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Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 [Paint Color Review 2024]

By: Susie
Updated On: September 5, 2023

You’re not alone if you’ve ever found yourself standing in the paint aisle, unsure which shade to choose. Making the right color choice for your home or office can seem overwhelming, especially with the many options available.

Thankfully, Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 can make things considerably easier. This soothing and elegant hue has become versatile, impressing amateur DIY enthusiasts and experienced interior designers alike.

Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 is part of a rich grey palette that exhibits an understated yet confident charm. It’s a unique blend masterfully straddles the line between warm and cool undertones.

As you continue reading this review, you’ll understand why this distinctive color is gaining popularity among homeowners and design architects. Argos SW 7065 might be the perfect fit for your space, whether contemporary or traditional decor.

All Basics Of Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065

Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 continues to shine for its ability to bring a calming sensation to any space. Here are some key details about this lovely hue:

  • Light Reflectance Value (LRV): 51 – This tells us how much light the paint color will reflect when applied—an LRV of 51 positions Argos, ideally in the medium range, resulting in balanced brightness.
  • RGB: 189 / 189 / 183 – RGB values represent the intensity of red, green, and blue the color contains, which brings out its distinctive shade.
  • Hex Value: #BDBDB7 – This value comes in handy when replicating colors digitally.
  • Location Number: 236-C2
  • Interior/Exterior Application Architecturally, it works wonders on interior and exterior walls or surfaces, adding versatility to your design plans.
  • Color Collections: It’s part of the Pottery Barn – Teen (Fall/Winter) and West Elm (Fall/Winter) color collections—trusted picks for that edgy yet mature appeal.
  • Color Family: Neutral – Belonging to a neutral family, Argos offers a harmonious consistency for nearly all shades.

This subtly elegant paint color carries a well-balanced charm that beautifully complements various decor styles. Whether stellar or paired with contrasting hues, Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 is an impressive staple in modern design.

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Exterior Perspectives with Argos SW 7065

Exterior Perspectives with Argos SW 7065

Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 is a color that lends perfectly to various exterior applications due to its neutral tone and versatility. Here’s how you can utilize it:

  • Exterior Walls: This calming gray provides excellent coverage for exterior walls, creating an understated yet impactful curb appeal.
  • Trim and Moldings: Argos creates a noticeable contrast that defines architectural details beautifully when used on trim and moldings.
  • Front Door: Painting your front door Argos SW 7065 can give your home a welcoming aura while standing out from the traditional door colors.
  • Shutters: For those looking to highlight their windows, consider using Argos on your shutters for an ornamental touch.
  • Fences: Fences painted in this soft gray provide a classy backdrop for vibrant colors in your garden or yard fixtures.
  • Outdoor Furniture: Outdoor furniture coated in this shade protects from weathering and blends naturally into the exterior setup.
  • Porch Ceilings: Porch ceilings in Argos bring forth an open-air feel that makes leisure time more relaxing.
  • Accents: Whether utilized on mailboxes, light posts, or garden decor, as an accent color, it interweaves the different outdoor elements seamlessly.

Using Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 opens up endless opportunities for unique design perspectives on exteriors. Its elegant simplicity makes it a notable choice among neutral colors.

Decoding Application of Argos SW 7065 in Interiors

The beauty of Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 is beyond its elegant appeal; it also carries a remarkable adaptability that amplifies any interior space. Here’s how you can utilize this splendid hue in various parts of your home:

  • Living Rooms: With honest and unpretentious appeal, Argos SW 7065 anchors the living area gracefully. It encompasses a cozy vibe, making the room feel effortlessly welcoming.
  • Bedrooms: Providing a peaceful ambiance, this color has a soothing effect that can ease you into slumber. Whether it covers the whole room or is bound to an accent wall, it adds depth and serenity to your sleeping quarters.
  • Home Offices: In this era where working from home is the norm, your office space must encourage productivity without neglecting comfort. The calm and calming nature of Argos SW 7065 is effective at striking that balance.
  • Hallways and Entryways: First impressions count. Argos offers an inviting glow that envelops hallways and entry points. The soft gray imbues an open feeling that will make your home seem larger than it is.
  • Bathrooms: Given its flexible nature, Argos fits well even in bathroom setups – whether for the master bathroom or a small powder room. This shade brings an unexpected level of sophistication to these intimate spaces.

The versatile personality of Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 makes it a consistent performer in all types of interior schemes – from minimalistic designs to bolder ones.

Best Matching Colors to Pair with Argos SW 7065

Best Matching Colors to Pair with Argos SW 7065

While Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 stands out, perfectly pairing it with complementing colors can elevate your space. The following Sherwin Williams hues are classic matches that can enhance Argos’s sophisticated charm:

  • Nebulous White SW 7063: This radiant white contrasts beautifully with the subtlety of Argos, making it a stunning choice for trims or ceilings that demand attention.
  • Tin Lizzie SW 9163: As a darker medium gray, Tin Lizzie stands its ground when paired with the balance of Argos. The two together create the perfect storm— dramatic yet calming.
  • Pale Moss SW 9027: For those seeking to introduce more warmth and tranquility into their rooms without compromising elegance, Pale Moss SW 9027 proves to be an excellent choice.

While these suggestions provide fabulous pairing prospects, your personal preference always holds rank! Don’t hesitate to experiment until you settle on a combination that appeals most to your taste and complements your space beautifully.

The case for Sampling Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065

It’s essential to try a paint swatch before making the final decision, and here’s why it applies just as much to Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065. No amount of reading about color specifications can substitute the visual input you receive from seeing the color in person.

