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How Long Do Sleep Number Beds Last? 2024 [An Honest Review]

By: Susie
Updated On: October 3, 2023

Are you considering a change from your traditional inner-spring mattress and wondering, “How long do sleep number beds last?” Well, Sleep Number beds showcase some impressive innovations that cater to personal customization for optimal sleep quality, which prompts countless individuals each year to make the switch.

Understandably enough, long-term durability is a significant factor when investing in a new sleeping surface.

Knowing precisely how long your bed will last not only brings peace of mind but also allows you to prepare for any future investments smartly.

This article aims to offer the necessary insights into the longevity of Sleep Number Beds and what factors determine their lifespan.

Stick around as we delve deeper into this topic that could well influence your next big purchase decision. Trust me; it’s worth figuring out!

Sleep Number Beds: A Brief Overview

Sleep Number beds are a line of adjustable mattresses designed for personalized comfort. Their defining feature is the ability to adjust the firmness of the mattress, known as the Sleep Number setting, to cater to the user’s specific comfort needs.

Each side can be adjusted independently, making them a popular choice for couples with different sleeping preferences. Additionally, Sleep Number beds come equipped with SleepIQ technology that tracks your sleep patterns and gives insights for better sleep quality.

They also offer adjustable bases with features like FlexFit that allow you to raise or lower parts of the bed for added comfort. With a range of models to select from, Sleep Number beds aim to enhance sleep health by providing customized comfort and support.

Distinct Features of Sleep Number Beds

Distinct Features of Sleep Number Beds

Sleep number beds come equipped with an array of unique features that set them apart from traditional mattresses.

These high-tech features provide the ultimate customization, catering to your exact comfort levels and contributing to a better night’s sleep. Two of these key features include adjustable firmness settings and dual-sided comfort options.

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Adjustable Firmness Settings

One highlight of the Sleep Number bed is its adjustable firmness settings. This feature enables you to customize your side of the mattress concerning its firmness level.

Using the Sleep Number remote control, you merely have to key in your preferred level, with zero being ultra-plush and 100 extremely firm.

What’s more, this isn’t a one-time setting; you can adjust it whenever you desire, depending on your comfort needs at any particular time. It’s as simple as pressing a button!

Thus, whether you’re having an achy back day or looking for softer support, Sleep Number beds ensure your bed adjusts according to you and not vice versa.

Dual-sided Comfort Options

Now imagine if your partner prefers a different level of firmness. Well, that’s where the dual-sided comfort option comes into play.

Each side of a Sleep Number bed is independently adjustable. This implies that both you and your partner can enjoy custom comfort without any compromise.

Whether one prefers sleeping on a cloud-like surface while the other opts for something more firm, this sleek feature allows each person their personalized haven within a shared bed.

The remarkable flexibility offered by these two key features truly sets Sleep Number beds apart in their commitment to personalized sleeping solutions.

Sleep Tracking Technology

SleepIQ is a high-tech sleep-tracking feature that comes integrated with Sleep Number beds. Using sensors to track your heart rate, movement, and breathing while you sleep it provides detailed insights into the quality of your sleep.

Each morning, you are given a SleepIQ score that indicates how well or poorly you slept the previous night. Based on your sleep data, this device also delivers personalized tips to enhance your sleep quality.

By understanding your unique sleeping patterns better, it becomes easier to make adjustments that aid in achieving restful nights.

Responsive Air Chambers

Embedded within Sleep Number beds are responsive air chambers that play a critical role in personalizing comfort levels.

These chambers inflate and deflate according to the user’s firmness preference set via the Sleep Number remote control. Virtually silent during their operation, they ensure real-time adjustments to maintain consistent support as you slumber through the night.

For instance, if you move about a lot while sleeping or change positions often, these air chambers adjust accordingly so that optimal comfort is upheld.

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Pressure Relief Capabilities

Pressure points are typically areas of high disruption during sleep and can be a significant source of discomfort for many individuals.

