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Silverpointe SW 7653 [2024 Sherwin Williams Paint Color Review]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 8, 2023

When adding a touch of sophistication and grace to any space, Sherwin Williams Silverpointe SW 7653 is my go-to paint color.

There’s just something about this soft, delicate shade of gray that brings a room to life. Effortlessly modern yet timeless.

It won’t overpower your aesthetic but infuse an atmosphere of tranquility that only a few shades can achieve.

And while countless shades are on the spectrum for paint colors, some sparkle brighter than the rest. Sherwin Williams Silverpointe SW 7653 fits neatly into this category.

With just the right balance between cool and warm hues, its charm lies in its flexibility – effortlessly blending with a broad range of color palettes and mood lighting scenarios with ease.

Now allow me to delve deeper and introduce you to the magic behind this impeccable shade.

Sherwin Williams Silverpointe SW 7653

Sherwin Williams Silverpointe SW 7653

Sherwin Williams Silverpointe poses a refreshing simplicity. This shade is not just about the aesthetic; it’s about creating an atmosphere, building a mood.

Its subtle charm offers a calm, soothing ambiance that enables creative minds to think and dream.

At times, Silverpointe could appear as a soft, pale gray in different lighting conditions or paired with specific décor elements; it may lend itself more towards the radiant side.

This versatility lies in its composition:

  • Color Family: Neutral
  • Color Collections:
  • Color ID (Minimalist)
  • Living Well (Reflect)
  • Finest Whites & Neutrals (Cool Neutrals)
  • Location Number: 239-C1
  • Hex Value: #D1D2CB
  • RGB: 209 / 210 / 203

This color is a master of transformation and is flexible enough to fit into interior and exterior spaces. It is an ideal selection for those who appreciate subtlety but also crave understated elegance.

With Silverpointe SW 7653, you can make a statement without saying too much. Sherwin Williams has genuinely offered us a gem that captures tranquility in each brush stroke.

The key to achieving that perfect hue lies in the color itself and how you utilize it. So any way you slice it – Silverpointe offers vast possibilities.

Sherwin Williams Silverpointe: Warm Or Cool

Sherwin Williams Silverpointe: Warm Or Cool

Color temperature plays a pivotal role when deciding on the ‘mood’ of the room, and Silverpointe SW 7653 is no outlier. Silverpointe could be perceived as both, with a certain warmth and coolness.


While primarily considered an excellent color, there is notable warmth in its undertones that surfaces under particular lighting scenarios.

This feature allows it to enhance predominantly beige or cream-hued surroundings seamlessly. If you’ve ever wondered how to infuse an inviting coziness into your neutral or earth-toned decor without veering off into bolder colors – this is undoubtedly a valid contender.


Primarily, Silverpointe is inherently cool-toned. Predominant green undertones lend themselves to this categorization – creating that perfect gray that’s neither too blue nor too beige.

It expertly highlights blue or green accents in decor and pairs brilliantly with excellent white trimmings.

Silverpointe’s versatile nature of effortlessly swinging between warm and cool atmospheres makes it remarkably adaptable for a variety of spaces:

When the sunlight cascades upon the walls painted in Sherwin Williams Silverpointe, the atmosphere ropes in an emergent sense of serenity.

Its ability to adjust between warm and cool shades based on light exposure brings out its unique brilliance, making it a true masterpiece from Sherwin Williams.

So if you seek that perfect balance – Silverpointe SW 7653 might solve the puzzle. Committing to this shade means you are ready to open your doors to absolute effervescence bringing life into your living space one brush stroke at a time.

Best Light Bulbs To Use?

Choosing the correct light bulb is imperative when incorporating Silverpointe SW 7653 into your décor. The proper illumination can enhance and deepen this stunning shade, while the wrong one may distort the color.

There are two dominant types of lights to consider:

  • Warm Lights: These bulbs emit a soft, golden ambiance, creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere. They would emphasize the warmer undertones in Silverpointe.
  • Cool Lights: Emitting a more radiant and clear light, cool light bulbs would draw out the cooler undertones in Silverpointe, amplifying its crispness.

Here’s a quick tabulation of options:

TypeTemperatureEffect on Silverpointe
Warm Light2700KCozy, Soft
Cool Light6500KCrisp, Clear

Note: K refers to the Kelvin scale, which measures light color.

So depending on what ambiance you’re aiming for – whether you’d like to emphasize Silverpointe’s warm or cool undertones – choose your bulb accordingly!

Ensure that you experiment with various lighting conditions before settling for one. Remember – lights have the potential to transform your space through subtle tweaks. Experiment and embrace your creative side.

