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Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee 2024 [Everyone’s New Crush]

By: Susie
Updated On: July 22, 2023

Waking up to a room painted with Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45 is akin to opening your eyes to a day filled with unlimited possibilities.

It’s like that first warm sip of morning coffee, with the sun streaming in, invigorating your senses and stirring the creative pot within you.

A quiet respite in our often chaotic world, this shade brings an inviting calmness that can transform any space into a soothing haven.

Swiss Coffee emanates a whiff of elegance that is hard to resist, suffusing spaces with timeless beauty while remaining versatile across different styles and settings.

Whether we’re talking about traditional design or a modern minimalist aesthetic – this trusty hue blends seamlessly into the background, making it not just any paint color but an essential foundation for varying visual narratives.

Exploring The Swiss Coffee

When we talk about Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee OC-45, we deal with a sophisticated and adaptable hue that embraces and uplifts spaces with its balanced warmth and soothing subtlety.

What Makes Swiss Coffee Unique?

At its core, Swiss Coffee offers a unique blend of white with a tinge of off-white – expertly straddling the line between crisp white and creamy beige.

Distinct Characteristics

  • Color Family: It belongs to the off-white family, offering a rich, creamy depth that grants the space an inviting character.
  • Position on the Color Wheel: On Benjamin Moore’s color wheel, it leans toward the warm spectrum without coming across as overly yellow or tan.
  • RGB & HEX Values: For the detail-oriented designer, its RGB value is (235, 227, 210) and the HEX value is #EBE3D2.

Above all else, remember that experiencing Swiss Coffee in your personal space is the best way to appreciate its distinct charm and versatility truly.

Directions & Lighting Of Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee’s allure lies in its transformative potential under differing lighting conditions and cardinal directions.

The room’s lighting conditions bring out the color’s richness and warmth. Let’s delve deeper into this captivating interaction.

Impact of Lighting on Swiss Coffee’s Warmth

Environmental lighting is a significant factor in your perception of Swiss Coffee’s essence. If a room gets ample sunlight, this shade exhibits a slightly warmer hue, exuding an inviting buttery semi-white feel.

However, the color can tend towards a cooler off-white tone in rooms that receive less natural light while still maintaining its depth.

Cardinal Directions and Color Perception

Understanding how cardinal points influence colors is crucial for truly capturing their essence. Rooms facing North or East often appear more relaxed due to the soft or blue-tinted daylight filtering.

Swiss Coffee holds its own in such spaces, balancing the temperature with its inherent warm undertones without overpowering them with excessive brightness.

South and West facing rooms, basking in warmer light intensities during most of the day, accentuate Swiss Coffee’s warmth even further.

It bathes these spaces in a gentle radiance that gives an aura of spaciousness while retaining an intimate, cozy feel.

Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee OC-45 is more than just a versatile shade; it works subtly with your space and light environment to create that perfect ambiance you desire!

So whether it’s watching the sunlight streaming into your east-facing kitchen or enjoying a cozy evening reading nook lit by soft lamp light, Swiss coffee adapts beautifully_, resonating harmoniously with your surroundings.

the Undertones of Swiss Coffee

For anyone remotely interested in home interiors, you must have come across the term “undertones.” Understanding this concept is critical to leveraging the potential of any paint color. The undertone is a subtly hued shadow that is present beyond the superficial color.

Identifying Swiss Coffee Undertones

In the case of Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45, it has a slightly creamy undertone that separates it from stark white. Now, don’t let this scare you. When I say “creamy,” I mean only a touch.

It’s not yellowy or overly warm like many cream colors can be. Instead, its base color balances out with an off-white backdrop, making it incredibly neutral and versatile – not quite hot and not quite cold.

To highlight its creamy hints, you must play with contrast by pairing it with bolder or darker hues.

Harmonizing with Complementary Colors

To make the most of this shade’s versatile nature, consider complementing it with various colors ranging from deep blues to earthy greens and charcoal grays.

If you want to harness warmth in your living space, then team up Swiss Coffee with warmer colors as they enhance its yellowish undertones.

