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Where Are Dreamcloud Mattresses Made? 2024 [Behind The Brand]

By: Susie
Updated On: November 1, 2023

Are you seeking ultimate comfort and luxury for your night-time sanctuary? Well, in the quest to find the perfect mattress that delivers exceptional comfort, high quality, and longevity, you’ve likely come across DreamCloud mattresses.

Yet despite being swayed by their unique 5-layer architecture, you might hesitate with a lingering question on your mind – where are DreamCloud mattresses made?

This blog is dedicated to answering this very question and providing all the necessary insights about these popular mattresses.

Your curiosity about its origins is not only natural but praiseworthy as it demonstrates your commitment to understanding what you’re bringing into your peaceful abode. Let’s feed that curiosity without further ado.

A Brief History of Dreamcloud Brand

DreamCloud, a highly reputable mattress brand, spread its wings in 2018. It started with an incredibly expansive area of 300,000 square feet situated in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

This venture was not only about mattresses but also about creating opportunities – the company’s promulgation was expected to grave about a hundred job openings.

Their passion for quality sleep has led them to win over the hearts of millions. Today, they proudly stand with one million+ content sleepers and a fantastic threshold of more than 20,000 gleaming 5-star reviews.

Their hard work and excellence in providing luxury haven’t gone unrecognized – they’ve managed to scoop up an impressive tally of over 60 awards.

Highlighting their achievement list is being recognized for their exceptional Luxury Hybrid mattress in the U.S.

Not just confined to DreamCloud, they have expanded their horizons by adopting other leading brands such as Nectar, Awara, and Siena under their wing.

This speaks volumes about their commitment to providing top-notch comfort experience stitched together with finesse.

Whether it’s plush memory foam or eco-friendly latex beds you’re looking for – their portfolio ensures there’s something for everyone.

Where Are Dreamcloud Mattresses Made?

Details about all store locations

DreamCloud’s sprawling presence kisses every corner of the United States, making it convenient for you to find their stores and test out their mattresses sans any hassle.

With a staggering amount of 1,033 stores peppering their way across 45 states, DreamCloud stands firm, ready to enchant Americans with its plush and cozy mattress range.

Whether you’re on the sun-kissed beaches of California or basking in the southern charm of Alabama, be ready to find a DreamCloud store near you. So why wait? Start your DreamCloud journey today.

  • Alabama: 47 Stores
  • Alaska: 5 Stores
  • Arizona: 5 Stores
  • California: 116 Stores
  • Colorado: 40 Stores
  • Connecticut: 3 Stores
  • District of Columbia: 2 Stores
  • Florida: 117 Stores
  • Georgia: 22 Stores
  • Idaho: 9 Stores
  • Illinois: 15 Stores
  • Indiana: 11 Stores
  • Iowa: 5 Stores
  • Kansas: 5 Stores
  • Kentucky: 17 Stores
  • Louisiana: 18 Stores
  • Maine: 5 Stores
  • Maryland: 31 Stores
  • Massachusetts: 3 Stores
  • Michigan: 28 Stores
  • Minnesota: 19 Stores
  • Mississippi: 9 Stores
  • Missouri: 20 Stores
  • Montana: 3 Stores
  • Nevada: 4 Stores
  • New Hampshire: 2 Stores
  • New Jersey: 4 Stores
  • New Mexico: 4 Stores
  • New York: 17 Stores
  • North Carolina: 62 Stores
  • North Dakota: 1 Store
  • Ohio: 34 Stores
  • Oklahoma: 5 Stores
  • Oregon: 8 Stores
  • Pennsylvania: 5 Stores
  • South Carolina: 12 Stores
  • Tennessee: 26 Stores
  • Texas: 48 Stores
  • Utah: 24 Stores
  • Vermont: 2 Stores
  • Virginia: 27 Stores
  • Washington: 28 Stores
  • West Virginia: 9 Stores
  • Wisconsin: 20 Stores
  • Wyoming: 2 Stores

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Are DreamCloud Mattresses Good for Back Pain?

Are DreamCloud Mattresses Good for Back Pain?

For many people, the search for a mattress is centered around one crucial aspect – mitigating back pain.

If that’s your concern, you’re in luck since DreamCloud mattresses have been engineered to address this exact concern.

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Targeted-support Coil Layer

DreamCloud’s impressive structure kicks off with a layer of individually wrapped coils. Not only does this sound techy-fancy, but it adds a vital beneficiary component that helps alleviate back pain.

This targeted support coil layer focuses on providing just the right amount of buoyancy where your body needs it the most.

This coil system allows free movement without disrupting the other parts of the mattress – meaning your partner stays undisturbed even if you tend to move a lot in sleep.

Essential Base Layer

Lying beneath it all, aptly named the Essential Base Layer, gives solid support to all layers above and maintains uniformity throughout.

