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Bed Skirts For Adjustable Bed [Buying Guide & Top 5 Picks]

By: Susie
Updated On: October 16, 2023

If you're looking to elevate the style of your adjustable bed and provide a touch of elegance to your bedroom, a bed skirt is the perfect addition.

Not only does this chic and often overlooked accessory enhance the aesthetics of your sleeping space, but it also offers practical benefits such as hiding away under-bed storage and blocking dust from accumulating.

The world of bed skirts for adjustable beds is wide and varied, inviting all styles, color preferences, and functional needs.

With an array of materials, size specifications, and design options to choose from, selecting the best bed skirt for your adjustable bed may seem overwhelming at first sight. But no need to fret; this guide is here to assist you every step of the way.

We'll discuss what exactly a bed skirt is, explore key factors to consider when shopping for one, provide guidance on how to measure appropriately for a perfect fit, and finally illuminate some top-rated options available in today's market.

What is a Bed Skirt?

What is a Bed Skirt?

A Bed Skirt, also known as a dust ruffle or valance, is a decorative piece of fabric placed between the mattress and the box springs.

It conceals the space under the bed, providing additional storage areas and keeping dust and clutter out of sight.

Bed skirts come in numerous styles, designs, and materials that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the entire bedroom while inculcating an opulent vibe.

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Types of Bed Skirts Ideal for Adjustable Beds

When you're shopping for a bed skirt that complements your adjustable bed perfectly, understanding the different types available becomes imperative.

Factors such as size, durability, ease of installation, and style all play a crucial role in determining the best fit for your bed.

Let's delve into the two most versatile types you can consider: Wrap-around bed skirts and Split-corner bed skirts.

Wrap-Around Bed Skirt

A wrap-around style bed skirt is a perfect match for adjustable beds. They are designed to be extremely user-friendly, with an elastic band that stretches around the entire circumference of the box spring or base of your bed. The elastic ensures that when you adjust your bed position, it stays snug and doesn't slip off.

These styles are often praised for their effortless installation process - usually, no lifting is required! This makes it easier to change or clean them as frequently as you want without any struggle.

They come in many colors and patterns, allowing you to match them seamlessly with your current bedroom aesthetic.

The pedigree of this type of skirt lies in its simplistic design that stands the test of time by making sure dust doesn't collect underneath the bed, thereby promoting cleaner home air quality.

Split-Corner Bed Skirt

Split-corner skirts are designed in a traditional way where each corner is split to hug the footboard or headboard perfectly, offering an elegant look regardless of how much you shift or adjust your bed position.

The distinctive feature that sets these skirts apart is their split corners. This unique design assists homeowners who have footboards or decorative posts at the corners of their beds by allowing easy maneuverability without affecting their visual appeal.

These types feature either ruffles for a romantic touch or pleats for added sophistication, making them suitable choices if you're seeking both aesthetics and functional benefits like dust coveralls and storage concealment.

Taking time out to understand what suits you best can ensure that your choice enhances your bedroom's appearance while providing the highest functionality.

Elasticized Bed Skirt

Are you in search of an uncomplicated, hassle-free bed skirt? An elasticized bed skirt is just what you need.

The size of your bed doesn't restrict these; they adjust to fit anything from a twin to a king-sized bed seamlessly. Imagine the ease at which you can spruce up your bedding aesthetics!

Elasticized skirts wrap around without needing sticky adhesives or special clips and their exceptional grip allows them to stay put even when the bed moves or gets adjusted.3

Available in various colors, styles, and patterns, these create a stunning look while efficiently concealing under-bed storage and warding off dust.

Velcro Bed Skirt

For those who prize convenience above all, Velcro bed skirts are an excellent choice. They feature a strip of velcro that attaches to the frame of the adjustable beds for a secure hold.

The advantage here lies in its simplicity - Easy to install, easy to remove and wash, and easy on the eyes, too!

These skirts offer immense flexibility as they smoothly move with your adjustable bed without coming loose or getting disheveled, maintaining that polished look no matter how many times you reposition your bed.

