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20 DIY Loft Bed Ideas For Small Rooms In 2024 [Space-Saving]

By: Susie
Updated On: October 3, 2023

Can’t find more space in your small bedroom? Fret not! Innovative ideas like DIY loft beds can help maximize every inch of available space.

Yes, with a bit of creativity and some elbow grease, you can transform your cramped room into a cozy oasis. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through some fantastic DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms that not only save you space but also add a unique charm to your home decor.

So don’t let being short on square footage deter you from creating a comfortable and stylish sleeping area; there’s always a creative solution waiting for you. Just read on, apply these concepts to your room, and see the magic happen!

20 DIY Loft Bed Ideas for Small Rooms

20 DIY Loft Bed Ideas for Small Rooms

Looking to maximize space in a small room? DIY loft beds offer an ingenious solution. These space-saving marvels take advantage of vertical space, freeing up floor area for more functionality.

Whether you’re navigating the spatial challenges of city living or trying to de-clutter a shared children’s bedroom, this guide is all you need.

We will dive into unique and innovative loft bed designs that you can construct at home. Here are two brilliant ideas:

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Floating Loft Bed

First on our list is the floating loft bed design – the epitome of minimalism and grace. This unique design adds a stylish touch while saving you vital floor space. The hanging or ‘floating’ effect is achieved through a robust anchoring system attached to your room walls.

To build this, you’ll need suitable wall braces and joints for stability. Don’t forget to incorporate safety rails, especially if children are using them.

This design opens up space underneath for essential items like work desks or storage units. By choosing a matching décor scheme for the rest of your furnishings, your floating loft bed will appear as though it’s an organic part of your room.

Corner Loft Bed

Another impressive brainchild in the world of space-saving furniture is the corner loft bed, perfect if your room layout includes an unutilized corner.

As opposed to being suspended from a wall like the floating variant, corner loft beds utilize two adjacent walls as fundamental supports. The beauty of this setup lies in its efficient use of awkward corners that typically become wasted spaces.

When building out this model, ensure you source sturdy wooden materials for the best results. Once installed securely, the area beneath can house anything from study desks and bookshelves to cozy bean bags and reading nooks.

Loft Bed with Built-In Desk

Loft Bed with Built-In Desk

One of the most popular trends in small room designs is combining furniture to create multi-functional spaces. If you’re juggling between needing a comfortable bed and a workspace, consider a loft bed with a built-in desk.

The chill-out zone is elevated, leaving ample space below for a fully functional office setup complete with bookshelves and storage options.

This arrangement eliminates the stress of finding additional room for your workstation while keeping your sleeping area separate and relaxed.

Pipe Frame Loft Bed

A pipe frame loft bed brings an industrial chic vibe to your dearest alcove, blending functionality with an edgy aesthetic appeal.

This style entails constructing your loft bed from sturdy pipes attached in a frame-like structure. Not only does it maximize your vertical space by elevating your sleeping area, but it also leaves plenty of room below for anything from a lounge to storage units.

Most notably, this loft bed adds character to minimalistic or modern interiors. Plus, once you have your measurements accurate, assembling these pipes is satisfyingly simple!

Loft Bed with Storage Stairs

Space optimization doesn’t mean compromising on style or comfort. The loft bed with storage stairs is one such design that makes effective use of every available corner while keeping things stylish.

In this layout, you elevate your sleeping area as usual. However, instead of using a conventional ladder, enlist wooden stairs that double as handy drawers for added storage!

This way, what ordinarily consumes space provides it instead – storing everything from clothes and bedding to books and knick-knacks.

Pallet Loft Bed

Pallet Loft Bed

If you’re in for eco-friendly solutions, the pallet loft bed is one such exciting prospect. As the name suggests, this type of loft bed re-purposes used shipping pallets into a cozy sleeping area raised high off the ground.

Prepare to sand, stain, or paint, and secure your pallets together to form both the platform surface and body support.

The under-bed space can double up as a storage or study area. And don’t fret about comfort – just top off with a plush mattress and enjoy your rustic retreat!

