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How To Cover A Box Spring In 2023 [10 Unique Ideas]

By: Susie
Updated On: September 24, 2023

Box springs are an unsung hero in the bedroom, quietly providing much-needed support to our mattresses.

But let's face it, they're not usually the most aesthetically pleasing room additions. You might be pondering how to cover a box spring in a way that fits seamlessly with your existing decor. Well, you have come to the right place!

We'll cover everything you need to know in this easy guide. From using a simple fitted sheet to more classy bespoke covers, we'll walk you through some simple solutions and savvy tips.

Once you've mastered these ideas, your box spring won't just be supportive; it'll be undercover - quite literally! So roll up your sleeves; there's no time like the present to transform your bed into a beautiful centerpiece.

How To Cover A Box Spring: Cracking the Code

How To Cover A Box Spring: Cracking the Code

We've all been there - gazing at our box spring and wishing it could match our bedroom's stylish decor or not stick out like a sore thumb. The solution is simpler than you may expect.

Canvassing your box spring with an appealing cover can do wonders, turning it from an eyesore into an art piece.

With many creative ideas, your biggest challenge may be choosing just one! Let's dive into a couple of these intriguing concepts.

Fabric Slipcover

Fabric Slipcover

Fabric slipcovers are an excellent choice to cover a box spring because they are easy to clean and provide a seamless look. Creating one isn't as complicated as it may sound. Here are some steps:

  • Measure the Dimensions: Measure the box spring's length, width, and height.
  • Select the Fabric: Choose a fabric that matches your room's decor and is durable enough to withstand wear.
  • Cut the Fabric: Cut three fabric pieces for each side of the box spring according to your measurements, adding approximately 2 inches for hemming.
  • Sew or Glue: Hem all edges of each piece using a sewing machine or fabric glue to ensure your slipcover is neat and fray-free.
  • Join the Pieces: Attach all three pieces at their long ends, creating one large piece that will go over your box spring like a fitted sheet.
  • Secure It: Pull the slipcover over your box spring, ensuring it fits snugly without any bumps or wrinkles.

Before putting it in place, wash your new fabric slipcover according to manufacturer instructions to prevent any later shrinkage or color bleeding.

Bed Skirt

Bed Skirt

Bed skirts, also known as dust ruffles, are another popular way to cover a box spring. They not only hide the box spring but can also hide any storage space under the bed. Here's how to use a bed skirt:

  • Choose the Style: Bed skirts come in many styles, including pleated, ruffled, or tailored, and colors. Choose one that complements your bedroom decor.
  • Measure The Box Spring: Before you buy or make a skirt, measure your box spring's length, width, and height from floor to top edge.
  • Attach the Bed Skirt: Most commercial bed skirts come with elastic fasteners or are designed as a fitted sheet with extra fabric around the sides. To install one like this, first remove the mattress from your bed. Then, adjust the bed skirt on top of the box spring so it hangs evenly on all sides.
  • Replace Your Mattress: Carefully replace your mattress without disturbing its positioning once you are satisfied with your bed skirt installation.

Besides adding aesthetic appeal to your room, another advantage of using a bed skirt is that it can deter dust accumulation under your beds and provide concealed storage space if needed.

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DIY Upholstery

DIY Upholstery

DIY Upholstery is a refreshing option for those feeling adventurous to cover a box spring. It’s more challenging than other methods but gives you full autonomy on the fabric choice and look.

Here's a simple breakdown of how you can upholster your box spring at home:

  • Choose Your Material: First, decide on your upholstery fabric, its durability, and how it complements the rest of your room.
  • Measure: Establish your box spring's length, width, and height. Add an extra 4 inches to the length and width for stapling fabric onto the bottom.
  • Cut The Fabric: Depending on your measurements, cut out the required size from your chosen material.
  • Staple: Lay the fabric under the box spring and ensure it is placed in the center. Start with one side, pull it over the edge to create a snug fit, and staple it onto the underside of your box spring.
  • Smooth Out Edges: When stapling corners, smoothen out any wrinkles or folds to ensure a seamless look.
  • Double Check: Once complete, flip over your box spring again to verify if it lays flat without any bumps or visible wrinkles.