Lighting, daylight shifts, wall texture, and surrounding furniture can significantly alter how a color looks in your home. Sampling Argos will allow you to gauge its appearance at different times of the day and under other lighting conditions, from dawn to dusk.

This tangible experience would indicate whether this unique grayish shade complements your style and space ambiance.

Do not underestimate the massive difference small paint samples can make; they could be your key to crafting visually pleasing spaces that feel uniquely ‘you.’

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The Undertones of Argos SW 7065

The Undertones of Argos SW 7065

Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 is a cool, neutral gray paint color with prominent blue and green undertones.

This means while the base hue of Argos is gray, it can also appear subtly bluish or greenish in certain lighting conditions or when juxtaposed with specific colors.

The blue undertone gives Argos a somewhat crisp and refreshing appeal, making it an ideal choice for creating serene spaces.

Conversely, green undertones can lend this color a slightly earthy feel, which complements natural aesthetics beautifully.

Interplay with Light – North, South, East and West Exposure

Understanding how colors interact with different exposures to light is critical, particularly when selecting a paint color for your home.

This matters because the sun’s position can affect how Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 translates into your space.

North-Facing Rooms

North-facing rooms tend to be naturally darker, receiving cooler and bluer light. Using Argos SW 7065 in these rooms could potentially emphasize its cooler undertones. Nevertheless, the neutral grey balance ensures the space doesn’t become too stark or cold.

South-Facing Rooms

On the other hand, south-facing rooms generally receive a splendid amount of natural warm sunlight throughout the day. When bathed with this light, Argos SW 7065 has a slightly warmer appearance without fully embracing a beige personality.

If you have large windows in your southern exposure rooms, Argos might seem lighter than predicted due to the excessive inflow of natural sunlight.

East-Facing Rooms

East-facing rooms see bright, warmer light during mornings and more excellent light during afternoons. Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 could display warm undertones in the morning while transitioning towards cooler tones as daylight fades away.

West-Facing Rooms

Rooms facing west experience softer illumination in the morning and intense golden hues at sunset. In these spaces, Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 may feel less grey and more inviting towards late afternoon as it catches that gleaming evening golden glow.

In all exposure scenarios and despite its shifts towards warm or cool undertones depending upon the directionality of natural daylight inflow, Sherwin Williams Argos remains within the realm of neutrality because of its balanced chroma.

Trim Color Matches for Exterior Setup

Trim Color Matches for Exterior Setup

Choosing to complement trim paint colors is crucial to enhance the elegance of your Argos SW 7065 exterior walls. Here are a couple of Sherwin-Williams paints that work beautifully with Argos:

  • Sherwin Williams High Reflective White SW 7757: Worth considering if you’re after a sleek, super-bright white finish. This high-LRV option will undoubtedly give your Argos exterior walls an edgy, modern twist.
  • Sherwin Williams Pure White SW 7005: Pure White brings a softer, more delicate touch to the table, offering just enough warmth to balance Argos’s cool undertones without overpowering them.

It’s valuable to consider the overall design aesthetic while coupling trim colors. High Reflective White can create that crisp contrast with minimum effort for an ultra-modern look. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a subtler and softer appeal that’s more welcoming – Pure White can help achieve that balance.

Remember, it’s not just about working with matching colors but creating moods—a testament to how transformative paint can be!

Choosing High Reflective White or Pure White as a trim color match for your Argos exterior setup largely depends on personal preference and existing decor elements.

Play around with these potential combinations and watch as Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 brings out the best in your home’s exterior.

The LRV of Argos SW 7065

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 is 51. This means the color reflects about 51% of light and absorbs 49%.

It’s considered a medium-light shade, neither too dark nor too light— ideally balanced for those seeking elegance with a dash of modern sophistication.

The LRV scale goes from 0% (absolute black) to 100% (pure white). Thus, an LRV of SW 7065 at 51 indicates it is closer to white than black on this scale.

Given its mid-level LRV, Argos is versatile and can suit various living spaces, adding a serene and soothing atmosphere that isn’t overwhelming or stark.

Evaluating Coolness and Warmth Scale

Evaluating Coolness and Warmth Scale

Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 falls under the category of cool colors. Although the name “Argos” might imply a warm, sunny landscape, the color is a light to medium shade of gray that tends to lean on the cool side.

This paint color has blue undertones, characteristic of cooler hues, creating a calm and inviting atmosphere.

Despite being a cool color, Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 can also provide warmth and coziness when applied in rooms with plenty of natural light or paired with warm-toned furnishings and decor.

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FAQs About Argos SW 7065

Can Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 work well in a kitchen?

Yes, the soothing vibe of Argos SW 7065 can create an inviting ambiance in any kitchen space.

What is the behavior of Argos SW 7065 under different lighting?

The color subtly changes as per the lighting condition, leaning cooler under bright LED lights and warmer under dim light.

How does Sherwin Williams Argos contrast with whites?

It contrasts with whites, helping them stand out while maintaining harmony.

Is Argos SW 7065 difficult to maintain?

Like any other Sherwin-Williams paint, its quality allows easy cleaning and maintenance.

Can Argos SW 7065 be used on furniture pieces?

Absolutely! It is a delightful finish for wooden furniture pieces, creating a modern yet laid-back appeal.


There you have it – a comprehensive Sherwin Williams Argos SW 7065 review. Its soothing shade and versatile undertones make this paint option ideal for various applications, from bedrooms to living rooms and outdoor structures.

Regardless of your overall theme or design configuration, this color’s remarkable capability to balance bold and muted elements exudes an inviting ambiance to any space.

So, next time you find yourself in the paint aisle, remember the benefits of Argos SW 7065. This elegant hue might be the splash of color your home has been waiting for.

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