Loft Bed with Slide

Looking for a fun twist on standard loft beds? Incorporate a slide! More than being an interesting addition, it provides a quick way down – making it both kid-safe and playful.

You’ll want to ensure that there’s ample room for the slide while keeping safety measures in mind at every step.

Consider adding additional features like curtain enclosures or themes to spruce up the overall design. With this setup, getting out of bed has never been this fun!

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Wall-Mounted Loft Bed

The wall-mounted loft bed, perfect for studio apartments, takes compact living to a whole new level. It is securely fixed onto the walls of your room utilizing sturdy brackets, leaving you vast open space underneath to play around with as you please – think lounge chairs, desks, or even kitchenettes!

Be sure to consult with an expert if necessary since this involves dealing with structural integrity issues while mounting heavy items onto a stud wall.

But once set up successfully, it’s hard not to appreciate how much floor space you’ve freed up without compromising on comfort or style.

Loft Bed with Hanging Shelves

If you’re seeking to tackle limited floor space and clutter simultaneously, the loft bed with hanging shelves might be your dream come true.

By attaching shelves to the loft bed structure, you can dramatically increase storage capacity while keeping your essentials within arm’s reach. From books and gadgets to decorative items, you can arrange a variety of things on these shelves, thereby making the most of the vertical space above your bed.

Make sure to install these shelves solidly, however, as they need to hold the weight of all your belongings securely.

Loft Bed with Curtain Enclosure

Imagine having a private little haven in your room where you can escape from everything! A DIY loft bed with a curtain enclosure is perfect for creating such an appealing retreat.

The curtain enclosure provides privacy and adds a cozy feel to the area. You could opt for blackout curtains if you prefer keeping morning sunlight at bay or fabric-chiffon curtains for more natural light.

They are easy to install! Just fasten some rods around your loft bed’s edge and drape your favorite curtains. Voila! You have an enclosed sleeping area that suits your style.

Collapsible Loft Bed

Apartment dwellers or those facing severe space constraints can significantly benefit from a DIY collapsible loft bed.

As implied by its name, this type of bed can fold up when not in use, freeing up valuable space during daylight hours for other activities like exercise or hosting guests.

Building one requires meticulous planning and sturdy materials like reinforced steel or hardwood for structural support, but it is well worth it considering its benefits.

Just remember – safety first! Always double-check the load-bearing capacity before settling in for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Loft Bed with Rope Ladder

Add an adventure element to your small room with a loft bed equipped with a rope ladder. Easy to construct, these ladders add a rustic charm, making for a casual, homey environment. Choose materials such as sturdy ropes or twine and strong wooden dowels to create your ladder.

The loft bed itself can be standard-sized, and the rope ladder can be conveniently hung anywhere based on room orientation. This design has an exciting appeal, making bedtime look like an adventurous climb!

Treehouse-Style Loft Bed

Treehouse-Style Loft Bed

Unleash your inner child with this imaginative treehouse-style loft bed in your bedroom. Drawing inspiration from childhood summer vacations spent in backyard treehouses, you can construct this model using reclaimed wood for an authentic feel.

You’ll need to build a high frame and walls mimicking the outdoorsy, wild vibe of a treehouse. You can also hang leafy curtains or blinds to enhance the woodland feel. This design is perfect for kids’ rooms, inviting them into their treehouse retreat every night.

Murphy Loft Bed

Known for its space-saving magic, Murphy beds have long catered to small apartments and studio spaces. Applying this concept to loft beds brings you the Murphy loft bed design – Fold it up against the wall during the day when not in use and pull it down at night for a comfortable sleep.

To craft this innovative design, precise measurements are necessary because you don’t want it blocking walkways or banging into furniture when folded down.

A counterbalancing mechanism could be handy, too! Incorporating built-in lights makes turning in for the night even more delightful.

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Loft Bed with a Greenhouse Below

For greenthumbs living in the concrete jungle, the loft bed with a greenhouse below is a dream come true. This scenario actually entails installing your loft bed above a mini indoor greenhouse.