DIY Upholstery allows you to customize your bedroom style creatively while giving that outdated box spring a fresh look!

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Fitted Sheet

Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods to cover a box spring. Just as it sounds, this involves using an ordinary fitted bed sheet to encase your box spring. Here's how:

  • Choose the Sheet: Select a fitted sheet that complements your bedding and room decor. It should be the same size as your box spring for a perfect fit.
  • Line Up Corners: Position the sheet at one corner of the box spring and tuck it under the corner.
  • Apply Sheet to Each Corner: Continue by applying each corner of the sheet to its corresponding corner of the box spring. Ensure each edge is snug against the sides.
  • Tuck-in Edges: Make sure all remaining edges are tucked neatly under the box spring for a smooth appearance.
  • Smooth Out Wrinkles: Once completely on, smooth out any wrinkles or bumps on the fabric for a flawless surface.

A fitted sheet can provide an instant change at minimal cost, is easy to remove and clean, and offers a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from!

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Wooden Slats

Wooden Slats

Wooden slats are functional and aesthetically pleasing when covering a box spring. They provide added support to your bed and offer a rustic, charming look. Here's how to do it:

  • Measure: Determine your box spring's length, width, and height.
  • Select the Wood: Choose the type and thickness of wood you want for your slats. It would be best if you also decided on how many slats you need depending on the width of the timber & spacing you choose.
  • Cut the Slats: Cut the selected wood into equal-sized pieces according to your measurements.
  • Sand & Finish: Sand down any rough edges on each slat for a smooth finish, then paint or stain them as desired.
  • Install Slats: Lay your wooden slats horizontally across your box spring with equal spaces between each for good air circulation.
  • Secure Slats: For stability, you can secure these slats onto the box springs with screws or strong adhesive.

Wooden slat covers boast robust construction and an attractive appearance, making it a fantastic, long-lasting option that adds texture and interest to any room's decor!

Plywood Paneling

Plywood Paneling

Plywood paneling is another solid option for those seeking to cover their box springs. Not only is this method durable, but it offers an excellent base for further customization. Here's how you can do it:

  • Measure: Start by measuring the dimensions of your box spring, including length, width, and depth.
  • Pick Your Plywood: Head to a home improvement store and pick up plywood that suits your needs. Consider factors like thickness and overall quality.
  • Cut Your Plywood: Cut the plywood to match your measurements - most home improvement stores will cut the plywood for you.
  • Sand & Finish: Smooth out any rough edges with sandpaper before applying paint, stain, or varnish to the plywood based on your preference.
  • Install Paneling: Lay down the panel onto the box spring - it should fit snugly on top without any overhanging edges.
  • Secure Paneling (Optional): Depending on your preference, you can leave the panel as-is or secure it with screws or adhesive.

Plywood paneling gives a minimalist aesthetic while offering a strong foundation - not only does it hide your unattractive box spring, but it also provides an opportunity for further personalization with paint or fabric!

Rope Wrap

Rope Wrap

Rope wrapping is an innovative and unique method to cover a box spring that adds texture and a rustic feel to your bedroom. Here's the process:

  • Select Your Rope: Choose the rope color, thickness, and length based on the size of your box spring and your color preference.
  • Begin at One Corner: Start at one corner of the box spring, securing the end of your rope with a strong adhesive or staples.
  • Wrap Around: Tightly wrap the rope around your box spring, ensuring no gaps between each row of rope.
  • Secure: Apply small adhesive dots as you wrap to keep the rope in place.
  • Finish: When you reach the end, cut off any excess rope, ensuring a neat finish back at a corner.

This DIY project is slightly more time-consuming than other methods. Still, it can transform an ordinary box spring into a unique piece that adds character and interest to your room!



