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How To Get A Free Mattress From Amazon? 2024 [Is It Possible?]

By: Susie
Updated On: October 4, 2023

Have you ever dreamt of enjoying a blissful night’s sleep on a luxurious mattress without spending a dime? Well, you’re in luck.

In this post, we will guide you on how to get a free mattress from Amazon! Yes, you read that right. It’s completely possible, and we are going to show you exactly how it can be done.

We all know and love Amazon for its huge selection and competitive prices, but free stuff? That takes the love to a whole new level.

Read on, dear reader, because this could potentially change your sleeping experience forever. Prepare to be amazed by the world of opportunities Amazon offers besides your regular shopping experience!

Is it possible to receive mattresses for free on Amazon?

Yes, it is possible to receive mattresses for free on Amazon through various ways, such as promotional offers, giveaways, and tester programs. Availability of such offers may vary, and they are typically limited-time events.

It’s recommended to frequently check Amazon’s website and sign up for their newsletter to stay updated about these possibilities. Remember that the legitimacy of the offer should always be verified before proceeding.

Amazon Mattress Return Policy Explained

When you dig a bit deeper into Amazon’s return policy for mattresses, it’s actually quite extensive. Your comfort is their goal!

As per their policy, you can request a return or a refund for any reason within the first 100 days of the receipt of the shipment. Isn’t that cool? This notable feature sets Amazon apart from many other retailers who might have stricter return policies.

  • Packaging Requirements: Here’s the catch – make sure to save those original packaging materials! Repack your mattress securely in this packaging before initiating the return process. If it doesn’t fit back into the box – no worries. You’re not alone (we’ve all been there!). Just find something suitable that will work.
  • Sealing Up: Remember, you’ll want to ensure that your returned goods are well-protected during transit. So seal everything up tightly. We’re talkin’ tape, you all—lots and lots of tape.
  • Beyond 100 Days: What if the period exceeds 100 days? Unfortunately, in this circumstance, according to Amazon policy, mattresses may not be eligible for returns after 100 days have passed since you received them.

All in all, if you’re not satisfied with your mattress during this time frame—be it the size, firmness level, or even if it’s just ‘not feeling right,’ Amazon’s got your back! They make returns painless and simple, leaving you free to find that perfect cloud-like dream maker.

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How to Return a Mattress to Amazon

Returning a mattress to Amazon may seem like a daunting task due to its size and weight, but the process is quite straightforward.

Whether the mattress isn’t right for your sleeping needs or you’re dissatisfied with its quality, Amazon’s return policy has you covered.

Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  • Log in to your Amazon account.
  • Navigate to the “Your Orders” page.
  • Look for the mattress order that didn’t meet your requirements and hit “Return or Refund Items.”
  • You’ll be prompted through several on-screen instructions. Here, you’re required to fill in details about why you’re returning the item. Make sure to choose an accurate return reason from the dropdown menu.
  • Next up is packing the bed. Depending on how it was delivered, repackage it into the original packaging, if possible. If not, secure it in an appropriate box.
  • Now, arrange for a pickup or drop off of the packed mattress at a designated carrier location provided by Amazon.
  • Afterward, hold tight! Once Amazon has received your return package, they will inspect it and commence the refund process.

Just remember that Amazon usually requires items to be returned in their original packaging whenever possible. So don’t toss that bulky wrapper away until you’re sure about keeping your purchase.

Amazon’s main center for returns processing can take up to 25 days, at most after arrival, to examine it and initiate your refund.

Provided everything goes perfectly fine – which most of the time it does – expect your money back as an Amazon gift card balance if prepaid using a gift card or as debit card credit for other payment methods within 3 – 5 days after receipt of return confirmation email.

The Possibilities of How To Get A Free Mattress From Amazon

The Possibilities of How To Get A Free Mattress From Amazon

Are you thinking of buying a fresh, plush mattress from Amazon? Hold your horses! Here’s an idea that might stimulate your mind and wallet.

With some savviness and a bit of luck, there’s a chance you could be unwrapping a comfier bed without ever peeling off those dollar bills. Curious already? Let’s dive right in!

Promotions and Discounts Enabling Free Purchases

It’s all about timing and catching the right promotion. Just like Black Friday deals excite everyone, you need to look out for certain deals like “buy one get one free,” “completely free after cash back,” “100% off discount codes,” etc., on Amazon.

Now, these are rare gems and may require significant patience and continuous vigilance, but remember – those who seek shall find.

Sometimes, sellers will offer discounts that are as heavy as 100% during promotional events to increase their visibility on platforms such as Amazon – it’s a kind of marketing strategy these brands employ for greater outreach. Your aim is simple – keep an eye out for promotions that enable free purchases.

Participating in Giveaways for a Shot at Free Items

Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? They are scattered all over the Amazon. The trick is knowing where to find them.

