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When Is The Best Time To Buy A Mattress In 2024? [Best Months]

By: Susie
Updated On: October 1, 2023

Do you find yourself tossing and turning all night, unable to get a good night’s sleep? If so, it might be time to ask yourself, “When is the best time to buy a mattress?”.

No one can underestimate the significant role of a quality mattress in ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to confront the day. Improving your sleep quality may hinge on the seemingly simple task of obtaining a new mattress.

However, making this investment requires planning. It’s not just about choosing the right mattress for your comfort and health needs but also about how to get value for your hard-earned money.

And yes, timing makes all the difference in finding a great deal amid complex marketing strategies and ever-changing prices.

Let’s continue this journey together as we discern when you can land the best deal for that gateway to sweet dreams – your new mattress!

Best months for buying a mattress

The best months to buy a mattress are typically March or April. During these months, new mattress models arrive in stores, which often leads to significant discounts on older models.

Purchasing a floor model during this time could save you as much as 50% off the original price. Always remember to examine floor models thoroughly for any wear or damage before making your purchase.

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When do mattress sales typically happen?

When do mattress sales typically happen?

Hunting for a mattress sale? You’re in luck because there are some key times throughout the year when mattress prices dip drastically. These strategic sale periods could mean significant savings for you, making your investment more affordable without compromising on quality.

Presidents Day

Often considered as the first major sale of the year, Presidents Day falls on the third Monday of February. Retailers across the U.S. take advantage of this long weekend to push their first big sales campaign of the year.

Mattress stores join in, typically offering deals of 20% to 30% off regular prices. This day is best known for its impressive in-store discounts, but don’t discount online shops; they often match these deals or offer even better ones.

If you’re looking for a bargain deal to start your year right, remember to keep an eye out for Presidents Day sales.

Memorial Day

Then comes Memorial Day at the end of May – another long weekend that signals a perfect time for mattress hunting! Be prepared to save up to 35% or more during this period.

Many shops kick off their summer sale season during Memorial Day weekend, which makes it one of the best times to buy that dreamy sleepscape you’ve been longing for. Many retailers launch new products around this time, which means clearance markdowns on older models.

A pro tip is to subscribe to retailer newsletters and follow their social media platforms, as flash sales are often announced there closer to these holidays.

4th of July, Independence Day

The heat of summer brings another hot occasion for scoring deals on mattresses – the 4th of July. Retailers are known to offer discounts as high as 50% to 60% off in honor of Independence Day.

These sales usually extend through the entire week, giving you ample time to test, compare, and eventually purchase your desired mattress.

Do not forget to examine online platforms, as many online mattress companies join the sale frenzy with attractive offers and promotions.

Labor Day

As summer closes and we roll into September, you can take advantage of Labor Day sales. Retailers typically offer between 30% to 40% off during Labor Day weekend. This long weekend serves as a great opportunity for customers looking for end-of-summer clearance sales.

It’s an ideal time to snag a deal on that mattress you’ve been eyeing all season long before retailers restock for the holiday season.

Black Friday

And then comes every shopper’s favorite – Black Friday! This day is known for its jaw-dropping price slashes on various items, including mattresses.

While you can expect an average discount of around 25%, some retailers may go as high as 70% or even 80% off!

Black Friday sales often start early and extend over the weekend up to Cyber Monday, so it’s important not just rush in – take your time, do your due diligence, and pounce when the deal feels right.

Cyber Monday

With the advent of the holiday shopping season, Cyber Monday, which falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving, provides striking online deals, with savings ranging between 20% to 50%.

These discounts not only cover a wide range of mattress styles and brands but also often include freebies like pillows and sheets.

To canvas these virtual discounts effectively, start shortlisting your preferred mattress models and brands ahead of time to snap up those major markdowns quickly.

Veterans Day

While Veterans Day sales might offer an average discount of around 10%, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon deals that skyrocket up to 60% off.

This day is all about honoring our military veterans, and many retailers do so by extending generous sales throughout their product lines.

Happening in November before the madness of Black Friday hits, this sale offers another great opportunity to secure your ideal mattress without breaking the bank.

New Year’s Day

Finally, let’s not forget New Year’s Day – an ideal time for a fresh start with a new mattress. As retailers clear out inventory for new models after the holiday season, shoppers can pocket 10% to 40% in savings during this period.

