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Sherwin Williams City Loft SW 7631 [Latest 2024 Review]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 4, 2023

What’s that mesmerizing color on my living room walls, you ask? Welcome to the timeless charm of Sherwin Williams City Loft SW 7631.

It’s the color I chose after sifting through seemingly infinite paint swatches. This hue, an expert combination of subtlety and sophistication, paints an ambiance that complements various interior decor styles flawlessly.

And let me tell you – it was no small feat landing on this choice, Knowing well that the color of your walls can define and uplift your space, setting the tone for the aesthetic virtue of your entire home.

I wanted something modern, versatile, yet classic. That led me to Sherwin Williams City Loft SW 7631- a color more than neutral grey; it manifests character and style.

What Color Is City Loft SW 7631?

What Color Is City Loft SW 7631?

At first glance, Sherwin Williams City Loft’s refreshingly neutral hue may seem like a straightforward grey. But immerse yourself in its delicate depth; you’ll observe an understated green undertone that imparts an earthy warmth to the overall color.

This subtle tinge turns mundane into magnificent, making City Loft a beguiling blend of grey and beige—an enduring ‘greige,’ if you will.

City Loft leans towards a lighter, sandier shade in brighter conditions, bringing out a hint of cool grey under dimmer lights. This chameleon-like quality makes the City Loft SW 7631 versatile yet distinctive. Moreover,

  • It belongs to the ‘Neutral’ color family.
  • It is categorized under Sherwin-Williams’s greige paints selection.
  • The hexadecimal color code for City Loft SW 7631 is #D2CDBD

Choosing wall colors might be daunting due to the overwhelming palette of options available. However, if your decor theme inclines towards neutral but not dull shades, the captivating mix of warm beige and cool gray in Sherwin Williams city loft could be your potential choice.

Sherwin Williams City Loft: Warm Or Cool?

City Loft’s extraordinary balance of colors positions it delicately on the scale between warm and cool shades.


Sherwin Williams City Loft embraces a mild, earthy warmth noticeable in well-lit spaces or when contrasted with cooler tones.

This ‘greige’ hue leans beigy under the influence of natural sunlight, coming across as a welcoming, warm shade.

The color’s heat holds its own against stark white trims or furnishings, bringing about an inviting glow ideal for living rooms or bedrooms.


Yet there’s no denying the prevalent gray-scale tones that give City Loft its primary identity as a neutral-cool color.

In dimmer lighting or north-facing rooms where warm hues can appear muted, City Loft adapts to a cooler gray facade.

This aspect makes it perfect for balancing out spaces that already have plenty of warm tones or injecting a refreshing, relaxed vibe into monotonous settings.

As such, deciding whether Sherwin Williams City Loft is warm or cool might technically lean upon your unique perspective and lighting conditions.

Still, the genius of this shade lies in its fluidity – being warm when you need it and cool when you prefer it.

So don’t box yourself within the confines of strictly cool or only warm colors; opt for the adaptable magnificence of City Loft SW 7631 instead.

Its underlying versatility will augment your space with depth and character while harmonizing with a broad spectrum of decor styles.

Sherwin Williams City Loft: Understone and LRV

Sherwin Williams City Loft: Understone and LRV

Before delving into your favorite paint swatch, it’s essential to understand the underlying concepts of undertone and Light Reflectance Value (LRV). They are vital in determining your chosen color’s appearance on the walls.


Every paint color has an undertone, or you might say a discreet hue that subtly shines through the apparent color.

Determining a color’s undertone allows you to predict how it may change under different lighting conditions.

Sherwin Williams City Loft SW 7631 now boasts a light gray dominant tone with a complex undertone. Depending on the incoming light, it straddles the line between warm beige and cool gray.

The beauty of its understated green undertone is that in some lights, it appears friendly, while in dimmer circumstances, it leans towards cooler hues.

Light Reflectance Value

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is another crucial paint term that every homeowner or interior designer should be familiar with.

In simple terms, LRV measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects from or absorbs into the room. Higher LRVs mean more reflectivity and vice versa.

Interestingly, City Loft comes with an LRV of 70. This means this shade effortlessly creates an illusion of a larger space by bouncing off significant bits of light instead of absorbing them.

Its high reflectiveness makes City Loft an excellent choice for spaces you want to appear more spacious without becoming glaringly bright.

Understanding these critical aspects—undertone and LRV—will significantly enrich your comprehension of Sherwin Williams City Loft SW 7631 and guide you in making more informed decisions about whether this beautiful shade aligns with your home decor aspirations.

Where You Can Use City Loft

Sherwin Williams City Loft SW 7631’s neutral character harmoniously blends with diverse color palettes and designs, offering flexibility in its application across various sections of your home.

