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24 West Elm Alternatives In 2024 [Stylish & Affordable]

By: Susie
Updated On: November 23, 2023

Whether you’re sprucing up your living room or looking to transform your bedroom’s aesthetic completely, home décor can pack a surprising punch to the overall ambiance.

It’s not hard to see why many homeowners have been flocking to popular stores like West Elm.

If you’re keen to diversify your style or looking for furnishings that won’t break the bank, exploring West Elm alternatives could offer a host of exciting options.

Treating your home to a makeover should allow your design personality to shine through without putting unnecessary strain on your budget.

And thankfully, countless retailers offer high-quality designs and meaningful aesthetics at various price points.

Let’s take some time today to discover and embrace some fantastic alternatives to West Elm that may help elevate your space while reflecting the nuances of your unique style.

24 West Elm Alternatives

Ready to transform your house into your dream home? From vintage-inspired furniture to modern décor, there’s a store out there for all your decorating needs.

While West Elm has admirers worldwide for its mid-century modern style, we understand that you might be after different aesthetics or price points. So, let’s dive right in and explore two of the 24 best alternatives to West Elm.

Joss and Main

If you’re seeking chic, durable furniture at accessible price points, look no further than Joss and Main.

Joss and Main

This online retailer specializes in offering a wide variety of styles for every room – from traditional designs giving off a rustic charm to contemporary pieces for a sleek, minimalistic look.

Whether you’re rethinking your entire home or seeking that one perfect item, Joss & Main boasts an easily navigable website that allows you to filter results by color, price range, or design style, among other options.

The diversity in styles offered caters to an extensive range of tastes, making it likely that you will find something you love.

A delightful dimension worth mentioning about this retailer is their commitment to delivering design inspirations through their ‘Room Ideas’ section, a real treat if you’re floating in the sea of indecisiveness concerning interior design.


Burrow stands out as a direct-to-consumer furniture brand offering stylish yet practical solutions for today’s generation. Their calling card touts built-to-last quality and smart design sensibilities while also keeping their carbon footprint in mind.

It’s hard indeed to resist socially conscious shopping! Known for their modular sofas customizable to exact specifications like size, color, leg finish, and arm shape, Burrow offers tailored comfort that seamlessly integrates with a plethora of interiors.

Their other offerings include cleverly designed tables featuring built-in charging ports and storage spaces, appealing gems integrating beauty with functionality.

An added cherry on top is their hassle-free delivery system. Furniture arrives in flat-packed boxes, making maneuvering around tricky corners an absolute breeze.

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Crave a contemporary look with a heavy emphasis on urban design vibes. CB2 could be your one-stop destination.

A sister brand to Crate and Barrel, CB2 offers modern, chic furnishings designed specifically for apartments, lofts, and smaller homes. Not only are these items perfect for adding an elegant touch to your home design, but they also help maximize space efficiently.

Their collection features sophisticated and streamlined pieces that elevate the ambiance without overwhelming the space.

From unique lighting fixtures to avant-garde furniture and edgy accessories, each product masterly weaves posh elements with an understated design philosophy.

Numerous collaborations with renowned designers ensure you receive fresh style perspectives in your abode.


Castlery is redefining spaces for those seeking out meticulously crafted and innovatively designed furniture without having to dig deep into their pockets.

This Australia-based brand sets itself apart by providing designer furniture at fair prices through its unique supply approach by eliminating middlemen from supply chains.

They collaborate with international designers to bring exclusive collections into the market, creating original modern works that never compromise quality or aesthetics.

From timeless sofas to stylish dining tables and luxury bedding sets, every piece is designed with utmost attention to detail while striving for sustainability, making Castlery a worthy contender on this list.

Crate and Barrel

For every homeowner partial towards timeless furniture designs blended seamlessly with aesthetic versatility, Crate and Barrel merits serious consideration.

Crate and Barrel

Having started as a family business, it has since grown into a global enterprise without losing sight of its core value, providing high-quality designs imbued with lasting value.

Key offerings range from elegant living room ensembles and functional kitchenware to playful children’s décor solutions meeting dynamic consumer needs under one roof.