Plus, they come in designs ranging from classic ruffles to sleek, tailored styles that can enhance any bedroom decor.

Adjustable Bed Skirt with Clips

When you're looking for maximum hold and durability, consider an adjustable bed skirt with clips. These skirts are designed to stay firmly in place, no matter how often you adjust the position of your bed.

Adjustable bed skirt clips latch onto the edges of your bedding, holding the skirt securely and maintaining a crisp appearance.

These clips also make it easy for you to adjust the drop of your skirt – perfect if you often change your mattress height or have unique bed dimensions.

An adjustable bed skirt with clips is a practical solution that offers ease of use without compromising on style.

Ruffled Bed Skirt for Adjustable Beds

If adding a dash of luxury and a feminine touch to your adjustable bed is what you're aiming for, then ruffled bed skirts could be just what you need.

Ready to create an irresistible charm whether your decor calls for vintage chic or modern sophistication? The soft waves of material around your bed base will surely achieve that.

Not only do ruffles present as lovely bedroom accents, but they also make any under-bed storage slide out-of-view with panache. Bonus points: these types tend to come in durable fabrics like linen or polyester that stand up well to regular washings.

Remember that choosing the luxurious layered look of ruffled skirts could take extra effort when it comes to maintaining its neat appearance after adjusting your bed position. But no doubt, the added style quotient certainly makes this small inconvenience worth considering!

Essential Factors in Choosing Bed Skirts

Essential Factors in Choosing Bed Skirts

Adding a bed skirt to your adjustable bed can alter the appearance of your bedroom environment entirely.

It's not just about choosing something that hides the space under your bed; picking the perfect bed skirt involves careful consideration of material, color, design, size, and fit. Let's delve into these factors to assist you in making an informed decision.

Material Selection

When it comes to materials, there is an array of choices available for you - from sturdy cotton and polyester blends to luxurious silk or satin.

If you're seeking durability and ease of maintenance, opt for bed skirts made from cotton or microfiber, which can withstand regular washing and resist fading over time.

Are you looking for something more refined? Satin or lace skirts add a touch of elegance. Evaluate what aligns best with your needs and lifestyle habits.

Concerning allergens and sensitivities, hypoallergenic materials such as bamboo or organic cotton are a great choice, offering both comfort and allergy protection. Always remember: quality is key when selecting materials; make sure to consider thread count. Higher thread count equals higher quality cloth.

Color and Design

Bed skirts offer an excellent opportunity to play around with bedroom aesthetics. They're available in a variety of colors—from classic solid tones like white, beige, or black to vibrant hues like red or turquoise —and varying patterns, including stripes, florals, or geometric prints.

Your choice should reflect not only your style but also balance harmoniously with the existing decor. Classic colors work well if you prefer a low-key look, while bold colors might be optimal if you plan on making the bed skirt a statement piece.

Next comes design style: tailored styles give off an understated elegance, whereas ruffled or pleated ones exude an air of extravagance. Remember that each will contribute differently to how formal or cozy your room feels.

Size and Fit

Just like clothing, getting the right size and fit for your bed skirt is crucial. It shouldn’t be so small that it wouldn’t cover the base of your adjustable bed or so big that it bags and folds. Standard sizes range from twin to queen to king size, but take time to measure your bed since size specifications can vary physically.

Be wary of the 'drop length'–the distance from the top of the box spring to the floor. Typical bed skirts have a standard drop length of 14-15 inches.

Adjustable beds come in different heights, making it important to ascertain this measurement before purchasing to ensure a perfect fit.

The right fit contributes not only to the aesthetic value but also enhances ease of function when adjusting your bed's height or accessing under-bed storage.

By thoroughly considering each factor – materials, color & design, together with size & fit - you'll ensure you make an investment that is functional, stylish, and elevates your bedroom environment!

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Picking the Right Bed Skirt for Adjustable Beds

A well-chosen bed skirt not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your adjustable bed but also offers practical benefits such as hiding storage space and preventing dust accumulation.

