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20 Best Paint Colors For Honey Oak In 2024 [Trim Or Cabinets]

By: Susie
Updated On: July 29, 2023

There’s something distinctively appealing about the warm, earthy tone of honey oak furniture and cabinetry.

Embedded with rich hues and unique grain patterns, honey oak adds a touch of rustic charm to any space it graces.

Yet, one of the most crucial decisions when decorating around these lovely pieces is choosing the best paint colors for honey oak.

I cannot stress it enough; such a choice can make or break your room’s overall aesthetic because the wrong shade can clash with your beloved honey oak, while the right one will complement and enrich its natural beauty.

Whether you want your honey oak pieces to blend harmoniously or stand out strikingly, I’ve got you covered!

Let’s delve into curating a color palette that brings out the best in your honey oak items. So grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get color-picking.

What Is Honey Oak?

What Is Honey Oak?

Honey oak, as the name suggests, is an exquisite type of wood recognized by its warm honey-like hue. Its overarching appeal lies in the richness of its golden color and the intricate detail of its grain pattern.

Looking closely, you’ll be captivated by swirling ripples of color variation splashed across each piece, which gives honey oak furniture and cabinetry their dynamic visual texture.

Where does this delectable wood feature most prominently? Well, honey oak has been historically popular for making cabinets, flooring, and trim pieces.

It was especially trendy in homes built during the late 90s and early 2000s. Today, it’s hailed as a classic choice that brings a touch of warmth and natural beauty to all interior design styles – from contemporary to traditional.

So now that you’ve gotten up close and personal with honey oak, it’s time we guide you through enhancing your home’s natural allure by painting walls with hues that harmonize wonderfully with this classy wood in true chameleon fashion.

Tips For Choosing Paint Color For Honey Oak

Choosing a paint color to accompany your honey oak furniture or fixtures can be quite a task. Here are some key tips to guide you through the process:

  • Undertones: Determine the underlying hues or undertones of the honey oak. Honey oak has warm undertones, meaning it’s better to stick with warm paint colors such as yellows, oranges, reds, and warm neutrals.
  • Consider the Room’s Purpose: Think about how you primarily use the space. Energetic colors like red, orange, or yellow might be better for social areas such as living rooms and kitchens.
  • Lighting Matters: Take note of how much natural light there is in your space. Light affects how color is perceived; While brighter colors work well in dimly lit spaces, more subdued shades can lend depth and intimacy to well-lit rooms.
  • Contrast vs. Harmony: Consider whether you want your paint color to contrast with the honey oak or match its warm tones. Contrasting hues will make your oak stand out while harmonious colors will help blend it into your room design seamlessly.
  • Test Before You Paint: No matter what color you’ve chosen for your space, it’s crucial to test it first. Many paint companies offer sample pots for this purpose.

Remember that there are no hard-set rules when choosing a paint color that matches with your honey oak perfectly!

Follow these tips mentioned above but also go with what feels right for you and resonates most closely with your personal style.

Best Paint Colors For Honey Oak Trim, Cabinets, And Flooring

Best Paint Colors For Honey Oak Trim, Cabinets, And Flooring

Painting walls and choosing the right color to complement your honey oak trim, cabinets, or flooring can be somewhat tricky. Its warm undertone often makes it difficult for home enthusiasts like myself to find colors that won’t clash but instead highlight honey oak’s unique beauty. Allow me to share my top two favorites:

1. Benjamin Moore Nickel 2119-50

Benjamin Moore Nickel 2119-50

Now let’s talk about Benjamin Moore’s Nickel 2119-50. With a hint of gray and a touch of blue, this shade adds sophistication to any room with honey oak elements.

  • Color Family: It belongs to the excellent color family. This paint color has a soothing effect on the eyes and helps create harmony.
  • Opacity & Sheen: Slightly opaque with a delicate sheen that works excellently in low-lit spaces.
  • Complementing Styles and Decor Elements: Works best with contemporary and modern decor styles.

The contrast of cool Nickel against warm honey oak strikes an exquisite balance. From experience, I can tell you that Benjamin Moore’s Nickel pops against honey oak floors or cabinetry without overpowering their natural charm.

Note: I recommend using Nickel in rooms receiving ample natural light as it might seem slightly dark in low-light environments.

2. Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan SW 7531

Sherwin Williams’ Canvas Tan SW 7531 is another stand-out color for spaces featuring honey oak trim or furniture.

  • Color Family: This paint belongs to the warm neutral color family known for its calming effect in homes.
  • Opacity & Sheen: Full-bodied opacity combined with an invitingly warm sheen combined with natural sunlight — creating atmospheres full of life.
  • Complementing Styles and Decor Elements: It fits seamlessly into rustic, coastal, country, or any relaxed decor scheme.

Canvas Tan is such a versatile shade — whether pairing it with your chic honey-oak kitchen cabinets or gracing your traditional living room walls adorned by honey-oak trims.

Its subtle golden undertones capture daylight beautifully while perfectly offsetting the richness of honey oak without undermining it.

Note: Professional testing and consideration of your space’s conditions are crucial when choosing paint colors.

Each area is unique! While Canvas Tan and Nickel may work wonders in some rooms, they may fall flat in others. As always, I recommend sampling before committing fully!

To wrap up these recommendations — both Benjamin Moore’s Nickel 2119-50 and Sherwin Williams’ Canvas Tan SW 7531 beautifully pair with honey oak finishes by striking an incredible balance between their warmth or coolness, respectively, without underplaying the inherent aesthetic appeal of your beloved honey-oak items.

3. Benjamin Moore Elmira White HC-84

Elmira White by Benjamin Moore, belonging to the Historical Color Collection (HC), is a versatile favorite that pairs dramatically well with honey oak.

The uniqueness of this shade lies in its balanced blend of undertones, it’s neither too cool nor too warm.

Key Details:

  • Style: This color is characterized as a historical or traditional hue, but its effortless elegance can quickly adapt to modern or contemporary settings.
  • Undertones: Elmira White has a warm beige undertone that harmonizes well with the inherent golden hues in honey oak.
  • Rooms to Use: Due to its balanced and light nature, this color fits perfectly into any room – from kitchens and living rooms to bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Pairing Ideas: Pair this shade with dark-colored furniture for a stunning contrast.

4. Benjamin Moore Moonshine 2140-60

Steering away from warm hues, Moonshine by Benjamin Moore is an enticing light gray paint that introduces a cool yet cozy vibe in conjunction with honey oak.

Key Details:

  • Style: A dab of sophistication bundled into a can! Its modern outlook allows it to shine in minimalistic settings.
  • Undertones: Despite being categorized as “gray,” Moonshine leans towards green-blue, making it an ideal contrasting backdrop for the warmth of honey oak.
  • Rooms to Use: Living rooms paired with warm lighting or kitchen spaces often gain an elevated sense of freedom and brightness when painted with Moonshine.
  • Pairing Ideas: For an oceanic serenity effect, pair Moonshine with some airy pastel colors, textures, or accessories in the room.

5. Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige SW 6106

Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige SW 6106

Sherwin Williams’ Kilim Beige is a trendy and versatile choice for warm neutral paint. It beautifully complements their rich tones when paired against honey oak features without overpowering them.

Key Details:

  • Style: Kilim Beige frames classic and contemporary spaces attractively, creating an inviting ambiance.
  • Undertones: With noticeable brown undertones blended into its beige base, Kilim Beige effortlessly enhances honey oak’s earthy vibe.
  • Rooms to Use: Ideal for warming up large spaces like living rooms and hallways. It also adds charm to cozy bedrooms when complemented by crisp white linens.
  • Pairing Ideas: Introduce navy blues or fir greens through decor to accentuate the homely feel created by Kilim Beige and Honey Oak.

6. Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist OC-27

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist is a top contender if you’re looking for a neutral shade to pair with your honey oak pieces. Bear in mind these pivotal details:

  • Color Family: Balboa Mist belongs to the off-white color family and is more of an ethereal gray with a beige undertone, veering slightly into greige territory.
  • Undertones: Balboa Mist carries subtle warm undertones of red and orange, perfectly contrasting with the yellow underpinning tones predominant in honey oak.
  • Room Suitability: Balboa Mist doesn’t overpower other hues and plays well in various spaces – from kitchens and bathrooms to open-concept living areas.
  • Light Reflectance Value (LRV): Boasting an LRV of 65.53, it’s considered relatively light – ideal for spaces that crave brightness.
  • Complementary Colors: This hue pairs wonderfully with cool pastels or dark bold hues.

7. Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue HC-155

Step aside humble neutrals; make way for the dazzling Newburyport Blue. This Benjamin Moore deep blue hue can radiant magic when thoughtfully paired with honey oak decor.

  • Color Family: A rich, deep blue shade, Newburyport Blue stands tall within the dark blues spectrum. Its intense tone creates that beloved coastal charm.
  • Undertones: Newburyport Blue carries cool undertones superbly contrasting against honey oak’s warmth without causing visual tension.
  • Room Suitability: Given its energetic tonality, it’s impactful in smaller spaces or as an accent wall backdrop. Kitchens, bathrooms, or home offices can make beautiful canvases.
  • Light Reflectance Value (LRV): With an LRV of just 10.31, it’s a significantly darker choice – fantastic for creating dramatic depth and intrigue.
  • Complementary Colors: Pops of fiery reds, bright yellows, or even muted whites pair beautifully with this charismatic hue!

8. Sherwin Williams Lemongrass SW 7732

Invite nature indoors with Sherwin William’s fresh Lemongrass – a color where whimsy meets sophistication!

  • Color Family: Fresh yet mature Lemongrass lives within the earthy green color family – crafting a beautiful environment-friendly narrative.
  • Undertones: This shade adorns slight yellow undertones offering harmony when co-existing alongside honey oak items which also profess strong yellow tones!
  • Room Suitability: Large and airy spaces like open-concept living rooms or kitchens are ideal due to their robust character, which demands substantial space for expression.
  • LRV: It carries an LRV of 51 – certainly on the lighter end! Best suited within well-lit environments where this shade can blissfully dance under natural sunlight!
  • Complementary Colors: It blends gently alongside neutral beiges and grays while striving alongside louder coral hues and deeper greens.

9. Sherwin Williams Homburg Gray SW 7622

Sherwin Williams Homburg Gray is a sophisticated, earthy gray with a quiet charisma that lays a beautiful foundation for honey oak.

Just as your favorite woolen blanket has morphed into the paint, it envelops the room with warmth and depth. Here’s what you need to know:

  • This color can be classified between deep gray and soft black.
  • It provides a classic yet modern look to the room.
  • The color’s understated elegance brings out the beauty of honey oak without overpowering it.
  • It’s great for living rooms, dining rooms, or accent walls.

Top Tip: Homburg Gray pairs wonderfully with bright white trims and furnishings for an appealing contrast.

10. Benjamin Moore Abalone 2108-60

Benjamin Moore Abalone 2108-60

Next up is Benjamin Moore’s Abalone 2108-60, a soft, whimsical hue between mauve and gray. A versatile neutral, its exquisite warmth breathes life into spaces without dramatically shifting away from natural aesthetics.

  • Abalone gives off an alluring feel of ageless romance because of its subtle warm undertones.
  • Despite being subdued, it offers sufficient color to make white baseboards or honey oak trim pop.
  • It can work beautifully in various settings – from bedrooms to nurseries or reading nooks.

Top Tip: Pair this color with silver accent pieces to elevate the space’s glam factor.

11. Sherwin Williams Believable Buff SW 6120

Last but not least, let me introduce Sherwin Williams, Believable Buff. A subtle yet inviting shade, it artfully combines richness with a restraint that induces calmness and balance.

  • This paint shade gently absorbs light and emits a tranquil aura blurring lines between indoors and outdoors.
  • Due to their earthy tones, the Believable Buff could blend smoothly with honey oak features.
  • It works best in cozy spaces like bedrooms or studies where one desires tranquility.
  • A perfect choice if you want to evoke understated elegance in your residence.

Top Tip: Complement this lovely tone with heavy textiles or plush carpets for added opulence.

It’s fascinating how each paint brings out unmatchable magic when paired with honey oak! So whether you lean on the side of cool tones like Homburg Gray, cradle warmth through Abalone, or choose earthiness via Believable Buff- remember there are no wrong choices as long as it pleases you.

12. Benjamin Moore Pleasant Valley 696

  • Color Family: Cool
  • Finish: Matte, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss, Pearl
  • Complementary Colors: Soft muted blues, Grays, tans

Nestled in the extraordinary shade family, I’ve found that Benjamin Moore’s Pleasant Valley 696 is a remarkably versatile color.

