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10 Best Rollaway Beds of 2024 [Types, Materials, And Price]

By: Susie
Updated On: September 29, 2023

Have you ever been in a situation where you had more guests turn up for an overnight stay than the number of beds in your home?

Or maybe you live in a small apartment and can’t fit in that queen-sized bed you’ve been dreaming of. A rollaway bed can be your knight in shining armor in these situations.

Best Rollaway beds are an ingenious invention – simple, practical, and comfortable. They come with numerous benefits, making them an ideal solution for many households across America.

Perfect for tight spaces and small rooms, these handy fixtures are designed to provide the utmost comfort yet fold away discreetly when not in use.

What is Rollaway Beds?

A Rollaway Bed, also known as a Folding Bed, is a type of bed that is most commonly found in hotels, but many people consider this bed in their home for extra guests and other work.

It’s a perfect solution for anyone who wants an extra bed but has limited space to accommodate it. Rollaway Beds are designed with a hinged frame that allows the bed to be folded and stored away, saving significant room space.

They often come on wheels for easy transportation and are usually designed with a mattress included. While these beds come in different dimensions, the average size is typically around 38 inches by 75 inches. Such beds provide a comfortable sleeping option while ensuring user flexibility and convenience.

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The Types of Rollaway Beds

The Types of Rollaway Beds

Rollaway beds are the perfect solution for those unexpected guests or tight living spaces. They’re designed to be folded and stored away when not in use, only to be rolled out for a comfortable night’s sleep when needed. These beds come in two main materials: metal and wood. Each has its unique characteristics and benefits.


Metal rollaway beds are known for their durability and strength. These beds are typically made from steel or iron, have a sleek appearance, and can withstand heavy weights.

They’re particularly good for environments that might be more demanding, such as rental properties or hostels. One of the significant advantages of metal beds is that they often come with reinforced support and heavy-duty casters, making them easy to move.

Metal doesn’t warp or deteriorate like wood can in humid environments. Cleaning is a breeze; a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth will do the trick.


Wooden rollaway beds bring a touch of warmth and elegance to any room. Crafted from various woods such as oak, cherry, or pine, these beds can easily blend in with the existing furniture and decor.

Wooden beds are often considered more aesthetically pleasing, offering intricate designs and a more homely feel. They might be much heavier than their metal counterparts, but many appreciate the robust and classic construction.

Keeping wooden beds away from excessive moisture is essential, as wood can expand or contract, potentially damaging the structure. To maintain its luster and ensure longevity, occasional polishing or oiling might be required.

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What Materials Are Used in Rollaway Beds?

What Materials Are Used in Rollaway Beds?

Rollaway beds are a versatile bedding option designed for convenience and space-saving. These foldable, transportable beds can be brought out when needed and tucked away when not.

Various materials go into crafting these beds, ensuring durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. The materials used in these beds determine their overall look, comfort level, and lifespan.

  • Metal and Wooden: The primary materials for the bed frame. Whether metal or wooden, the choice often depends on the manufacturer and the desired aesthetic.
    • Metal: Often used for its strength and durability.
    • Wooden: Preferred for its elegance and classic look.
  • Foam: Commonly used in the mattresses of rollaway beds for a comfortable sleeping experience. It adjusts to the body’s shape, offering supportive sleep.
  • Innerspring: Another mattress option, coiled springs provide bouncy and firm support.
  • Air: Some rollaway beds come with air mattresses, allowing users to adjust the firmness per their preference.
  • Fabric: This is typically used to cover the mattress and can vary from cotton blends to more luxurious materials.
  • Vinyl: Often used as a protective covering due to its water-resistant properties.
  • Leather: Occasionally found in more upscale rollaway beds, adding a touch of luxury.

Additional features to enhance the functionality and appearance of rollaway beds:

  • Headboards: Provide support and can also be an aesthetic addition.
  • Footboards: Serve both functional and decorative purposes.
  • Storage compartments: Useful for storing bedding or other items, maximizing space.

