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Bed Skirt Height And Buying Guide 2023 [Determine Bed Size]

By: Susie
Updated On: September 23, 2023

A bed skirt can provide an elegant aesthetic appeal and practical functionality as the finishing touch to any well-dressed bed.

In this "bed skirt height and buying guide," we'll unravel the mystery of choosing the perfect bed skirt for your needs.

We'll walk you through the ins and outs of height options, materials, styles, and other aspects to ensure you make an informed decision that adds value to your bedroom's overall design.

The quest for the perfect bed skirt raises numerous questions: how tall should it be? What style complements your specific decor? And beyond that, how can you strike a balance between style and function? Worry not!

This guide will give answers peppered with professional advice to clear your doubts. So prep up because it's time to elevate your bedroom's decor.

How to Measure a Bed Skirt

How to Measure a Bed Skirt

Selecting the perfect bed skirt begins with getting the measurements right. However puzzling it may seem, remembering 'length,’ ‘width,' and 'drop' can make it much easier. Knowing those three dimensions means you're well on your way — no more guesswork or sizing issues!

Determine bed size (e.g., Twin, Full, Queen, King).

The first step to accurately measuring your bed skirt is determining your bed size - its length and width. Typically, they come in standard sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King. If you're unsure about your bed's size, get a flexible tape measure and note down the dimensions from one outer edge to the other for both length (headboard to footboard) and width (side rail to side rail).

This initial step is crucial as beds aren't always as standard as expected. There are variations like Twin XL or California King, which might slightly alter measurements. For instance, 'Twin' usually measures 38x75 inches while 'Twin XL' measures 38x80 inches - a considerable difference in fitting a bed skirt!

Measure bed width from side to side.

After identifying your bed's scale (Twin/Full/Queen/King), measure the width of your bed from one side to the other — that’s a straight line right across the middle of your mattress! The width will determine if you're getting a snug fit or not.

To measure this accurately, ensure that you capture the exact breadth of your mattress by taping it from its widest ends. Measure from one edge of the mattress/box spring directly across to the opposite edge.

By determining both dimensions—bed size and width—you’re already halfway through getting an ideal fit for your new bedroom's finishing touch – Your Bed Skirt!

Measure Bed Length from Head to Foot

Once you've taken the width of your bed, it's time to determine the length. Here, too, you measure starting from one edge and extending to the other.

But now, instead of moving across the width of the bed, you’ll move along its extent from head to foot. Start at the top end where your head would rest (headboard) and measure down to where your feet would be (footboard).

Just like getting the width, this precise length measurement helps ensure your bed skirt fits beautifully without sagging or bulking unevenly.

Measure the Distance from Top of Box Spring to Floor for Drop Length

This is arguably one of the most critical measures as it decides how well your bed skirt will hang down. This dimension is known as 'drop length,' - a term frequently used when discussing bed skirts.

The drop length is essentially a straight-line measure taken from the edge of your box spring (or mattress) right down to where it would reach on your floor.

When picking a bed skirt, consider that most come with a standard drop length of about 14-15 inches. However, you might need a custom size if you have an unusually high or low bed frame. Take this measurement into account when buying your bed skirt to ensure it covers unsightly under-bed storage and gives that neat look everyone is after.

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Bed Skirt Size Guide: Length And Width

Choosing a bed skirt isn't simply about color or texture; the dimensions matter, too. The length and width of your bed significantly impact the perfect fit — ensuring a snug alignment with no awkward, excessive fabric bunching up. So, let's understand these measurements in detail:

Twin Bed Skirt Size

Traditionally designed for a single occupant, Twin beds are quite common due to their compact size. Ideal for children or single adults sleeping alone — they're perfect for smaller room sizes. To dress your Twin bed with the right skirt, remember these key dimensions:

  • Bed Length: 75 inches
  • Bed Width: 38 inches
  • Bed Skirt Length: 39 inches
  • Bed Skirt Width: 75 inches

The 'Bed Skirt Length' and 'Width' indicate the dimensions of the skirt that would cleanly drape around your Twin bed, encompassing both width and length. Remember, the bed skirt's width and length are usually larger than the bed dimension, allowing some overlap at corners.

Ensuring that your skirt measures roughly 1 inch wider and longer than your twin-size bed should provide a neat look—no dragging on the floor or short hanging edges!

Full Bed Skirt Size

Full Bed Skirt Size

A full bed, also often called a double bed, offers snug comfort but a decent amount of space. To perfectly garnish such a bed, the measurements of a bed skirt need to align accordingly.

