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Crate And Barrel Vs Pottery Barn 2024 [Who Wins This Battle?]

By: Susie
Updated On: November 29, 2023

In your quest to find the right furniture and home decor, you might have come across two major players in the industry, Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn.

Both are renowned for their distinctive styles and high-quality products, so deciding between the two can be challenging.

Laying it out, Crate and Barrel vs Pottery Barn is a matchup that warrants a closer look, as each has its unique charm, the rationale for pricing, and customer service ethics.

Now, imagine you’re finally ready to revamp your living space or perhaps furnish an entirely new one.

With so many extraordinary options available online and on the high streets, it’s definitely not an easy task settling on a single retailer.

Whether you’re hunting for a timeless piece of furniture or an exceptional housewarming gift, both Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn are titans when it comes to the home furnishing world.

But which one stands out? Let’s get down to reviewing these tastemaking giants.

All About Crate And Barrel

Crate and Barrel, also known as Euromarket Designs Inc., began its journey in Chicago, Illinois, in 1962, founded by Gordon and Carole Segal. It’s a private retailer and a subsidiary of Otto GmbH since 1998.

Today, Crate and Barrel have a robust presence across the world with around 75 regular stores and 12 outlets in locations like the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

Janet Hayes has been steering the company as CEO since 2020. The company specializes in housewares, furniture, and home accessories that uphold elegance and simplicity.

It brings in an estimated revenue of $1.6 billion with a workforce of around 7,500 employees.

One standout aspect about Crate And Barrel is its modern collections that cater to various tastes – whether you’re after minimalist chic or rustic charm.

Each product at Crate & Barrel has an interesting story behind it, which is attributed to the store’s close association with artists from around the world.

In addition to the regular Crate & Barrel stores and outlets, you’ll also find specialized segments such as CB2 for modern furniture & home decor catering mostly to urban dwellers, Hudson Grace for unique dinnerware,& more.

With products that carry an innovative essence while maintaining versatility & functionality, Crate & Barrel delivers quality products that help transform your house into a home.

Taking a Closer Look at Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn, a subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, Inc., is an industry leader in home furnishings since 1949.

Taking a Closer Look at Pottery Barn

Founded by Paul and Morris Secon, this esteemed brand, initially based out of San Francisco, California, now operates with 184 stores across the United States, Canada, and Mexico and even extends to Australia.

As the president of Pottery Barn, Marta Benson oversees a diverse line of products. From majestic furniture pieces and contemporary home decor to sumptuous bedding and plush bath collections or innovative lighting solutions to regal rugs and window treatments, you’re bound to find your sweet spot in their offerings.

Parented by companies like The Gap (1984–1986) and currently Williams-Sonoma, Inc. (1986–present), Pottery Barn has managed to uphold its grand heritage while growing exponentially.

The brand further diversifies by maintaining specialty stores like ‘Pottery Barn Kids for children’s furniture needs and ‘Pottery Barn Teen catering to teenagers’ style preferences.

They’ve made choosing items easy for you through their traditional Pottery Barn catalog, along with specialized ones for bed + bath and outdoor furniture sections.

Finding roots in American-styled home furnishings that combine comfort with classic design ethos, Pottery Barn has become synonymous with charming elegance.

Offering not just retail walk-ins in their beautifully curated stores but also internet purchases via their user-friendly website, this brand ensures that you get an effortless shopping experience.

Comparing the Price Range of Both Brands

When it comes to comparing Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn, one of the most vital elements to consider is the price range.

Are you looking for a budget-friendly furniture supplement or ready to dive into luxury investments?

Crate And Barrel

Stepping into the world of Crate and Barrel lies an elite vista of desirable qualities. With its price range ($1099 to $5799), it offers you timeless pieces that become heirlooms over generations.

You will find an expansive collection ranging from classic couches offering bespoke comfort and style, exquisite dining sets ready to grace your meal times, exceptional outdoor gears that will redefine your alfresco experiences, top-notch bedding options offering unmatched comfort, to a spectacular range of kitchen appliances that make cooking more enjoyable.

While Crate and Barrel might not be every budget shopper’s first pick owing to its higher-end prices, each piece resonates with investment-worthy elegance and lasting durability.