The refreshing hue is a skillful blend of medium to light blue-green and is reminiscent of serene waters in a quiet countryside creek or valley. Here’s all you need to know:

  • Rejuvenates Spaces: This color has a soothing effect that rejuvenates any space it adorns. It’s perfect if you’re going for an airy feel in your room.
  • Adapts Well: It combines effortlessly with honey oak bringing it into focus without overpowering it.
  • Room Suitability: Works great in bedrooms and living areas where calm and relaxed vibes are desired.
  • Lighting Impact: Under different lighting conditions, its dynamic changes subtly, projecting deep sea-green undertones under warm lights to subtle teal undertones during daylight.

13. Sherwin Williams Rice Grain SW 6155

  • Color Family: Warm
  • Finish: Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss
  • Complementary Colors: Earth tones – browns, reddish browns

Sherwin Williams articulated this shade named Rice Grain SW 6155 exquisitely.

  • Earthy Appeal: Falling into the warm color palette, it carries an earthy appeal hinting at nature-inspired shades of soft green and yellow.
  • Harmony with Oak: Perfectly suited for homes dominated by honey oak woodwork, it doesn’t compete but complements the wood’s natural tones.
  • Room Suitability: Ideal for kitchens or living rooms where you want warmth and an inviting ambiance.
  • Light Interaction: This color leans toward light greenish tints under natural lighting conditions.

14. Benjamin Moore Providence Olive HC-98

  • Color Family: Neutral Warm
  • Finish: Matte, Satin, Semi-gloss
  • Complementary Colors: Creams and beiges

Providence Olive HC-98 by Benjamin Moore introduces you to an ideal neutral ground between green and brown while retaining warmth.

  • Rich Yet Subdued Tone: It’s not bold nor loud but holds a certain depth and richness in its tone that works splendidly with honey oak.
  • Augments Honey Oak: The hues of brown-beige blended well within this paint color can enhance the warm tones of honey oak without diminishing its character.
  • Room Suitability: This makes a beautiful choice for spaces like studies and dens or anywhere else that benefits from a touch of reserved antiqueness.
  • Light Exposure Impact: Under more astonishing lights, such as north-facing rooms or heavy shadows, will pull out more green undertones, while warmer light softens them into more olive-brown bands.

An essential tip I’d like to share: While selecting from these best paint colors for honey oak, remember they’ll shine differently based on room orientation (North/South/East/West facing), so make sure to use testers before making your final decisions.

15. Benjamin Moore Antique Jade 465

Benjamin Moore Antique Jade 465

This shade can be described as a hidden gem in paint colors. With undertones of both green and gray, it isn’t quite green, but it isn’t quite gray either.

It has this captivating depth that unfolds under different lighting conditions and upon various wall textures. This hue is a perfect match for honey oak trims due to its richness and versatility.

Vital Information:

  • Color Family: Green-greys
  • Tone: Both cool and earthy
  • Where to use: Perfect for living rooms, hallways, or bedrooms
  • Accents with: Gold accents, cream textiles, and wooden furnishing.

16. Benjamin Moore Caldwell Green HC-124

Next up is the stunning Benjamin Moore Caldwell Green HC-124. This paint color subtly yet effectively brings out the hues in honey oak without letting them monopolize your space.

Swathing your room with this balanced shade of green gives you a vibrant breath of fresh air while maintaining a sophisticated appeal.

Vital Information:

  • Color Family: Greens
  • Tone: Warm mid-tone green hue.
  • Where to use: Ideal for bathroom cabinets, kitchen islands, or as an accent wall.
  • Accents with: Works wonderfully alongside brown furniture accessories or light-colored textiles.

17. Sherwin Williams Wall Street SW 7665

Sherwin Williams Wall Street SW 7665 is synonymous with elegance! With a rich medium-dark gray tone, it marries beautifully with honey oak features by providing a gorgeous contrast against the warm wood tones without overshadowing them. This cozy, moody color gives you a stylish haven within no time.

Vital Information:

  • Color Family: Grays
  • Tone: Medium-dark gray.
  • Where to use: Great for dining rooms, living rooms, or a large bedroom.
  • Accents with: Paired best with bright white trims or contemporary-styled furniture.

Each color offers a unique charm that can help transform your space when coordinating with honey oak features.