Conversely, cooler tones like greys and blues will bring out more white in Swiss Coffee, making your room seem more spacious and airy.

Check out Benjamin Moore’s color gallery to find colors that pair well with Swiss Coffee OC-45.

Following are some popular color combinations:

  • Warm Pairings: Pair ‘Swiss coffee’ with Wrought Iron 2124-10 or Cayenne Pepper 1256 to create a classic yet contemporary ambiance.
  • Cool Shadows: Team ‘Swiss coffee’ with shades like Hale Navy HC-154 or Night Train 1567 for inviting cool-toned decor.

Given its exceptional versatility, Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45 can seamlessly blend into your existing interiors while providing an excellent base for creating new looks. So go on – embrace the sophisticated simplicity of Swiss Coffee.

Swiss Coffee for Interiors

One of the best colors to work with in interior design is Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee. It’s incredible how this slightly creamy off-white paint can bring a fantastic depth and cozy ambiance into any space, but don’t just take my word for it – let’s delve a bit deeper into it.

Ideal Spaces to Use Swiss Coffee

So, where does this serene hue shine the most? I believe the possibilities are endless! Some of those I’ve found particularly intriguing include:

  • Living Room: Your living room is a social space that deserves a welcoming aura. Swiss Coffee is an excellent backdrop for striking furniture pieces or artwork.
  • Bedroom: Imagine retreating to your Swiss Coffee-painted bedroom after a hectic day. Its calming effect is a soothing balm that can help you unwind.
  • Kitchen: Bright and airy – that’s what your kitchen will be with Swiss Coffee walls. And the best part? It beautifully complements stainless steel appliances!

Creating a Cozy Ambiance

Swiss Coffee excels at crafting comfortable spaces, rapidly becoming every homeowner’s favorite. How?

  • Light Reflectance Value (LRV): With an LRV of 83.93, it expertly reflects light around any room, making it feel larger and more open.
  • Creamy Undertone: Its subtle creaminess adds warmth and depth that oozes coziness.

And let’s not forget about its remarkable versatility. Whether you’re going for an eclectic look or want something classic – Swiss Coffee doesn’t disappoint!

Incorporating Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee paint into your interior design scheme offers an eggshell-like finish that exudes tranquility and comfort while setting an exquisite canvas for diverse furniture styles and decor pieces.

However, I’d always recommend testing paint samples under different lighting conditions to see if they match your vision before making your final decision.

Remember, home should always be the most pleasant space in our lives – our haven amidst all life’s challenges. So why not layer on some soothing serenity with a hint of elegance by choosing Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee?

Pros and Cons of Swiss Coffee

While Swiss Coffee is a tremendous choice for many, it’s practical to consider its potential pros and cons before decking your walls with this color.

  • Versatility
  • Light Reflectance
  • Warm undertones
  • Timeless Appeal


  • Color Matching Challenges
  • Maintenance
  • Needs careful lighting


Carefully weighing the pros and cons will ensure you’re making the most out of Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee OC-45.

Swiss Coffee for Exteriors: Embracing Elegance Outside

Swiss Coffee OC-45 is an excellent choice for interiors and exteriors. Its ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces is extraordinary.

The paint color’s levity and depth can bring an old-world charm or a modern minimalist vibe to your home’s facade.

Balanced Brightness for Outdoors

This shade resonates with a brightness that doesn’t overwhelm the eyes, allowing it to seamlessly blend with natural elements such as wood, stone, and greenery.

It is a prime choice for painting garden sheds, fences, or even accent colors on window trims.

Complementary Elements

Understandably, no color works in isolation. Combining Swiss Coffee with other elements effectively takes expertise.

To harmonize with the surroundings better, try complimenting it with darker hues like Kendall Charcoal, creating a striking balance. For those preferring softer contrasts, tones like grayish blue are glamorous accompaniments.

In terms of materials, raw woods, and weathered metals fantastically accompany the richness of Swiss Coffee, creating an artful juxtaposition that enhances curb appeal significantly.

Remember – contrast and harmony play key roles in painting exteriors, and Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45 seems born to facilitate these ventures effortlessly.