When it comes to selecting the suitable bed skirt for your adjustable bed, there are key factors to consider, which may include your design preferences, individual needs, the style of your base frame, and overall bedroom décor.

Elasticized Skirts Vs Traditional Styles

FeatureElasticized SkirtsTraditional Styles
AdjustabilityExcellent adjustability for various bed heights and sizes.Limited adjustability; may require frequent adjustment.
InstallationEasy to put on and stays in place without shifting.More challenging to install, often requiring pins or clips.
Secure FitSnug and secure fit with minimal slippage or wrinkles.Prone to slipping or wrinkling, requiring constant adjustments.
AestheticsModern, sleek appearance with a tailored look.Limited adjustability may require frequent adjustment.
MaintenanceEasy to remove for cleaning and machine washable.Removal and washing can be more cumbersome.
Wrinkle ResistanceResistant to wrinkles and creases, maintaining a smooth look.More prone to wrinkling, requiring ironing.
Fabric OptionsAvailable in various fabrics, including cotton, microfiber, and more.Typically available in cotton or polyester blends.
CostIt can be used on both regular and adjustable beds.Usually more budget-friendly but may need replacement sooner.
CustomizationSome elasticized skirts can be customized for a tailored fit.Limited customization options.
CompatibilityDesigned specifically for adjustable beds.Can be used on both regular and adjustable beds.

Selecting the Correct Drop Length

The drop length of a bed skirt refers to the distance from the bottom edge of your mattress to the floor (excluding any potential height added by legs or stands).

This measurement is crucial as it determines how well a skirt will fit so that it is neither too short (which won’t cover under-bed items) nor too long (causing it to drag on the floor).

To measure ‘drop length,’ begin at the top edge of your box spring or adjustable base and extend it down to where you want your bed skirt to end - typically slightly above floor level. Use a measuring tape for this process - it's far more accurate than eyeballing!

If you have an adjustable base hosting wheels or legs, take into account whether you want those visible or hidden when deciding on drop length. Additionally, pay attention if there’s any piping along with edges or other decorative trims that might affect where the skirt ends aesthetically.

Remember, aside from being a beautiful decorative element, a bed skirt is also an essential functional piece, providing coverage for the less-sightly pieces that reside beneath your bed. Your choice should reflect what's important, whether it's functionality, aesthetics, or both.

Focus on Adjustable Beds

Focus on Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds have revolutionized the way people sleep, rest, and relax. Offering the unique ability to adjust and customize sleeping positions, many believe that these highly versatile beds can significantly enhance sleep quality.

But their unique design demands specific considerations when it comes to accessorizing them, particularly with a bed skirt.

The Unique Needs of Adjustable Beds

An adjustable bed is much more sophisticated than a standard bed due to its many features tailored for comfort and convenience.

As a result, when you're choosing a bed skirt for your adjustable bed, you need to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Flexible Bedding: Since the base of an adjustable bed moves variously, your bed skirt needs to mirror this flexibility without getting dislodged or misaligned.
  • Mattress Type: The thickness and design of your mattress can influence how comfortably your chosen bed skirt will fit.
  • Bed Skirt Compatibility: Some styles might not be suitable for an adjustable format because they cannot adapt to variable positioning efficiently.
  • Remote Control Accessibility: Your chosen decorative element mustn’t block access to any remote wire ports or controls of the adjustable base.
  • Safety Features: Ensure that the hang of your bed skirt does not interfere with any built-in safety features such as sensors or emergency backup batteries.
  • Noise Level: A loose-fitting or poorly designed might contribute unwanted noise during adjustments.
  • Base Weight: The weight of the base can affect how well certain materials and types of bed skirts hold up over time.
  • Mattress Retention: Some designs may interfere with features built into maintaining mattress position during adjustment.
  • Warranty: Confirm whether adding a non-approved accessory might void the manufacturer’s warranty on your adjustable base.
  • Maintenance: Check if it is suitable for machine washing or require special cleaning detergents that could add to upkeep cost in the long run.
  • Power Supply: Consider if your bed skirt design may interfere with the connection or accessibility of the power supply.
  • Customization: An adjustable bed comes in various sizes and features; choose a bed skirt that complements and enhances your personalized bed system effectively.
  • Trial Period: Many sellers offer a trial period; utilize this to ensure that the bed skirt meets all your requirements perfectly.
  • Access for Caregivers: If the user of the adjustable bed requires care or assistance, consider how a chosen style might facilitate this access.
  • Bedding Storage: Use a long enough skirt to effectively hide your under-bed storage without entirely blocking access.
  • Compatibility With Bed Frames: Not all skirts will go well with all kinds of frames; ensure your choice works with yours.

