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What Are Deep Pocket Sheets?

By: Susie
Updated On: July 7, 2021

Have you ever wondered what deep pocket sheets are? Deep pocket sheets have a more significant, deeper side seam and a wider hem for those who like to tuck their bedding in. They are often called flat sheets, as they do not come with fitted corners.

In contrast, standard or traditional sheets will typically come with fitted edges on the top and bottom of the sheet, which provide more excellent protection from dust mites and other allergens that may be found in your mattress. The benefit is that these types of sheets can accommodate beds up to 18 inches thick!

Standard Sheets vs. Deep Pocket Sheets

A deep pocket fitted sheet is a fitted sheet that comes in sizes from extra-large to king. These fitted sheets will have anywhere from an 8–12 inch depth at the top and bottom, which allows them to accommodate thicker mattresses.

Standard Sheets vs. Deep Pocket Sheets

The main difference between standard and deep-pocket beds is that the deep-pocket sheets are longer than standard ones. Fitted sheets generally have elastic around the corners for a more comfortable fit and double stitching along all seams for durability, ensuring your new purchase will last you many years. Most of these types of sheets are made from either 100 percent cotton sateen or microfiber blends.

If you prefer the look of a flat sheet yet don't want to sacrifice a comfortable fit, you can always opt for a deep-pocketed flat sheet. These traditional bed sheets will still be made from 100 percent cotton or microfiber sateen and double-stitched around all sides.

So whether you prefer your bedding to fit tight or loose, the fitted or flat sheets must be the correct size for the mattress you own. A set of fitted sheets that's too big can cause your bedding to slip and slide off, while one that's too small won't be able to tuck your mattress in!

Deep or Extra-Deep Pockets Sheets

If you're considering purchasing a new set of sheets, it's essential to know the difference between a deep pocket and extra-deep pocket sheets. Deep pocket bedding comes with an additional 8–12 inches on either side when compared to standard fitted sheet measurements, while extra-deep pockets will provide even more fabric for your mattress! The benefit of using deep or extra-deep pockets is that it'll allow there to be twice as much fabric around all four sides of your bed without having to purchase another larger size.

Extra-Deep Pockets (Also called California King Beds)

These types of mattresses are traditionally used for king-sized beds in hotel rooms across the country. Because most traditional king-size mattresses average 72 inches in width, these extra-deep pockets will allow your bedding to cover the extra space you'd otherwise miss out on with a standard king-size mattress. These types of sheets can be used on any bed that is between 80–84 inches wide! Deep Pockets

Extra-Deep pocket sheets are typically found in sizes up to the king and are excellent for those who like their bedding to fit more tightly around their mattress.

How to Measure Your Mattress for Proper Sheet Size

Knowing how to measure your mattress for proper sheet size is necessary if you want the fitted sheet to stay in place.

A deep pocket standard sheet, which measures 76 inches long by 80 inches wide, will fit a California King bed that's up to 22 inches thick. At the same time, Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets can be made from the king through California King sizes, measuring 80-inch by 92-inch long with an 8–12 inch top and bottom depth. To make sure you are buying the suitable sheets for your mattress, follow these easy steps:

How to Measure Your Mattress for Proper Sheet Size

Measure Length of Bed (With mattress): To get started, use a tape measure to find out the precise length of your bed, including both sides of the headboard and footboard. This number should be recorded in this step.

Measure Depth of Mattress: With your tape measure, find the depth of your mattress (including any pillow toppers) and write it down. This number should be recorded in this step.

Use the numbers you collected from steps one and two above to determine what size sheets you need for your bedding based on these guidelines below:

8-inch Deep Pocket Sheets: You will need a standard flat sheet that measures at least 9 feet long by 5 feet wide. In addition, you will also need fitted sheets with an 8-inch top and bottom depth.

Why Should You Switch from Standard Sheets to Deep Pocket Sheets?

There are several reasons why it might be worth your while to switch from standard sheets to deep pocket sheets. They include:

Why Should You Switch from Standard Sheets to Deep Pocket Sheets?
  • It is easier to get into bed because they stretch over the mattress easily and they don't come untucked throughout the night. Less time spent putting on the sheets every morning means more sleep for you!
  • Since there is no need to struggle with tight corners, there is less worry about tearing or ripping them "just right" so that the fitted corners have enough slack built in to stay tucked under all night.
  • Deep pocket sheets fit most mattresses perfectly and ensure a snug fit. This can help alleviate sweating caused by any excess movement at night and help prevent tossing and turning during the night.

So the next time you're looking to buy some new sheets, consider deep pocket! They will save you time and money spent on having loose sheets throughout the night, and they will provide a more comfortable sleep for those who enjoy tucking their bedding in tightly before going to bed.


Deep pocket sheets are a great way to add warmth and comfort to your bed. Deep Pocket sheets can use them with any mattress, but they're handy if you have an adjustable bed frame that's too low for the top sheet to reach under it. The best place to buy them is at Target or Costco, where you'll get more than 100% of cotton for less than $30! Which one will you choose? Let us know in the comment section below!

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