The Undertones and LRV of Silverpointe SW 7653

The Undertones and LRV of Silverpointe SW 7653

Like every other color, Sherwin Williams Silverpointe SW 7653 is a rainbow of undertones. These minor hues subtly influence the primary color, altering its appearance under different lighting conditions or when juxtaposed with other shades.

The undertone of Silverpointe leans more towards the cool side.

In a well-lit room with plenty of natural light, this elegant shade beholds a hint of blue, making it appear slightly cooler.

However, artificial light tends to show off a faint green undertone. These shifts in nuance make Silverpointe an engaging and versatile choice for any space.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV):

Another critical aspect to consider while choosing paints is the Light Reflectance Value (LRV). LRV measures the percentage of light a color reflects; hence it’s crucial in determining how bright or dim a room will appear.

With an impressive LRV score of 64, Sherwin Williams Silverpointe falls into the medium scale on the LRV spectrum. This means it has an exceptional balance – neither too dark to absorb all light nor too bright to reflect it excessively.

Here’s a quick understanding

LRV:Medium (64)

So if you’re looking to make your interior feel sophisticated and spacious simultaneously, Silverpointe brings a unique blend of subtlety and depth but also owes its versatility to its mid-range LRV and cool undertones.

Where You can use Silverpointe SW 7653

Silverpointe SW 7653’s slate-like neutrality provides the perfect blank canvas for creativity that complements various styles and tastes. Here’s a rundown on how to incorporate this exquisite shade in different areas of your home:


Striking the right balance between soothing and stylish, Silverpointe can give your bathroom the feel of a personal retreat. Paired with white trim, it invokes an airy, refreshing ambiance – a perfect way to start your day.

  • Its cool undertones work perfectly against both metallic and wooden fixtures.
  • Pair with light wood or white tiles for an open and fresh feel.
  • A darker vanity or shelving can provide a lovely contrast against Silverpointe.


Bring out the charm in your kitchen by painting your cabinets Silverpointe. It is particularly captivating due to its warm nature, which becomes evident when paired with various materials.

  • Pairing Silverpointe painted cabinets with stainless steel appliances brings about a contemporary look.
  • If you’re going for contrast, choose natural dark wood floors.
  • Paired with marble countertops, it just oozes sophistication!


Shiplap isn’t longer reserved for farmhouse-style homes; it’s also making its way into modern styles.

The best way to modernize shiplap and blend seamlessly into any décor style is by painting Sherwin Williams Silverpointe. It creates an airy, bright tone without feeling cold or stark.

  • It works well as an accent when used on fireplaces or as an island wrap-around.


A peaceful shade like Silverpointe creates the perfect haven of tranquility for unwinding after long hectic days.

  • Try pairing this color with deeper shades like navy or charcoal in bedding to break up the monotony and introduce some warmth.
  • Chrome accents can bring out the full potential of this shade.


The neutrality of Sherwin Williams Silverpointe provides a mature presence without overpowering the interior design elements in your kitchen. It allows decorative elements – such as backsplashes and countertops – to stand out elegantly.

  • For monochrome lovers, pair this lovely shade with black accents – such as chairs or light fixtures – creating a timeless yet contemporary effect.

Living Room

Silverpointe makes an extraordinary candidate for living rooms due to its welcoming hue, which encourages relaxation while providing ample opportunities for pops of colors through accessories or furniture.

  • Consider using White Dove SW 7010 on trims and ceilings for cohesion.

There you go! As you can see, Sherwin Williams’ Silverpointe skyrockets interior design possibilities due to its flexible nature.

Whether serving as your primary wall color or an accent piece, let its shine enrich every corner of your home.

Sherwin Williams Silverpointe Color Strip

Sherwin Williams Silverpointe Color Strip

Delving deeper into the spectrum of grays and exploring the various hues that complement Silverpointe SW 7653, let’s look at the color strip.

This strip showcases beautiful, harmonious shades ranging from Ellie Gray SW 7650 to Silverplate SW 7649.

