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Nest Tencel Bedding Sheets Review 2024 [After 30 Nights, I Reveal]

By: Susie
Updated On: July 11, 2023

For those of you who are after more than just a night of sleep, for those in search of a refreshing restful experience, this is for you. You’ve probably come across many types of bedding and looking for another one could seem tiring.

However, I’d advise you to take a pause because today we’re going deeper into the restful world than ever before! Yes, it’s time to dive into my Nest Tencel bedding sheets review.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to share with you these amazing bedsheets that have utterly changed my sleeping experience. As someone who greatly values their sleep, I couldn’t help but fall in love with these Tencel sheets from Nest.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy the soft touch of high-quality sheets caressing their skin after an exhausting day? Now let’s begin our journey and find out if the Nest Tencel bedding sheets could be your next favorite nightly retreat.

A Night with Nest Tencel Bedding Sheets

A Night with Nest Tencel Bedding Sheets

When my package from Nest arrived at my doorstep, I must confess, I felt a little like a child on Christmas morning – excited yet nervous about the new set of sheets.

The packaging of the Nest Tencel bedding sheets was nothing short of classy – neatly folded and tastefully packed within a sturdy greenish-blue box sporting the branding ‘Nest’.

First Impressions upon Unpacking

Upon first glance, I fell in love with their sheen – they didn’t just look silky but also inviting! The color I had picked was a deep sapphire blue and let me tell you, it was true to the images on their website.

What struck me immediately was how incredibly light they felt for such an upscale-looking set.

As I unboxed my queen set, they slid out smoothly from their chic packaging; one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases.

The simple care instructions included were printed on recyclable paper which made me appreciate Nest’s eco-conscious approach.

Feeling the Softness of Tencel Bedding

Ah, how can one possibly describe that feeling? Of slipping their hand across the fabric for the first time? It was almost as if I was touching a liquid stream – clear and smooth.

Unlike some other high-end brands that tend to overpromise with their photographs but fall short in delivering a quality product, Nest’s Tencel sheets delivered exactly what they showcased.

They truly are conspicuously luxurious to both see and feel in person. As I unfolded them further, they seemed to almost glisten under the sunlight streaming into my room – a sight that is bound to relax anyone before hitting the hay.

Finally set up on my mattress, these sheets draped beautifully without any wrinkles or folds. As far as first impressions go – mine were pretty great!

My expectation was rightly placed upon slipping into them that very night; immersing myself in this bedding felt like being wrapped within a fluffy cloud. Smooth, soft cotton- like clouds! It’s safe to say that bedtime couldn’t come soon enough each day for me with these sheets involved!

Exploring the Quality of Nest Tencel Sheets

Exploring the Quality of Nest Tencel Sheets

When you invest in a premium product like this, you’re not just buying a good night’s sleep (though it’s certainly a massive plus), you’re also investing in durability and quality that lasts.

There’s nothing worse than having to replace your sheets every couple years because they can’t stand up to use.

The Premium Material

Tencel, also known as Lyocell, is a type of rayon that’s made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees. The fabric boasts a number of benefits that distinguishes it from other bedding materials – it’s remarkably soft, gentle on sensitive skin, breathable for all climates and less prone to wrinkles or fraying.

Plus, Tencel’s natural properties mean it doesn’t require harsh chemicals during production, making it far more environmentally friendly.

My experience with the sheets affirmed Nest’s claims – over time, my skin visibly felt calmer against them compared to my previous cotton sheets; less irritation and heat rashes for me especially during the summer months. And not once did I wake up discovering creases or crumpled spots on these sheets!

However, even though they’re incredibly light-weight don’t be fooled! I found them to be quite sturdy and well-formed.

Sturdy Stitching and Long-lasting Wear

One glance at these sheets and you would appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship that has gone into their creation. Each piece is pristinely stitched with no loose ends or irregularities marring their perfect appearance.

The hidden elastic within the fitted sheet held onto my mattress securely without slipping off even when I spent those rainy Sunday mornings lounging in bed doing pretty much everything – from eating breakfast to working on my laptop – yes even the constant shifting didn’t make them give up!

Even after multiple washes (by following their care instructions), my Tencel sheets displayed no signs of pilling nor did they lose their lustrous sheen or color intensity. That really speaks volumes about their durability.

As someone who once constantly made trips to the bedding store disillusioned by how quickly my expensive sateen or percale sets wore out – the longevity offered by these Nest Tencel sheets absolutely impressed me .

