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15 Ingenious Ways To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor? 2024

By: Susie
Updated On: October 7, 2023

We’ve all experienced that awkward moment, haven’t we? The one where we invite a houseguest to stay the night, and we pull out the trusty air mattress.

The mattress is comfortable enough. But right there on the floor? It doesn’t feel quite as gracious as it could. So, let’s tackle the question, “How to raise an air mattress off the floor?”

Having an air mattress gives us flexibility; it’s a fantastic solution for occasional sleepovers or camping trips. Yet, offering it up directly from the ground feels unpolished. Insurance and comfort concerns arise with your beloved guest bobbing around near your baseboards.

But no more! You, too, can elevate this sleeping situation with some ingenious yet straightforward solutions that will add extra charm to your overnight hosting.

Reasons to Consider Elevating Your Air Mattress

Reasons to Consider Elevating Your Air Mattress

Did you know that raising an air mattress off the floor not only adds style to your sleeping arrangement but also contributes positively to health and storage matters?

You might have never thought of it, but elevating an air mattress could work wonders for comfort, convenience, and overall user experience!

Here are some key reasons why considering an elevated setup for your air mattress might be the best decision you can make today.

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Health Concerns on a Ground-Level Mattress

Sleeping on an air mattress directly on the ground can present a few challenges that could potentially impact your health. First and foremost, mattresses on the floor can become cold, especially during winter months, as the ground acts as a heat sink sucking away heat.

This could lead to a restless night’s sleep or even potential health issues like catching a cold or aggravating arthritis symptoms.

Ground-level mattresses are more accessible to dust mites, bugs, and allergens, which often reside on the floor. Regular cleaning may not eliminate these tiny creatures. In turn, this might trigger allergies in those who are sensitive.

Getting up from a mattress placed directly on the floor could exert undue stress on your knees and back. Over time, this might contribute to chronic pain or worsen existing conditions. By raising your air mattress off the ground, you can mitigate these potential health risks significantly.

To increase storage

Raising your air mattress off the floor also offers an added benefit of storage space. This is particularly beneficial for those living in small apartments where every inch counts.

The space beneath the elevated mattress can be optimally utilized to store a variety of items such as suitcases, boxes, extra linens, out-of-season clothes, and shoes.

You could use under-bed storage containers or drawers for easy access and better organization of your items.

An elevated air mattress not only provides comfort while sleeping but also cleverly contributes to solving your storage woes, making it an efficiency-boosting addition to compact living spaces.

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Enhancing Comfort and Safety

An elevated air mattress significantly enhances comfort and safety. When a mattress is raised off the floor, it becomes easier for people of all ages to get in and out of bed.

This is particularly helpful for older adults or those with mobility issues who may find it challenging to rise from a bed that’s at ground level.

On the comfort side, an elevated air mattress can provide better insulation from cold floors – particularly beneficial in winter months. Also, this positioning can help mitigate any discomfort that might come if your floor is uneven or has hard surfaces.

Maintaining good hygiene becomes easier with an elevated mattress – simply because you’re further away from ground-level dust or possible damp patches.

Raising your air mattress not only enhances convenience but also contributes positively to your overall sleep experience.

15 Ingenious Ways to Elevate Your Air Mattress Off The Floor

15 Ingenious Ways to Elevate Your Air Mattress Off The Floor

Do you want your guests to feel more at home? Maybe you are looking for better sleep on your air mattress. Either way, elevating your air mattress from the floor can have a host of benefits.

Not only does it promote a more comfortable sleep experience, but it also offers additional storage space and keeps the cold and bugs at bay. Let’s check out these 15 methods you can try to raise that comfy air bed of yours off the ground.

Employ a Bed Frame

One of the most straightforward methods to elevate your air mattress is by utilizing a bed frame. Bed frames are designed to support mattresses efficiently and come in various sizes compatible with commonly used air mattresses.

They raise the mattress sufficiently off the ground, aiding in insulation, better access, and effective utilization of under-bed space for storage.

Just make sure you choose a sturdy and robust frame that can handle the weight and dimensions of your air mattress effectively.

Incorporate a Box of Spring

Box springs are another viable option to elevate your air mattress. Essentially a sturdy wooden box filled with springs, it’s designed to provide a solid base for any mattress, including an air one.

Suitable box springs can improve the lifespan of your mattress by evenly distributing weight and reducing wear and tear.