BM Swiss Coffee in the Kitchen

Swiss Coffee is an excellent option to breathe life into a dull kitchen or craft a uniquely inviting cooking area.

This beautiful hue’s versatility, simplicity, and timeless appeal make it a popular choice for many homeowners.

Swiss Coffee for Kitchen Walls

A color’s influence expands beyond just aesthetics; it significantly impacts our mood and experiences, especially in a space as practical yet intimate as the kitchen.

Swiss Coffee is a clean canvas on kitchen walls due to its neutral character. Despite its warm undertone, it doesn’t skew overwhelmingly beige or starkly white; instead, it artfully balances between both spectrums.

The average Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Swiss Coffee is around 83.93 – which means it reflects abundant light to create an airy and spacious atmosphere – promoting an energizing and pleasant cooking experience.

Complementing Cabinets and Countertops

Pairing Swiss Coffee with cabinets and countertops can profoundly impact your kitchen’s look. Here are some tips to achieve that:

For Cabinetry

  • Opt for rich wood tones: The cool undertones subtly contrast against darker woods like mahogany or walnut to create depth.
  • Go monochrome: Paint cabinets with Swiss Coffee for an all-over relaxed look.

For Countertops

  • Quartz or marble countertops: Light gray or white marbles perfectly harmonize with Swiss Coffee’s creaminess.
  • Dark Granite surfaces could form a striking contrast, elevating the kitchen’s elegance more than ever.

Remember, always sample the paint under different light conditions before making your final decision!

BM Swiss Coffee is all about creating balance – simultaneously delivering warmth and brightness in your kitchen space!

Swiss Coffee for the Living Room

When considering a new paint job for your living room, a certain charm and versatility in Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee make it an exquisite choice.

An inviting warmth comes with this shade, setting the stage for a space where memories are created and shared.

Creating an Inviting Living Space

Swiss Coffee OC-45, with its rich yet subtle off-white tone, brings about an undeniable coziness. It has this unique ability to make a room feel bright and open while maintaining a sense of intimacy – perfect for living areas designed for comfort and connection.

Combined with its high Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 84, you experience something akin to enveloping your walls in soft, natural light – regardless of the time of day.

Furniture Pairings

Subtlety is one of Swiss Coffee’s greatest strengths. It complements practically any piece in your design arsenal.

From rustic woods to contemporary metallics and bold colors, this versatile neutral provides a refreshing canvas that accentuates every style and scale.

Décor Pairings

Mixing Swiss Coffee walls with blue accent pieces can create a sea and sand palette, while warm-toned textiles against it can create an approachable rustic or earthy feel.

Yet another possibility—combine this creamy shade with modern greys and geometric patterns to elevate the chic quotient of your living space.

Always do sample testing before fully committing to the color in creating that perfect setting. After all, there’s nothing quite like seeing Swiss Coffee in action – bathing your space in its delicate glow.

When transforming living spaces into cozy havens, Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee does more than paint the walls—it creates atmospheres.

Comparing White Dove and Swiss Coffee

Choosing a cream-white paint that delivers soothing tranquility, Benjamin Moore offers two standouts: Swiss Coffee OC-45 and White Dove OC-17.

Both hues are favorites amongst homeowners, but they indeed have unique characteristics that set them apart.

The Undertones

Swiss Coffee sports a subtle yellow undertone giving it a warm, inviting appeal. Its distinctive creaminess provides depth, working brilliantly in spaces with added dimension and warmth.

On the other hand, White Dove strides with a slight hint of gray undertone that creates an impeccably balanced soft white canvas. This imparts an understated elegance making White Dove an ideal fit for modern and contemporary styles.

The LRV Of Swiss Coffee

If you’re considering a paint color change, it’s crucial to understand the Light Reflectance Value or LRV. For Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee OC-45, the LRV stands at 83.93.

This number is more than just a classification—it influences how we perceive space, affecting mood and comfort.

Understanding Light Reflectance Value (LRV)

Simply put, LRV measures how much light a color reflects compared to pure white, which has an LRV of 100%.