The retailer is also well-known for its wedding registry program, making it a favorite among newlywed couples nationwide looking for long-lasting styles at reasonable prices.

With its earnest commitment towards customer service rounding off the shopping experience, Crate and Barrel proves to be a formidable alternative to West Elm.

Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach (DWR) aims to live up to its name, offering iconic, authentic, world-renowned furniture designs that might seem out of reach but really aren’t.

From timeless mid-century classics by the likes of Charles and Ray Eames to modern marvels of this century, DWR offers an exciting array of high-quality luxury items.

They curate their collections with careful thought, partnering with designers who share their passion for functional beauty and sustainability.

If appreciating history through design speaks to your sensibilities and makes your space feel alive, then DWR will charm you with its fascinating range.

Your home deserves exquisite pieces that tell stories – a value proposition DWR delivers consistently.

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Anthropologie is synonymous with bohemian flair and eclectic artistic allure. It’s the go-to destination for trend-setting home décors and bespoke furniture oozing personality and heart-stopping uniqueness.

You can spot influences from around the world in their items, symbolic of a rich tapestry embracing diverse cultures and aesthetics.

With a focus on eye-catching details akin to art pieces rather than just functional assets, Anthropologie provides statement-making accouterments for every room in your house.

They’re the perfect choice if you’re looking for objects d’art on which you’d love conversations to linger.


Arhaus crafts furnishing ideas that celebrate timeless appeal mixed with sustainable sourcing practices.

But why limit yourself merely inside the walls? Arhaus extends its charm outdoors as well – be it dining tables constructed from 100% recycled materials or teak patio chairs finished with all-weather cushions.

They closely work with independent artisans globally, leveraging their unique skills to breathe life into innovative designs.

At Arhaus, they are dedicated not only to achieving visual cohesion but also to ensuring product longevity and quality aren’t compromised at any aperture.

If elegant handcrafted pieces that honor the tradition while nesting comfortably in a contemporary setting pull your heartstrings, you ought to consider checking out Arhaus.

The Citizenry

An advocate of handcrafted, artisanal goods, The Citizenry inhabits a sweet spot among West Elm alternatives for shoppers who value ethical sourcing and exceptional craftsmanship.

The Citizenry

Partnering with artisans worldwide, each piece you buy from The Citizenry tells a story that draws inspiration from the region it originates from, helping create an authentic aesthetic.

Browse through their breathtaking selection of pure wool throws from Peru, beautiful stoneware crockery from Morocco, or perhaps a vintage-inspired rug from Turkey to add warmth and texture.

Their handmade focus does mean their inventory is limited; their designs sell out quickly, but that’s part of their charm.


When it comes to blending contemporary design elements with affordability and usability, few do it as well as Apt2B.

From small space solutions to extensive luxury furniture lines that rival high-end retailers while managing to maintain relatively affordable price tags, this brand boasts a wide range of collections perfect for modern homes.

Dabbling in textures and bold hues sets them apart more, be it in the living room sectionals or the bedroom sets.

What sets Apt2B in a league of its own is its lifetime warranty on products, which is quite hard to beat when looking for affordable yet reliable quality furniture.


As one of the most comprehensive online furniture retailers around, Wayfair offers options suitable for almost everyone’s shopping list under almost any budget constraints.

This online giant has thousands of furniture pieces available at any given time, covering every conceivable style.

Wayfair is also particularly appealing because it offers many conveniences, such as free shipping on orders over $35 and regular sales bolstering already competitive prices.

They also have an impressive home improvement selection if you’re thinking beyond just décor updates. So go ahead; navigate your way through the endless options offered by Wayfair.

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If incredible deals and endless variety are what you’re after, there’s a good reason HomeGoods has become such a beloved shopping destination.

This discount home furnishing store, well-known for its constantly rotating inventory, helps ensure that whatever your style may be coastal chic, minimalist modern, or country charm, you’re likely to stumble upon something that resonates with you.