Not only does this mean less hassle for replacing bedding often but also values sustainability by cutting down waste generated by disposable bedding fabrics.

To sum up, whether we talk about the premium choice of material used by Nest or its quality maintenance – one thing is clear: they definitely understand what goes into crafting high-quality durable bedding.

Comparing Comfort Levels

Comparing Comfort Levels

Nest claims that no other sheet can surpass the Tencel sheets in terms of comfort. To challenge this, I decided to match Nest’s bedding against a couple of the highest-rated counterparts on the market.

Differences with Standard Cotton Sheets

Unlike traditional cotton sheets, which tend to feel heavy and somewhat stiff to touch, Nest’s Tencel bedding is lighter and feels deliciously smooth. Moreover, pure cotton releases moisture back into the surroundings rather than absorbing it which makes you feel sweaty.

In contrast, Tencel can absorb 50% more moisture than cotton according to studies, therefore, leading to a cooler and drier sleep.

Tencel also has anti-static properties that reduce friction against your skin which implies less wrinkles or “sleep lines” on your face compared to when you use cotton.

Additionally, due to its smoother structure, dust mites find it harder to “cling onto” compared to cotton fibres thereby providing a more hypoallergenic sleep experience.

Overall, the Nest bedding provides greater comfort than regular cotton sheets – offering an unparalleled combination of softness with breathability for hot sleepers like me.

Layering Up against High-end Linen Sets

Next, I compared them with my luxurious linen set – something I’d been reserving for special occasions due to their expensive nature. Linen is known for its breathability and evaporative cooling effect but my goodness!

The feeling of slipping into these effortlessly elegant Tencel sheets was just so much softer commensurate with slipping into creamy soft silk.

Though linen is popular for its casual crumpled look – it’s undeniable how handsomely Nest sheets flow across your bed in glossy cascades; wrinkle-free!

The biggest point of differentiation here was probably during those chilly months! My linen set always took some time before warming up – getting into such cold sheets is not always fun when you’re just trying to catch some zzz’s!

On the other hand, Nest’s highly thermal regulating property made sure they were never too hot or too cold! Just perfect warmth right away!

It’s safe to suggest Nest has elevated by several notches what comfort meant in my dictionary by blending the positives from both worlds – the breathability of linen with the silky smoothness almost reminiscent of silk; all while making no compromise on aesthetics nor longevity.

Assessing the Thermal Regulation of Nest Tencel Bedding

Assessing the Thermal Regulation of Nest Tencel Bedding

One of the most essential qualities I look for in bedding is how well it can regulate temperature, especially given the diverse and sometimes extreme weather patterns throughout the year.

Excellent Coolness in Hot Weather

It may get hot in the summer, but surprisingly enough, sleeping on my Nest Tencel sheets kept me cool all night long. Traditional materials such as cotton or polyester often trap heat, causing discomfort and sweaty nights.

However, Tencel fantastically manages temperature by its excellent moisture-wicking properties, far beyond that of cotton or polyester.

Here’s how it works: When you sweat, Tencel fibers absorb moisture directly from your skin and releases it back into the atmosphere.

It doesn’t stop at just meeting your body’s cooling needs though; it goes above and beyond to ensure a comfortable night by promoting an evaporative cooling effect!

The result? A refreshing sleep under a gentle breeze-like feel across your body even during peak heat.

I hate waking up sticky and clammy on hot summer nights more than anything else; honestly who doesn’t? But since switching to these amazing Tencel sheets I’ve finally been able to say goodbye to them!

It’s Cosy Warmth in Cooler Conditions

Does it cater only towards hot sleepers? Wait till you experience their warm embrace during cold days!

While some sheets turn into an ice bed during winter, Nest’s Tencel sheets are a different story altogether!

Tencel fiber features hollow air chambers within their structure that act as excellent thermal insulators helping trap body heat.

Consequently, instead of diving into a stone-cold bed on winter nights (yes we all dread this moment!), these sheets turn (almost magically) cosy right away! The result is a warm cocoon that encourages sound sleep despite dropping temperatures outside.

These stand out as truly adaptable bedsheets that will keep you comfortable year-round owing to their smart adaptation – keeping me cool when I needed coolness and warming up when I needed warmth.

Having experienced first-hand both these aspects with my own set – I’ll be honest here- it’s rare to find such versatility offered by any other bedding material. No more hassle of switching between different sets with changing seasons ever again for me!