Here’s how: The high-density memory foam used for this base takes over the body’s weight, dispersing it evenly across the entire mattress surface area.

This contributes significantly towards keeping your spine in a neutral alignment – an important aspect when dealing with back issues.

Sink-in-just-right Layer

Everyone craves that “ah” moment when they sink into their bed after a tiring day, don’t they? The Sink-in-just-right layer offers exactly that by contouring your body shape while providing balanced support.

It operates as a transition zone between softer top layers and sturdier bottom ones, reinforcing comfort levels while enduring no compromise on back support.

Pressure-relief Comfort Layer

Perhaps one of their noteworthy layers is the Pressure-relief Comfort Layer. This memory foam marvel strategically targets pressure points and areas of strain like the shoulders, hips, and back.

While doing so, it eases tension and promotes relaxation throughout your body – substantially reducing any existing back pain.

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Soft-to-the-touch Cover

The most upfront feature is greeting you – the Soft-to-the-touch Cover. It does more than grace the mattress with aesthetic pleasantness.

High-quality cashmere-blend fabric makes it incredibly soft to touch, indeed, but likewise has hypoallergenic properties that aid in undisturbed sleep – forming a supreme combo of style, comfort, and health.

DreamCloud mattresses are indeed configurable to provide relief from back pain due to structural precision and specially designed layers targetting all areas of discomfort.

From proactive support systems to cozy soft covers that envelop you as you sleep – DreamCloud thoughtfully brings them all together for a relaxing vacation into the dream world.

Shipping and Supply Chain Dynamics of DreamCloud Mattresses

Shipping and Supply Chain Dynamics of DreamCloud Mattresses

DreamCloud mattresses have a vast and highly diverse supply chain. The mattresses are developed in the UK, but their materials and components come from various parts of the globe, making their shipping process an international operation.

As DreamCloud focuses on durable quality combined with superior comfort, they source only top-notch materials.

These resources are carefully chosen from suppliers operating in different countries. The primary locales for this sourcing include the US, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Mexico.

This global sourcing strategy allows them to maintain high standards by balancing cost-efficiency and value without sacrificing quality.

Once the components reach the UK manufacturing facility, they are skillfully assembled into the luxurious mattresses you know as DreamCloud. Then, these mattresses are shipped across continents to make their way to your homes in the United States.

So, when you receive your DreamCloud mattress at your doorstep, it’s not just a mattress; it’s a symbol of worldwide collaboration aimed at ensuring your perfect night’s sleep.

Who’s the Owner of DreamCloud?

The mind behind the innovation and luxury that is DreamCloud is none other than Eric Hutchinson. Championing the cause of perfect sleep, Hutchinson initially launched Nectar Sleep.

The success of this endeavor set off a chain reaction in his ambitious journey of providing ultimate sleep comfort.

Given his passion for enhancing sleep experiences, it’s not surprising that he couldn’t stop at just one brand.

With a clear vision for transforming the way the world sleeps, Hutchinson steered his company towards acquiring other high-performance brands such as Level Sleep, DreamCloud, and several others.

In acquiring each brand, he was not just expanding his business empire but also procuring unique technologies and innovations linked to those brands.

By pooling all these resources under one umbrella, he aimed to offer a versatile platter of sleep solutions catering to diverse needs.

With ample industry experience woven into his entrepreneurial spirit, Eric Hutchinson today stands as an influential figure contributing to shaping the future of the mattress industry.

FAQs about Dreamcloud Mattress

Do DreamCloud Mattresses Come from the United States?

No, DreamCloud mattresses are crafted and tested in manufacturing facilities based in the United Kingdom.

Does DreamCloud Import its Mattresses from Elsewhere?

The British-made DreamCloud mattresses are transported across the Atlantic to reach American buyers.

Who is Behind the Making of DreamCloud Mattresses?

Industry experts situated in the United Kingdom meticulously curate each DreamCloud mattress.

Does Sustainability Play a Part in the Production of DreamCloud Mattresses?

Yes, coupled with superior craftsmanship, sustainable sourcing is at the heart of each DreamCloud mattress’s production process.

What Makes DreamCloud Stand Out in Terms of Origin?

DreamCloud’s British origins infuse traditional craftsmanship and precision into their mattress design, setting them apart from many US-based brands.


As you strive to create your perfect sleeping sanctuary, understanding the origin of your mattress is an integral part of the process.

Now that you have a clearer picture of the British roots behind DreamCloud mattresses and their relentless commitment to sustainability, making a well-informed purchase decision is much easier.

Bringing home a DreamCloud mattress means welcoming a piece of British craftsmanship that pledges comfort, durability, and ethical practices in equal measure.

It’s more than just a bedding essential – it’s a tangible manifestation of dreams handcrafted meticulously for you.

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