They add height that can make getting into and out of bed easier while also creating ample under-bed storage space. Remember to choose a size compatible with your air mattress for the best fit and support.

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Implement Bed Risers

Bed risers can be a fantastic solution to raise your air mattress. These sturdy objects, often made of wood or high-quality plastic, are placed under each leg of a bed frame to add height.

They’re inexpensive, easily available online or at furniture stores, and come in various heights so you can customize the level of elevation.

Bed risers can enhance under-bed storage space significantly. Just ensure each bed riser is securely positioned under each leg for stability and safety.

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Opt for a Camping Cot

Camping cots serve as great, easy-to-set-up alternatives for elevating your air mattress. These portable and lightweight cots often come with a durable built-in frame, ensuring a sturdy base to set your air mattress on.

Not only do camping cots elevate your mattress significantly off the ground, but they also provide an added level of comfort by adding a firm surface beneath the mattress. Ensure the size of your air mattress and camping cot align for the best sleeping experience.

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Utilize Plywood Sheets

Using plywood sheets beneath your air mattress is an ingenious yet simple method to create elevation. Plywood bridges the gap between the floor and the mattress, creating a flat and firm surface.

To do this, cut a piece of plywood in the same dimensions as your air mattress and place it directly on the floor. Then, lay your inflated mattress on top of it.

This stable base prevents a sagging mattress and any discomfort arising from uneven floor surfaces. Plywood sheets can also add significant height to your sleeping setup if stacked safely and securely.

Apply Foam Padding

Adding a layer of foam padding underneath your air mattress not only provides a degree of elevation but also adds a new level of comfort. Foam padding creates an insulating barrier that helps keep the cold from seeping up into the mattress from a chilly floor. Plus, it absorbs any uneven surfaces, providing a uniform base.

To use foam padding effectively, unroll a foam mat or mattress topper on the floor and place your air mattress on top of it. Many foam pads come with non-slip surfaces, perfect for ensuring the air mattress remains securely in place.

When choosing foam padding, consider its thickness and density. A thicker pad will give more elevation, and denser pads provide better insulation and comfort without feeling too soft or yielding.

Utilizing foam padding under your air mattress can indeed enhance your sleep experience by helping you stay warm, comfortable, and slightly elevated off the ground.

Create a Custom Wooden Frame

Crafting a custom wooden frame for your air mattress can be a great DIY project. A well-constructed wooden frame provides strong support, raises the mattress sufficiently from the floor, and adds a touch of personal style to your setup.

To build a wooden frame, first, take accurate measurements of your deflated air mattress. Then, source pieces of sturdy wood like pine or oak. Cut two pieces for the length of the mattress and two pieces for its width. You’ll also need four legs cut to your desired height.

Next, construct a rectangular base from the length and width pieces by connecting them at right angles using screws or nails. Ensure they’re tightly secured and that the rectangle matches the mattress dimensions accurately.

Consider a Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is an innovative solution that not only elevates an air mattress but also saves significant space. It’s a small bed stored under a larger one that rolls out when needed and can be tucked away after use – ideal for compact living spaces or for accommodating occasional guests.

Turning your trundle bed into an elevated air mattress solution is pretty simple. Instead of a traditional mattress, place your air mattress on the roll-out portion of the trundle bed.

When you need to use the air mattress, pull it out and inflate it as desired. Once done using it, deflate the mattress, stash it away, and slide the trundle back under the main bed.

Besides elevation and convenience, this setup offers better insulation from cold floors and easy accessibility to get in and out of the “bed.”

Remember to ensure that your air mattress fits snugly within the structure of your trundle bed for optimal safety and comfort. By using a trundle bed for your air mattress, you’re achieving multifunctionality – an innovative storage solution by day and a cozy sleeping spot by night!

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Explore Bunk Bed Solutions

Bunk bed solutions can substantially elevate your beloved air mattress while creating a fun and interactive sleeping experience, especially if you share your room with children or siblings. It’s a two-floor bed frame where the bottom part can be converted into an air mattress base.

To use a bunk bed setup for your air mattress, first, ensure you have an appropriate size of mattress that fits perfectly in the lower bunk area. Once ready to sleep, inflate your air mattress sufficiently and place it on the base of the lower section.

Exploring bunk bed solutions not only takes care of elevating the mattress off the ground but also offers better insulation from cold floors, increased access convenience, and even creates opportunities for a fort-like, adventurous sleeping environment for kids.

