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15 Best Under Bed Storage Ideas In 2024 [Space-Saving Overdrive]

By: Susie
Updated On: June 10, 2023

There comes a time when decluttering and reorganizing are needed to transform our homes into the ultimate sanctuaries. Throughout my organizing escapades, I’ve discovered that utilizing the space beneath our beds is nothing short of genius. I’m excited to share with you today some of the best under bed storage ideas to completely up your organizational game.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about fully occupying available space for a cleaner and more organized home. Whether you’re downsizing for a more minimalistic lifestyle or you merely want to make more space for your items, these under bed storage solutions will astound you! So without further ado, let’s dive into the 15 best under bed storage ideas for an organized home.

Introduction to Under Bed Storage

Under bed storage is a simple yet effective solution to maximize space and declutter your home by utilizing the often-forgotten area beneath your bed. Transforming this previously unused space into a functional storage hub allows for a more streamlined organization of your items, maximizing the potential of your bedroom setup.

With a variety of under bed storage options available, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs and style preferences, whether you’re storing out-of-season clothes, extra bedding, or miscellaneous items.

Why Opt for Under Bed Storage Solutions

There are numerous reasons to embrace under bed storage as a go-to solution for organizing your belongings. Let’s explore some of the primary benefits which include space-saving efficiency, accessibility and convenience, and the abundance of versatile design options.

Space-saving benefits

One of the main reasons people turn to under bed storage solutions is that they are incredibly effective in saving precious space. By utilizing this otherwise neglected area, you can increase your storage capacity without adding extra clutter to your living space. This is particularly helpful for small apartments, dorm rooms, or bedrooms with limited closet or shelf space.

Accessibility and convenience

Under bed storage provides easy access to your belongings without needing to dig through closets or crawl spaces. Simply slide out your chosen storage unit and have instant access to those items that aren’t needed on a daily basis but still require quick access when necessary.

Versatility in design options

No matter your aesthetic preferences or storage needs, there is an under bed solution available that’s catered specifically for you! With a wide array of materials, sizes, and designs, it’s easy to find an option that complements the style of both the room it inhabits and its user.

From stylish wooden drawers to minimalistic fabric bins – there’s undoubtedly an under bed storage solution perfect for you.

15 Best Under Bed Storage Ideas for an Organized Home

With these advantages in mind, let us now explore 15 fantastic under-bed storage ideas that can revolutionize how you maintain an organized home!

1. Fabric Storage Bags

Fabric Storage Bags

Fabric storage bags are an excellent option for under bed storage, thanks to their soft-sided design and versatile material choices. These bags typically come in various sizes, ensuring there’s an option perfect for your specific needs.

Their construction using materials like breathable cotton, canvas, or a durable blend of polyester means they conform well to any shape of your under bed space.

Advantages of fabric storage bags:

  • Breathable: Fabric storage bags help prevent mold and mildew by allowing air circulation while protecting from dust and dirt.
  • Lightweight: They are easy to slide out and carry around when accessing the stored items becomes necessary.
  • Space-saving benefits: When not in use, these bags can be folded flat and tucked away without taking up much space.
  • Availability in various designs: Choose from different fabrics, colors, patterns, and closure types such as zippers or drawstrings.

When selecting fabric storage bags for your under bed organization project, consider the weight and durability of the material to ensure that it can safely hold your belongings.

Avoid using this storage method for heavy objects like books or fragile items because these bags might not provide enough support. Another top tip is attaching labels or tags on each bag for better identification when it’s time to retrieve stored items.

These handy fabric storage bags are perfect for storing linens such as sheets, blankets, seasonal clothing (like bulky winter jackets), accessories (scarves and belts), and even shoes.

2. Plastic Storage Bins

One of the most popular and practical options for under bed storage is investing in plastic storage bins. These handy containers are known for their durability, affordability, and convenience.