  • Ellie Gray SW 7650: Starting with Ellie Gray, this tone is a medium-dark shade of gray that is particularly inviting. This warmer shade has a soothing, calming allure and can beautifully complement and enhance the softer hues of Silverpointe.
  • Tinsmith SW 7657: Tinsmith sits brilliantly on the cooler side. It adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to your space. Its crisp, cool undertones provide an interesting contrast when paired with Silverpointe, which carries both warm and cool tones.
  • Front Porch SW 7651: Front Porch is another calm gray tone. Lighter than Tinsmith, it’s an excellent color to use with Silverpointe for a layered appearance or for adding depth to your space.
  • Lattice SW 7654: Lattice falls under the category of warm grays. Its mellow warmth provides a cozy ambiance that creates an enchanting palette when paired with Silverpointe.
  • Stamped Concrete SW 7655: A more neutral gray, Stamped Concrete embodies sophistication and versatility, providing an impressive backdrop to lovely Silverpointe.
  • Silverplate SW 7649: Silverplate – a lighter version of Ellie Gray yet darker than Silverpointe – creates an ideal transition between hues on this color strip.

Combining these colors offers opportunities for creative expression, allowing you to blend shades or create intriguing contrasts using these versatile paints from Sherwin Williams.

Lighting And Cardinal Directions

When picking a paint color, the direction of natural light in a room plays a crucial role. The way light enters the room markedly affects how the shade appears.

Light’s quality, intensity, and color vary with different cardinal directions – North, South, East, or West. Understanding this can help you use Silverpointe SW 7653 to its complete advantage.

North-facing Rooms

North-facing rooms receive less direct sunlight and generally have a more relaxed light. With these room characteristics:

  • Silverpointe beams with sophistication – Silverpointe will likely reveal more of its calm and crisp undertones.
  • Paint choices become versatile– Due to more excellent light conditions, colors do not appear washed out.
  • Ideal for restful spaces – Silverpoints’ soothing ambiance works perfectly for bedrooms or studies.

South-facing Rooms

In contrast to north-facing rooms, south-facing rooms receive abundant sunlight throughout the day.

  • Amplifies warm undertones– Silverpointe may exhibit subtle warm undertones adding immense depth to this lively ambiance.
  • Enhance the feeling of space – This can make your south-facing rooms feel airier and more spacious.
  • The perfect backdrop for vibrant décor – You can play with bold-colored furniture or statement decor pieces here.

East-facing Rooms

East-facing rooms receive sunlight during morning hours resulting in warm, bright mornings and cooler ambient evenings.

  • Adapting to changing moods: Because east-facing rooms have to change lighting conditions throughout the day, Silverpoint gets the chance to flaunt its dynamic range fully
  • Morning revival: The brightness level tends toward yellowish tones during sunrise, enhancing the warm characteristics of Silverpointe, resulting in a sunny start to your day!

West-Facing Rooms

These rooms offer the most dramatic lighting conditions – bright and sunlit in late afternoons but a bit shadowy during mornings.

  • The interplay of warmth & coolness: West-facing rooms have similar lighting conditions to Eastern ones. Silverpoint’s flexibility gives it an alluring edge from dawn to dusk.
  • Accentuates coziness: During sunsets, when illumination turns golden, it brings out hidden warmth in silverpointe, increasing these spaces’ coziness quotient.

Pen down your observations as you experiment with different lighting scenarios to find the desired atmosphere best suited for your taste and space preferences with Silverpointe SW 7653.

As we walk this journey together remember: It’s about turning your house into your home.

Best Trim Colors with Silverpointe SW 7653

Best Trim Colors with Silverpointe SW 7653

Choosing the right trim color can either make or break your overall theme and when it comes to Silverpointe 7653 – your choice of trim color matters even more.

Here are my top picks for trim options that balance beautifully with this versatile shade:

  • High Reflective White SW 7757: This pure, brilliant white shade is a crisp and clean contrast to Silverpointe sweeping endlessly over your walls. It enhances the cool undertones without starkness.
  • Snowbound SW 7004: If you want to infuse a slightly warmer vibe into your space, Snowbound could be the perfect pairing. Its delicate warm undertones harmonize with Silverpointe, creating a gentle transition between wall and trim.
  • Alabaster SW 7008: A personal favorite – Alabaster offers an elegant balance of warm and cool undertones, which nicely complements Silverpointe’s tranquility. Using them together creates a seamlessly balanced and calm ambiance.

Remember: do not restrict yourself to these options! Feel free to experiment, customizing your perfect blend of colors for the walls and trims in your residence.

Indeed, all it takes is an artist’s eye. With a bit of creativity and playfulness, any home furnished in shades ranging from High Reflective White to Alabaster can be transformed into dazzling masterpieces with Silverpointe as the perfect backdrop.

Silverpointe: Interior and Exterior?


Sherwin William’s Silverpointe SW 7653 shines as an interior paint color. It’s ideal for creating an aura of serenity in a bedroom or fostering a welcoming atmosphere in the living room.

This color segues beautifully from the walls to the ceilings, offering visual continuity.

