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15 Best Bed Riser Alternatives In 2023 [Tested By Experts]

By: Susie
Updated On: September 23, 2023

Are you looking to maximize the space in your small apartment or dorm room? You might be tempted to use bed risers, but they can often become unstable and aren't the most aesthetically pleasing solution.

So what's the alternative? This article is all about bed riser alternatives that are stylish, functional, and Oh! So easy to implement in your living space.

You must have faced it, we all have - that frustrating moment when you scan your room, and there isn’t enough storage space for your stuff.

We often think about moving furniture around, but there's a simpler solution: waiting in the wings and unveiling the ingenious realm of bed riser alternatives that don't just save you space but enhance your room's look, too! Stay with us as we reveal these novel ways to declutter and revamp your room.

What Are Bed Risers?

Bed risers are small, sturdy pieces of furniture that are used to elevate a bed's height. They are typically placed under the bedposts or wheels of a bed frame, allowing for additional storage space underneath.

Made from various materials such as wood, metal, or plastic, these devices come in different heights to suit individuals' needs.

Bed risers provide extra storage solutions and offer health benefits by adjusting the bed’s height for those with reflux or circulation issues.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Bed Risers

Factors to Consider While Choosing Bed Risers

Choosing bed risers is not about picking the first set you come across. There’s more to it than just aesthetics. From functionality to safety, there's an array of factors to check off before you bring home your purchase.

  • The height you want to add: Knowing how much you want is paramount because bed risers come in varying sizes. Measure this accurately so your bed neither towers too high nor disappoints by not providing the elevated storage space you envisioned.
  • The right set of bed risers: Not all bed risers are built equally; some are standalone units, while others come as a part of a complete set. Depending on your desired height and type of bed frame, a full set may be more beneficial.
  • Weight capacity: Bed risers must be capable of supportively holding the weight of your bed and mattress, along with any movement that may occur when using the bed. Sturdier materials generally hold more weight, ensuring long-term durability and safety.
  • Material and Durability: The durability and longevity largely depend on the choice of material - plastic, wood, or metal - all having unique pros and cons. Metal risers could be more durable, but wooden ones can easily match existing furniture aesthetics.
  • Compatibility with bed frame or furniture: Not all risers work well with every type of bed or furniture legs. Some models may be best suited for traditional four-post beds, while others may fit better for platform beds or beds with castor wheels.
  • Non-slip features: Safety should always be prioritized when choosing home furnishings, especially when elevating objects like a bed or heavy furniture above the ground level – they mustn’t slip out from under their load easily.
  • Ease of installation: If you're not quite handy around the house, opt for bed risers that are easy to install and don't require complicated tools or processes. Sometimes, simplicity could be your best bet.
  • Aesthetic design: We all want things in our home environment to look good. While not always the key point, the design aspect should not be neglected. Choose a style and color that synchronizes with your room's decor.
  • Price and budget constraints: Bed risers come at various price points. Plan according to your budget, and consider that prices may vary significantly based on the material, build quality, and brand name, among other factors.

So before you get excited to hit that 'purchase button,' take your time and carefully consider these pointers – it'll save you from ending up with the wrong set of risers!

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The 15 Best Bed Riser Alternatives

The 15 Best Bed Riser Alternatives

There are many alternatives to bed risers that not only serve the purpose of elevation but also bring in added elements of style, comfort, and versatility.

These alternatives can be as simple as repurposing items you might already have at home or investing in something more sophisticated.

Furniture Legs

Furniture Legs

Look closely at your bed frame; are the legs removable? If so, you have an excellent opportunity to swap them for taller replacements. Furniture legs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, ranging from wood and metal to plastic.

They are an aesthetically pleasing, lesser-known alternative for increasing under-bed storage. You can use uniform legs on all corners or mix and match styles based on your preference – a step certainly bound to add a distinct appeal.

Cinder Blocks

Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are just right for you if you're after a sturdy bed riser alternative that provides maximum support and lends a minimalistic industrial look! Cinder blocks give your room an unconventional twist and are extremely durable owing to their concrete structure.

You can place cinder blocks beneath each corner of your bed, instantly raising it several inches off the ground.

These blocks usually measure between 7” and 16” high and cater fairly decent space beneath the surface – adequate room for storing large boxes or suitcases. To create a more appealing look, paint these blocks with colors that complement or contrast your decor scheme.

Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets make fabulous bed risers that lift your bed off the ground and add an edgy, rustic charm to your space. They're durable, easily sourced, and, most importantly, eco-friendly.

This option works well in various settings – whether giving your students' dorm room a makeover or adding unique touches to your master bedroom.

A stack of wooden pallets under each corner can provide substantial storage space while leveling up the aesthetics.

Bed lifts

Bed lifts

Bed lifts, also known as bed risers, are specialized devices that elevate the height of your bed. Typically made of strong materials like heavy-duty plastic or metal, they are designed to hold the weight of a bed and its occupants securely.

Bed lifts can increase the under-bed storage space and assist individuals with mobility issues, making getting in and out of bed easier. They are fitted under the bed's legs or casters and come in various heights to suit different needs.

Stackable Furniture Blocks

Stackable Furniture Blocks

Meet stackable furniture blocks; these are bed-rising options you might not have considered before. Not only do they provide the height you need, but they also add a modern and chic appeal to your room.

Stackable furniture blocks are designed to interlock securely, providing stability and preventing any wobbling or imbalance. Made of durable materials like wood or high-strength plastic, these blocks promise longevity with constant use.

The versatility of stackable furniture blocks extends beyond beds – you can use them under bookcases, tables, chairs, and other items. This allows for cohesive home decor while optimizing space efficiently.

Adjustable bed frames

Adjustable bed frames

These frames can be manipulated using a motorized system typically controlled by a remote or an app. The key features often include raising the head or foot of the bed to ease pressure on certain areas of the body, adapting to specific activities like reading or watching TV or assisting with medical conditions such as sleep apnea, acid reflux, or circulation problems.

Some adjustable frames have added features like built-in massagers, USB ports for charging devices, or under-bed lighting. They come in various sizes matching common mattress dimensions, and can significantly enhance sleep quality and comfort.

DIY wooden blocks

DIY wooden blocks

DIY wooden blocks are a cost-effective, customized solution to elevate your bed. They can be made home using sturdy, heavy-duty wood like oak or pine.

Cut the wood into required sizes and sand the edges for a smooth finish. To ensure safety, the block size should be larger than the dimensions of your bed's feet for effective weight distribution.

Place these wooden blocks under each foot of your bed to raise it to the desired height. This method provides extra space underneath and allows you to incorporate a personal touch to match your room decor.

These DIY wooden blocks must be solid and capable enough to safely support the overall weight of the bed and its occupants.

Inflatable bed lifts

Inflatable bed lifts

Inflatable bed lifts are a unique solution designed to raise the height of your bed. These lifts are made from durable, inflatable material and work on the same principle as an air mattress.

When inflated, they can elevate your bed to create additional storage space or help with health issues requiring an elevated sleeping position.

They're lightweight, easy to install and remove, and can be adjusted to your preferred height by controlling the air inside. Remember to choose an inflatable bed lift rated for the weight of your bed and its occupants for assured safety and longevity.

Storage boxes or bins

Storage boxes or bins

These are ideal to increase under-bed storage while also elevating your bed. Choose sturdy, high-quality boxes or bins that can effectively bear the weight of the bed and fit neatly under the bed feet.

You can opt for plastic, metal, or wooden storage containers depending on your preference and bedroom décor.

Plus, with this solution, you're killing two birds with one stone – creating an elevation for your bed and gaining extra storage to organize your belongings. Always remember to ensure that the boxes or bins used are strong enough to support the weight of the bed for safety reasons.

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Bricks are familiar, robust materials that, when placed under each leg of the bed, can provide a secure elevation enhancing under-bed storage.

Bricks can handle heavy weights, making them suitable for this purpose. Ensure they are clean and in good condition to avoid dirt or damage to your flooring.

For aesthetic purposes, consider painting the bricks in a color that complements your bedroom decor. Safety is paramount; ensure the bricks are positioned to prevent accidents or injuries.

Bed caster wheels

Bed caster wheels

Bed caster wheels are movable wheels typically mounted to the bottom of a bed frame, allowing for easy repositioning of the bed. These caster wheels can also add height to the bed, increasing the under-bed storage space.

They come in different sizes and materials, with larger, hard-wearing wheels generally able to support more weight.

Some models also feature locks to secure the bed in one position for safety and stability. Always choose sturdy and high-quality bed caster wheels that can comfortably bear the weight of your bed and its occupants.