Wallpaper, known for its decorative flair and variety, can also be a great way to cover a box spring. Here's how:

  • Choose Your Design: Select a wallpaper pattern or texture that enhances your bedroom aesthetic.
  • Measure Your Box Spring: You'll need the measurements to know how much wallpaper you need.
  • Cut Wallpaper: Cut your selected wallpaper to size, leaving slight extra length and width for optimal fitting.
  • Apply Adhesive: Apply a strong adhesive to the back of the cut wallpaper piece corresponding to one side of the box spring.
  • Attach Wallpaper: Stick the wallpaper onto one side of the box spring, smoothing it for an even finish with no air bubbles or wrinkles.
  • Repeat: Repeat this process for each side of your box spring until all visible areas are covered.
  • Trimming Edges: Once dried, trim any excess wallpaper using a sharp blade for a clean look.

Using wallpaper allows a wide range of designs and colors to seamlessly blend your box spring into your bedroom setup or make it stand out - whatever you choose!

Velcro and Fabric

Velcro and Fabric

A box spring can also be easily disguised using fabric attached with Velcro. This way, you can regularly change the appearance of your box spring according to your style or mood. Here's how to do it:

  • Measure: Measure the dimensions - length, width, and depth of your box spring.
  • Pick Your Fabric and Velcro: Select fabric that complements the existing decor in your bedroom, and pick up some adhesive Velcro strips.
  • Cut The Fabric: Cut enough fabric to cover all sides of your box spring, adding a little extra for secure attachments.
  • Attach Strip: Apply one side of the Velcro strip onto the edges of the box spring.
  • Sew Velcro Strips: Sew corresponding Velcro strips onto the edges of each piece of cut fabric pieces (or use adhesive-backed Velcro).
  • Secure Fabric: Match each piece of fabric with its corresponding edge on the box spring - remember to press firmly where the two strips meet for a secure bond.

The benefit of this method is you will have flexibility in changing designs as per occasion, mood, or trend by simply swapping out different fabrics, which can be washed and reused as needed!

Quilted Cover

Quilted Cover

A quilted cover can significantly enhance the appearance of an ordinary box spring, giving it a cozy, textured look and feel. Here's how to use a quilted cover:

  • Pick Your Cover: Select a quilted cover that matches the size of your box spring and complements your overall decor scheme.
  • Drape It: Start by evenly draping the quilted cover over your box spring.
  • Align Corners: Align each corner of your cover with each corner of the box spring for a perfect fit.
  • Tuck-In Sides: Ensure all sides are neatly tucked under the box spring without any visible bumps or wrinkles.
  • Smooth Out: Once on, smooth out any remaining wrinkles or creases on the surface for a neat look.

A quilted cover has benefits - it instantly enriches the bedroom atmosphere, is easily removable for cleaning, and is more robust than most other fabric-based alternatives. Investing in one can make your bed base visually appealing without much effort!

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FAQs about how to cover a box spring

Can a regular bed sheet cover my box spring?

Absolutely! A fitted sheet can be swiftly repurposed as a box spring cover for an easy, cost-effective solution.

How do I ensure my box spring cover doesn't slide off?

Try using clip holders or ties to secure the cover in place, ensuring it doesn't glide off as you move.

What material should I choose for my box spring cover?

Look for durable materials such as cotton, linen, or polyester blends that withstand daily wear and tear.

Are there specific covers made just for box springs?

Many stores offer tailored box spring covers similar to mattress protectors that zip or slip over the entire unit laterally.

Can I DIY a cover if I can’t find a design I like?

Absolutely! You can create a custom box spring cover that perfectly matches your style with some fabric, scissors, and basic sewing skills.


Box springs don't have to be that dull, drab thing you try to hide under your bed. They can add a touch of style and elegance to your bedroom when camouflaged just right.

With some creativity and our guide, you can find a solution that blends perfectly with your decor and transforms an everyday item into a chic addition.

So, give these creative box spring cover ideas a whirl. We hope these tips inspire you to think outside the "box" about your bed's humble companion!

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