Rollaway beds can be crafted from various materials, each contributing to comfort, functionality, and design. Consider combining these materials to ensure they suit your needs when choosing one.

What is a Rollaway Bed in a Hotel?

You’ve likely encountered rollaway beds in hotels – your extra sleeping space when more family members or friends stay in the same room.

These hotel rollaway beds are typically twin-sized and perfectly portable, designed to accommodate additional guests conveniently.

Why Are Rollaway Beds Common in Hotels?

Rollaway beds serve as an essential utility for many hotels and guesthouses. They offer flexibility and convenience, which is common in the hospitality industry. Here’s why:

  • Space Flexibility: The compact design of rollaway beds makes them easy to store, providing hotels with more flexibility over space management. Beyond accommodating extra guests, these beds can free up room for daily operations.
  • Additional Guest Accommodation: Having rollaway beds at their disposal enables hotels to comfortably accommodate families or groups traveling together without providing larger rooms or additional ones.
  • Increased Revenue: From a business perspective, rollaway beds are an excellent means of increasing hotel revenue. By offering this amenity, establishments can charge an extra fee, thus driving their profits.
  • Guest Comfort: Even though they’re mainly designed for convenience, the comfort factor of modern rollaway beds is not to be underestimated. These days, they come with premium mattresses that ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • Family-Friendly Options: Hotels catering to families tend to keep numerous rollaways. They become incredibly practical when traveling with children or larger family gatherings who want to stay together in one room.
  • Versatile Room Setups: With the help of these easily movable and storable pieces of furniture, hotels can offer versatile room setups catering to different guest requirements.
  • Special Requests: Occasionally, guests may need an extra bed due to common unforeseen circumstances like sudden changes in travel plans regarding companionship; having this option available gives the hotel an advantage in customer service.
  • Handling Overbookings: In instances of overbooking or during peak season, hotels with abundant rollaway beds can better manage the situation by accommodating more guests without facing room crunch.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: By providing convenient and comfortable sleeping solutions like rollaway beds, hotels greatly enhance their guests’ overall experience.
  • Extended Stay Options: Rollaway beds allow hotels to accommodate extended-stay guests who may need extra space for a period.

As you can see, the role of rollaway beds in a hotel extends far beyond merely providing additional sleeping space.

Pros and Cons of a Rollaway Bed

Are you considering buying a rollaway bed but unsure if it’s the right option? Understanding the advantages and potential drawbacks before purchasing is always a good idea. Let’s explore the pros and cons of having a rollaway bed.

  • Space-saving
  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • Versatile
  • Quick setup
  • Temporary bedding
  • Limited comfort
  • Noise problem
  • Not suitable for long-term use
  • May lack proper support
  • Prone to wear and tear
  • Less durability compared to traditional beds

What Factors to Consider When Buying a Rollaway Bed?

What Factors to Consider When Buying a Rollaway Bed?

When it comes to buying a Rollaway Bed, several crucial factors must be taken into account. Your selection will influence the overall comfort level, ease of use, and the amount of saved space. The two primary considerations are convenience and space-saving capabilities.


Your new rollaway bed should be able to offer you convenience above all else. This includes how easy it is to set up and fold away, its maneuverability within your living space, and its weight.

For instance, a study shows that some models can be assembled or folded away in less than a minute, significantly reducing setup time. They should also come with quality wheels for smooth mobility while moving the bed from one place to another without scratching your floor.


A rolled-away bed must save as much space as possible when not in use – that’s part of the appeal! As such, you should consider its folded dimensions before purchasing.

Some beds can fold as low as 5 inches in height, allowing you to store them almost anywhere – under your existing full-sized bed, inside wardrobes, or within closets.

Buyers often overlook this aspect, ending up with beds that take up more closet space than they had imagined.


Rollaway beds hold a significant edge over their stationary counterparts when mobility is concerned. Their unique structure combined with caster wheels provides an ability to be moved easily from place to place. This portability opens up many options for multi-purpose usage, whether indoors or outdoors.

Thanks to their lightweight and compact size when folded, you can even turn your home office into a guest room within minutes – with absolute ease.


