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12 Best Bed Cooling System Of 2023 [Expert's Choice]

By: Susie
Updated On: October 2, 2023

Have you ever experienced those unbearable hot summer nights when you can't seem to find a cool spot on your bed, no matter how much you toss and turn?

What about those uncomfortable, sweaty evenings when even the lightest sheet feels too heavy? You, like many others, may be in need of the best bed cooling system.

Imagine the comfort of settling under your sheets at night and feeling a gentle, calculated coolness around your body.

You control not just your room's climate but the very fabric beneath you, promoting perfect sleep conditions. Goodbye, interrupted sleep from overheating; hello, refreshing slumber!

Picking a suitable bed cooling system is not an easy task, given the multitude of options. As we go along this selection journey together, we'll discover what makes some systems stand out from the rest.

Do bed cooling systems really work?

Do bed cooling systems really work?

Yes, bed cooling systems do work. They use technology to actively regulate the temperature of your bed actively, making it cooler or warmer based on your personal preferences. This can improve the quality of your sleep by ensuring you remain comfortable throughout the night.

Many bed cooling systems also have features such as timers and automatic adjustments based on ambient temperature changes.

12 Best Bed Cooling Systems of 2023

12 Best Bed Cooling Systems

Overheating at night and struggling to find the perfect sleep temperature is a common issue that many of us face. A good solution to keep your cooling worries at bay is investing in an efficient bed cooling system.

Let us dive into the world of bed cooling technology and explore some of the top products available today for achieving the perfect sleep environment.

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Eight Sleep Pod Cooling Mattress

The first on this list is the Eight Sleep Pod Cooling Mattress, an innovative product that combines comfort and technology. Embedded with AI sensors, it adjusts temperature throughout the night to facilitate uninterrupted sleep, giving you personalized comfort.

It's designed to heat or cool each side of the bed separately, addressing varying preferences between partners. Easy control with an app makes it user-friendly, enhancing your overall sleep experience.

The mattress not only offers excellent thermal regulation but also has five layers designed for pressure relief and supportive contours to add further value for a sound, restful night's sleep.

  • Personalized Temperature Control
  • Enhanced Sleep Quality
  • Separate Side Adjustments
  • Continuous Software Updates
  • Potential High Cost
  • Membership Required

Sleepme Dock Pro Sleep System

Comfort and innovation meet in this well-designed product - The Sleepme Dock Pro Sleep System. Aiming for a superior sleeping experience, it encapsulates dual functions: actively heating or cooling your bed based on your preference. Its built-in advanced biometric tracking monitors and analyzes your sleep patterns.

You can remotely manage this system through an easy-to-use smartphone app – giving all controls in your hands – from setting the preferred temperature to tracking your sleeping pattern insights.

  • Active Temperature Management
  • Advanced Biometric Tracking
  • Remote Smartphone Control
  • Personalized Sleep Insights
  • Possible Privacy Concerns
  • App Dependency

ChiliSleep OOLER Sleep System

Next up is the ChiliSleep OOLER Sleep System, a revolutionary product aimed at transforming the way you sleep. This system uses hydro-powered temperature control to provide a cool-to-the-touch feel throughout your sleep cycle.

With adjustable controls between 55-115°F, it offers an extensive range that suits everyone’s preference. Equipped with an auto-cleaning feature, it promotes hygiene while boosting your sleep health.

Packed with these intricate features, including noiseless technology and app-control support, the OOLER system is all about achieving sleep perfection—every night.

  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Fits Any Bed Size
  • Dual-Zoned Temperature Control
  • Machine Washable Topper
  • Ambient Conditions Affect Performance
  • Possible Complexity with Scheduling
  • Needs Medical Note for HSA/FSA

Chilipad Pro Mattress Pad

The Chilipad Pro Mattress Pad brings a unique blend of technology and comfort into your bedroom. Through a water-based cooling or heating system, this pad can transform your existing mattress into a customized sleeping haven between 55-115°F.

Not only does it regulate temperature for ideal slumber conditions, but it also enhances energy efficiency by reducing unnecessary AC use – promoting a green lifestyle.

The Chilipad design allows you to tailor separate cooling or heating zones if you're sharing your bed - making both you and your partner happy and comfortable.

  • Regulated Temperature Control
  • Improved Sleep Quality
  • Year-Round Use
  • Dual-Zoned Option Available
  • High Initial Cost
  • Sleep Tracker Required
  • Potential Maintenance

Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

The Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket provides cool relief on hot summer nights and is simple in its use while being highly effective.

This innovatively designed blanket incorporates advanced Japanese Q-Max arc-chill cooling fibers that readily absorb body heat – making you cooler than conventional blankets! The best part? It's dual-sided – one side cools you during those sweaty nights, while the flip side gives warmth in freezing winters.

Just switch according to seasonal needs. It’s machine washable and easy to care for, making sure that comfort meets convenience right here.

  • Efficient Heat Absorption
  • Versatile Usage Scenarios
  • Easy Machine Wash
  • Dual-Sided Comfort
  • Limited Size Options
  • Possible High Cost
  • Care During Wash

Eight Sleep Pod Cooling Cover

Craving for a superior cooling experience? The Eight Sleep Pod Cooling Cover comes to your rescue. It’s an upgrade to your mattress, turning it into a dual-zone cooling and heating system.

