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Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 2024 [The New Regal?]

By: Susie
Updated On: July 24, 2023

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258, a shade that infuses depth and character into any room.

This hue, so bold and inviting, has left an indelible impact on how I perceive the use of dark colors in interior design.

I’ve always been a bit hesitant about ambitious shades until I encountered this remarkable hue that effortlessly marries sophistication with cozy aesthetics.

Painting a room is more than just slapping color on walls; it’s defining your space’s personality and atmosphere.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 beautifully illustrates this point with its gravity and depth. It’s pure black, yet with an edge, nothing short of elegance.

It’s like transforming your room into that little classic black dress – absolute chic! Dive in with me as we explore the allure of this intriguing shade.

Explaining The Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258

Explaining The Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258, a classic hue in the SW color collection, is truly an authentic black. It’s unapologetically bold, yet welcomes a touch of grace into our living spaces.

Diving deeper into this color profile, it’s worth noting that Tricorn Black falls on the cooler side of the color spectrum.

This is due to its blue undertones, which distinguish it from other dark shades that may lean more toward brown or warm tones. These undertones work subtly, giving Tricorn Black its distinctive richness and intensity.

The Hue’s Impact on Mood

The preference for black depicts a sense of strength and authority balanced with elegance. Therefore, Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 has a powerful impact on mood in any space.

It can make large spaces feel more intimate and cozy while adding drama and intrigue to smaller rooms.

Paint Finish Options

You can choose among several paint finishes for this color:

  • Flat: Ideal for low-traffic areas and ceilings.
  • Eggshell: Great for living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Satin & Semi-gloss: Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, or high-traffic areas.

To truly understand its magnificence visually, I strongly urge you to visit Sherwin Williams’ website to view virtual room examples featuring Tricorn Black 6258. Exploring these examples will give you a better idea of how this regal shade could enhance your space.

Color Comparisons of Tricorn Black SW 6258

Color Comparisons of Tricorn Black SW 6258

To truly appreciate the depth and richness of Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258, it’s necessary to understand how it compares to other black paint options.

Tricorn Black vs. Pure Black: “Pure black,” in theory, is the complete absence of color, providing the deepest, darkest shade possible. In practice, many “pure blacks” can have subtle undertones that become noticeable under certain lighting conditions or when paired with specific hues.

On the other hand, Tricorn Black maintains an astonishingly consistent black color, with no discernible undertones.

Tricorn Black vs. Caviar: Sherwin Williams’ own Caviar is another popular black shade that leans more towards a charcoal gray under certain lights. Meanwhile, SW Tricorn Black aligns itself closer to a true black spectrum, ensuring a bolder outcome.

How Does Tricorn Black Measure Up Against Other Blacks?

Let’s dive deeper into how Tricorn stacks up against two other popular Sherwin-Williams shades: Iron Ore and Ink Well.

  • Tricorn vs. Iron Ore: Sherwin Williams Iron Ore (SW 7069) is a rich, heavy grey. It’s often mistaken as black until it’s placed next to Tricorn Black. Iron Ore’s brighter and richer saturation level makes it ideal for areas where you want depth without overwhelming darkness.
  • Tricorn vs. Inkwell: Inkwell (SW 6992) brings in slight navy undertones in lower light settings when compared to absolute neutrals like Tricorn Black. There is an outstanding balance between blue and pure blacks if you’re searching for some flair.

To summarize it all, here is a helpful comparison chart for reference:

Paint ColorUndertoneIdeal Usage
Pure BlackNoneAnywhere true darkness is desired
CaviarSoft GrayAccompanies softer palettes
Iron OreHeavily GrayBrighter rooms with darker accents
InkwellSlight NavyRooms where some personality is introduced

While each of these paints offers unique charm and ambiance depending on placement and accompanying decor items, Sherwin Williams’ Tricorn Black has an undeniable density and resolution.

Its velvety dark shade provides an aura of sophistication, making it undoubtedly a top choice among homeowners seeking the best possible “true black.”

The LRV Of Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

The LRV Of Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

Understanding the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is critical when selecting paint colors for your home. Essentially, it measures how much light a color reflects.

In a nutshell, the higher the LRV value, the more light it reflects, and consequently, the brighter or lighter the color appears.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 has an exceptionally low LRV of 3. More specifically, this rating means that it absorbs 97% of the light that falls onto it – resulting in one of the darkest hues in its range.