  • Space-saving: Plastic storage bins come in various shapes and sizes. This makes it possible to choose the perfect fit for the space beneath your bed. Stackable options further save space by utilizing vertical areas.
  • Protective: Airtight and waterproof options shield your belongings from dust, moisture, or even pests.
  • Visibility: Clear plastic bins allow you to see their contents at a glance without having to rummage through each container.
  • Customizable: They offer removable dividers or compartments to cater to specific organization needs. For example, storing shoes would require keeping them separate and intact.
  • Portable: Many plastic storage bins come with wheels or handles, making them easy to slide out and access when needed.

Plastic storage bins offer several advantages when it comes to organizing under bed spaces efficiently. Look out for them in local stores or browse online retailers like Amazon for a wide selection of shapes, sizes, colors, and features that suit your requirements best.

3. Wooden Storage Boxes

Wooden storage boxes are an attractive and classic option for under bed storage. They can seamlessly blend with your bedroom decor, making them not only practical but aesthetically pleasing as well. Wooden storage boxes come in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes to match your preference and furniture.

For those who want a DIY touch, unfinished wooden boxes allow you to customize the appearance with stains or paint colors. Look for wooden storage boxes that have built-in handles or wheels for easy access and movement. If you’re concerned about debris and dust settling on your belongings, opt for wooden boxes with lids to provide extra protection.

One of the significant advantages of choosing wooden storage boxes is their durability. Unlike plastic or fabric storage solutions, these sturdy containers can withstand years of use without damage. Plus, they’re eco-friendly and naturally resistant to moisture.

To maximize organization within the wooden boxes, consider using dividers or smaller containers inside to group items by type or season. This extra step will make it simpler to locate your belongings when you need them.

Investing in a set of wooden storage boxes not only offers a practical solution for under bed storage but also adds an elegant touch to any bedroom space. Their longevity and versatility make them one of the best under bed storage ideas worth considering for your organized home.

4. Collapsible Canvas Containers

Collapsible canvas containers are a practical and stylish under bed storage solution. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, making it easy to find the perfect one for your bedroom decor. The soft material is gentle on your floors and allows for flexibility when loading items.

One of the main benefits of collapsible canvas containers is their space-saving feature when not in use. Simply fold them flat and store them away with minimal hassle. Their lightweight design also makes it easy to pull them out from under your bed and place them back when you’re done accessing your belongings.

To get started with using collapsible canvas containers, first measure the available space underneath your bed—taking into account any obstructions such as support beams or legs. Next, choose the appropriate size container(s) based on these measurements. When placing items inside, consider organizing by categories (e.g., shoes, seasonal clothing) or frequency of usage, putting less frequently used items towards the back.

Although collapsible canvas containers are highly durable, overstuffing could lead to misshaping or damage. Therefore, it’s essential to strike a balance between maximizing storage capacity without compromising structural integrity.

  • Easy to use
  • Space-saving
  • Lightweight and stylish

Collapsible canvas containers are an ideal choice for those seeking an affordable yet functional way to optimize their under-bed space—and add a touch of style to their bedroom organization efforts.

5. Sliding Drawers

Sliding drawers are a fantastic under bed storage idea that offers both efficiency and convenience. They make storing and retrieving items from under your bed a breeze! I love how simple it is to slide open a drawer to quickly find what I need, as opposed to lifting up storage containers or rummaging through bags.

First off, you have the option to go for DIY sliding drawers or you can purchase ready-to-use units online or in stores. DIY options allow you to customize the size and design according to your preferences. Alternatively, ready-made sliding drawers come in various sizes and materials such as wood, metal, or plastic.

One excellent feature of sliding drawers is their capacity for organization within each compartment. You can use smaller bins or dividers inside the drawers to categorize items such as shoes, seasonal clothes, or accessories. Keeping different items separate makes it easier when you need to locate something in a hurry.

It’s also worth mentioning that some sliding drawer units come with built-in wheels that glide across the floor smoothly without damaging it; these prove particularly helpful if moving them frequently is required.

For those who desire an aesthetically pleasing touch in their bedroom, sliding drawers are available in various colors and designs like minimalistic, rustic, or even vintage. This way, they not only serve as space savers but also enhance the overall look of any bedroom with style.