This cover pairs perfectly with any mattress and connects seamlessly to the Eight Sleep app so you can set ideal sleep temperatures for each side of the bed.

That's not all; its advanced AI learns about your sleep patterns and then auto-adjusts the temperature for optimal rest and recovery.

So whether it's brisk winter nights or scorching summer evenings, the Pod Cooling Cover ensures you maintain your perfect sleeping temperature.

  • Dynamic Heating/Cooling
  • Personalized Sleep Experience
  • Health Metrics Monitoring
  • Gentle Wake-Up Alarm
  • Potential Privacy Concerns
  • Limited to Two Users
  • Requires Regular Refilling

Anni Star Water Cooling System

The Anni Star Water Cooling System is another excellent cooling solution characterized by its exceptional use of water-based cooling technology. This system is designed to address overheating by improving your body's thermoregulation.

What sets it apart from others is its adjustable temperature control, where you can easily shift between 75°F to 118°F, depending on what feels comfortable to you.

The double-insulated water hose guarantees safe use without worrying about leakage issues. This eco-friendly system won't just heighten the quality of your sleep but also save energy costs.

  • Effective Cooling System
  • Customizable Comfort
  • Enhanced Sleep Quality
  • Safety Features
  • Possible Technical Errors (E1 Error)
  • Maintenance Required (Water Refill)
  • Potential Noise (Fan Settings)

Thermacycle Water Circulating

Enter a new dimension of comfort with the Thermacycle Water Circulating bed cooler – designed for those who crave ultimate comfort during their sleep hours.

Its innovative circulating water technology efficiently sustains a constant temperature that results in an improved sleeping environment tailor-fit to your liking – from 55°F up to 115°F.

Free from any hazardous electromagnetic radiation, this product promises a safe way to achieve rejuvenating rest night after night.

Appreciated for being noise-free compared to fans or air coolers, Thermacycle also seems an excellent choice when it comes to quiet nighttime relaxation.

  • Climate-Controlled Comfort
  • Reduces Night Sweats
  • Soothes Muscle Pain
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Single Temperature Zone
  • Limited Bed Sizes
  • No Mention of EMF Protection

Mattress Cooler Classic

Get into a cool bed each night with the Mattress Cooler Classic, which robs heat away from your sleeping environment. Its "Chilled Hydronic Pad" is placed on top of your existing mattress and below the sheets, essentially turning your current mattress into a cooling system.

Operating on the principle of thermodynamics, this system uses evaporative cooling to help you sleep comfortably at night without heavy energy consumption.

In terms of affordability and effectiveness, the Mattress Cooler Classic is certainly an excellent value-for-money bed cooling system that can make hot, sweaty nights a thing of the past.

  • Effective Body Cooling
  • Aids Health Recovery
  • Low Operation Noise
  • Reduces Energy Expenses
  • Regular Maintenance Needed
  • Potential Overfill/Overflow
  • Pad Replacement Necessary

Slumber Cloud Performance Mattress Pad

Say hello to dreamy nights with Slumber Cloud's Performance Mattress Pad. Known for its core technology, Outlast, used by NASA, it employs Thermocule technology to absorb and dissipate excessive body heat efficiently.

The hypoallergenic pad adjusts to fluctuations in body temperature to ensure uninterrupted sleep cycles. Plus, it is compatible with any mattress and comes in various sizes.

The quilt-like design adds an extra comfort layer to your bed and ensures that not only does it perform well but also looks aesthetically pleasing.

  • NASA-Engineered Temperature Regulation
  • Ultra Lightweight and Breathable
  • Proactive Temperature Control
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Possible Comfort Variability
  • Only Temperature Features
  • Limited Thickness Adjustment

Brightfootbook Cooling Mattress Topper

The Brightfootbook Cooling Mattress Topper is a fantastic option for those looking for both cooling assistance and added comfort for their bed.

This innovative product uses gel-infused memory foam that regulates temperature effectively while adding softness to enhance the comfort levels of your bed.

It provides stress-relief supporting points, which means not just better sleep during hot nights but also improved spine alignment and added relief from pressure points.

  • Continuous Cooling Technology
  • Eco-Friendly, No Pollution
  • Energy-Efficient Operation
  • Integrated Massage Function
  • Potential Mechanical Failures
  • Requires Water Supply
  • May Have Noise

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort Sleep System

Heat up or cool down your bed in minutes using the BedJet 3 Climate Comfort Sleep System! Designed exclusively for bed use, it's adjustable to suit individual needs throughout all four seasons.

Smart home compatible with Alexa, this system gives comprehensive cooling and heating solutions for those who often feel too hot or too cold during the night.

It also features a dual-zone option for couples with different preferences. With BedJet 3, experience the ultimate in-sleep comfort and wake up refreshed every day.