But what about comfort? You may wonder if it could deliver the same comfort level as a regular bed. Here’s the good news – with technological advancements, today’s rollaway beds no longer compromise on comfort.

These folding beds have foam or innerspring mattresses to ensure a comfortable sleep. Newer models even feature memory foam mattresses that can adjust according to body contours for an enhanced sleeping experience. So rest assured, your guests will have a comfortable slumber on your rollaway bed.


One might think that complexity in setup comes naturally with such an adaptable piece of furniture, but it doesn’t! Rollaway beds shine in the quick and easy setup department as well.

Most models available in the market come pre-assembled and require minimal effort during unfold and fold procedures. The innovative ‘click-clack’ mechanism ensures transformation within seconds!

So whether it’s surprise guests or late-night game sessions, setting up additional sleeping arrangements has never been more straightforward.


When choosing a Rollaway Bed, durability can’t be overlooked. The bed frame and mattress need superior quality to offer you prolonged usage.

Steel frames are a popular choice for their robustness, while wood also delivers sturdy construction but with an added aesthetic appeal.

It’s essential to look out for high-quality joints and fixtures to ensure the bed remains solid even after multiple folds and unfolds.

Weight Limit

Understanding the weight capacity of your Rollaway Bed is crucial. It should ideally hold up to 200-300 pounds if intended for adult use without sagging or breaking down. More premium models can even accommodate weights up to 350 pounds or more.

If you’re looking for a temporary bedding solution for children or light-bodied adults, a Rollaway Bed with lower weight capacity might suffice and likely cost less.


One of the main attractions of a Rollaway Bed is how well they conserve space. When not in use, these beds fold into a compact size that can be slid under your existing bed or easily stashed away in your closet.

They often come with casters or wheels to conveniently facilitate movement from one location to another. Some models also offer additional storage compartments for linens, pillows, and other bedding essentials – a handy feature that maximizes your storage solution.

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Mattress Options

The mattress with your rollaway bed is the heart of the whole setup. Most commonly, you’ll find either innerspring or foam mattresses.

The former is more traditional, offering a familiar bounce and possibly enhanced breathability. The downside to innerspring mattresses could be their plausibility to sag over time and potential noise.

Where can you use Rollaway Bed?

Where can you use Rollaway Bed?

Rollaway beds are extremely versatile, making them useful in various settings. Their lightweight design, portability, and easy storage capabilities can be the solution whether you need an extra bed for guests at home, a comfortable sleeping arrangement at campsites, or to optimize space in a small apartment.

You’d be surprised how seamlessly a rollaway bed can fit into your living situation once you start pondering the possibilities.

  • Guest Rooms: Rollaway beds are often used in guest rooms to provide extra sleeping space when guests stay. They can be easily set up when needed and stored away when unused.
  • Hotels and Motels: Many hotels and motels offer rollaway beds for guests needing an additional bed. It’s a convenient solution for accommodating families or groups.
  • Hostels: Hostels may use rollaway beds to maximize the number of guests they can accommodate in dormitory-style rooms.
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Hospital Rollaway beds are used for patients who need temporary or short-term accommodations. They can also be useful for caregivers who stay with patients overnight.
  • Emergency Shelters: During emergencies or natural disasters, rollaway beds can be used in temporary shelters to provide sleeping arrangements for displaced individuals and families.
  • Vacation Rentals: Property owners who rent out vacation homes or cabins may provide rollaway beds to increase the sleeping capacity of their rental properties.
  • Camps and Retreats: Rollaway beds are commonly used in camp facilities and retreat centers to provide sleeping arrangements for participants and guests.
  • Dormitories and Student Housing: In college dormitories or student housing, rollaway beds can accommodate overnight guests or as a solution for students needing extra bedding.
  • Military Barracks: Military barracks may use rollaway beds to provide temporary sleeping arrangements for trainees or personnel on the base.
  • Cruise Ships: Some cruise ships offer rollaway beds to accommodate families or additional passengers in staterooms.
  • Home Use: Rollaway beds can also be used in homes where space is limited and there’s a need for an extra bed for occasional guests.
  • Camping: While not as common as other options, some rollaway beds are designed for camping and outdoor use. They typically come with a more rugged frame and materials suitable for camping conditions.
  • Temporary Work Sites: Construction sites or remote work locations may use rollaway beds in temporary accommodations for workers.