Pottery Barn

Setting foot in a Pottery Barn store or visiting their online portal will leave you with multiple affordable choices that don’t compromise on quality.

The price range here, going from $500 to $3000, demonstrates how customers can find good quality furniture without necessarily breaking their bank account.

You’ll find everything under this budget category, from elegantly designed bedroom sets that transform your sleeping space into a lavish retreat to plush sectional sofas delivering unbeatable comfort.

With Pottery Barn’s mid-range pricing strategy, combined with its ability for customization and personalization using different materials and fabrics within this price range, makes it a go-to shopping destination offering value for money.

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Product Range: Crate And Barrel Vs Pottery Barn

Deciding on a piece of furniture or decor for your home is a crucial task, and it’s always helpful to know the options available. We delve into the product range offered by both Crate And Barrel and Pottery Barn.

Product Range: Crate And Barrel Vs Pottery Barn

Understanding what each has to offer will help equip you with the knowledge needed to select the perfect pieces for your space.

Crate And Barrel

Crate And Barrel is a one-stop shop designed to meet all your home furnishing needs.

They carry a broad spectrum of items that complement various styles, from classic designs that provide an air of sophistication to more progressive pieces that scream modern chic.


Their furniture range is exceptional and spans every room of the house. Whether you’re looking for an opulent sofa for your living room, an elegant dining table to gather around with loved ones, or a sumptuous bed that promises restful nights, Crate And Barrel has it all.

Their pieces marry functionality with aesthetics, offering comfort without compromising style. Their customizable options allow a level of personalization rarely found elsewhere.

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If you’re looking forward to sprucing up your patio or creating an outdoor oasis in your backyard, look no further than Crate And Barrel’s outdoor collection.

They offer comfortable lounge seating, exquisite dining sets with durable finishes resistant to weathering, and breathtaking decor to complete any open-air living space.

You’ll also find an array of high-performing outdoor kitchen essentials like grills, drinkware, and dinnerware designed specifically for leisurely alfresco dining and entertaining.

Tabletop & Bar

Raise your home dining and entertainment game with Crate And Barrel’s tabletop and bar collection. Stock up on sophisticated glassware, from elegant wine glasses to chic martini glasses, essential for any home bar.

Their collection of dinnerware, with options from casual stoneware to formal porcelain, is perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.

Their array of distinctive serving platters and table linens means you can host with style and ease.


Well-designed equipment is half the meal done. Set your kitchen up for success with Crate And Barrel’s range of high-end cookware, bakeware, and utensils.

Their collection also includes a variety of small appliances like mixers or coffee makers that blend functionality with a sleek design.

And if you’re a big fan of organization, their storage solutions can help bring order to your countertops and cabinets.


Comfort takes center stage in the Crate And Barrel bedding collection. Whether you’re on the lookout for lightweight linens for warm summer nights or plush comforters that ward off winter’s chill, they have you covered.

Cozy sheets in multiple thread counts cater to every tactile preference, while decorative throw pillows take care of aesthetics by adding a layer of style.


Crate And Barrel knows just how important it is to come home to a soothing soak after a long day.

Their bath collection includes plush towels made from high-quality cotton featuring rich textures and tranquil tones that add elegance to your bathroom space.

There are also bath accessories, think sleek soap dispensers or hampers that perfectly couple utility with design.

Decor & Pillows

With the right decor items from Crate And Barrel, you can express yourself by adding thoughtful touches that reflect your personality around your house, be they in tiny nooks or grand living spaces.

From stunning wall art that can bring life to any room to quirky vases that can hold your favorite flowers, their decor range is sure to inspire.

And let’s not forget their comfortable, stylish pillows that add just the right pop of color or pattern.


A rug from Crate And Barrel is not just about adding warmth or defining a space. It’s also an easy way to inject style.

Available in various shapes, sizes, and designs, you can find the perfect rug that suits your decor theme.

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Whether you’re after a handwoven masterpiece for the living room or a fun patterned option for a child’s playroom, they have an expansive collection to browse.


Crate And Barrel’s lighting range is a perfect blend of innovation and style. The collection features beautiful pendant lamps, sconces, chandeliers, and table lamps that are perfect for any room.