Sleep Number beds offer enhanced pressure relief by using adjustable firmness levels and contouring effects delivered by the responsive air chambers.

Maintaining appropriate spinal alignment and reducing strain on high-pressure areas like hips and shoulders, these beds provide optimal relief from pressure-induced discomfort, ensuring more refreshing slumber hours for you.

Personalized Comfort Controls

Providing a more niche comfort feature, Sleep Number beds take their customization game a notch higher. Beyond just firmness, they offer personalized comfort controls with their high-end models.

Combined with the FlexFit adjustable bases, these controls enable users to lift the head or feet parts of the bed according to their leisure.

Whether you want to sit upright for reading or slightly elevate your feet for better blood circulation- it’s all just a click away!

Quiet Inflation and Deflation

Despite containing sophisticated tech elements such as inflatable air chambers, Sleep Number beds excel at keeping operation noises to a minimum.

The bed silently inflates or deflates as per the selected Sleep Number setting, offering disruption-free sleep transitions.

It means you can shift from plushy soft to extra firm or anywhere in between without any not-so-dreamy noise disturbance.

Temperature Control Options

You might be wondering, “But how about those pesky summer nights when even my comfy mattress feels like hot coals?” It’s not an issue here! Some variants of Sleep Number beds come equipped with temperature control options.

They utilize advanced temperature balancing technology to absorb excess heat and release it as needed. This assures that your bed remains consistently cool for undisturbed and restful sleep – no matter the season!

Wireless Remote Control

Sleep Number beds come with a wireless remote, putting control in the palm of your hand. This handy tool allows you to effortlessly customize your bed’s firmness at the touch of a button.

Are you awake in the middle of the night and feel like tweaking your bed’s firmness? No worries! With this intuitive device, change is only a click away.

It’s no ordinary remote either; it’s designed not just to adjust firmness levels but also to track your SleepIQ score, guide you through your sleep needs, and much more!

Compatible with Adjustable Bases

Have you ever felt the need to elevate your feet or require an incline while sitting up and reading in bed? Sleep Number beds have got you covered! These mattresses are entirely compatible with adjustable bases.

Various models, including FlexFit 1, FlexFit 2, and FlexFit 3, allow different degrees of adjustment for enhanced comfort.

If you prefer working or breakfasting in bed or require aid due to medical reasons such as acid reflux or respiratory problems, this compatibility feature grants added flexibility to your sleep environment without needing multiple pillows or props.

How Long Do Sleep Number Beds Last?

Sleep Number beds are known for their durability and longevity. With proper care and maintenance, these beds can last 15 years or more.

Factors contributing to this long lifespan include quality materials used in construction, technologically advanced designs, and the ability to adjust firmness levels, which can reduce wear and tear.

It’s important to note that lifespan can also be influenced by factors such as usage, how well the bed is cared for, and individual comfort adjustments.

Regular cleaning, protecting the mattress with a cover, and adjusting settings as needed can help maintain its condition over time.

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Is a Sleep Number Bed Worth the Initial Investment?

Is a Sleep Number Bed Worth the Initial Investment?

Yes, a Sleep Number bed can be worth the initial investment if you value personalized comfort and long-lasting quality. A queen-size Sleep Number mattress typically ranges in price from $899 to $4,299. While this may seem steep, the unique features and durability of these beds often justify the cost.

The adjustable firmness caters to individual or varying comfort needs, potentially leading to better sleep quality and health. The longevity of 15 years or more means you’re investing in a product designed to last.

Numerous reviewers back up this claim by stating their belief that the cost is justified considering the sleep benefits and lifespan of these mattresses.

Signals That Suggest Your Sleep Number Bed Needs Replacement

Like any product, a Sleep Number bed isn’t designed to last forever. Over time, various signs may indicate that your bed requires a replacement.

While these beds have an impressive lifespan under optimal conditions, several factors can speed up the wear and tear process. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the tell-tale signs indicating replacement time.