By keeping these professional insider tips in mind, you'll be one step closer to achieving a stylish yet functional look for your adjustable bed. Now, onto picking the best fit!

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The Step-by-Step Installation Process for Adjustable Bed Skirts

The installation of a bed skirt on your adjustable bed may seem like a daunting task, but fortunately, it's much simpler than you may think.

With the right materials and a bit of preparation, you can enhance the look of your bedroom in no time. Let's dive into the step-by-step process to make your bed skirt set-up as smooth as possible.

Gather Materials

To start the process, you're going to need:

  • Adjustable bed skirt panels
  • Velcro strips or pins (these usually come included with the bed skirt)
  • Your adjustable bed

Adjustable bed skirts typically consist of several panels made from fabric that will drape from the edge of an adjustable mattress base to the floor. The Velcro strips or pins are used to secure these panels firmly to your adjustable base.

It's best first to gather all your materials in one place for convenience, as this will make the entire procedure less tedious, quicker, and more efficient.

Prepare Bed

Before installing the bed skirt, ensure that you adjust your adjustable base at an appropriate height or setting. This step is crucial as it sets the stage for precise measurement and even application of the skirt panels around your base.

Adjusting your bed also gives you ingress without straining while installing your new accessory - remember, we want the process to be as seamless as possible!

It would be best if you also consider removing any bedding items, such as covers or linens, from visibility areas; this way, they won't obstruct during installation.

Preparing your space beforehand will not only avoid any unnecessary disruption or mishaps during installation but also ensure that all areas requiring coverage by our soon-to-be-installed lovely skirting panels are fully accessible.

Attach Velcro Strips

Equipped with the Velcro strips or pins from your bed skirt package, it's time to get started on their placement. Begin by carefully peeling off the adhesive backing from the first piece of Velcro. This exposes the sticky side that will adhere firmly to your adjustable bed base.

Next, attach this sticky side of the Velcro strip along the top edge of your bed base. Ensure it adheres securely and lays flat against the surface. Repeat this process, evenly spacing out these strips around the complete perimeter of your base.

Remember not to rush through this step, as you want to make sure each piece is properly placed and secured to offer maximum support once your bed skirt panels are attached.

Position Bed Skirt Panels

Now that we have prepped our base with Velcro strips or pins, we're ready to position our bed skirt panels.

Firstly, place and align one edge of a panel at a corner of your adjustable bed. Ensure that this corner matches up perfectly with the one on your bed skirt panel for a neat finish later on.

From here, carefully lay out one panel along an edge of your adjustable bed base, ensuring that it aligns with its corresponding Velcro strip or pin located on your adjustable base.

Repeat this with all remaining panels while ensuring they each possess a perfect alignment not only with their respective corners but also remain smooth along their edges without creating any bulge in between them.

Secure Panels with Velcro

Attaching your bed skirt panels using the provided Velcro strips is the next step. It's as easy as connecting the dots. You'll need to align the corresponding sides of the Velcro strip on your bed skirt panels with those you previously placed along your bed base's edge.

It’s crucial to ensure a snug fit, as this prevents your bed skirt from moving out of place over time. Don't rush; take ample time to ensure that the panels are snug, straight, and properly aligned along each corner and side of your base for a neat, uniform appearance.

Adjust Height

Your adjustable bed likely comes with different height settings. Now, it would be an appropriate time to adjust it to the desired height setting if you hadn't done so earlier while preparing the bed.