Colors with an LRV closer to 100% reflect more light, making spaces appear brighter and more prominent. Color can have a monumental impact on the spatial perception of your home.

Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee falls into the high end of the spectrum in LRV. This implies that it reflects above-average amounts of light, affording spaces a lighter, brighter feel.

Swiss Coffee: Not Too Bright, Not Too Subtle

Despite its higher reflectivity index, what sets Swiss Coffee apart is its ability to provide brightness without overwhelming the rooms with too much light. It ensures balance– – an elegant space with an inviting, warm glow that’s not blindingly bright nor somberly dull.

  • It Amplifies Natural Light: In rooms filled with natural sunlight, Swiss Coffee makes everything catch on an uplifting gleam.
  • Versatility in Artificial Lighting: Varying artificial lights showcase different tones, subtly altering its depth and warmth while retaining overall appeal.
  • Balanced Brightness: The color provides enough brightness without stealing away the focus from other design elements in your room.

This unique characteristic makes Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore my absolute favorite; it delivers just the right amount of light reflection to keep my space snug yet refreshed for my daily hustle.

Swiss Coffee Sample Testing Before Purchase

Choosing the right paint hue for your dwelling is exciting and challenging. Trust me, it’s often trickier than one might anticipate. Testing samples becomes utterly essential in nuanced neutrals like Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45.

Why Do You Need to Test Sample First?

You see, colors often behave quite uniquely under different lighting conditions. The glorious charm of Swiss Coffee that you witness at the paint store may translate differently on your apartment walls, depending largely on whether the space receives natural light or not.

  • Natural Light: Swiss Coffee shows its warmer side in spaces flooded with natural light while staying close to true white.
  • Artificial Light: Under artificial lighting or in darker spaces, this shade might lean towards a more creamy tone.

By testing samples first, you can observe how the color changes throughout the day in your space in response to alterations in lighting conditions and other architectural elements. It provides an actual picture rather than simply visualizing how it would be.

How To Get The Most Accurate Results?

Simple! Purchase a small sample pot of Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee or grab a peel-and-stick sample from any reputable online store.

Apply it generously on different walls of the room you intend to paint. Observe it throughout the day – morning sun, midday brightness, evening softness, and under artificial lights at night.

I assure you; this little experiment will put any uncertainty about this gorgeous hue to rest!

FAQs About BM Swiss Coffee OC-45

What undertones does Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45 have?

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45 has a delicate balance of warm and neutral undertones. This makes it a highly versatile off-white paint that adapts to different spaces and lighting conditions effortlessly.

Is Swiss Coffee suitable for exteriors?

Absolutely! The timeless elegance of Swiss Coffee can breathe life into any exterior facade, adding to its curb appeal while offering a calming, homely vibe.

How does the natural light affect the color of Swiss Coffee?

In spaces with plenty of natural daylight, Swiss Coffee leans towards a warmer white, while maintaining its proximity to true white.

Can I use Swiss Coffee in high-traffic areas like kitchens or living rooms?

Yes, you can! Thanks to its neutral base and adaptability, it pairs beautifully with various interior design styles and other colors – making it an excellent choice for almost any room!

How does Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee compare to other off-whites like White Dove?

Swiss Coffee has a warmer tone than White Dove, which has gray undertones. Both are versatile paints, but your choice might depend on the mood you wish to create or the existing décor of your space.


In the infinite spectrum of paint hues, some colors leave an indelible impression with their versatility and charm, and Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45 stands tall among them.

Its adaptable, warm neutral tone makes it a remarkable choice for almost any room, enhancing its ambiance while seamlessly tying together varying decor elements.

It’s an ode to coziness that can effortlessly elevate everyday living spaces into stylish sanctuaries, one coat at a time.

Remember, though, that paint colors are subjective. What works phenomenally well in one space might not evoke the same charm in another.

It’s all about finding harmony between your preferred style, desired mood, and existing elements within your space.

So, don’t hesitate to play around a little before deciding. Order that sample pot or peel-and-stick swatch of Swiss Coffee today, and observe its interplay with your environment and lighting conditions to confidently bring home this serene shade crafted by Benjamin Moore.

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