  • Sagging: Sagging is probably the first noticeable sign of a deteriorating mattress. If your Sleep Number bed has begun sagging in the middle or any other part of the bed, this could be due to prolonged use or an internal defect.
  • Loss of Firmness: With extensive use, there might be a noticeable loss of firmness as the air chambers might not inflate as efficiently as before. If you feel like your settings are not providing as much support or comfort anymore, it might be time for a change.
  • Noisy Air Pump: A noisy air pump may disrupt your peaceful sleep ambiance and is often a sign that your Sleep Number bed is aging. The sound could indicate trouble with the motor or components inside the pump.
  • Malfunctioning Remote: A malfunctioning remote could lead to issues in controlling your comfort levels. It’s another indicator that you may need to consider replacing parts of your Sleep Number bed or even the entire product.
  • Deflated Chambers: If one side or both sides of your Sleep Number bed consistently deflates overnight, it can affect sleep quality and point toward internal issues with the air chambers.
  • Excessive Wear and Tear: Obvious signs such as frayed fabrics, torn seams, or damage on any visible parts showcase that your bed has had its days.
  • Broken Frame: This is unmistakable evidence that a replacement is necessary – especially if your mattress doesn’t provide support and starts causing discomfort.
  • Unresponsive Controls: Unresponsive controls could point to internal technical issues. If your Sleep Number and other settings can no longer be adjusted, the next step could be a replacement.
  • Leaking Air Hoses: Leaking hoses can lead to deflated air chambers and decreased comfort levels. A proper inspection is necessary if you suspect a leak.
  • Uncomfortable Pressure Points: Finally, if laying down on your bed causes discomfort or pain, then it’s clear that the bed isn’t performing its main function – providing a good night’s sleep!

Understanding these signs can help you make an informed decision about when it may be time to retire your old Sleep Number bed and invest in a new one.

Each case will vary depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and model of bed, among other aspects.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sleep Number Bed

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sleep Number Bed

If you’re considering the purchase of a Sleep Number bed, you’re likely pondering the advantages and disadvantages.

This well-designed system offers a wealth of benefits, but it also has a few drawbacks that might impact your decision. Let’s dive into the details so you can weigh your options in an informed, knowledgeable way.

Advantages of Sleep Number Beds

  • Variety of firmness: In traditional mattresses, you buy what feels right at the store and hope for years of similar comfort levels. With Sleep Number beds, you have ongoing control at your fingertips. Because each individual is different – and because our bodies and preferences can change over time – being able to adjust the firmness easily is a major advantage.
  • Responsive Air-tech: Soft when it needs to be, firm when it should be; this unmatched feature responds six times per second to keep up with your body’s every move throughout the night.
  • SleepIQ tracking: This proprietary technology records your sleep patterns and provides daily reports regarding how well (or poorly) you slept. It’s an aid to assist with assessing how various lifestyle factors affect sleep quality.
  • Motion isolation: If your partner tends to move around a lot during their sleep or if they frequently get up in the middle of the night, Sleep Number beds’ superb motion isolation ensures that their side’s party won’t disturb your peaceful slumber.
  • Edge support: Top-of-the-class edge support means you can confidently use every inch of this mattress without worrying about rolling off.
  • Durable air mattress: The high-quality construction of these air beds ensures they stand up to nightly use for many years–often outliving traditional innerspring mattresses.
  • Customized firmness: Two people sharing one bed can now doze off at their individually preferred comfort level by manipulating independent controls.
  • Snoring solution: Some models even offer snore relief adjustments where it gently raises your partner’s head to reduce mild snoring issues.
  • Comfort adjustment: Whether you prefer to read, work, or watch TV in bed, the adjustable comfort positions can be a game-changer.
  • Temperature control: Certain upgraded models feature temperature-balancing layers to help you sleep comfortably and cool all night long.
  • Enhanced support: The advanced features of the Sleep Number beds work together to provide a wonderful balance of overall support and cozy comfort.