Whether you’re looking for an industrial edge, a touch of rustic charm, or an elegant statement piece, they’ve got you covered.

Playing with different light sources is one of the easiest ways to bring about a cozy ambiance or a strikingly sharp mood, and Crate And Barrel’s lighting range does it just right.


The window collection in Crate And Barrel is both functional and visually pleasing. Their range of shades, curtains, and hardware helps create a charming setting that complements the overall room design aesthetic.

If soft light filtering through airy sheers is your style, or if you prefer blackout curtains for deep sleep into the morning hours, this is the place to explore.

Auxiliary pieces like tieback curtain rods in varied finishes offer endless window treatment possibilities.


As Christmas approaches, Crate And Barrel outdoes itself with its festive offerings.

From traditional-themed decorations to more modernistic approaches in color schemes and designs, etching holiday spirit into every corner of your home becomes effortless with their catalog.

Shine brighter than ever during Yuletide with their shimmery ornaments, festive dinnerware sets for memorable family feasts, and exquisite garlands to deck the halls.


When it comes to gifting something special to your loved ones or finding that perfectly thoughtful housewarming present, Crate And Barrel ticks all the boxes.

Their gift selection includes home decor items sure to make lasting impressions, personalized linen napkins to elevate dinner parties, and kitchen gadgets that would make any chef swoon.

Their multiple categories of gift ideas covering occasions like weddings and baby showers make gifting as easy as pie.


Kids deserve fun and vibrant spaces that inspire creativity and facilitate growth.

Crate And Barrel understands this and showcases a range of kids’ furniture, bedding, rugs, toys, and more that are whimsical in appeal while maintaining the brand’s design ethos.

Think brightly patterned beddings, creatively themed bookshelves, comfy playmats, and high-quality cribs, all designed to provide your child with surroundings tailored to inspire joy while supporting their development.

With safety always being paramount, their pieces strike the perfect balance between playful appeal and sturdy construction. Just what you need to create an engaging space for your little ones.

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Pottery Barn

If you are in search of the perfect blend of style, comfort, and affordability, Pottery Barn might be on your radar.

Known for its homey aesthetic and high-quality products, Pottery Barn enables you to create a dream home that reflects your personality.

From a wide array of furniture options and home decor touches to bed & bath essentials and outdoor elements, it offers a treasure trove for every corner of your house.


When it comes to furniture, Pottery Barn ensures a delightful balance between elegance and functionality.

It offers an eclectic mix, ranging from traditional upholstered sofas to rustic wood coffee tables and chic office desks.

Every piece carries an essence of robust craftsmanship that stands the test of time while serving as an enchanting visual delight in your space.

With various sizes available, you can find furniture that fits perfectly into any room of your house.

Home Decor

Pottery Barn knows how important those little finishing touches are when it comes to making your house feel like home.

They offer an impressive selection of home decor items. Whether you desire beautiful throw pillows to add texture to your sofa or intricately designed mirrors as wall art or both.

You can also explore their collection of curtains with different fabric options or rugs that bring warmth and color into rooms.

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Bed & Bath

Creating a tranquil sanctuary out of your bedroom and bathroom is now easier with Pottery Barn’s selection.

In its bedding section, it provides everything from duvet covers & quilts to pillows & pillowcases in a range of colors and patterns geared toward ensuring peaceful slumbers every night.

Plush towels, quality bath mats, and functional storage options make up their bathroom collection, allowing you to set up a spa-like retreat right within your home.


Are you keen on transforming your outdoor space into an extension of your stylish interior? Then, look no further than Pottery Barn.

With their stunning patio furniture, such as sectionals, dining sets, umbrellas, and fire pits, you can create an appealing al fresco lounging spot.

Aside from the functional furniture pieces, they also provide vibrant outdoor pillows and durable rugs to complement the scene and weather-proof lanterns to set up a dreamy ambiance for those summer evening parties.


A room’s ambiance can make or break its overall outlook, and Pottery Barn understands that. They offer a wide array of lighting solutions to meet all types of needs.

This encompasses everything from floor lamps that illuminate corners and hard-to-reach areas to table lamps that add character to your work desk or bedside table.

Chandeliers and pendant lights are perfect for instilling a classy vibe in dining room settings, while outdoor lanterns are just the pick-me-up your patio space might need.