  • Rapid Air-Based Cooling
  • Universal Mattress Compatibility
  • Biorhythm Sleep Technology
  • Free Fast Shipping
  • Possible Noise Issues
  • Potential Power Consumption
  • Limited International Availability

Types of Bed Cooling Systems

Types of Bed Cooling Systems

When it comes to striking a balance between a comfortable temperature and optimum sleep, bed cooling systems serve the purpose meticulously.

Choosing a suitable cooling system can become intimidating, given the wide variety available on the market.

There are two types of bed cooling systems available today: Passive and Active. Each comes with unique features and benefits that cater to varied user needs.

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Passive Cooling Systems

Passive cooling systems provide an easy and non-powered way to maintain a cooler sleeping environment. They work under simple principles:

  • Materials: These systems are made up of materials like gel-infused foams or naturally cool fabrics that help dissipate heat.
  • Operation: Passive bed cooling systems absorb and spread out your body heat instead of actively expelling it.
  • Types: Cooling mattress pads, cooling blankets, cooling sheets, and cooling pillows fall into this category.

These are usually more affordable than active systems and don’t require any setup apart from placing them on your bed.

Active Cooling Systems

When you're looking for something much more efficient in temperature regulation on your bed, active bed cooling systems come into play.

  • Technology: The active systems use powered technology such as air fans or water pumps to provide coolness.
  • Operation: They act directly against the source of heat using energetic processes.
  • Types: Systems that utilize circulating water or air fall into this category.

Though they might involve a more complicated setup process than passive options and cost more initially, the level of control they offer over your sleep climate is unparalleled.

What things to consider before buying bed cooling systems?

What things to consider before buying bed cooling systems?

Before diving into the world of bed cooling systems, it's essential to know what to look for. Make an informed decision by considering several important factors.

Whereas one product might tick all your boxes, knowing what specific aspects to prioritize will ensure you find a bed cooling system that suits your sleep needs. Let’s explore some of the key considerations:

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Bed Size Compatibility

One of the first things for you to consider when shopping for a bed cooling system is whether it matches the size of your bed.

  • Ensure that the cooling system is compatible with your sleeping quarters to ensure it provides maximum coverage and effectiveness.
  • Just like conventional mattresses and mattress toppers, most cooling systems come in a variety of standard sizes, like twin, queen, or king.
  • However, always double-check dimensions before purchasing, as some variations may occur between brands or even specific models within a brand.

Noise Levels

As peace and tranquility are necessary for a refreshing sleep, noise levels are a significant consideration when choosing bed cooling systems.

  • While no cooler is completely silent, some can run pretty close. Look for ones that don’t exceed white noise levels.
  • Many high-end products offer ultra-low noise operation by using state-of-the-art technology that minimizes mechanical sounds.
  • Bear in mind that although active coolers might offer more efficient temperature regulation, they also generally produce more noise than passive coolers due to their operational mechanisms.

Cooling Technology

The effectiveness of a bed cooling system ultimately comes down to its underlying technology.

  • While some units use fans to circulate air, others use water-based systems for heating or cooling.
  • Systems incorporated with breathable fabrics or hi-tech materials like gel-infused memory foam can significantly enhance the cooling effect.
  • Consider which type would be the best fit for your usage and lifestyle. Each has its pros and cons—it's about weighing them according to your preference.

Energy Efficiency

Investing in an energy-efficient bed cooling system not only reduces your bills but also contributes positively to the environment.

  • Look for a system that consumes less power without compromising on its performance.
  • Some active systems come with energy-saving modes that reduce power intake after certain hours of operation.
  • The most efficient systems will balance effective temperature regulation with lower overall energy consumption.

Price and Warranty

Consider the cost factor and warranty policies before making a final decision.

  • Opting for a budget-friendly option might seem appealing initially, but it's essential not to compromise on quality or durability.
  • A more expensive model could save you money in the long run if it offers better durability and requires fewer repairs.
  • Always check out the warranty details—products offering extensive warranties assure their reliability and longevity. A brand that stands by its products is always a good sign.

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FAQs about the best bed cooling system

Why do I need a bed cooling system?

A bed cooling system can greatly improve your sleep quality by maintaining a comfortable temperature, preventing overheating, and reducing sweat during the night.

Do bed cooling systems consume a lot of electricity?

While they do use electricity, many modern systems are energy efficient and don’t consume significant power. Some even come with energy-saving modes.

Can I use a bed cooling system with any mattress type?

Yes. Bed cooling systems are designed to be compatible with virtually all mattress types, including memory foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid.

Are bed cooling systems easy to clean and maintain?

Most bed cooling systems either have removable parts that are machine washable or require simple wipe-down cleaning.

How long does it take for a Bed Cooling System to change the temperature effectively?

The majority of bed cooling systems begin affecting the temperature immediately but may take several minutes to reach optimal temperature based on your settings.


As you can see, a bed cooling system could be the answer to your sweaty, uncomfortable nights. With variations in size, price, and technology, there’s something out there for everyone.

Consider your needs and preferences before investing in one. From passive systems that subtly regulate temperature to active systems that offer meticulous control over your sleep climate, you have plenty of choices.

The good news is modern advances mean these systems are now more affordable, reliable, and energy efficient than ever before. A bed cooling system is truly the Sleep Savior we didn’t know we needed!

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