Adjusting to its final state allows you to evaluate how well the skirt fits around all edges and corners in this particular arrangement.

It also helps you spot any areas where adjustments may be necessary before proceeding further—essentially giving you a real-time preview of how everything is coming together.

Smooth and Tuck

You're almost there! Now, give attention to the details that make an appreciable difference in how well your new bedroom decor appears.

Smooth out any wrinkles or creases in each panel of your newly installed adjustable bed skirt—like ironing a dress shirt before a big banquet!

After smoothing, gently tuck any excess fabric at each corner underneath the mattress for a neat and tailored appearance.

This step assures a more refined look while preventing accidental Yanks from dislodging your beautifully installed bed skirts.

Enjoy Your Adjustable Bed Skirt

You've successfully installed an adjustable bed skirt onto your adjustable base—and doesn't it just look gorgeous? Stand back and take a moment to admire your handiwork; after all, patience pays off here!

The finished look adds an aesthetic flair and exudes a radiant vibe to your bedroom that's impossible to ignore. Not only does it enhance the beauty of your space, but it also offers a practical solution to conceal under-bed storage and keep dust at bay.

So put your feet up, sit back, and enjoy the new ambiance that your adjustable bed skirt brings into your room. You've earned it!

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5 best Bed Skirts For Adjustable Bed In 2023

To add a touch of style and elegance to your adjustable bed, we've shortlisted five distinctive bed skirts that users have highly recommended.

Each has its unique attributes, suiting varied tastes and requirements. Let's begin by featuring the crowd favorite - the Skycarper Ruffled Bed Skirt with an Adjustable Elastic Belt.

Skycarper Ruffled Bed Skirt with Adjustable Elastic Belt

This exquisite bed skirt not only brings beauty to your bedroom but also convenience with its adjustable elastic belt that makes fitting onto any bed size a piece of cake.

Priced at an affordable $17.86, this white ruffled bed skirt, measuring 39x75 inches, does wonders in transforming ordinary spaces into elegant retreats without straining your wallet.

The ruffles add a soft, romantic touch to your decor while hiding any under-bed clutter effectively. And if you're concerned about installation, don't be! It's as simple as slipping on the elastic belt around your adjustable bed's perimeter – no need for heavy lifting or continual readjustments.

The fabric is durable yet soft against the skin, limiting irritations for those allergic to certain materials. It slides seamlessly between classic and contemporary decor styles, accentuating existing aesthetics rather than competing against them.

Considering its budget-friendly price point, easy maintenance (it’s machine washable), stylistic versatility, and practicality – it is no surprise that this product stands out as one of the best choices in today’s market for adjustable bed skirts.

Tailored Wrinkle Resistant Bed Skirt

A chic addition to your bedroom decor is the Tailored Wrinkle Resistant Bed Skirt. Available in a dazzling array of 13 colors, this bed skirt allows you to align your taste precisely with your existing color scheme or change things up according to the season or mood.

Priced at just $16.99, it offers a great combination of affordability and quality that's hard to beat. Plus, don't forget about the bonus – free shipping on orders over $35! So why not grab a couple more in different colors?

The drop length is a generous 15'', ideal for adjustable beds, and perfect for hiding any under-bed storage neatly out of sight while preventing dust accumulation underneath your bed.

This smooth-edged tailored style skirt boasts wrinkle-resistant properties, making it low maintenance, without any need for continuous ironing. The easy installation process also involves sliding it under your mattress, saving you from unnecessary lifting or inconvenient adjustments.

As if those qualities weren’t enticing enough, this product stands out due to its versatility fitting neatly into both modern and traditional room decors. A delightful blend of aesthetics and functionality makes it an excellent option for those who appreciate convenience coupled with style.

Subrtex Elastic Wrap Around Bed Skirt

When it comes to transforming your bedroom into a stylish haven, the Subrtex Elastic Wrap Around Bed Skirt is an absolute game-changer. It offers a delicate balance of functionality and aesthetics without compromising budget - with an asking price of just $10.99.