Rugs & Windows

Are you thinking about sprucing up your floors or dressing your windows? Then Pottery Barn has got you covered.

Their variety of rugs come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, ensuring they blend well with any interior decor theme you have going, be it geometric, floral, textured, or flat-weave.

When it comes to windows, they offer a collection of finely crafted curtains and shades in different styles from sheer to blackout, ensuring not just privacy but also augmenting style quotient.

Tabletop & Bar

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying breakfast with family, Pottery Barn’s selection of tabletop and bar items guarantees no meal is mundane again.

From dinnerware adorned with charming patterns to high-quality glassware crafted for durability without compromising on elegance, ensure every mealtime feels special.

The variety extends into serveware and cutlery; you can set up an enticing home bar with their assortment of drinkware essentials.


Everyone yearns for an organized home that radiates undisturbed calm amidst the daily chaos.

Turn this dream into reality with Pottery Barn’s organization must-haves meant to declutter your living space while adding decorative value.

From shelving solutions for storing books in style to baskets ideal for stashing away toys and magazines, their organizational items retain harmony throughout the house.

Seasonal Decor

Every season brings its unique charm, and Pottery Barn lets you embrace these changes in your home decor.

With their seasonal decor options, you get to celebrate every festive occasion or season from Christmas to springtime with appropriate embellishments.

Think holiday-themed throw pillows, summer-ready outdoor lanterns, or autumn leaves wall art.

Their collection exudes a charm that ensures your home is always part of the changing seasons.

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Ordering & Shipping Process

Finding the perfect piece of furniture can be a thrill, but what follows next is equally important – the ordering and shipping.

Both Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn have made it incredibly easy for you to purchase their goods, whether that be in-store or online.

Let’s peel back the layer here and see how each brand handles this part of your shopping experience.

Crate And Barrel

Renowned for its well-designed housewares, frames, linens, and cookware, Crate & Barrel has always stood high on the pedestal of furniture retail.

But beyond their stylish product catalog is a seamless ordering process that makes buying from them an absolute breeze.

  • They offer both standard and in-home delivery options, thereby quickly adapting to your lifestyle demands. The fees are determined by how close or far you are from one of their shipping points.
  • Delivery is estimated to show up at your doorstep within 1-2 weeks.
  • You get to choose between a wide array of colors and fabric options. There’s also an option to customize various pieces to resonate perfectly with your home aesthetic.
  • Their return policy allows for returns within 30 days, but note that a restocking fee of 25% applies.
  • Crate And Barrel requires original receipts for returns, and unfortunately, customized items can’t be sent back.
  • While they don’t provide explicit warranties for sofas as some brands do, they stand behind the quality of their products.
  • The cherry on top? They offer design consultation services if you’re planning to refresh your interior decor.

With Crate And Barrel, customers enjoy not just limitless choices when picking their orders but also ease during delivery.

They’ve got a whole team ready at hand who strives to make sure you understand every tiny bit through streamlined communication channels.

Add all this with an easy refund policy (in case you change your mind), and it’s clear this company endeavors to make your shopping experience as hassle-free as possible.

Pottery Barn

Known for its refined designs, Pottery Barn has been wowing homeowners with its impressive range of furniture and decor.

Aside from having a plethora of high-quality items to select from, they make sure their ordering process is an experience in itself.

  • They offer a handful of delivery services that include your standard front-door parcel deliveries and truck delivery for heavier times. For larger items, you get the white glove treatment at a flat rate.
  • With Pottery Barn, waiting periods are kept short. Typically, your order is dispatched and arrives at your specified location within 1-2 weeks.
  • Variety is the spice of life, and with their wide array of colors, fabric options, and customizable items, you have the power to create something truly unique.
  • Their return policy allows customers to send back items within 30 days in exchange for a merchandise value refund. Just remember to keep your original or gift receipt handy!
  • Note that monogrammed items and made-to-order furniture or rugs can’t be returned once purchased.
  • Similar to Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn doesn’t necessarily come with advertised warranties on their pieces.
  • In an endeavor to help you plan your home revamp journey better, Pottery Barn offers free interior design services. You can avail of these in-store or remotely via phone calls, email, or even in-home visits.