It’s an innovative way to merge your love for nature with your living space. The building process involves setting up an adequate watering and light system for your plants below.

It’s important to choose plants that can thrive in indoor environments and select suitable pots or planter boxes to create this small jungle under your bed.

Hanging Garden Loft Bed

The Hanging Garden Loft Bed takes the concept of introducing greenery into your living space up a notch.

In essence, you connect hanging pots or vines from the side of your loft bed, creating a foliage-rich space that extends all the way down to the floor.

The key aspect here is making sure you use strong supports capable of holding your planters’ weight while still offering pleasant aesthetics. Nesting amidst lush greenery, this setup provides a soothing and serene vibe to drift off to sleep.

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Circular Loft Bed

Circular Loft Bed

If conventional rectangular loft beds don’t appeal to you, consider the circular loft bed – proof that comfort doesn’t always have to be linear!

This design emphasizes being both comfortable and imaginative while making smart use of limited space. Building this might involve a bit more craftsmanship, including securing stable support columns and installing compatible bedding frames.

To top it off, add curved safety rails with beautiful woodwork or iron designs for an added touch of elegance.

The underneath area in circular spaces can make for very intriguing nooks – reading corners art spaces, or even wardrobes; the world is definitely round!

Loft Bed with a Fold-Out Guest Bed

For those of you who frequently host overnight guests, a loft bed with a fold-out guest bed is the perfect solution. This clever design not only provides a comfortable sleeping area for you but also pulls out to reveal a hidden bed for your guests.

Despite being compact, it effortlessly accommodates two beds in one unit, making it ideal for limited spaces.

Build the loft structure using sturdy materials and ensure the fold-out section is engineered flawlessly for smooth movement. Don’t forget to add some plush bedding on both levels to create a cozy sanctuary.

Loft Bed with a Built-In Aquarium

Talk about making a statement! A loft bed with a built-in aquarium takes novelty and style to new heights. This unique design transforms your sleeping space into an underwater dreamscape.

Before diving into this project (pun intended), ensure your construction materials are robust enough to handle the weight of an aquarium safely.

Glass tanks can be heavy, so that reinforcement may be required. Once installed, maintain water quality and choose fish species that demand minimal care but offer maximum visual appeal.

Loft Bed with a Skylight

Loft Bed with a Skylight

Imagine stargazing from the comfort of your own bed! A loft bed with a skylight offers this luxury apart from creating an illusion of more space due to additional natural light flowing in during the day.

When constructing such designs, implementing weatherproofing is crucial, as any leaks can damage your protective bedding underneath.

Stick to durable materials that offer excellent insulation and always hire professional help if you are uncertain about this task; safety should be prioritized above all other factors. During nighttime, bask beneath the moonlit sky or wave at passing satellites from beneath your cozy duvet!

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FAQs about DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms

What materials do I need to construct my DIY loft bed?

The materials depend on your design, but typically, you’d require lumber, screws, and hardware like brackets. Don’t forget a high-quality mattress for a comfortable sleep!

How can I ensure the safety of my DIY loft bed?

Ensure that the structure is built sturdily, and use safety rails to avoid falls during sleep. Also, consider using anti-slip ladders for safe climbing.

Can I build a loft bed in an adult’s room?

Absolutely! A well-constructed loft bed with a full-size mattress can certainly accommodate adults while providing extra space underneath.

Can I add storage space to a DIY loft bed?

Yes, you can integrate drawers or shelves into your design for additional storage, making it perfect for small rooms.

Is it cheaper to DIY a loft bed or buy one?

The cost depends on the materials used and whether you already have the required tools. However, building your own often allows you better control over expenses versus buying a pre-made loft bed.


venturing into a DIY loft bed project is not just about crafting sleeping arrangements that suit small rooms. It is also about unearthing a sense of creativity and invention that turns the ordinary into something extraordinary and unique.

So remember to have fun as you bring these ideas to life in your space. With some time, patience, and perseverance, your small room will quickly transcend into an efficient and visually appealing sanctuary.

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