The beauty of this particular bed skirt lies in its vast variety. Just picture this: you can choose from 10 vibrant colors, allowing you to match the decor of your room easily.

Whether you want a classic white to brighten up your space or a rich navy tone for more depth and intensity, there's certainly an option for you.

Add to that four size variations – Twin, Full, Queen, and King - making it versatile enough to complement any adjustable bed size. This guarantees that regardless of your bed's dimensions, there's a suitably sized Subrtex wrap-around waiting for you.

But this range doesn't challenge its functionality; installing it is still entirely fuss-free. Thanks to its elastic wrap-around design, it easily slips onto your bed and stays put without frequent adjustments.

Pleated Wrinkle Resistant Bed Skirt

If you desire more structure and a tailored look in your bedroom aesthetic, then the Pleated Wrinkle Resistant Bed Skirt might just be what you're looking for.

With the price set at $38.69, this piece combines quality and sophistication in a package that can effortlessly enhance your adjustable bed's charm.

Currently, two sizes are available for purchase – Full and Twin. Despite coming with a variety of sizes initially, high customer demand means availability fluctuates; it's best to snag your preferred size as soon as you see it in stock.

This bed skirt boasts a neat drop length of 15 inches, giving enough space to tuck away any under-bed storage items discreetly. It features an overall size of 53 inches in width and 0.25 inches in length, complementing most adjustable beds without overpowering them.

Weighing just under a pound (0.99 lb), this bed skirt may be lightweight but doesn't compromise on durability or style. Its wrinkle-resistant fabric ensures that your bed always looks tidy while maintaining the sharp creases.

PureFit Bed Skirt with Adjustable Elastic Belt

If you're on the hunt for a bed skirt that perfectly blends versatility, simplicity, and affordability, then your search can end with the PureFit Bed Skirt. Priced at just $15.99, this product offers incredible value with its minimalism yet fashionable design.

Unlike many bed skirts in the market, available in only classic white or beige, the variety offered by PureFit is refreshing. With a whopping 24 different colors to pick from and six sizes available, it caters to diverse tastes and requirements effortlessly. Whether you need to match a vibrant color palette or prefer to stick to neutrals, there's a PureFit bed skirt that fits the bill.

This 14-inch bed skirt is made from premium microfiber material known for its smoothness and durability, ensuring longevity without compromising comfort. It stands resistant to wrinkles and holds color well, prolonging its initial good looks over time.

Designed by reputable brand PureFit, known for their quality home products; rest assured you’re making a quality investment. The pattern chosen is solid, which emits an air of sophistication, enabling your adjustable bed and, hence, bedroom to look neat and finished.

The highlight has to be its adjustable elastic belt feature, which simplifies installation, allowing you to makeover your space effortlessly. Just fit the belt around your adjustable bed, and voila! Your chic new decor update is complete.

FAQs about Bed Skirt For Adjustable Bed

What is the purpose of a bed skirt on an adjustable bed?

A bed skirt adds a decorative touch to your adjustable bed, conceals the under-bed storage area, and prevents dust build-up beneath your bed.

Can any bed skirt fit an adjustable bed?

No, not all bed skirts are suitable for adjustable beds. Adjustable beds require specific types of bed skirts that fit properly and retain their position even when the bed is adjusted.

How do I measure a bed skirt for my adjustable bed?

Measure from the top edge of the box spring to the floor to determine your required drop length.

Can I use an elasticized bed skirt on an adjustable bed?

Yes, elasticized or wrap-around kinds can be suitable for adjustable beds as they easily stretch and adjust to different heights and angles.

What type of fabric is best for a durable and stylish loveseat cover?

Most choose cotton or linen due to their durability and ease of washing, though polyester can also be a good choice due to its wrinkle-resistant properties.


Adding a bed skirt to your adjustable bed not only can elevate the aesthetics of your bedroom, but it is also a practical solution to hide clutter and prevent dust accumulation.

The key to choosing the right one lies in understanding your needs, the dimensions of your bed, and the interior style of your room.

With the right selection, this simple addition can completely transform your bedroom into a more elegant and organized space.

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