It effortlessly ties together different styles, unifying them under a tastefully composed backdrop. Let’s explore how this versatile shade can transform other areas of your house:

  • Living Room: City Loft’s muted warm tones help instill a cozy and welcoming vibe in a living room. It’s perfect for spaces adorned with natural wood furnishings, metallic accent pieces, or simple modern decor. Complement the walls with white trims, and you have an effortlessly stylish space that invites comfort and conversation.
  • Bedroom: A sanctuary where tranquility reigns supreme, your bedroom interior could bask in the calming aura of Sherwin Williams City Loft. Its understated elegance highlights accent pieces and artwork rather than distracts from them, creating a harmony that encourages rest.
  • Kitchen: Dressed in City Loft SW 7631, your kitchen may be the envy of professional chefs! This neutral tone pairs well with either white or gray cabinetry. Throw in some copper utensils or stainless-steel appliances, both would look eye-catching against this chic backdrop.
  • Dining Room: When it comes to the dining room atmosphere, you’d want something warm but not overwhelming—City Loft hits that sweet spot perfectly. With interactive family meals or quiet candle-lit dinners, City Loft wraps each memory within the perfect ambiance.
  • Home Office: Immersed all day amidst work? You could use a dash of soothing hues to keep stress at bay! Using Sherwin Williams City Loft on your walls can kindle an environment conducive to focusing on tasks without feeling encased within bland office-like vibes.
  • Hallway: Often overlooked during decor planning, hallways can come alive through a tinge of strategic coloring too! Adorned with City Loft SW 7631, hallways will no longer connect rooms but also seamlessly weave together your home’s overall decor narrative.

A color is subtly sophisticated yet deeply enthralling as Sherwin William’s city loft is equally prone to lighting influences but retains its endearing charm nonetheless.

Whether you choose it as an entire home theme or limited to specific spaces—it promises refinement in every brushstroke.

Best Trim Colors with City Loft

Best Trim Colors with City Loft

When you’ve landed on the perfect wall color – City Loft, the task is just half done. Complementing this beautiful shade with the right trim color can amplify its beauty and convey an elegant finish to your home’s look. Let’s find some of those striking small colors that pair well with Sherwin Williams City Loft:

  • Pure White SW 7005: As the name suggests, Pure White is a crisp and clean shade of white. It contrasts spectacularly against City Loft, providing a sharpness that outlines living spaces without feeling intrusive or harsh.
  • Snowbound SW 7004: This soft white paint has a slight greige undertone that seamlessly blends with City Loft. The barely-there contrast creates a soothing, harmonious feel.
  • High Reflective White SW 7757: High Reflective White is an ultra-bright white that starkly contrasts City Loft walls for a modern, minimalist aesthetic.
  • Creamy SW 7012: Creamy is an off-white option with a warm base that gracefully counterbalances the grey undertoning in the Sherwin-Williams City loft.
  • Dover White SW 6385: This muted cream hue exudes warmth and coziness within any space by interacting serenely with the neutrality of City Loft.

With each option, remember lighting factors into how they’ll ultimately display against your City Loft walls—morning light to dusk changes could affect how these trim colors stand out or recede visually.

Pairing these trims color properly really makes Sherwin Williams City loft appears more affluent and enhances its dynamic characteristics, ensuring your living space seems chic yet comfortable.

Again notice how each of these chosen trim colors are different types of whites- that’s because neutrals such as whites offer simplistic beauty by naturally merging well with SW city loft ‘greige’ attributes while keeping their distinctness intact when seen individually. So you get an array of ambiance choices by just playing around with these select few tones.

Lighting And Cardinal Directions

Sherwin Williams City Loft, with its subtle sensitivity to changes in light, leaves unending possibilities for room decor.

Understanding how light interacts with City Loft can help you make the most of this versatile color, whether your room faces north, south, east, or west.

North-facing Rooms

North-facing rooms often deal with cooler and harsher light. In these conditions, Sherwin Williams City Loft SW 7631 takes on a slightly darker tone, absorbing the chill from the morning to create a cozy haven.

The more excellent light magnifies the grey undertones of City Loft while muting the beige hues. The result is an evolving variation of color throughout the day: brighter in daylight, serene in the evening.

South-facing Rooms

Conversely, in south-facing rooms exposed to copious amounts of warm sunlight throughout the day, City Loft appears lighter and cheerier.

This is where its sandy tones shine through most significantly. It brings a sunny warmth that combines natural light to create an open and welcoming space.

East-facing Rooms

East-facing rooms have rich yet subtle morning sunlight, which transitions into more fabulous light for the rest of the day.

Herein lies an opportunity for you to bask in the ever-changing dynamics of City Loft SW 7631 against variable lighting.

You’ll be pleased to observe its subtle sand-colored hints in the early morning hours, bathed in soft yellowish dawnlight.

As the day progresses and lighting blues up a bit more, it will showcase a generally lighter touch showcasing a slight variation of grey hues.

West-facing Rooms

Those vibrant evening vibes make west-facing rooms unique – they gain soft morning shadows and an intense warmer glow by sunset.

You can see your rooms transform sotto voce as daytime shifts from cooler-tending gray shades during mornings to warmer-bursting beige character under intense orange-gold rays at dusk.

Admittedly, lighting in your room is a crucial factor affecting how any paint color appears on your walls. But there’s even more that comes into play: elements like flooring or furniture colors, size and shape of the room, which contribute towards the ultimate look & feel created by wall color – But we’ll weave those threads again.