This creates that deep, dark black shade you associate with nighttime skies or your favorite classic little black dress.

Implications of Low LRV

The low LRV can impact how you perceive the size and warmth of a space. Typically colors with low LVRs can make a smaller room feel even tinier.

If used effectively, as in accent walls or decor pieces against lighter backgrounds – they enhance structure while lending an aura of sophistication and coziness.

ColorTricorn Black SW 6258

A perfectly planned color scheme will always consider aesthetics and factors such as light reflectance value.

You don’t want any surprises once your selected shade dries on your wall! Thus picking a shade like Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black with an understanding of its LRV gives you control over how visually impactful your design is.

Is Tricorn Black SW 6258 a Good Exterior Paint Color?

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 isn’t just a gorgeous shade for your interiors; it can also make a bold and profound statement for your home’s exterior.

So, you’re wondering, ‘Is Tricorn Black SW 6258 a good exterior paint color?‘ Well, the answer is a resounding ‘yes‘.

The deep richness of this tone creates a striking contrast against the backdrop of nature or cityscape — offering elegance and class.

The superb blend of black without any undertone gives it the versatility to harmonize with an array of color schemes.

Protection and Durability of Tricorn Black on Exteriors

Regarding exterior paint, we cannot neglect the importance of conservation and durability. Thankfully, Sherwin Williams delivers in both aspects.

Resilience in Extreme Weather

Paints from Sherwin Williams are known for their resilience against extreme weather conditions. Ensuring that this deep black hue doesn’t fade under harsh sunrays or wash off with stormy rainfalls is key.

Sherwin Williams has exceptional UV resistance, which keeps ‘Tricon Black’ as vividly stunning as day one.

Peeling & Chipping Resistance

The superior adhesion feature reduces peeling and chipping risk, keeping the look crisp and elegant through the seasons. Thus, ensuring longevity for your exterior walls by protecting them from aging rapidly.

These features relate directly to the purpose of utilizing Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 on your home’s exterior: creating an enduring beauty showcasing the property’s architectural details.

Aesthetic Value

It definitely provides exceptional aesthetic value too. Against green landscapes or crystal-blue skies, Tricon black gives your home exterior an architect-designed look.

You can view more about the Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW 6258 on their official website, giving you detailed information on how best to utilize this luxurious shade.

In summing up the discussion, is Sherwin’s ‘Tricon’ an excellent exterior paint color? Without doubt! Its eye-grabbing beauty and practical durability make it an attractive investment for all homeowners.

Best Places to Use Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258

Best Places to Use Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258

The best places to exploit the charismatic energy of Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 hinges on personal style and the particular atmosphere you intend to create.

Bedroom Accent Wall

Turn an ordinary wall into the definitive focal point of your bedroom with Tricorn Black. An accent wall offers a dose of drama, setting a theatrical and intimate vibe ideal for a bedroom space.

It presents a fantastic backdrop for most other colors, contrasts beautifully with lighter shades, and acts as an imposing canvas presenting your fine art or favorite posters.

Creating an accent wall with Tricorn Black is more than just painting one wall black. It’s about elevating that wall into becoming the star of your room. It gives the surrounding space depth, highlighting special architectural features.

To make it effective:

  • Select the wall strategically. Take views and significant features into account.
  • Experiment with texture or finishes. Consider gloss paint or matte finish.
  • Take lighting into consideration since black absorbs rather than reflects light.

Regardless of your style, be it minimalist, modern, boho, or classic, this color makes everything pop, producing an aesthetic that is both restful to wake up in and inviting to fall asleep under.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets take up a large visual real estate in any kitchen, so their color matters greatly. Painting kitchen cabinets black seems bold, but let me reassure you: Tricorn Black 6258 can be transformative!

Its understated beauty gives wooden cabinets an instant upgrade, cutting through their typical brownish look — offering something more elegant and contemporary. Plus, there’s no need for concern over visible stains or smudges, making maintenance less daunting.

If you want to harmonize functionality with aesthetics, consider using Tricorn Black on lower cabinets with light-colored upper ones. This utilizes darkness where stain-showing actions occur–near the floor–while keeping things bright where food preparation happens.