You get name-brand, high-quality home decor items without the hefty price tag, making it ideal for budget-conscious shoppers. It’s all about the thrill of the hunt.

Popular items don’t last long on shelves, and stock varies by location and day so if treasure hunting excites you.

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Lulu and Georgia

For luxurious flair that doesn’t compromise comfort or functionality, Lulu and Georgia stand tall amidst its competitors.

This brand cherishes an upbeat vibe skilfully amalgamated with chic design elements, whether it’s their vivid rugs or sleep-inducing bedding collection.

Routinely modernizing their line-up to stay in tune with evolving lifestyle needs, collaborations with local artisans make them noteworthy in terms of reflecting regional craftsmanship in their catalog.

It’s unsurprising then that several designer masterpieces have been birthed under their name.

The emphasis leans more towards feminine and bold; therefore, if eye-catching pieces that fuse versatility with a touch of sophistication intrigue you- Lulu & Georgia could be just the store you’re looking for.

Urban Outfitters

If you’re the sort of decorator who loves a blend of vintage and eclectic pieces, Urban Outfitters should be right up your alley.

This store appeals to the trendy, bohemian-inspired demographic with its unique, stylish collection. Urban Outfitters offers an exciting decor range – everything from furnishings to bedding, rugs, lighting solutions, and even quirky knickknacks that add instant character to any room.

Their offerings embrace various design aesthetics such as retro-modern, minimalist, or even touches of global fusion, which appeal to the younger generation’s pursuit of individualistic charm.

If you are renting or simply seeking fresh ways to spruce up your living area – their vinyl record players, printed tapestries, or vibrant scatter cushions might just fit the bill.


When it comes to affordable furniture and decor solutions for every living space imaginable–look no further than IKEA.

Founded over seven decades ago in Sweden, IKEA has become an undeniable behemoth in the world of retail furniture. They believe in creating quality furniture that is accessible and sustainable.

One can find it all at IKEA; from innovative storage solutions to entire kitchen systems, they manage to hit quite a few style chords while keeping affordability in mind.

Perhaps what adds extraordinary value is the intentional design focus enabling functionality for small spaces, a boon for modern-day apartment living.

They also have comprehensive DIY guides, making assembly straightforward even for novice users.

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World Market

World Market is your one-stop shop for unique and authentic furnishings sourced from around the globe.

World Market

This store brings together artisanal finds like hand-woven wicker chairs from Indonesia or chunky knit throws from Ireland, all under one roof.

You’ll appreciate World Market if you are craving a bit of global infusion into your home aesthetic without having your passport stamped.

One can discover rustic wood dining tables sitting harmoniously alongside Bohemian patterned rugs, a nod to their eclectic assortment.

They often offer seasonal collections, allowing for festive decor changes or stylistic theme switches.

Shopping at World Market is almost akin to embarking on a mini global voyage right from the comfort of your home.


When it comes to affordable, trendy home décor, Target needs no introduction. The retail giant has always been a go-to for folks valuing style on a budget.

Beyond everyday essentials like kitchenware and bedding, Target’s own labels, such as Threshold, Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, and Project 62 offer aesthetically pleasing décor that’s easy on the wallet.

You have an ample variety to pick from – modern desks for your home office, nightstands for your bedrooms, or outdoor furniture to spruce up the patio.

What’s more, they’re continually updating their collections to align with current trends and seasons.

All of this, paired with the convenience of having numerous stores across the US, makes Target a reliable alternative for your home furnishing needs.

Pottery Barn

Are you after timeless furnishings that ooze warmth and comfort? Pottery Barn might be worth considering.

With a reputation cemented over decades, Pottery Barn consistently offers high-quality furniture with an elegant aesthetic leaning toward the traditional and rustic charm.

If you’re looking to invest in pieces that withstand not just time but also design trends, this is where you want to shop. They offer free design services both in-store and online – talk about valuable shopping assistance.

Their kids’ range, Pottery Barn Kids, stands out too if you’re seeking furnishings specifically designed for children’s playful yet thoughtfully designed products, assuredly fulfilling safety requirements.