Remember – it’s all about pairing it correctly! Some decor pairings that go seamlessly with Silverpointe SW 7653 include:

  • White: For a timeless monochromatic look.
  • Wood: To create warm and cozy vibes.
  • Metallics: For a touch of modern luxe.


With its elegant charm, Silverpointe isn’t limited to just interior spaces. It brings undertones of sophistication to exteriors as well.

Embrace it to elevate your house facade or outdoor garden walls. It’s stunning with crisp white trims or dark-colored doors, providing a perfect complement.

Whether in bright daylight or under the evening sky, houses drenched in Silverpointe manage to make their own quiet, compelling statement.

Why Is Sample Important Before Buying Full Paint Color?

Why Is Sample Important Before Buying Full Paint Color?

Before we purchase that 5-gallon bucket of paint, we must stop and consider a crucial step in the process of color selection – sampling. This seemingly small step could save us from experiencing major paint regrets.

Why is sampling so important?

  • The Swatches Deceive: Swatches can be helpful but are often deceiving. A small square representation of color will not accurately portray how that color will look when applied to a large wall or an entire room.
  • Effects of Lighting: As previously emphasized, light plays a significant role in how colors appear. The sample paint on your wall at different times of the day under changing light conditions will give you a much clearer idea.
  • Adjacent Colors Matter: Colors around the room (furniture, flooring, accessories, etc.) may influence how your chosen paint color appears. Sampling can help you see how it truly complements your existing elements.
  • Personal Perception & Preference: Sometimes, it’s just about how you feel about a particular shade in a larger area. You may love it swatched but find it overpowering when painted on an entire wall.

Sampling allows you to sit with your color choice – to visualize and feel the space before making that final commitment! Test before you invest.

Coordinating Colors of Silverpointe SW 7653

Silverpointe’s understated elegance allows it to pair exquisitely with many hues, injecting your interiors (and even exteriors) with charm and sophistication.

Here are some colors that ideally pair up with Sherwin Williams Silverpointe:

  • Pure White SW 7005: This pristine shade complements beautifully as a trim color, accentuating the character in Silverpointe without taking center stage. This duo allows for the room to feel more vibrant and open.
  • Indigo Batik SW 7602: Functioning as a contrasting color, Indigo Batik’s deep, rich undertones act as the perfect foil to Silverpointe’s pale gray tone. It is a more excellent shade that helps bring out Silverpointe’s warmth.
  • Rosemary SW 6187: Combining nature’s favorite shade with Silverpointe amalgamates softness with a hint of earthiness. It offers your space an authentic vibe that is both soothing and energetic.
  • Grecian Ivory SW 7541: Paired with Silverpointe, it would add depth and complexity to your room—the muted green stands elegantly alongside its gray counterpart.

Whether you opt for analogous or contrasting colors to coordinate with Silverpointe, consider what emotion or atmosphere you want to evoke in your spaces!

Canvas tests these shades before implementing them across larger spaces. Use peel-and-stick samples – these can be moved around to different walls – or painted onto white cardstocks – during various daylight changes.

FAQs About Silverpointe SW 7653

What kind of paint color is Sherwin Williams Silverpointe SW 7653?

Silverpointe is a soft, neutral gray with a balance of warm and cool undertones.

How does Silverpointe SW 7653 appear under different lighting conditions?

Silverpointe can vary from a muted gray under cool lighting to a slightly warm tone under incandescent or warm lights.

How versatile is Sherwin Williams Silverpointe when paired with other colors?

Being a neutral shade, Silverpointe works well with various color schemes and can effortlessly blend with vibrant and subdued hues.

Is the Sherwin-Williams Silverpointe paint suitable for both interior and exterior use?

Yes, you can utilize the versatility of Silverpointe in interior design projects and exterior spaces.

Can I use Sherwin Williams Silverpointe SW 7653 in my bathroom or kitchen, as it has high moisture levels?

Absolutely! When paired with the suitable primer and finish, this versatile shade will hold up incredibly well in high-humidity areas like the bathroom or kitchen.


Sherwin Williams Silverpointe SW 7653 is a versatile choice that injects a calming, sophisticated presence into any space. Its well-balanced undertone lets it harmoniously blend with various color schemes.

Whether you’re sprucing up a kitchen or revamping your living room – this hue sets the perfect backdrop for your imagination to play.

When choosing this hue, consider your lighting choices and other decor elements in the room. Experimenting with a paint sample before committing to an entire project is always advisable.

Ultimately, no matter where or how you use it, Sherwin Williams Silverpointe will breathe fresh life into your home or workspace.

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