Implement these instructions:

  • Properly clean down surfaces beforehand.
  • Prime before painting.
  • Apply multiple thin layers rather than one thick coat.

Pair them with copper handles for warmth or silver handles for a sleek modern look; either way, you’re adding new life to your kitchen while preserving usability.

Embrace Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258! From those wake-up-and-go Monday mornings in your chic bedroom to those Saturday brunches surrounded by stylish kitchen cabinetry – enjoy the depth this shade brings daily.

Exterior Front Door

Painting your exterior front door with Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 can create an impressive statement. A black front door is undeniably stylish and easily stands out, giving your home notable prominence.

Preparation is crucial when deciding to use Tricorn Black on your exterior front door. Ensure the surface is clean and free from peeling paint.

Use a good-quality primer to enhance the vibrancy of the shade. This step would also ensure better longevity of the paint.

Steps for Applying Tricorn Black 6258

  • Clean the door, ensuring it’s free of dust and dirt.
  • Apply a coat of primer.
  • Once dry, apply Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 with a paintbrush or roller once dry.
  • Allow drying completely before adding a second coat for better depth.

A tip to remember – showcasing polished silver or brass hardware against this color can make a bold impression.

Living Room Trim

Using Tricorn Black on trimmings in the living room adds a different level of sophistication and charm. It frames the room perfectly, making lighter wall colors stand out more distinctly.

Using this black in textures such as wainscoting or crown molding can add depth and make your room look even more refined and polished.

How To Apply to Living Room Trim:

  • Begin by cleaning all trim surfaces.
  • Apply primer to ensure better adhesion of paint.
  • Paint your trim with Tricorn Black using an angled brush for precision.
  • Ensure you allow ample drying time before inspecting if another coat is needed.

Create contrast by incorporating light-tone furniture or art in the area – they’ll ‘pop’ wonderfully against this darker trim!

Bathroom Vanity

Choosing Tricorn Black 6258 for your bathroom vanity will bring an element of luxury and elegance into the space.

Make sure when painting vanities that surfaces are well-prepared – sand where needed, clean thoroughly, and use a primer before applying color.

Painting Process

  • Remove all hardware from the vanity.
  • Sand surfaces lightly to ensure adherence.
  • Clean off any dust so surfaces are immaculate.
  • Apply primer evenly across all areas.
  • Follow with Sherwin Williams Tricon Black 6258
  • Replace hardware once dry – perhaps choose metallic handles or knobs as they look stunning against black!

You’d be surprised at how well this rich shade blends effortlessly with most bathroom themes; white ceramics or marble countertops will stand out against this powerfully glamorous hue!

Matching Colors With Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258

Matching Colors With Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black conveys an undeniable timeless elegance. However, its beauty isn’t fully realized until matched with the perfect palette of complementary colors.

This paint color’s heavy, intense nature calls for strategic pairings to balance its darkness and create harmony in your space.

Complementary Colors for Your Tricon Black Walls

If you’re using Tricorn Black on your walls, certain hues work exceedingly well to bring out the depth of this color.

  • Light Neutrals: Opt for light-neutral furniture and accessories to contrast the black background while maintaining sophistication. Hues such as beiges, light grays, or off-whites can beautifully offset Sherwin-Williams’s black shade’s boldness without overpowering it.
  • Bold Jewel Tones: Balance the darkness of Tricorn by infusing your space with rich jewel tones – think deep sapphire blues or ruby reds.
  • Metallic Finishes: Give a touch of glamor to your Tricorn Black-adorned room. Accents in metallic finishes like gold or silver add reflective elements that can enhance depth and break up the dominance of black.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all rule to choosing complementary colors; it’s about personal preference and desired atmospheres. Explore different combinations and see what resonates most with your taste!

Furnishing Your Room to Match the Alluring Tricon

As important as finding matching colors, selecting appropriate furnishings and décor pieces is essential when incorporating Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black into a room.