Disadvantages of Sleep Number Beds

Despite the numerous benefits and positive reviews, every product has its downside. Like every coin’s flip side, Sleep Number beds also come with certain disadvantages that may affect your experience. Understanding these potential issues will help you decide if this bed type is the right choice for you.

  • Thin Comfort Layers: While Sleep Number beds allow you to adjust their firmness to meet your personal preferences, some users have encountered issues with the thinness of the comfort layers. Over time, these comfort layers may compress, losing their original plushness and causing discomfort during sleep.
  • Sagging in the Middle: Sleep Number beds have air chambers on each side that adjust independently. While this feature allows couples with different sleep preferences to sleep comfortably together, it can cause a sag or a trench in the middle of the bed over time due to differential pressure settings on either side.
  • Noisy Air Pump: One common criticism from users is the audible noise made by the air pump while adjusting the firmness of the mattress – especially if done during sleeping hours. Although it isn’t excessively noisy, some sleepers have found it sufficiently audible to disturb their tranquility at night.
  • Technical Assembly: While all beds require assembly, Sleep Number beds are a notch higher in complexity due to their advanced features like adjustable bases and air chamber systems. Although detailed instructions are provided, and customer service is available for queries, assembling these beds requires extra patience and might not be everyone’s cup of tea.
  • Not Suitable for Traditionalists: If you’re someone who loves simple and conventional mattresses with no electronic frills attached, Sleep Number beds might not be your top choice. These technologically advanced mattresses offer an entirely different level of sleeping experience that traditionalists might find somewhat overwhelming or unnecessary.

It’s important to remember that most products’ drawbacks often go hand in hand with their benefits. What might seem like a disadvantage to some could be a non-issue or even an advantage to others.

It’s all a matter of personal preference. Before making your purchase, weigh these factors and decide whether the Sleep Number bed aligns with your lifestyle and sleeping needs.

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How Can You Extend the Lifespan of a Sleep Number Bed?

How Can You Extend the Lifespan of a Sleep Number Bed?

Just like any major purchase, protecting and maintaining your Sleep Number bed will enhance its durability, extending its lifespan beyond the average. Here are a few vital steps you can take:

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning regularly is crucial to maintain the longevity of your Sleep Number bed. Over time, your bed can accumulate dust, sweat, and allergens, which may affect its functionality. Regularly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner helps rid these particles from the surface.

Remember to clean your mattress cover as well; it’s machine-washable and can be cleaned whenever it looks soiled or at least once every six months. Also consider using a mattress protector to shield from spills and other accidental damages.

Lubrication of Moving Parts

Though Sleep Number beds are less mechanically complicated than some adjustable bases, they still include moving parts that could benefit from periodic lubrication.

The pumps that deliver air to your bed’s air chambers might need a light coating of machinery oil to keep them operating smoothly.

When you hear strange noises from your pump or observe reduced efficiency in firmness adjustment, it might be time for lubrication. But remember, less is more, as excess oil could damage other components or create messy leaks.

Inspecting and Replacing Air Chambers

Possibly one of the most critical components in your Sleep Number bed is the air chambers. They’re responsible for adjusting the firmness of your mattress and thus can influence how comfortable you find your bed.

It’s sensible to periodically examine these air chambers for wear or damage, like punctures or slow leaks, which might lead to inefficient operation over time.

They may not require frequent replacements, but getting them inspected annually by a professional will definitely extend their life span and keep you sleeping comfortably night after night.

Checking and Replacing Air Hoses

Your bed’s air hoses play a key role in maintaining your preferred Sleep Number setting, thanks to their job of transporting air to and from the air chambers.

As such, monitoring these hoses for signs of wear or kinks is crucial. If you notice your bed has trouble maintaining its firmness level or inflating properly, inspect the hoses.

Replace them if you find any damage or blockages. Regular inspection helps detect problems early, avoiding major complications down the line.

Cleaning and Replacing Air Filters

Designed to filter out dust and debris from the inflating air, the filters in your Sleep Number bed help keep its internal mechanisms running smoothly.