In addition to big-ticket items like mattresses, companies often use giveaways as promotional tools to generate buzz about their products or services.

Regularly search Amazon’s ‘Giveaway’ section, where you can participate in multiple sweepstakes and contests. It requires patience and persistence, but the potential payoff—a free mattress—can be well worth it.

Becoming an Amazon Vine Reviewer

Have you got a way with words? Are you meticulous about details? These traits can help you snag a spot on the coveted Vine Reviewer program on Amazon.

This invitation-only program invites top reviewers to receive free products in exchange for writing detailed, honest reviews.

These aren’t random freebies; they must be thoroughly reviewed and posted on the platform within a given timeframe.

If you maintain high-quality reviews consistently and stay active on the platform, you may get that much-needed invite!

Get Free Products through Affiliation Marketing

You’ve probably heard of affiliate marketing, but did you know it’s an underrated path to potentially bagging some fantastic freebies? As an affiliate marketer with Amazon’s Affiliate program, also known as Amazon Associates, you could earn commissions by promoting products sold on Amazon’s website.

You’ll receive unique links for product recommendations and earn a percentage from qualifying purchases made through those links. However, remember incomes from the commission are taxable, and terms and conditions apply.

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Key Considerations for Returning a Mattress to Amazon

Getting a stellar deal on Amazon is incredible, and when that deal involves a comfy mattress for zero bucks, it becomes oh-so-sweeter!

But what if you need to return it? Let’s delve into the nuances of giving back that cloud-like bedding to Amazon. Here’s what you should know:

  • Read the Return Policy Before Returning a Mattress: Not all mattresses may be eligible for return. Amazon generally accepts returns within 30 days of receipt of shipment. But check your order details or confirmation email to understand the return policy specifically applicable to your mattress.
  • Check the Return Window: While Amazon’s standard return policy is 30 days, some products, like mattresses, might have extended return windows. The timeframe could vary from 60 days to over 100 days, depending on multiple factors, including holiday periods.
  • Repackage the Mattress: It’s crucial to store the original packaging until you’re sure you’re keeping the mattress. If you didn’t save it or if it’s damaged, you’ll need to find an appropriate box that will adequately protect it during transport.
  • Print the Return Label: To make sure your package gets back safely and securely to Amazon, always print and attach the provided return label. You can find this in your account under ‘Your Orders.’
  • Arrange a Pickup or Drop-off: Depending upon your location and product specifics, either arrange for a pickup by contacting customer service or drop off at an authorized location.
  • Inspect for Damage or Defects: Make sure to thoroughly check out your mattress for any defects or damage before initiating your return–it could impact whether or not you’re eligible for a full refund.
  • Include all Accessories: Don’t forget extras like remote controls (for adjustable beds), setup guides/manuals, etc.; they need to be returned along with the bed.
  • Await Refund or Replacement: After your return is received and processed, Amazon will issue a refund or send a replacement, as per your preference.
  • Contact the Seller for Return Details: In case you’ve purchased from a third-party seller on Amazon, you’ll need to follow their specific return guidelines. Contact them through the ‘Your Orders’ section to initiate the process.
  • Defective Mattresses May Need Your Order ID and Defect Pics: If you’re returning because your mattress is faulty or damaged in any way, make sure you take some photos. You may be asked for them during the return process.

Your satisfaction is important to Amazon. So make sure you’ve fully understood its policy concerning mattress returns. You deserve that peaceful night’s sleep on an ideal mattress, after all!

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The Significance of Excellent Customer Service at Amazon

Amazon’s impressive reputation as a global e-commerce juggernaut is not just because of its wide product range or prompt delivery times.

An integral part of their success can be attributed to the company’s staunch commitment to excellent customer service.

They believe that every interaction with their customers, from responding to inquiries to resolving issues, should be top-tier quality.

Gaining Benefits from Efficient Complaint Resolution

When it comes to Amazon’s efficient complaint resolution, you win big time. Whether you’re dealing with delayed shipping or a wrong item delivered, Amazon ensures your concerns are addressed promptly and fairly.

Their 24/7 customer support is available across numerous platforms like phone calls, emails, and live chats and is equipped with well-trained personnel ready to help you make the most out of your shopping experience.

You might have experienced scenarios where your item didn’t arrive in mint condition or realized shortly after purchase that the mattress isn’t as comfortable as it was promoted.

No problem! Amazon takes pride in ensuring complete customer satisfaction with its hassle-free return policy. With just a few clicks, you can initiate the return process and choose whether you want a refund or replacement for your product.

Instances where High-Quality Service Led to Refunds or Replacements

There’s an abundance of stories floating around on the internet regarding instances where Amazon’s high-quality service has resulted in complete refunds or replacements for customers.

Some customers tell tales where they accidentally ordered the wrong size mattress but were allowed to keep it anyway and still received either their money back or a new mattress in the correct size.