6. Vacuum-sealed storage bags

One of my favorite under bed storage ideas has to be the vacuum-sealed storage bags. These little gems are perfect for storing bulky items, such as winter coats, blankets, comforters, and even sweaters! If you’ve never used vacuum-sealed bags before, prepare for some serious space-saving magic.

To use these storage bags, simply place your items inside the bag, seal the top with the provided slider or zipper-style seal, and then use your vacuum cleaner to remove any excess air. This process compresses your belongings to a fraction of their original size – it’s amazing.

Now that everything is nicely flattened out and preserved, you can easily slide these bags under your bed without worrying about annoying bulges or dust bunnies.

What’s great about these bags is that they not only save space but also protect your belongings from moisture and mildew. Plus, you can easily see what’s stored inside without needing to rummage through a dozen different containers.

So if you haven’t tried vacuum-sealed storage bags yet for your under bed storage needs; now is definitely the time.

7. Rolling Wire Baskets

One of the coolest, yet classic under bed storage options I’ve come across is rolling wire baskets. These are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and easy to move in and out of place. The open design of these wire frames ensures that you can quickly identify and access your belongings.

To utilize this idea, you need to find heavy-duty wire baskets that are shallow enough to slide under your bed easily. Measure the clearance space between your bed frame and the floor to get an accurate idea of the size you’ll need.

Next, attach a set of four caster wheels at each corner of the basket’s base, ensuring its mobility. You can choose from several types of caster wheels; I recommend using ones with brakes for added stability.

Here’s a quick breakdown on how to use rolling wire baskets for under bed storage:

  • Measure the clearance beneath your bed
  • Find wire baskets that fit correctly
  • Attach heavy-duty caster wheels for easy mobility
  • Organize your items within the baskets

These practical additions cater to various styles, whether you’re going rustic or industrial chic! Use them for organizing shoes, seasonal clothing items, or even sporting equipment. Plus, rolling wire baskets have endless possibilities around other home areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

8. Built-in Trundle Storage Platforms

Built-in trundle storage platforms provide a seamless alternative for maximizing under bed storage while maintaining the room’s aesthetics.

These storage solutions are handy for managing space, especially in small apartments or shared living quarters. By incorporating sliding drawers and compartments beneath the bed itself, built-in trundle platforms make organization easy!

These trundle storage solutions come in a variety of designs, materials, and sizes that can cater to your specific needs and preferences. Choose from wooden, metal-framed or upholstered styles to fit your bedroom’s decor seamlessly.

You can even find options with multiple drawers and compartments for efficient categorization of items such as linens, shoes, out-of-season clothes, or accessories.

One significant advantage of opting for built-in trundle storage platforms is enhanced accessibility. You no longer need to push and pull hefty boxes or bins – simply slide out the drawer or compartment you need access to with ease. Plus, these platforms typically come with wheels or rollers on each drawer for smooth maneuvering.

9. Stackable Clear Plastic Bins

When it comes to under bed storage, stackable clear plastic bins are incredibly versatile and visually appealing. These bins provide a practical method for organizing your items, as their transparent design allows you to see the contents stored inside easily.

No more shuffling around and going through countless bins to find that holiday decoration or your favorite sweater. The stackable nature of these containers means that you can maximize your storage capacity while also maintaining order beneath your bed.

Make sure to take note of the available height and width under your bed, so you find the right-sized bins specifically suited for the space. By stacking them in an organized fashion, you’ll make use of every inch beneath your bed.

You can find various shapes and sizes of clear plastic bins at home improvement stores or online retailers like The Container Store or Amazon. Remember to opt for ones with sturdy construction and latching lids, providing additional security for your items while ensuring they remain dust-free!

So, the stackable clear plastic bins are an excellent choice for individuals seeking a highly-visible and practical under bed storage solution. So why wait? Get started on organizing your home with these fantastic containers!

10. Integrated Bed Frame with Storage Units

One of the most practical and space-efficient under bed storage solutions is an integrated bed frame with built-in storage units. These bed frames come with attached drawers or compartments in which you can store your belongings while maintaining a sleek, uniform look.

This under bed storage idea is not only functional, but it also adds an aesthetic touch to your bedroom.