Evaluating the Sustainability of Nest Tencel Sheets

Evaluating the Sustainability of Nest Tencel Sheets

When purchasing new products, an increasing number of consumers (myself included) are seeking out environmentally friendly options. That said, bedding is no exception. If you find yourself losing sleep over the environmental impact of your bedding, you’ll be pleased to hear about the eco-friendly credentials of Nest Tencel sheets.

Embracing an Eco-conscious Mindset

From its material sourcing to manufacturing and even packaging, Nest showcases a solid commitment towards embracing sustainability at every step. Tencel – a fully botanic fiber – is sourced from eucalyptus trees that predominantly grow in certified and controlled forests. What does this imply?

This ensures that for every tree chopped down, another is planted in its place! Furthermore, eucalyptus trees require far less water for cultivation than their cotton counterparts thus conserving this precious resource.

Another point worth noting is that Tencel sheets are naturally biodegradable implying once discarded, they break down naturally without lingering around or causing pollution like synthetic polyester does!

As someone who dislikes adding more waste to our already challenging environmental situation; using and promoting such a responsible product makes me sleep better both metaphorically and literally!

Regarding packaging –I was pleasantly surprised at how they avoided plastic entirely instead opting for a sturdy box made from recycled cardboard!

Uncovering The Manufacturing Process

The impressive eco-credentials don’t stop at just sourcing though! Delving deep into Nest’s manufacturing process left me in awe of how thoughtfully these bedding sheets are crafted.

To start with, the creation of Tencel involves a closed-loop production process– meaning that almost 99% of solvents and water used in the transformation from wood pulp into fiber are recovered and reused thereby drastically reducing waste output and minimizing harmful emissions.

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, Tencel doesn’t need harsh chemicals during production like some other fabrics do. It doesn’t rely on bleaching agents to obtain its color either – instead it takes on dyes easily thus saving considerable energy!

And as if all this wasn’t enough – TENCEL fibers have been certified as compostable and bio-degradable under industrial, home soil conditions as well as freshwater confirming again their strong eco-credentials Source.

In conclusion – buying any product is no longer about just valuing what it brings to us but also acknowledging what it gives back or rather doesn’t take away from nature; more so when we talk about everyday essentials like our beddings.

From responsibly sourced material to ensuring minimal waste output during production while keeping low requirements for care post-purchase; Nest Tencel excels in proving superior comfort need not come at a significant environmental cost.

Looking into Nest Tencel Bedding’s Value for Money

Looking into Nest Tencel Bedding’s Value for Money

Periodically replacing cheaper sheets that do not last or provide inadequate comfort, in the long run, can be more costly than investing in a high-quality set from the get-go.

Are Nest Tencel sheets an investment? Yes, they are! But are they worth it? Let’s explore.

Leaning Towards a Luxurious Choice

Nest’s Tencel sheets aren’t the cheapest option available on the market- but as they say -“quality comes with a price.” These aren’t your standard polyester or cotton sheets that carry a lower price tag. They are a luxury product that offers some considerably high-end features compared to their peers.

Superior material quality supported by top-of-the-line craftsmanship, exceptional comfort provided by their softness & breathability coupled with all-year-round thermal adaptability, hypoallergenic properties and noticeably longer life makes these sheets stand out.

Add their strong eco-footprints into this mix and you’ve got a product that delivers substantial value in every aspect! Therefore, even at its retail price- whether it’s Twin at $124 or CalKing at $186 – considering all these benefits each set brings to your sleep journey; you would agree it’s more of an investment towards many years of luxurious and health-conscious sleep!

Rationale Behind Their Pricing Point

Price list:


We have seen how these sheets tick pretty much all boxes regarding standardized measurements for ‘good bedding’ – be it tangible aspects like quality and durability or intangibles like comfort and temperature control.

However, taking an insight into what each set requires to be made truly justified its pricing point for me – ethically sourced premium Tencel fibre cultivated with fair trade protocols (v/s cheaper counterparts cultivated via exploiting resources) processed through environmentally low-impact measures while ensuring minimal resource wastage then meticulously stitch-turned into beautiful robust sheet sets.

Moreover; minimal maintenance post-purchase (being both machine-washable and requiring less frequent washing owing to its freshness retention), plus keeping energy usage down (due to not requiring ironing given its wrinkle-free nature) only mean savings on time as well as costs over years of use!