As inferred by the name itself, if minimalism married crisp lines and birthed contemporary styles designed for modern spaces, that’s AllModern for you.

Delivering sleek design aesthetics typically associated with mid-century modernism and Scandinavian coolness, AllModern packs it all under one accessible roof.

Be it trending statement pieces singing notes of bold colors or subtle additions subtly enhancing room aesthetics, their range caters to varying interior design flavors, beautifully merging functionality with finesse.

Possibly the most attractive feature of AllModern, beyond their inviting range, is their incredibly approachable pricing without compromising on quality or design.

To top it all off, they offer free shipping on orders over $35, uncapping added layers of convenience.

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For a unique blend of classic American and modern design, bump Rejuvenation to the top of your list.


This Portland-based company offers furniture, lighting, and hardware that can make every room in your home feel distinctly personal. Their offerings range from elegant chandeliers to crafted tables; each conversation piece can transform your space.

Rejuvenation collaborates with traditional manufacturers to create exclusive designs imbued with an old-world charm hinted with a twist of modern subtlety.

If you admire vintage details and appreciate environmental sustainability initiatives, this West Elm alternative may resonate strongly with you.

Rooms To Go

Stepping into Rooms To Go feels like walking into a treasure trove of accessible style. They offer complete room sets, which are perfect if you’re furnishing from scratch or looking to achieve a cohesive look without fretting over style matching.

They carry a vast array of furnishings spanning all design genres: traditional, contemporary, coastal, you name it.

Investing in their sets tends to be more economical than buying individual pieces, which is ideal for budget-conscious users who do not wish to compromise on aesthetics or quality.

Seamless delivery and setup service further enhance the overall shopping experience at Rooms To Go.


Amazon has got you covered; this retail giant boasts an almost infinite spectrum of home goods that cater to every décor style under the sun.

The beauty of Amazon lies in its diversity – from high-end brands such as Rivet and Stone & Beam offering stylish pieces for urban living to affordable yet sturdy basics that sure up your functional needs.

It also carries buyer-favorite lines like ‘Amazon Basics’ for everyday items and ‘Ravenna Home’ for timeless designs fitting solutions if the budget is on the topmost control knob.

Their extensive user reviews offer invaluable insights to help guide your purchasing decisions.

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If mid-century modern design is what makes your heart sing, Joybird is your spot.


They believe in handcrafted quality and offer custom-made furnishings tailored to your preferences – choose your fabric, finish, and more.

With a vast lineup of sofas, chairs, tables, and beds rendered in chic retro silhouettes to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your space and style perfectly.

Joybird takes pride in sustainable craftsmanship; they plant trees for every product sold and use responsibly sourced materials where possible.

Their investment in aesthetic versatility coupled with eco-consciousness makes it a sought-after alternative in the home décor arena.

FAQs About West Elm Alternatives

What are some affordable alternatives to West Elm?

IKEA, Target, and HomeGoods offer stylish home décor and furniture items at a fraction of West Elm prices.

Are there sustainable alternatives to West Elm?

Yes, Joybird and Burrow offer sustainable furniture while integrating eco-conscious business practices.

Can I find vintage-styled furniture outside of West Elm?

Absolutely, Rejuvenation specializes in offering vintage-inspired hardware and furniture.

What’s a good online alternative to West Elm for purchasing furniture?

Joss & Main offers a range of chic home decor online at very competitive price points.

Is there any one-stop online shop for all things home décor other than West Elm?

Amazon is a superb option with an array of offerings, from basic essentials to high-end designer pieces.


Whether you are a fan of the boho-chic aesthetic, prefer clean, minimalistic lines, or want to capture the charm of bygone eras in your living space, there are abundant alternatives to West Elm waiting to be discovered.

With a multitude of options now available both online and in traditional brick-and-mortar shops, you’re bound to find something that resonates with your style and budget.

From Joss and Main’s eclectic offerings to Joybird’s sustainable practices or Amazon’s limitless options, know that transforming your house into your dream home is certainly achievable.

No matter your preferred aesthetic or budget limit, there’s an alternative out there ready to resonate with your individual style.

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