During daylight hours, when you don’t need to use it as a bed, even with an inflated mattress, it can serve as a comfy lounge spot or reading nook.

Embrace a Futon Bed

A futon bed solution for your air mattress offers both elevation and versatility, combining the functionality of a sofa with the comfort of a cozy air mattress bed. Perfect for use in rooms where space is premium, futon beds can seamlessly transition from a couch to a sleeping space as per your needs.

Here’s how you can embrace this solution: Ensure your deflated air mattress fits perfectly onto the futon frame just like a regular pad would. Proportions matter here, so choose an air mattress that aligns well with your futon dimensions to prevent hangovers or uncomfortable creases.

Once the need arises, inflate the mattress for an instant and comfortable bed during the day or when not in use; the inflated mattress can be easily deflated, folded, and stored away.

This setup keeps your air mattress off the ground, provides secure support while sleeping, and is easy to get onto or out of. Moreover, transforming it back into seating furniture during non-sleeping hours makes for practical utilization of living spaces.

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Opt for a Loft Bed

Loft beds offer an excellent way to raise your air mattress off the floor dramatically. A loft bed is similar to a bunk bed, but instead of having a bed on the bottom, it leaves space that you can use for other purposes, such as a desk or storage.

To use a loft bed for your air mattress, choose one that comes with ample platform space to accommodate your mattress. Ensure the safety rails are high enough so that there’s no risk of you rolling off while asleep once the air mattress is inflated.

Place your deflated air mattress on top of the loft platform and inflate it as per your comfort level when you’re ready to go to bed. During day hours, this setup can quickly become an elevated lounging area, reading nook, or even augment as a giant workspace by adding some cushions.

A loft-bed setup doesn’t just keep you well-elevated from the floor. Still, it dramatically maximizes room space, provides insulation from cold floors, and gives you the feeling of sleeping in an elevated, cozy nest.

Be sure when using this solution to always follow any safety instructions provided by manufacturers – especially if kids are going to enjoy this creative sleeping arrangement.

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Place a Rug or Carpet Underneath

If you’re looking for a simple, cost-effective way to add a bit of elevation and comfort to your air mattress setup, placing a rug or carpet underneath the mattress can be quite helpful. A thick rug or carpet not only provides some level of insulation between the cold floor and your air mattress but also contributes to enhanced aesthetics.

To apply this method, get a large rug or carpet size that extends beyond the edges of the air mattress. This creates an appealing visual appeal besides ensuring maximum warmth and protection from cold floor surfaces. Place your deflated air mattress on top of it securely.

Apart from giving a slight height lift, using rugs or carpets would also help stabilize your air bed and prevent any potential slipping or sliding around on slick floors when you move in sleep.

It’s an actionable solution for someone seeking quick ways for better comfort while using an air bed without much investment into buying substantial accessories like frames or box springs.

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Enhance Comfort with a Mattress Topper

Utilizing a mattress topper underneath your air mattress can significantly enhance comfort, add softness, and improve sleep quality while promoting a bit of an elevating effect.

Mattress toppers come in various types like memory foam, latex, down feathers, or cotton – all adding a cushiony layer between you and your air mattress’ surface.

To implement this strategy, unroll or place the mattress topper directly on the floor. Ensure its size matches your air mattress for the best fit. Then, position your air bed on top of it. When not in use, most mattress toppers can be easily rolled up and stored away.

While a mattress topper won’t dramatically elevate the height of your air bed off the floor compared to frames or box springs, it does provide an incremental boost. Plus, its primary contribution lies in enhancing comfort – offering support to pressure points and molding better to your body’s contours.

It creates an ideal surface for receiving the weight of your body and evenly distributing it over the entire sleeping area.

Enhance Stability with a Non-Slip Rubber Pad

If you’ve ever experienced your air mattress sliding around on a slick floor surface, especially when you change positions during sleep, then using a non-slip rubber pad underneath your mattress is worth considering. These pads are designed to improve stability and provide slight elevation by creating a grip between the air mattress and the floor.

To use a non-slip rubber pad, choose one that matches the size of your air mattress. Position it directly on the floor and then place the deflated (or inflated) mattress on top of it.

The rubber pad significantly reduces the movement of the mattress during sleep, thus enhancing stability and preventing unfortunate accidents due to sudden slips or slides.

While these pads may not provide significant elevation, they add a layer of protection between the cold floor and your air bed.

They ensure that your bed stays put exactly where you want it – contributing to better sleep by preventing any unpleasant middle-of-the-night surprises due to shifting mattresses.