  • Bed Length: A standard full bed measures 75 inches in length. This measurement stretches from the headboard to the footboard.
  • Bed Width: It measures 53 inches in width, spanning from one end to another across your mattress or box spring.
  • Bed Skirt Length: A full-size bed skirt would ideally be slightly larger than the actual length of your bed, about 55 inches. This excess is an edge for your skirt to hang and affords adequate coverage without looking skimpy.
  • Bed Skirt Width: A fitting width for a full-size bed skirt is approximately 76 inches, and the fabric needs to drape nicely.

Your drop length (the distance from the top of the box spring to the floor) is not standard, as it depends on your unique mattress setup style and how tall your bed frame or box spring is off the floor.

Queen Bed Skirt Size

Queen Bed Skirt Size

Bed skirts serve a dual purpose; they add an aesthetic appeal to your bedroom decor and hide under bed storage. Getting the size right guarantees that form and function go hand in hand. For Queen Size beds, the measurements are typically as follows:

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  • Bed Length: Usually, a queen-sized bed measures 80 inches in length from head to foot. This dimension gives you ample space to sleep or relax when you're not busy ruling your kingdom.
  • Bed Width: The width of a queen-size bed typically measures 60 inches. This dimension is crucial as it determines whether your bed skirt will neatly drape down the sides of your bed without leaving any awkward gaps.
  • Bed Skirt Length: When it comes to a queen-sized bed skirt, expect it to run slightly longer than your bed, roughly 81 inches. This extra inch is for that necessary overhang on all sides, giving your bed skirt a perfect drop.
  • Bed Skirt Width: For width, anticipate an inch of difference, too. Your queen-sized bed skirt will be designed for a 61-inch width promise, again providing room for margin.

These seemingly trivial extra inches on the length and width of the bed skirt ensure you don't end up with one that's too short or ill-fitting around the corners of your Queen-size bed – nobody wants an unsightly bedroom after all!

King Bed Skirt Size

King Bed Skirt Size: Unveiling the Details

A King-size bed is the ultimate comfort provider with its immense size and grandeur. If you're the proud owner of a King bed, accessorizing it with a perfectly sized bed skirt is crucial for an elevated aesthetic. Your quest for accurate dimensions can end here!

  • Bed Length: Typically, a king-size bed measures approximately 75 inches from headboard to footboard. It allows adequate room for both comfort and sprawling if you desire.
  • Bed Width: Coming to width, a standard King bed extends about 76 inches from one side rail to another. This dimension ensures plenty of space for two people to sleep comfortably.
  • Bed Skirt Length: An ideal king-size bed skirt would measure around 80 inches to accommodate this impressive length. This ensures proper coverage from head to toe of your illustrious King bed.
  • Bed Skirt Width: A king-size bed skirt generally measures approximately 78 inches, allowing it to drape gracefully over the sides without exposing anything.

8 Things To Consider Before Buying Bed Skirt

As you venture onto the road of bedroom decor, specifically bedding, several key factors require careful consideration. Among those are the elements of choosing your ideal bed skirt.

But fret not! We've constructed this easy-to-follow guide to aid in your decision-making process. From size to drop length, no stone is left unturned.

Let's discuss the aspects you should pay attention to enhance your bedroom's aesthetics with a bed skirt that perfectly complements your needs and taste.

Size of the bed

The size of your bed is arguably one of the most critical considerations while purchasing a bed skirt. You certainly don't want to invest in a skirt too large or too small for your bed!

Remember, bed skirts are designed to align with standard mattress sizes: Twin (39x75 inches), Full or Double (54x75 inches), Queen (60x80 inches), and King (76x80 inches). These dimensions refer to width x length.

To determine whether these dimensions conform with yours — measure! Measure twice or thrice if necessary, as measurements are crucial for acquiring the perfect fit for your bed skirt!

You must confirm these sizes match up specifically with your mattress sizes before making that purchase decision. You might have variations, such as an Olympic Queen or California King, which differ slightly from standard measurements and necessitate different-sized skirts.

Drop length

Drop Length – an aspect somewhat overlooked at times – is another essential facet while selecting a bed skirt.

The 'drop' refers to the vertical distance from the top edge of the box spring down to where you want your bed skirt fabric to finish – typically flush with the floor. Measure along corners as they often serve as indicative points for drop length.

Standard drop lengths usually range between 14 and 15 inches to sit flush with the floor and hide the under-bed space neatly. But you could have a uniquely elevated bed frame, requiring you to opt for custom drop lengths like 18 or 21-inch drops.

Your bed skirt should neither be too short, leaving the under bed astutely visible, nor drawn out on the floor looking messy. Instead, it should make a neat hemline along the base of your bed, adding an elegant yet subtle drama to your room's decor.