The idea is not just about having furniture that complements or contrasts with the walls; it’s also about creating a cohesive look which unified design philosophy behind it. Here are some ideas:

  • Classic White Furniture: There’s no denying the attention-grabbing statement created by pairing white furnishings against dark walls. The result is a crisp yet tranquil space full of elegance.
  • Rich Wood Tones: Wooden furniture accents against Tricorn creates an earthy feel that brings warmth into your space. Dark walnut is divine in a black painting room as it stands out but also harmonizes with black walls.
  • Textured Fabrics: Since deep shades like a tricorn tend to swallow light, textural elements are great additions that keep things from feeling flat or dull. Consider fabrics like velvet upholstery or natural fiber rugs to introduce necessary textural contrasts effectively.

Complementing Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 is about blending hues and textures that convert your interior into an enchanting mix of coziness and style while ensuring none overpowers one another.

It sounds challenging but you’d be surprised at how a few thoughtful choices will breathe life into this bold paint choice!

In my experience, treating paint as more than color on walls encourages viewing our spaces as canvases where we can express ourselves freely – weaving together intricacies that ultimately reflect our personalities or styles uniquely.

Is Tricorn Black Really Black Shade?

Is Tricorn Black Really Black Shade?

Ever wondered “Is Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 really a black shade?” Good news, it is! A deep, inky abyss, this color is replete with gusto and majesty.

When you think of classic ‘black,’ this paint flavor does not disappoint. Its bold persona furnishes an understated elegance to any space – the perfect tool to make a striking design statement.

The Many Facets of True-Black in Interior Design

The fascinating world of interior design is teeming with various incarnations of black. Tricorn Black truly stands out as the epitome of true black among them.

Often dubbed the ‘fairest of them all,’ it shines especially when used as part of an intimate setting to create a cozy and serene environment.

How Does It Fare Against Other Shades?

Comparatively speaking, there’s less versatility with some shades that lean more towards grays or blues under certain lighting conditions.

Not Tricorn Black! This shade persists in its pure-black nature. Pitted against similar shades, such as “Naval (SW 6244)” or “Onyx (SW 6278),” Tricorn Black maintains its unfading black personality.

The Comprehensive Range

There’s more to Tricorn Black than meets the eye – literally. Its deep undertones make it supreme for myriad uses like doors, window trims, or even full walls.

  • Accent Walls: Significant depth characterizes this color making it intrinsically adaptable to be an accent wall in your living room.
  • Exteriors: This color creates beautiful contrast when used on exteriors against softer tones.
  • Furniture and Fixtures: Sherwin Williams’ bold black offers statement-making opportunities perfect for furniture and fixtures.

Remove any doubts – Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 is a true-black shade that promises transformation beyond imagination for your spaces.

Is Sherwin’s Black a Warm or Cool Paint Color?

One of the fascinating aspects of working with colors is the temperature they add to your design. Warm colors, like red, orange, and yellows, often bring a sense of comfort and warmth.

On the other hand, cool colors such as blues, purples, and greens can create calming environments. So where does Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 fit into this spectrum?

Determining the Temperature of Your Paint Hue

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 falls into the category of cool paint colors. But wait! Isn’t black just…black? Yes and no.

While black is technically not on the color wheel, in design aspects it does indeed have a tonality to it in relation to other colors.

Tricorn Black in particular has a cool undertone that pairs beautifully with cool shades like blues, silvers, purples, and certain tones of green.

So how do you spot this elusive temperature feature? Here’s how:

  • Examine under different lighting conditions – from natural sunlight to artificial light at various times. The hue’s personality can change dramatically depending upon the type of light it interacts with.
  • Use the Sherwin Williams ColorSnap Visualizer tool available on their website here. This can be particularly useful if you pair Tricorn Black with other shades.
  • Place potential complementary color samples next to the Tricorn Black swatch. The tonality will become more apparent when seen alongside other hues.

Now that we’ve drilled down into understanding its temperature characteristic better, you might wonder what difference it makes if one chooses a warm black vs a cool black.

If you’re aiming for a modern or minimalist aesthetic in your space (think Scandinavian chic), then Tricorn Black is an exceptional choice for its cool undertone effectively promotes that crispness associated with such designs.

All these subtle nuances are what make Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 an incredible choice for those ready to venture into the realm of bold yet balanced designs.

It is more than just black; it’s a compelling world filled with countless pairing possibilities that will leave enthusiasts craving more.

The Undertones Of Tricorn Black

The Undertones Of Tricorn Black

Black may seem straightforward, but its depth is genuinely captivating. Beyond its facade of sophistication lies an intriguing mix of undertones that lend it unparalleled character.

