style, quality, and unique designs, providing fantastic options if you’re looking to escape the array of cookie-cutter contemporary designs prevalent in the market.

They offer a curated selection of furniture suiting different styles, from modern to boho or vintage. They have an in-house design team ready to assist you in case you need help deciding what suits your space best.

MoMA Design Store

A haven for art enthusiasts, the MoMA Design store is an offshoot of the prestigious Museum of Modern Art in New York. This store offers a wide range of uniquely styled furniture and home decor items.

MoMA Design Store

Each product showcases an artist’s creativity, reflecting both the historical significance and innovation in contemporary design.

While their selection might lean more towards home accents than larger furniture pieces, their offerings are unique enough to capture your attention and spark conversation among your house guests.

FAQs About IKEA Alternatives

Why should I consider Ikea alternatives for my furniture needs?

Choosing Ikea alternatives can offer unique designs, higher-quality materials, and better craftsmanship compared to conventional Ikea products.

Can I find affordable furniture options outside of Ikea?

Indeed, many brands like Zinus, Amazon, or BR Home offer a wide range of budget-friendly yet high-quality furniture options.

Are assembling instructions provided by all these alternative brands?

Most furniture sold online arrives with assembly instructions similar to Ikea’s user-friendly guides.

Are there eco-friendly alternatives to Ikea?

Yes, many alternative brands emphasize sustainability in their manufacturing process. For instance, Maiden Home is one such brand offering ethically made and sourced furniture.

Do any of these alternative brands offer design assistance like Ikea does?

Yes, several brands like One Kings Lane offer in-house design assistance to help you choose the best pieces for your space.


When you’re making any purchase, options are good, and it’s no different when it comes to outfitting your home with perfect furnishings.

Ikea is popular and cost-effective, but it’s not the alpha and omega of furniture retailers.

Companies like Zinus, Maiden Home, One Kings Lane, BR Home, and Amazon underscore that there are viable Ikea alternatives available, offering unique designs, superior quality, and reasonable prices.

Choosing a suitable alternative comes down to your personal taste, space requirements, and budget. With these alternative brands in the market, finding something that fits your style and won’t break the bank has never been easier.

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