Pottery Barn manages to incorporate extravagance into mundane processes like ordering and shipping.

They provide top-shelf customer service while offering a vast range of products.

So, even if it’s just window shopping for now or looking through catalogs as part of a larger project plan, you’re always greeted with efficient service at every level with Pottery Barn.

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Pros and Cons of Crate And Barrel

For years, Crate and Barrel has been a go-to for many users to furnish their homes with a touch of sophistication and style.

The brand offers an extensive variety of options to cater to every room in your home.

But, as with every brand, there are advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at some of the key pros and cons.

  • Extensive Variety Available
  • Choose to Shop Either In-Store or Online
  • Premium White Glove Delivery Service Offered
  • Hassle-Free 30-Day Return Policy
  • Personalized Design Consultations Available
  • Warranty not included
  • Returns incur a 25% restocking charge
  • Shipping costs apply

Diving into Pottery Barn: the Pros and Cons

Diving into Pottery Barn: the Pros and Cons

If you’re considering updating your interiors and exteriors with Pottery Barn, let’s delve deeper into the advantages and drawbacks that come with choosing this all-American home furnishings store.

  • Extensive range of products
  • Policy for returns within 30 days
  • Premium delivery service with special care
  • Personalized design advisory services
  • Consistent shipping fee for bulkier items
  • Option to purchase either in-store or via the internet
  • No advertised warranties
  • Limited return window
  • No free shipping
  • No trial period

Which brand is better: Crate And Barrel or Pottery Barn?

Undoubtedly, both Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn are top-tier furniture providers renowned for their attention to detail and design.

Which brand is better: Crate And Barrel or Pottery Barn?

They bring their flair to every piece, making them the go-to choice for customers seeking timeless, traditional-style furniture.

If affordability is your priority without compromising on quality, Pottery Barn may be your ideal choice.

The price range is a tad more accessible compared to Crate and Barrel, particularly for large pieces like sofas.

On the other hand, if you have a penchant for a modern aesthetic with elegantly clean lines and don’t mind setting aside a significant budget for that purpose, Crate and Barrel should be your pick.

They also offer personalized design consultations alongside their versatile range of high-end furnishings.

You could think of it as the difference between an immediately gratifying purchase (Pottery Barn) vs. an investment piece (Crate and Barrel).

Whichever you decide to go with will ultimately depend on your personal style preferences, budget constraints, and the level of customer experience that aligns with your expectations.

To sum it up

  • Both Crate And Barrel and Pottery Barn have ​their unique feel and aesthetics coupled with top-notch quality.
  • For those who value affordability without sacrificing elegance and quality, Pottery Barn can be an excellent choice.
  • Those who don’t mind splurging some extra bucks for exceptional design aesthetics should look towards Crate And Barrel.

The choice between Crate And Barrel vs Pottery Barn boils down to what resonates with your style buds as well as your budget.

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FAQs About Crate And Barrel Vs Pottery Barn

What is the major difference in style between Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn?

While both brands exhibit elegance, Crate and Barrel leans more towards a contemporary aesthetic, while Pottery Barn embraces a more rustic, homely feel.

Which brand has a more affordable price range?

In comparison, Pottery Barn tends to be more affordable than Crate and Barrel. Prices can vary depending on individual items.

How does the quality of furniture compare between Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn?

Both brands are recognized for their top-notch quality. The choice between the two ultimately depends on personal preferences and desired aesthetics.

What is unique about Pottery Barn’s customer service?

One standout feature of Pottery Barn’s customer service is their free interior design services offered via in-store visits, over the phone, or email.

Does Crate And Barrel offer any warranties on their products?

Typically, Crate and Barrel do not advertise warranties for their products. It’s recommended to verify with each specific product purchase.


Both Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn are popular choices for those seeking quality furniture and home décor.

They both have a unique style reflecting their dedication to creating a perfect interior space.

Regardless of your selection, remember that what truly matters is finding pieces that suit your style, fulfill your functional needs, and make you feel at home.

When weighing Crate and Barrel vs Pottery Barn, consider factors such as your budget, preferences in design aesthetics, and customer service experiences.

Whichever you pick, assuredly, you’re making an investment in quality that’s meant to last.

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