Remember that deciding on paint colors should be fun! Embrace the process & let these recommendations inspire you.

After all, it’s about creating an aesthetic that speaks most to your taste and comfort! Enjoy exploring these paint choices.

18. Sherwin Williams Loggia SW 7506

If you’re like me, trying to bring stability and harmony to your honey oak-adorned haven, let me tell you – Sherwin Williams Loggia SW 7506 is your go-to color.

A beautiful greige (a blend of gray and beige) provides a delightful rustic touch to your room that compliments the earthy, golden tones of honey oak.

  • Color Family: Warm neutrals
  • RGB Values: 196 / 183 / 165
  • Hexadecimal Value: #BCB3A6
  • LRV (Light Reflectance Value): 48

It carries a comfortable vibe that embraces bold and light-toned honey oak works perfectly and highlights their inherent warmth.

You’d be amazed how this understated color brings alive the elegant grooves and natural streaks of your oak furniture or trims.

Its perfect balance between warm earthy undertones and excellent hints of calmness is the secret.

19. Sherwin Williams Latte SW 6108

Looking for a warmer hue to cozy up your space while enhancing the appeal of honey oak? Introduce yourself to Sherwin Williams Latte SW 6108.

This inviting mid-toned beige invokes an inviting aura without overshadowing the charming hues of honey oak.

  • Color Family: Warm neutrals
  • RGB Values: 186 / 161 / 133
  • Hexadecimal Value: #BAA185
  • LRV (Light Reflectance Value): ‎38

Latte makes up stories on walls by exuding an embracing warmth that’s neither loud nor dull. It intensifies the richness of honey oak cabinets or floors, adding depth to the overall decor.

Coupled with bright white ceilings, trim, or wainscoting, this color creates a timeless yet modern ambiance in any room it swathes.

20. Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay SW 6206

Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay SW 6206

For those bold hearts who want their honey oak details to speak for themselves against a more relaxed backdrop, meet the musical tone of Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay SW 6206.

This cool-leaning paint blends blue-green elements with gray for an airy, tranquil ambiance that pairs wonderfully with darker or sun-kissed honey oaks.

  • Color Family: Cool neutrals
  • RGB Values: Red: 174 Green: 179 Blue: 169
  • Hexadecimal Value: #aeb3a9
  • LRV (Light Reflectance value): ‎44

It beautifully captures coastal vibes while stabilizing the amber hues in honey oaks. Got a room filled with natural light?

Watch how Oyster Bay brings soothing ocean vibes during daylight hours but silvers into serene sophistication when artificial lights dance on it after sunset.

Decorating around beautiful honey oak furnishings might once have seemed intimidating but remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach here.

When selecting paint colors like Loggia, Latte, or Oyster Bay—listen to what your heart resonates with first and let that guide your brush on its journey through endless colorful possibilities.

FAQs About Honey Oak

What are some of the best paint colors for honey oak trim?

Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan SW 7531, Benjamin Moore Elmira White HC-84, and even warmer shades like Sherwin Williams Latte SW 6108 are an excellent fit.

Can cool paint colors go well with honey oak cabinets?

Yes! Try out cooler neutrals like Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay SW 6206 that offer a soothing yet vibrant contrast.

Are specific Sherwin Williams Paints that match well with honey oak material?

Absolutely! Some brilliant options include Loggia SW 7506, Latte SW 6108, and Oyster Bay SW 6206.

How do I choose the best paint color for my honey oak kitchen cabinets?

Consider whether you want your cabinets to blend in or stand out, and consider the room’s lighting and overall design aesthetic.

Can bright colors work well with honey oak furniture?

Definitely! If paired wisely, bright shades can add an element of surprise to traditional honey oak settings.


In the end, while the versatility of honey oak is undeniable, remember that choosing the right paint color boils down to your preference, room ambiance, and the amount of natural light that seeps in.

Also crucial is the existing décor and fixtures that could influence how this chosen color gets perceived.

So, be it Sherwin Williams’ Loggia or Latte for a harmonious canvas or Oyster Bay for a stark contrast – remember that these are just guides to help you get started.

What matters is selecting a color palette that brings out the best in your beautiful honey oak detailing. Enjoy every step of curating your space; after all, it’s through experimenting and exploring that we genuinely find our style.

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