Amongst the spectrum of black paint hues, Sherwin Williams’ Tricorn Black 6258 is a standout – a pure, true black with a subtle touch of softness.

Understanding the Complexities of Undertones

When we talk about “Undertones,” we’re referring to the subtle color beneath the primary color you see.

They are influenced by ambient light and adjacent colors and can dramatically affect the main shade’s appearance.

Within each paint color lie layers of complexities waiting to be unearthed, and Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 represents this beautifully.

At first glance, it’s a deep black. But as you take a step closer, soak in its entirety under varying lighting conditions, you begin to realize this isn’t just ‘black.’

It’s a blend that rests almost imperceptibly on the warmer side of neutral. Its earthy charcoal undertone keeps it warm without leaning overly toward either red or green.

It offers an exquisite balance that lends itself well to various palettes and interior decor styles. Despite being dark and powerful, it’s saved from harshness by allowing just enough natural undertone through your eyes and heart.

But understanding undertones is just one piece of the puzzle. The room’s natural and artificial lighting also plays all—important roles.

Exploring How Undertones Play off Light Sources

The interplay between paint colors, incredibly dark tones like Tricorn Black 6258, and light sources can drastically transform your living space’s mood.

To appreciate Tricorn Black at its easiest-to-understand level – break down how sunlight plays with this enigmatic shade during different periods:

  • Morning Light: The soft morning sun reveals undertones quietly lurking within Tricorn Black. As golden daylight streams in through your windows, expect an almost velvety wash over surfaces painted in this shade.
  • Afternoon Light: High noon brings out a vibrant graphite tone with traces of indigo – allowing for greater depth.
  • Evening Light: As the sun’s warm rays mellow out into twilight duskiness, Tricorn seems enriched with molten obsidian – dominant yet serene.

A comprehensive understanding extends beyond daylight sources, though!

Artificial light sources alter perceptual properties too:

  • Incandescent Lighting: This often-used light source has a slightly yellow cast that can make Tricorn look richer yet warmer in tone.
  • LED Lighting: Depending on the color temperature (measured in Kelvin), LED lights can provide cooler white lights (higher K values), which retain more of Sherwin Williams’ true black essence, or warmer hues (lower K value) accentuating earthy undertones with more effectively.

So while Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black might pronounce itself as a sober black at first look – studying its relationship with changing light reveals much more depth than initially meets the eye!

The very experience of immersing yourself into such depths will leave you amazed at how meticulously SW has crafted this timeless shade – redefining simplicity’s view through depth.

FAQs About Tricorn Black SW 6258

Is Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 an actual black color?

While Tricorn Black is one of the purest black shades from Sherwin Williams, it does have a subtle hint of soft charcoal undertone.

Can I use Tricorn Black for exterior painting projects?

Absolutely! Tricorn Black makes an excellent choice for exteriors, lending a classic and dramatic touch to your home’s facade.

How does lighting affect the appearance of Tricorn Black?

Lighting can dramatically alter the perception of Tricorn Black. Natural daylight brings out its softer, elegant side, while artificial light highlights its deep intensity.

What colors compliment Sherwin Williams’ 6258 Tricorn Black?

Many colors compliment Tricorn Black well. Bright whites, cool grays, and warm neutrals can all create nice contrasts.

Is there any specific room where I should use Sherwin’s 6258 shade?

Trircorn’s versatility means it can be used anywhere from living rooms and kitchens to bedrooms for emphasizing architectural features or creating focal points with accent walls.


Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 presents a study in the sophisticated usage of intense color with balanced undertones.

It offers an intrigue that matches its enduring elegance, easily fitting into any design scheme or room setting.

But remember, the ultimate charm of this robust hue lies in understanding how it reacts to varying lighting conditions.

Exploiting this understanding enables you to harness its character and deliver dynamic spaces filled with personality and depth.

Whether you paint your entire room or use Tricorn Black as an accent shade, it’s a game-changer.

Unquestionably bold yet unmistakably elegant – Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 6258 is more than just a paint color; it’s an experience waiting to breathe life into every corner of your home.

So unlock that door to unleash a world of understated luxury with this captivating tone. Let’s redefine our creative boundaries by embracing the allure of depth and darkness.

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