Is City Loft Good for Interior and Exterior?

City Loft’s nuanced charm is a transformative force that glamorizes any space, making it an excellent choice for interior and exterior applications.


Sherwin Williams City Loft SW 7631 is versatile enough to breathe new life into any room of your home. It’s cozy warmth and subtle sophistication makes it ideal for enveloping your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, dining area, home office, or even a hallway in elegance.

It offers a perfect balance of lightness and saturation that enhances the spaciousness of your interiors without feeling stark or sterile.

The linearity of grey with a sophisticated green undertone opens up possibilities for decorating the space.

You can match it up with wooden furniture or contemporary pieces; either way, City Loft will always add an element of serene earthiness to the ambiance.


On the exterior front too, Sherwin William’s City Loft exceeds expectations. Its ability to adapt to changing light conditions lets you combine it with several other hues to create eye-catching exteriors.

Whether you have a suburban home encased in foliage or an urban apartment exposed to direct sun, this color reflects shades differently throughout the day.

Whether you cherish traditional aesthetics or contemporary decor trends – Sherwin Williams City Loft SW 7631 can be your reliable companion.

Its understated elegance gives you ample room to experiment with various textures and materials inside and on your exteriors without being overwhelming.

Why Is a Sample Important before buying full paint color?

Before committing to any paint color, especially Sherwin Williams City Loft SW 7631, I highly recommend testing a sample. This simple step can save you time, money and avoid disappointment in the long run. Here’s why:

  • Variability: Lighting conditions and existing decor can significantly influence how a paint color looks in your room compared to the palette. Sampling allows you to observe this variability to make an informed decision.
  • Contextual Evaluation: A sample patch gives insight into how well the paint color coordinates with your furniture, upholstery, drapes & other decor elements.
  • Cost-Effective: A sample costs much lesser than a whole container of paint. It’s sensible & convenient to test a color using a small sample before investing in larger quantities.

To get started, apply a small amount of paint near permanent features like sofas or kitchen counters. Let it dry thoroughly, then observe it at different times in various lighting conditions over the next few days.

If it still speaks to you after that time, congratulations! You have found your perfect match!

Remember, painting is not just about covering walls; it’s about creating an environment that reflects your personality & style while providing comfort. So go ahead and start sampling those divine colors.

Coordinating Colors of City Loft SW 7631

Coordinating Colors of City Loft SW 7631

Perhaps one of the most charming attributes of Sherwin Williams City Loft is its ability to play friendly with many colors. Here are four coordinating colors that pair harmoniously with City Loft SW 7631:

  • Sherwin Williams Snowbound SW 7004: A pristine, crisp white shade, serving as a perfect backdrop for walls painted in City Loft. With its high LRV, Snowbound amplifies the light in the room and gives it an airy ambiance.
  • Sherwin Williams Simply White SW 7021: A slightly warmer counterpart to Snowbound. Paired with City Loft, it can bring radiant luminosity to your space without overpowering other hues.
  • Sherwin Williams Classic Grey SW 7528: This cool-toned grey, in combination with the City loft, can deliver a sophisticated and modern tone for the premises.
  • Sherwin Williams Repose Grey SW 7015: A bit darker than Classic Grey but still lighter; when coordinated with City loft, it blends seamlessly and adds character.

But remember, sampling these color pairings is crucial before painting large expanses or buying buckets of paints based on merely digital color representation.

Room lighting at different times, wall texture, room size – such potential variables can impact the overall visual appeal.

Therefore, sampling ensures you get the precise aesthetic vibe you want from your selected color scheme.

FAQs About Sherwin Williams City Loft SW 7631

What color is Sherwin Williams City Loft SW 7631?

City Loft is a neutral ‘greige’—a lovely blend of grey and beige—with a subtle hint of green undertone.

Is City Loft SW 7631 warm or cool?

It’s a balanced mix, leaning towards warm due to its beige undertones but it can appear cool in certain lights.

Where can I use Sherwin Williams City Loft?

City Loft is versatile. It works great in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, home offices, and hallways.

What are the best trim colors with Sherwin Williams City Loft?

Pristine whites like Sherwin Williams Snowbound SW 7004 or warmer tones like Simply White SW 3069 pair very well with City Loft.

Can I use City Loft for both interior and exterior painting?

Yes, Sherwin Williams City Loft SW 7631 can be used to enhance both interior and exterior spaces.


And there you have it, the elegance and versatility of Sherwin Williams City Loft SW 7631 revealed. The subtle grey-beige hue manifests itself differently under varying conditions and imbues a sense of character to your space, regardless of the scale or function.

The endless pairing possibilities make it an ideal choice for those seeking to bring a harmonious fusion of warm and cool tones into their space.

Remember, while selecting paint color holds importance, testing these shades in your actual environment is crucial because perception can vary depending on the lighting and decor situation.

So grab that brush, take home some samples, and get set to transform your space with City Loft SW 7631. When chosen wisely, this hue could well be the silent protagonist in your home that ties everything together with finesse and subtlety – indeed an understated elegance!

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