Consider Sturdy Metal Bed Frames

Metal bed frames are a sturdy and reliable method to elevate your air mattress. These frames, often made of heavy-duty iron, steel, or alloy, come in various dimensions and provide excellent support for your air mattress while keeping it off the ground.

Choose a metal bed frame that fits your air mattress dimensions perfectly. The well-structured design of these frames ensures even weight distribution, thereby preventing any sagging points on the mattress. This effectively prolongs the lifespan of your air mattress and enhances comfort while sleeping.

Most metal bed frames are easy to assemble without needing any tools. They usually also feature space underneath for storage – which is efficient for saving room space and keeping belongings organized.

When choosing a metal frame, ensure it comes with padding or caps on footers to prevent scratching your floor. Once set up, place your deflated air mattress on the frame’s platform and inflate it as needed.

Incorporating a sturdy metal bed frame in your air mattress set-up not only adds significant height but also contributes an aesthetic appeal to your sleeping arrangements.

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What are the Benefits of Raising an Air Mattress Off The Floor?

What are the Benefits of Raising an Air Mattress Off The Floor?

As beneficial as air mattresses can be, they aren’t without their drawbacks, especially if they’re placed directly on the floor. To conquer these minor inconveniences, many opt to elevate their air mattress.

But what exactly makes this a worthwhile decision? Let’s delve in and see what benefits can be gleaned from elevating your air mattress off the floor.

  • Insulation: Lifting your mattress from the floor acts as an insulator. If your floor is cold, which is typically the case with hardwood and tile, raising your mattress can prevent that chilly feeling from seeping into your warm haven.
  • Comfort: Elevation means no more bending down to lie down or getting up from ground level. No lowered lumbar strain or awkward angles – it’s all about smooth transitions for maximum comfort.
  • Air Circulation: When raised, more air circulates around and beneath the mattress. This ventilation prevents moisture buildup that could lead to mold issues.
  • Durability: Less contact with the floor minimizes potential damage to your mattress from scratches or tears caused by hard surfaces or sharp objects.
  • Storage Space: Elevating your unit also provides added storage space underneath – very useful when you’re crunched for space in a smaller room or apartment!
  • Easy Access: Getting up from a bed at height is generally easier than struggling upward from ground level – particularly appreciated by elderly visitors or those with mobility concerns.
  • Pest Prevention: Raising an air mattress can prevent pests like ants and roaches from making a nest underneath, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene while you sleep.
  • Hygiene: An elevated bed is significantly cleaner – It avoids collecting dust or debris on its surface and reduces exposure to any spilled liquids.
  • Temperature Control: Good airflow beneath mattresses allows for better heat dissipation during warm nights and can provide a cooler sleeping environment.
  • Convenience: Finally, it’s simply convenient and gives a more – cozy feel to your sleeping arrangements. Elevations can also make it a lot easier for people to get in and out of bed, particularly for those who have back issues or difficulty with movement.

Each of these benefits contributes to a comfortable, clean, and practical solution for elevating the feel, comfort, and efficiency of your air mattress arrangement. By simply raising our air mattresses off the floor, we can surely elevate our sleep experience, too!

FAQs about ‘how to raise an air mattress off the floor?’

What’s the simplest way to raise an air mattress off the floor?

The easiest method is to place the air mattress on a bed frame or box spring, providing both height and support.

Can placing a rug beneath my air mattress help elevate it?

A rug won’t raise the mattress high, but it can provide some insulation from cold floors and add a layer of comfort.

Are elevated air mattresses safe for children and older adults?

Yes, in fact, they are safer as elevation provides easier access that doesn’t require much bending or stooping, which can be difficult for children or older adults.

Why does an elevated air mattress have better durability than one placed on the floor?

Elevated air mattresses have improved durability because they have less direct contact with potentially damaging elements on the floor, such as dust, sharp objects, and moisture.

Does raising an air mattress improve hygiene?

Yes, an elevated position reduces exposure of your mattress to dirt and potential pests keeping it cleaner and more hygienic.


Elevating your air mattress off the floor is more than just about appearances. It enhances comfort, safeguards health, and optimizes space. The benefits are immense, making this a worthwhile consideration for any modern home.

Whether you’re routinely hosting guests or looking for versatile camping solutions, a raised air mattress is a smart choice. With a myriad of methods available for elevation, you can easily find one that suits your needs and preferences.

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