Bed lift mechanisms (hydraulic or gas lift)

Bed lift mechanisms (hydraulic or gas lift)

Bed lift mechanisms, such as hydraulic or gas lifts, are engineered systems incorporated into a bed frame to lift the mattress, revealing storage space underneath easily. These mechanisms use the power of hydraulic pistons or gas pressure to raise and lower the bed frame's substantial weight effortlessly.

A hydraulic bed lift mechanism uses fluid pressure to lift the bed, while a gas lift system uses air pressure within a cylinder. These designs aim to enable easy access to under-bed storage without requiring physical strength. They add utility and enhance your bedroom's modern aesthetic appeal by hiding clutter within an organized hidden compartment.

Ideal for smaller homes or rooms where space is at a premium, these lifting mechanisms maximize efficiency while ensuring comfort and ease of use.

Furniture sliders

Furniture sliders

Furniture sliders are not precisely bed rises, but they're handy accessories that can lift your bed slightly and make it easier to move around.

Shaped like small pads, you place them underneath each leg or corner of the bed. They are usually made from hard plastic or durable rubber and have a smooth surface on one side, allowing easy movement across most floor types.

While they don't offer as much additional height as other options, they still create a small amount of under-bed space. They can be beneficial during room cleaning or rearrangement. However, make sure the sliders are sturdy enough to handle the weight of your bed safely.

Bed suspension system

Bed suspension system

Bed suspension systems are integrated structures designed to support and elevate a mattress, providing comfort and creating under-bed storage space. This system ranges from slatted bed bases to more complex spring or gas strut mechanisms.

Slatted bases offer good ventilation for the mattress and usually come with adjustable firmness. On the other hand, spring or gas strut mechanisms allow the entire bed surface to be lifted, revealing significant storage space underneath. It will enhance a bed's utility and improve sleep quality by providing firm, adaptable support for mattresses.

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How To Make Bed Risers Look Beautiful?

How To Make Bed Risers Look Beautiful?

Whether using traditional bed risers or any alternatives, making them blend seamlessly with the rest of your decor can be challenging.

Here are some creative and simple ways to spruce up bed risers, turning them from functional items into stylish accents!

  • Decorating with Fabric: Covering your bed risers with fabric is one of the most comfortable and effective ways to make them look more attractive. You can easily match the fabric to the color or pattern of your bedsheets, curtains, or other room decor.
  • Painting Them: If your bed risers are made from wood or metal, a quick coat of paint can drastically change their appearance. Choose a color that complements your bedroom's color scheme for a cohesive look.
  • Using Contact Paper or Wall Decals: These come in numerous designs and styles. Simply stick them onto your risers for an instant makeover.
  • Creating a Skirt: If you prefer not to see your riser, consider creating a skirt around your bed that hangs down all sides touching the ground. It gives a fantastic, neat finish while concealing everything underneath.
  • Adding Lighting Effects: Why not add some lighting effects for an extra dash of creativity? Installing small LED lights beneath your bed can create a chic and practical ethereal glow.

With these tips up your sleeve, making those utilitarian foot props look like designer wear has never been easier.

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FAQs about bed riser alternatives

Why should I consider alternatives to traditional bed risers?

Alternative bed risers often provide more style and flexibility, allowing you to enhance your room’s decor while gaining storage space.

What materials are the best for DIY bed riser alternatives?

Commonly used materials include sturdy, durable items like wooden pallets and cinder blocks, but remember that appearance and room aesthetics are also important.

Can I use furniture legs as a bed-rising alternative?

Yes, replacement furniture legs are a viable solution, especially if they're adjustable – offering height elevation and an aesthetic boost.

Are adjustable bed frames a good alternative?

Adjustable bed frames offer variable height for under-bed storage and health benefits by providing improved sleep positions.

How can I make my choice of bed riser alternative look appealing?

Covering your risers with fabric or paint that matches your decor or using lighting effects can help integrate them into your bedroom aesthetic.


Our living spaces should cater and adapt to our changing needs. All too often, we overlook the potent real estate lurking beneath our beds.

Bed risers, traditional or alternative, open up these possibilities for us - enhancing storage capacity while seamlessly blending into the room's aesthetics.

The bed riser alternatives are vast and intriguing, from furniture legs to cinder blocks to adjustable bed frames.

It just takes a dash of creativity, effort, and an open mind to transform leftover space into functional gems.

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