On another reported occasion, a customer found faults in their newly purchased mattress after using it for only two weeks.

Upon contacting Amazon’s customer service department, they initiated an immediate return procedure without any additional charges and offered them a refund.

These instances speak volumes about Amazon’s dedication to holding high standards in providing solutions that put customers’ satisfaction first. It is with this unwavering practice that Amazon takes one step after another towards winning customer loyalty.

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Keep Track of Online Deals and Potential Bonuses on Amazon

In your quest to get a free mattress from Amazon, keeping an eye on online deals and potential bonuses is crucial. This strategy not only applies to mattresses but to a wide range of other products as well.

By familiarizing yourself with Amazon’s sale cycles, promotional offers, events, and daily deals, you could grab some unbelievable savings.

Flash Sales and Lightning Deals to Look For

Regularly checking out Flash Sales or Lightning Deals on Amazon could snag you some hefty discounts – sometimes up to 70% off on items! These short-lived bargains usually last only a few hours or until they’re sold out.

It’s crucial that once you see a deal you wish to take advantage of, add it to your cart immediately and complete the purchase within an hour.

It’s helpful to click “watch deal” if available so you receive notifications when the sale begins. If lightning strikes in the form of a free mattress deal – don’t second guess it!

Making the Best Out of Online Shopping Events

Take full advantage of huge Online Shopping Events like Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Year-End sales. During these events, Amazon usually offers extreme markdowns across various categories, including mattresses.

Prime Day often includes exclusive deals for Prime members, which can turn out quite economical or even free at times!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are globally renowned for their massive sales. Ensuring you’re armed with an Amazon Prime membership can give you early access to these deals.

Ensuring Your Safety While Getting a Free Mattress

Ensuring Your Safety While Getting a Free Mattress

Getting a free mattress may sound like hitting the jackpot. But hold your horses! With all these fantastic options comes the increased need for vigilance.

While Amazon is a reliable platform, it’s also a playground for those who wish to exploit your excitement to get something free. Here’s how you can ensure your safety while getting that coveted free mattress.

Being Wary of Scams When Engaging with Seller Promotions

Seller promotions are a dime a dozen on Amazon and come in various forms—discount codes, percentage offers, buy one get one free, and sometimes even 100% off!

Sure, the prospect of getting a completely free mattress is attractive, but exercise caution. Fake seller promotions aim to lure unsuspecting individuals who might not think it necessary to verify such offers’ authenticity.

Before engaging in any seller promotions or even clicking on links associated with such offers, research the identity of the seller.

Check out reviews of their products and see if other shoppers have mentioned any deceptive practices in their feedback.

Checking for Hidden Fees or Unwarranted Subscriptions

The second potential pitfall when hunting for freebies on Amazon involves hidden fees or unwarranted subscriptions that are cleverly concealed within ‘Free’ offers.

While you may initially feel like you’ve scored with securing your dream mattress at no cost, you could be unwittingly signing up for ongoing costs like delivery charges, import fees for overseas shipping, or even recurring subscriptions for other products from the same brand which often get automatically renewed unless canceled within the stipulated period.

To safeguard yourself from such hidden surprises, scan through all terms and conditions appropriately before finalizing your order; pay close attention to any ‘small print.’

Stay updated with recent orders in your account settings, and promptly unsubscribe from any unwanted service to avoid potential charges on your credit card.

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FAQs about free mattress from Amazon

Can you really get a free mattress on Amazon?

Yes, through large discounts, product testing opportunities, giveaways, and promotional events, you could potentially obtain a free mattress.

How can I avoid scams while trying to get a free mattress on Amazon?

Always research the seller’s credibility and thoroughly read the terms of any offer before proceeding.

Are there any hidden costs when obtaining a free mattress from Amazon?

Be aware of potential hidden costs such as shipping or handling fees and unwarranted subscriptions that might be bundled with the offer.

Is there a risk in returning mattresses bought from Amazon, even if they are unsatisfactory or defective?

No, Amazon has an efficient return policy that protects buyers and allows returns for mattresses within 100 days of receipt.

Can I become an Amazon Vine reviewer to get a free mattress potentially?

Yes, if you consistently leave detailed, helpful reviews on products you’ve purchased from Amazon, you may be invited to join their Vine program.


Securing a free mattress on Amazon might sound like grabbing a unicorn by its horn, but it’s not impossible!

Whether it’s through generous promotions, being an Amazon Vine reviewer, or participating in giveaways, the chances are there.

As you journey to make your sleep experience better without spending a cent, play safe. Be wary of scams and hidden fees to maintain a stress-free and enjoyable shopping environment.

Substantially improving your sleeping comfort is possible at no cost on Amazon – provided you’re diligently observant and patient. Happy hunting, folks!

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