Dirty filters prevent optimal performance, so it’s important to clean them regularly. Simply use soap and warm water, letting them dry completely before reinstallation.

If they’re damaged or excessively clogged, replacing them is easy and inexpensive – a small investment that can give a significant boost to the lifespan of your bed.

Testing Remote Control Functionality

The remote control is an integral part of experiencing your Sleep Number bed’s full range of features. Whether it’s to adjust firmness, manipulate position (in adjustable base models), or toggle other settings – an unresponsive remote can be frustrating.

Check periodically to ensure all functions work correctly: replace batteries yearly regardless of usage levels; clean battery compartment thoroughly during each replacement cycle; resync with bed if necessary, following manufacturer’s instructions provided in the manual.

Taking these preventive measures will ensure seamless operation and enhance overall satisfaction with your Sleep Number experience.

Inspecting and Replacing Foam Layers

The foam layer in your Sleep Number bed adds to your comfort quotient. These can degrade over time, leading to discomfort and diminished sleep quality. Hence, it’s crucial to inspect these layers regularly, especially if your bed feels less comfortable.

If you notice dense impressions or apparent sagging when the bed is fully inflated, it might be time to replace the foam layers. Doing this might require some investment but certainly less than paying for a new Sleep Number bed!

Assessing Mattress Cover Condition

The condition of your mattress cover plays a vital role in the longevity of your Sleep Number bed. It not only shields your mattress but also provides an additional layer of comfort.

Do keep an eye on any signs of wear and tear, such as fraying seams or thinning fabric, which can expose the internal components to potential damage.

If yours is showing significant wear, consider replacing it to maintain the optimal performance and lifespan of your bed.

Tightening Bolts and Fasteners

Sleep Number beds paired with adjustable bases they house numerous bolts and fasteners that may loosen over time due to regular usage.

Loose parts can lead to a shaky foundation, which could affect the overall stability and life expectancy of your investment.

Monitoring and Calibrating Sleep Number Settings

One unique aspect of Sleep Number beds is the ability to adjust firmness settings on each side independently according to personal comfort.

An alteration in firmness beyond ideal limits can lead to unnecessary pressure on air chambers, which might ultimately shorten their lifespan.

Regularly check these settings using the remote control or mobile application provided by Sleep Number. Ensure they’re calibrated correctly as per the user’s weight for longevity as well as consistent sleep quality.

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FAQs about How Long Do Sleep Number Beds Last?

What is the expected lifespan of a Sleep Number bed?

A Sleep Number bed lasts on average between 7 and 8 years, but with proper care and maintenance, it can exceed that, reaching up to 15 years or more.

Do Sleep Number beds require special maintenance to lengthen their lifespan?

Yes, regular cleaning, periodic lubrication of moving parts, inspecting and replacing air chambers, occasionally checking fasteners, and adjusting firmness settings can extend the life of a Sleep Number bed.

Are there indicators that my Sleep Number bed needs replacement?

If you experience sagging, loss in firmness, malfunctioning remote controls, deflating air chambers, or visible wear and tear, it might be time to replace your Sleep Number bed.

Can the components of a Sleep Number bed be replaced individually?

Absolutely! Parts like air chambers, foam layers, or even the mattress cover can be replaced individually, which may add years to your existing setup.

Do warranties cover the replacement of parts in a Sleep Number bed?

Yes! Sleep Number offers lengthy warranties covering various parts and defects, although terms may vary depending on your specific model. Always remember to check your warranty guide for exact information.


In a nutshell, while Sleep Number beds may require a sizable initial investment, their innovation in adjustability and comfort customization certainly justifies the price. Their lifespan also sets them apart from their counterparts in the market.

With simple yet essential maintenance routines and respecting the bed’s limitations, you can significantly prolong its lifespan and keep your bed ushering in plenty of restful nights. So, you can indeed make your Sleep Number bed an investment worth every penny.

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