It’s important to note that the specific use of a rollaway bed may vary based on its design, size, and durability.

Some rollaway beds are more suitable for temporary use and may not be as comfortable for extended periods. Others are designed for regular use and offer better support and comfort.

When choosing a rollaway bed, consider the intended use and the quality of the mattress and frame to ensure it meets your needs.

What is the price range of the Rollaway Bed?

The price for Rollaway Beds can vary widely depending on several factors such as the brand, materials used, size, and additional features. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $129 to $2508 for a rollaway bed.

You can find basic models on the lower spectrum, around $129 – $300. These are typically smaller in size or built with more affordable materials. They often feature a simple folding mechanism and come with a thin mattress.

Mid-range models priced between $300 – $1500 offer a balance between cost and comfort. They are usually larger and might include more robust or advanced folding mechanisms, better-quality mattresses, and potentially some additional features like a sturdier frame or improved casters for movement.

At the high end of the price range ($1500 – $2508), you’ll find rollaway beds that offer premium features such as superior construction materials (like reinforced steel), higher-quality mattresses (e.g., memory foam), as well as sleek designs that seamlessly blend with room decor when not in use.

These beds also often feature enhanced durability and comfort to ensure a satisfying user experience over extended periods.

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10 Best Rollaway Beds Of 2024

Are you looking to optimize your living space with a sleeping solution that is comfortable, easy to use, and easy to store away?

Look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 rollaway beds that will fit perfectly into your lifestyle, ensuring comfort and convenience.

Milliard Deluxe Diplomat Folding Bed

The Milliard Deluxe Diplomat Folding Bed deserves a prime position on this list due to its unmatched fusion of comfort and convenience. The bed features a super-strong, sturdy frame that ensures maximum support.

Covered by a luxurious memory foam mattress measuring 5 inches in thickness, the bed guarantees a peaceful and restful night’s sleep for its occupants.

The Milliard Deluxe also has a clasp that locks the bed when folded, making it easy to move or store. The adjustable trident buckle adds extra support and safety during use.

At 75 x 38 inches when unfolded, this bed can comfortably accommodate most adults while still fitting nicely into small spaces when not in use.

Milliard Lightweight Folding Cot With Mattress

Opting for the Milliard Lightweight Folding Cot With Mattress guarantees quality service without breaking your bank. Featuring a 4-inch-thick foam mattress over a strong metal frame, this rollaway cot offers stability and comfort despite its lightweight structure.

Measuring around 74 x 31 inches when unfolded, this cot is large enough to accommodate an adult comfortably. One significant advantage of this cot is its ultra-lightweight nature (only approximately 27 pounds). This feature makes it incredibly easy to move around or transport if necessary – perfect for camping trips or frequent movers.

These are just two excellent options in the rollaway bed market today. Each offers unique features catered towards particular needs and preferences – all you need to do is identify which one aligns best with yours, and you’re on your way to a good night’s sleep.

Giantex Folding Rollaway Bed With Mattress

When you think of comfort, convenience, and practicality, the Giantex Folding Rollaway Bed takes the lead. This little wonder is structured around a sturdy steel frame, ensuring it withstands time.

It introduces an exceptional balance between comfort and durability with a five-inch-thick mattress. The mattress is insulated with protection fabric that safeguards and elongates its lifespan.

Unlike other rollaway beds, this one is 14 inches off the ground, enough height to keep you safe from chilly drafts. Besides being foldable for storage or transport, it also tucks away easily without causing scratches to your floor, thanks to its protective adjustable buckles.

LEISUIT Foldaway Guest Bed

The LEISUIT Foldaway Guest Bed is another excellent choice for those searching for a reliable rollaway bed that won’t disappoint in function and quality. It also sports a steel frame design but differs from the former with a unique Oxford fabric mat base.