With late-year models still being quite new and now available at discounted prices, it’s like having your cake and eating it too! Just keep in mind that you’ll need to act fast, as these sales typically don’t last long into January.

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You can buy it anytime

You can buy it anytime

While sale events provide fabulous opportunities to save on a mattress purchase, don’t be too disheartened if you need to buy a mattress outside of these periods.

Circumstances dictate an immediate purchase for the sake of your comfort and well-being. Remember, it’s essential not to compromise on sleep quality just because you’re waiting for the next big sale.

Immediate Need

When it comes to health and comfort, sometimes you can’t hold off for the next sale. Perhaps you’re moving into new living quarters, or your old mattress is causing backaches or disturbing your sleep pattern.

In cases such as these, having a good night’s sleep outweighs the wait for potential savings. Remember to check out end-of-season sales, clearance bins, or even online marketplaces for potential deals.

Memory Foam Fails

Have you suddenly noticed that your memory foam mattress isn’t shaping back to its original form? The charm of memory foam mattresses lies in their ability to conform closely to the body in reaction to heat and pressure — providing superior comfort and support.

Over time, the foam may begin losing its magic and fail at providing the same level of contouring. When you notice this happening, it’s probably time for an immediate replacement because maintaining a good sleeping posture is paramount.

Old Mattress Issues

The lifespan of an average mattress is about seven to ten years. Over time, even the most high-quality mattresses can succumb to wear and tear, resulting in exposed springs or a thinning comfort layer that contributes to sleep discomfort.

If your mattress has noticeable dips and lumps or the springs are easily felt, it’s likely time for a replacement. Quality sleep shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sake of holding onto an old mattress.

Only Discomfort

Sometimes, it’s not about a mattress malfunctioning; instead, it just doesn’t fit your needs anymore. You might find yourself waking up with stiffness and aches or experiencing interruptions in your sleep due to discomfort.

Your body can change over time, and what was once comfortable may no longer be appropriate because of changes in weight, aging, or health conditions. When discomfort becomes the norm every night, consider that your signal to shop for a new mattress.

Sagging Issue

Spotting a sagging mattress is relatively easy – if there’s a dip in the middle or if the sides are drooping down, then your mattress has most likely given way under consistent pressure and use.

It emphasizes the lack of support and might lead to problems like back and neck pain. This is one sure-shot sign that you need to start looking for a new bed sooner rather than later.

Sagging not only disrupts your sleep but can lead to long-term health issues related to poor posture during sleep.

Allergy Outbreaks

Are you suddenly sneezing more or finding it difficult to breathe in your sleep? It might be your mattress. Over time, mattresses become a breeding ground for dust mites and allergens.

When allergenic substances accumulate significantly, it can cause disrupted sleep or even trigger allergy or asthma symptoms.

Should you experience an unexplained surge in allergies or respiratory issues at night, a new mattress could be both a problem-solver and a health-protective measure.

Changed Sleep Position

Believe it or not, your preferred sleep position can determine the type of mattress that suits you best. For instance, side sleepers generally need a softer mattress for pressure relief, while stomach sleepers usually require a firmer surface for optimal spinal alignment.

If you have recently changed your sleeping position, be it out of newfound comfort or guided by medical advice, it might be time to reconsider your current mattress’s suitability.

Springs Felt

A sagging spring mattress is more than just uncomfortable – it’s bad for your health! When you can feel the innerspring system through the top layers of your bed or if noticeable indents and sagging spots are present, that’s a sure sign you need to invest in a new one immediately.

Your body needs consistent support throughout the night, and an unsupportive mattress might lead to physical discomfort and interrupted sleep cycles.

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How to choose a good mattress

Investing in a new mattress is more than just a financial decision. It’s about optimizing your health, well-being, and quality of sleep.

While it’s crucial to secure a fantastic deal, it’s equally important that the mattress you’re splurging on meets all your unique sleep requirements. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of factors to consider during your purchasing journey.