Material and Fabric Quality

The material and fabric of your bed skirt often dictate its textural appeal, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Cotton and linen are popular due to their softness, breathability, and easy care instructions. Poly-blend materials offer a unique balance between comfort and durability. They resist wrinkling and hold their shape well over time, promoting longevity.

Silk or satin can add an undeniable air of luxury to the room, although they require more delicate handling.

When selecting a bed skirt material, consider the look and how it feels to the touch. Ascertain whether the fabric is hypoallergenic or prone to shrinking or fading over time.

Color and Pattern Compatibility with Bedroom Decor

The color or pattern of your bed skirt should ideally enhance and blend seamlessly with your existing bedroom decor.

A neutral-colored bed skirt can provide versatility by pairing well with most color schemes, while a vibrant-colored or patterned option can add drama to a neutral palette.

Remember that busy patterns might not work well in smaller rooms as they can make them feel even more cramped. Dark-colored bed skirts can make small bedrooms look smaller, while lighter ones tend to open up spaces.

Care and Maintenance Requirements

A stylish bed skirt brings elegance but also summons additional responsibility for upkeep. While some materials are relatively low maintenance (machine washable) and resist staining or dust build-up, others may need frequent dry cleaning sessions.

Cotton skirts are generally easier to care for than silk ones, which require cold washing by hand or on a delicate cycle.

Consider if you're ready for high-maintenance fabrics that might need extra attention, like regular ironing, to uphold their charm.

Most importantly - always check the manufacturer's care recommendations! You don't want colors bleeding onto your white sheets or shrinking that perfect fit.

Installation Ease and Design

Installation Ease and Design

Regarding bed skirt selection, the installation design is crucial in determining ease and convenience. The wrap-around design, elastic design, or traditional setup - each sits differently on your bed and bears unique traits.

  • Wrap-around design: This type is user-friendly and works best if you prefer user-friendly, hassle-free setups. As the name suggests, it 'wraps' around your box spring or bed platform without needing you to lift the mattress.
  • Elastic design: These are true champions of simplicity with their stretch-and-release mechanism; extend the elastic band and let it snap into place - much like a fitted sheet! These are great if regular height adjustments or frequent washes come into play.
  • Traditional design: If you're not one to shy away from heavy lifting (like raising the mattress), traditional bed skirts may suit your liking. Available in almost all fabric choices, they offer ample scope for customization but can be tricky to secure in place.

Corner Design and Slit Preference

Whether straight-edged corners or angled ones blend better with your decor aesthetic is up to you, but don't overlook this vital aspect while selecting a bed skirt. A sharp-edged corner lends a tailored look, while rounded ones lean towards a casual visual appeal.

Similarly, corner slits might seem insignificant but have functional importance too. They allow easy access to under-bed storage and ensure your skirt doesn't get pulled out of alignment when accessing items stored beneath - making them functional yet subtly fashionable!

Price and Budget Considerations

Undeniably, price plays a decisive role when buying anything - even something as seemingly straightforward as a bed skirt! The cost can range anywhere from budget-friendly $10 options right up to luxury picks costing hundreds.

Finding good-quality skirts that don't break the bank is possible, as countless affordable options exist. Always remember, it's not solely about the eye candy here; durability is a priority, too. Your budget should ideally balance aesthetics, durability, and affordability.

FAQs about bed skirt height and buying guide

What’s the appropriate height for a bed skirt?

The "perfect" height is usually the distance from the top of your box spring to the floor.

Do bed skirts come in standard sizes?

They typically correspond to standard bed sizes like Twin, Full, Queen, and King.

How important is the slit design in a bed skirt?

The slit design can significantly impact aesthetic appeal and functionality, particularly if you require frequent access to under-bed storage.

Does the installation method of a bed skirt matter?

Absolutely! Your installation method should match your convenience preference - from traditional fit-ons that require lifting mattresses to simpler wrap-around or elastic designs.

Are expensive bed skirts always better than cheaper ones?

Not necessarily. The cost depends on the fabric type and quality, thread count, design detailing, etc., but a higher price tag doesn't automatically guarantee superior quality.


To wrap things up, finding the perfect bed skirt shouldn't be complex. All it takes is a blend of careful measurement, a mindful selection of design and fabric, and a keen eye for aesthetics. The right bed skirt can efficiently conceal your under-bed area with an added dash of charm.

Remember to align your choice with both your practical needs and visual preferences. Whether you prefer the ease of wrap-around designs, love the crispness of tailored corners, or are swayed by an attractive color or pattern, it's about magnifying your bedroom's charm and making it uniquely yours!

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