This bed has a comfortable foam mattress designed for maximum support while you rest or sleep, ensuring your guests enjoy their stay at your place. One advantage setting it apart from many others is its ability to hold up to 300 pounds while maintaining an easy folding mechanism for quick storage.

Alwyn Home Amani Folding Bed Frame With Mattress

Perhaps one of the most portable models available today is the Alwyn Home Amani Folding Bed Frame With Mattress. Being light in weight besides foldability makes it perfect when moving around or preparing for storage.

Built on a sturdy metal frame with four extra legs for enhanced stability, this rollaway bed houses a memory foam mattress that adjusts to anyone’s sleeping position.

The icing on this delicious cake is certainly embedded wheels, enhancing mobility even further and adding convenience whenever moving becomes necessary.

Remember, though, that no matter which rollaway bed you opt for, considering crucial factors such as durability, comfort level, ease of use, and storage convenience are more than mandatory.

LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed

The LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed stands out due to its supreme comfort and quick setup. It houses a medium-firm mattress with a half-inch layer of memory foam, giving you the feel of a traditional bed at the convenience of a foldable one.

The spring-supported deck absorbs movement, enhancing comfort while you sleep. It is also designed with locking wheels to ensure stability, ensuring it stays right where you want it to be and rolls away smoothly when needed.

Its metal frame provides sturdy support, ensuring durability over years of use. Moreover, when not in use, this rollaway bed easily folds up to 12 inches thick for easy storage.

Giantex Rollaway Folding Bed

The Giantex Rollaway Folding Bed is another good option for those seeking functionality and comfort. This rollaway bed has an impressive weight capacity of 265 lbs, which speaks volumes about its quality construction.

This model boasts a robust steel frame and a durable mattress supported by premium sponge fillings that assure ultimate comfort for your guests or yourself during those movie marathons!

This bed is easy to assemble; unfold it in seconds when needed and fold it back in less time once done – simple!

LiteBed Folding Bed With Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re ready to level up your rollaway bed game, LiteBed’s offering is worth considering! The LiteBed Folding Bed lives up to its name by providing utmost tranquility with its calming memory foam mattress, ensuring epic sleep insomnia-free nights.

Apart from comfort, the utility isn’t sacrificed either- it folds down neatly into a compact unit, making exterior maintenance fairly easy and hassle-free. A highlight of this model is its adjustable mechanism, which suits every user’s preference.

Karcog Rollaway Bed

Looking for something more robust? Enter the Karcog Rollaway Bed. It’s built with a reinforced heavy-duty steel frame supporting a weight of up to 350 lbs.

This rollaway bed doesn’t compromise on comfort either – it comes with a 5-inch thick memory foam mattress that adjusts to your body shape, relieving pressure points for maximum relaxation.

Despite its sturdy construction, folding and unfolding it is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly design – making it favorable among those with limited space.

When not in use, this bed fits into a surprisingly compact size that fits neatly into closets or corners. With its strength and comfort, the Karcog rollaway undoubtedly offers great value for money.

FAQs about rollaway beds

Are rollaway beds comfortable for everyday use?

While rollaway beds can offer a good night’s sleep, they are typically designed for temporary use and may not provide the same comfort and support as regular beds for long-term use.

Can rollaway beds fit any standard mattress?

Most rollaway beds come with specific mattresses designed to fold up within them, but some models may accommodate standard-size mattresses.

How much weight can a rollaway bed support?

The weight capacity of rollaway beds varies depending on their design and construction, but generally, they can accommodate between 200-300 lbs.

Are rollaway beds easy to set up and store away?

One of the key features of rollaway beds is their ease of setup and storage, thanks to their folding design and often included wheels.


Rollaway beds represent an innovative solution for individuals and households that need to maximize their space efficiently.

They provide a practical and effective option for accommodating occasional guests or making smaller spaces more livable.

The key is considering your needs, preferences, and space constraints before choosing the right rollaway bed.

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