  • First, Set a budget: Mattresses come in various price ranges. Identify how much you’re willing to spend and adhere to this budget throughout your search.
  • Check for motion isolation: If you share your bed, consider looking for mattresses with excellent motion isolation properties so everyone sleeps undisturbed.
  • Compare online and offline prices: Prices can fluctuate dramatically between physical stores and online platforms-ensure you compare them before buying.
  • Perform a comfort test: If possible, lie on prospective mattresses in-store to gauge if it meet your comfort standards before investing.
  • Check alignments: Proper spinal alignment is vital for comfortable sleep — ensure the mattress supports this.
  • Research the Brand: The reputation of the brand can tell you much about the quality of their products — do some digging!
  • Identify what’s needed: Do you need firmness for back support or softness for comfort? Know exactly what you want from your mattress.
  • Look out for discounts: Keep an eye out for sales, clearances, and offers — who doesn’t love savings?
  • Negotiate if possible: Most retailers are open to negotiation — don’t be afraid to haggle!
  • Inspect warranty and return policies: Check with retailers about return policies and warranties; they provide peace-of-mind purchases.
  • Read customer reviews and ratings – Previous customers’ experiences can guide your decision-making process: take note of their praises and objections.

Deciding on the perfect mattress should be a combination of financial savvy and self-awareness about your sleep preferences and health needs. Now, you’re ready to go out there and find your perfect, affordable, comfortable dream maker!

New Mattress: Buy Online or In-Store?

New Mattress: Buy Online or In-Store?

Stepping into the journey of purchasing a new mattress also invites the question – should you stick to the traditional method of brick-and-mortar shopping or shift to the digital world? T

o navigate through this and make an informed decision, you need to consider various factors such as convenience, price comparison, personal comfort testing, and sales assistance.

Both methods have their unique advantages, and it ultimately boils down to your personal preference and retail habits. Now, either route you choose promises its unique shopping experience. Buckle up!

FactorOnline ShoppingOffline Shopping
Convenience✔️ Can shop 24/7 from anywhere with internet access✔️ Items delivered to your doorstep, sometimes same-day
Selection✔️ Access to a wide range of products and brands✔️ Limited to the inventory of local stores
Price Comparison✔️ Easily compare prices from different retailers❌ Limited ability to compare prices in real-time
Discounts and Deals✔️ Often offers exclusive online discounts and deals✔️ May find in-store promotions and sales
Shipping and Delivery✔️ Items delivered to your doorstep, sometimes same day❌ Immediate access to products; must travel to stores
Try Before You Buy❌ Unable to physically touch or try products✔️ Can try on or test products before purchasing
Returns and Exchanges✔️ Usually offers easy online returns and exchanges✔️ In-person returns may be more straightforward
Personal Interaction❌ Lacks face-to-face customer service✔️ Access to in-store assistance and expertise
Impulse Purchases❌ Typically requires more deliberate shopping✔️ Easier to make impulse purchases in-store
Privacy and Security✔️ Secure payment options and data protection❌ Potential for credit card skimming or theft
Environmental Impact❌ May involve excessive packaging and shipping waste✔️ Reduced carbon footprint for local shopping
Social Experience❌ No social interaction during the shopping process✔️ Opportunity for socializing with friends and family
Waiting Time❌ May involve waiting for shipping or delivery✔️ Immediate access to products in-store
Product Availability✔️ Access to items not available locally✔️ Immediate access to items in stock at the store

The choice between online and offline shopping depends on your personal preferences, the specific products you’re looking for, and your immediate needs.

Many consumers today choose a combination of both online and offline shopping to leverage the advantages of each method, depending on the situation.

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FAQs about the best time to buy a mattress

Does the price of beds drop during certain times of the year?

Yes, retailers often run special mattress sales during holidays like Presidents Day, Memorial Day, and Black Friday.

Is Black Friday a good time to buy a mattress?

Absolutely! Black Friday often sees significant discounts on mattresses, both in-store and online.

Is buying a mattress online during sale periods a good idea?

Definitely, online retailers also participate in sales events and often offer competitive prices.

Can I get a good deal on a mattress outside of holiday sales?

Yes, you can find deals throughout the year, such as clearance sales when new models come in, typically during March or April.

Should I wait for a major sale event to buy a new mattress if my current one is uncomfortable?

No, your sleep quality is important – consider shopping in off-peak times or looking for clearance deals if you need an immediate replacement.


Purchasing a new mattress is an investment – in your health, your well-being, and your future. Therefore, timing your purchase right can lend you a high-quality mattress at considerable savings.

From grabbing those holiday sales deals to making opportune non-seasonal purchases as needed, there are many ways you can sleep easier without emptying your pockets.

As we’ve seen, mattress shopping doesn’t need to be daunting or excessively expensive! It’s all about informed decision-making and patience. So breathe easy; restful nights on a new, perfect mattress are just around the corner.

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