These types of frames often include a combination of drawers, shelves, or cabinets, allowing you to make the most of the available space underneath your bed. Some models even have pull-out side tables to further maximize functionality.

Before opting for this storage solution, it’s essential to measure the available space in your bedroom and compare it with the dimensions of the integrated frame. Make sure there’s enough room around the bed to access and open the drawers or cabinets.

The integrated bed frame options cater to various budgets, styles, and materials – be it wooden, metal, or even upholstered fabric designs. This versatile under bed storage idea allows you to declutter and make a style statement simultaneously.

Investing in an integrated bed frame with storage units is a smart move that saves on floor space while providing additional organizing options tailored specifically for your needs and preferences. This hassle-free design makes for a perfect addition to any efficiently organized home.

11. Rolling Wooden Crates

Adding a rustic touch to your under-bed storage solutions, rolling wooden crates make a beautiful and functional choice. These charming storage containers are not only visually appealing but also provide easy access to your belongings. Here’s how they can elevate your under-bed organization game:

  • Durability: Wooden crates are robust and can withstand the weight of various items such as books, shoes, or even winter clothes. Their solid construction ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Customization options: With some creativity, you can paint or stain these crates to match your bedroom decor flawlessly. Add a personal touch with unique designs or patterns.
  • Mobility: By attaching wheels on each crate corner, you can create mobile storage units that effortlessly slide in and out from underneath the bed. This feature not only maximizes convenience but also minimizes the risk of causing damage to your floors.

To get started with rolling wooden crates as an under-bed storage solution, all you need are some sturdy crates (either new or reclaimed), a set of caster wheels (preferably heavy-duty), and some basic tools for installation. Once assembled, enjoy easy access to an organized space beneath your bed!

Tip: To make these crates even more efficient, consider adding dividers or smaller boxes within them for better organization of smaller items such as accessories or stationery.

12. Bed skirt organizers with pockets

Bed skirt organizers with pockets are an innovative and clever way to add extra under bed storage without needing any additional containers or furniture modifications. These organizers work similarly to traditional bed skirts, but they have built-in pockets lining the sides of the skirt, providing hidden compartments for storing various items.

These bed skirt organizers offer an array of benefits when it comes to space-saving solutions. Firstly, they’re perfect for small rooms or apartments with limited storage options. Secondly, the pockets can hold anything from books and magazines to shoes and accessories, keeping your bedroom organized and tidy.

In addition to their functionality, bed skirt organizers come in a variety of designs and materials, allowing you to choose one that matches your bedroom’s aesthetic. Installation is a breeze too – simply secure it around the base of your bed like a regular bed skirt! Some models even allow you to adjust the length or pleat style.

To find the best bed skirt organizers with pockets for your needs, here are some aspects to consider:

  • Material: Choose from fabric (e.g., cotton or linen), mesh, or other materials.
  • Number of Pockets: Some have just a few large compartments while others offer multiple smaller ones.
  • Design: Opt for one that complements your bedroom décor/theme.
  • Size: Make sure it will fit your mattress’ specific dimensions.

So next time you’re looking for a simple yet effective storage solution that doesn’t take up any additional room in your home, give these handy under bed pocket organizers a shot.

13. Adjustable Bed Risers with Additional Space for Storing Items

Adjustable Bed Risers with Additional Space for Storing Items

If you’re searching for maximum storage capacity, look no further than adjustable bed risers! These handy little gadgets not only elevate your bed to new heights, but they also create extra space underneath.

By lifting your bed off the floor, you can make room for additional storage bins or boxes while maintaining a clean and minimalistic appearance.

Adjustable bed risers come in various styles and materials such as plastic or wood. One of the most popular designs is a durable plastic riser with a sleek black finish.

These risers often allow for height customization within a specific range – say four to eight inches – which provides versatility depending on your storage needs.

The process of installing adjustable bed risers is usually quite simple:

  • Remove any bedding and disassemble the bed frame if necessary.
  • Carefully lift one corner of your bed at a time (you may need assistance) and slide the riser beneath each leg.
  • Ensure that each leg is seated securely in its designated spot on the riser.
  • Reassemble your bed frame, if applicable, and enjoy all that newfound storage space!