Given how Nest Tencel sheets deliver substantially more value in both immediate and long-term considerations compared to other bedding materials available; they definitely make up for a compelling case against the initial investment cost involved.

Giving My Final Verdict on Nest Tencel Bedding Sheets Review

Giving My Final Verdict on Nest Tencel Bedding Sheets Review

At this point, after extensive use and rigorous examination, I am ready to render my judgement on the Nest Tencel bedding sheets.

From a cool summer night to a chilly winter evening, these sheets have been my reliable companions. So, let’s compile everything and dive straight into my final verdict on these fabulous sheets from Nest.

Rounding up My Personal Experience

My journey with Nest’s Tencel sheets began quite strangely with me being skeptical about their claims. However, every subsequent interaction deepened my affection towards them starting from uncasing those elegantly packed silky smooth wonders– which turned bedtime into an eagerly-awaited dream-time!

Whether it was an exhaustive analysis of the superb material quality, or appreciation of meticulously performed stitching work, not to forget how beautifully they draped across my bed – maintaining their glistening appearance – washing after wash!

The attention to detail in every aspect, be it packaging or the product itself gives you a sense of their dedication and commitment towards providing top-notch offerings.

Embracing them in different weather conditions revealed their astonishing versatility – keeping me wonderfully cool during summer nights and snugly warm during winter ones; thus establishing themselves as comfortable bedding across all seasons. Not many products out there provide such excellent thermal regulation!

Perhaps one of the most significant impacts that kept drawing me towards them was their stand on the environment. Their commitment to sustainability is admirable – from sourcing materials responsibly to implementing an environment-friendly production process and ultimately biodegradability at end-of-life; assuring sleepers about minimizing their carbon footprints.

Should You Invest in Nest Tencel?

So, coming down to that all-important question – are they worth your investment? Based on my personal experience with the Nest Tencel bedding sheets – here’s what I can say:

Had they just been soft or were merely breathable – you would probably not see me getting excited over here! What truly sets them apart making them worth every dime invested is how wonderfully they blend all crucial aspects around good sleeping within one set.

Be it touching upon our sensory pleasure with their luxurious softness, taking care of our bodies via natural hypoallergenic properties or catering to environmental responsibility through responsibly sourced material processed via a resource-sustainable method while biodegrading naturally at the end of life.

Here’s an everyday product that contributes significantly towards improving our sleep daily without dumping negative imprints on nature; definitely hitting home with what modern-day essentials should be really aiming at!

To put it succinctly: Yes! They are undeniably worth your money if you’re keen on investing in supreme quality sustainably-sourced bedding for maximizing comfort while doing justice to the environment.

Having experienced firsthand how much difference they could bring into your sleep journey would make me strongly recommend giving these stylish sheet sets from Nest a try!

It’s really more than just about having a soft sheet; it’s about stepping into a newer way of experiencing rejuvenating sleep while embracing conscious living!

FAQs About Nest Tencel Bedding Sheets

What are Nest Tencel bedding sheets?

The Nest Tencel Bedding Sheets are beddings made of a premium material called Tencel. They’re known for their superior softness, breathability, hypoallergenic properties, and sustainability.

Can Nest Tencel sheets keep me cool at night?

Absolutely! Nest’s Tencel bedding sheets are excellent at regulating temperature due to their excellent moisture-wicking properties. This helps you keep cool and dry during hot nights.

How durable are these sheets?

The Nest Tencel sheets hold up incredibly well over time. Even with consistent use and standard machine-washing, they show minimal signs of wear and tear thereby displaying commendable durability.

Are the Nest Tencel bedding sheets environmentally friendly?

Yes, indeed! The creation process involves an eco-friendly production cycle with sustainably sourced materials. Additionally, these sheets are biodegradable marking them as a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Are they worth the investment?

Considering the high-quality material, luxurious comfort, health benefits, durable lifespan and remarkable environmental credentials; my recommendation would be a firm ‘Yes!’ Their higher initial cost can be justified by numerous favourable pay-offs for users along its life-cycle.


In conclusion, my experience with the Nest Tencel sheets has been nothing short of exemplary. Their unmatched comfort and superior quality, paired with commendable sustainability credentials, set them apart on the bedding market.

Whether you’re a hot sleeper looking for relief or someone who places high value on environmentally-friendly products, these might be just what you’re searching for.

My verdict is that despite their premium price tag – Nest Tencel Sheets are well worth the investment for anyone aiming for unparalleled comfort coupled with conscious living. Give them a try – happy sleeping!

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