Adjustable bed risers are an excellent investment for anyone seeking to maximize their under-bed storage potential without compromising style or functionality. So go ahead, rise to the occasion and see what treasures you can store beneath your sleeping quarters.

14. Woven Baskets or Rattan Boxes with Lids

Another charming and practical option for under bed storage is the use of woven baskets or rattan boxes with lids. These decorative storage solutions not only add a touch of elegance to your bedroom decor but are also eco-friendly and sustainable, which is essential for those who strive to make more conscious decisions.

Woven baskets and rattan boxes are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your storage needs. They typically feature sturdy handles on either end, allowing you to easily slide them in and out from under the bed. The lids keep your belongings safe from dust and dirt while maintaining a clutter-free appearance.

Moreover, these woven storage options offer great versatility. While some baskets are open and airy, rattan boxes can come with a solid, enclosed design that offers more privacy for your stored items.

Here’s why woven baskets or rattan boxes with lids make an excellent under bed storage solution:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Their natural material adds warmth and style to any bedroom.
  • Eco-friendly: Made from renewable resources like bamboo, seagrass, or rattan.
  • Durable: High-quality materials ensure they can withstand regular use.
  • Versatile design options: Can fit various themes ranging from coastal decor to boho-chic styles.
  • Protective lids: Keep stored items safe from dust and debris.

To get started with woven baskets or rattan boxes as under bed storage solutions, measure the dimensions of your under bed area and look for matching products that align with your storage needs as well as bedroom aesthetics.

15. Installable Under Bed LED Lights for Added Visibility and Accessibility

Now, this is a game-changer! One of the most underrated yet highly efficient under bed storage ideas I’ve come across is installing LED lights beneath the bed frame. By adding LED lights to your under bed storage area, you can instantly enhance both visibility and accessibility without compromising style or adding unnecessary clutter.

Not only do these lights make it easier for you to locate and access your stored items, but they also provide a warm ambiance to the room. There are several options for installing these versatile lights: you can use motion sensor-activated models that turn on as soon as you approach or opt for strip lights that run along with the entire length of the bed frame.

One added bonus? If you have kids who are afraid of the dark, these under bed LED lights can serve as a soothing nightlight option. Plus, they come in various colors and brightness levels to suit your preferences.

To install these lights, simply follow these steps:

  • Measure the dimensions of your bed frame to determine how much light strip or wire you’ll need.
  • Obtain the appropriate LED light system (make sure it has adhesive backing or mounting brackets).
  • Wipe down and clean the area where you will be installing the lighting.
  • Attach and secure the LED lights beneath your bed following the provided instructions.

With this unique storage idea, accessing items under your bed has never been more convenient.

FAQs About Best Under Bed Storage Ideas

Do under bed storage solutions damage my floors?

Many under bed storage options come with protective features like rubber feet or soft gliders to prevent scratching or damaging your floors.

What types of storage containers work best for seasonal items?

Vacuum-sealed storage bags and plastic bins with tight-fitting lids are great for storing seasonal items, as they protect against dust, moisture, and pests.

How can I make my under bed storage more visually appealing?

Dress up your storage containers with chic fabric covers, use decorative baskets, or opt for a bed skirt to hide items stored underneath the bed.

Are there any DIY ideas for under bed storage

Yes! You can repurpose wooden crates or old dresser drawers, adding casters or handles for easy access and a personal touch to your under bed storage.

How do I make sure my stored items are easily accessible?

Opt for clear plastic bins to view contents quickly, label boxes or containers accordingly, and implement sliding drawers or rolling wheels on your chosen storage solutions.


In conclusion, it’s evident that making use of the space underneath our beds is a brilliant way to create a more organized home. With these 15 best under bed storage ideas, you can transform every inch of your space into a practical and accessible storage solution.

Remember to consider your specific needs, available space, and personal design preferences when selecting the right option for you. So go ahead and give these ingenious ideas a try – you’ll be surprised by how much roomier and more organized your home can become.

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