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Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218 [Paint Color Review 2024]

By: Susie
Updated On: September 2, 2023

Are you puzzled about adding a fresh coat of color to your space and finding it difficult to decide which shade to go for? Well, You’re in good company! Amid a sea of colors, one hue that may stand out for you is Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218.

This article delves into a detailed review of this captivating color. Its unique appeal has made it a favorite among homeowners and interior designers.

Searching for the perfect color scheme can be a daunting task. You want a shade that perfectly communicates your personality and complements your existing aesthetic. Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218 might tick off all those boxes for you.

Stick with us, and by the end of this read, you’ll get a clearer picture of why this color could be the ideal choice for transforming your space automatically.

Overview of Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218

Belonging to the calming blue color family, Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218 is part of the thoughtfully curated “Living Well” collection. This hue aims to inspire serenity in your domestic abode and ignites creativity in commercial spaces. Refined and versatile, it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its location number is 219-C1.

Further codified by the Hex Value #C2CFCF, this paint reflects a sophisticated color blend in digital design. A critical aspect to consider here is its Light Reflectance Value (LRV), which stands at 61.

LRV indicates how much light a color reflects – a higher LRV suggests a color that will brighten up your space significantly, making Tradewind an excellent choice for areas requiring an extra touch of luminosity.

To put it briefly, Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218 pairs striking aesthetics with high functionality, carving its niche in the world of colors.

Light Reflectance Value of Tradewind SW 6218

Light Reflectance Value of Tradewind SW 6218

Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218 is a popular paint color with a Light Reflectance Value 61. LRV indicates the amount of light a color reflects.

A higher LRV number, like 61, implies that the paint reflects more light and can make spaces appear larger and brighter.

Thus, Tradewind is well-suited for more petite or darker rooms where creating an illusion of spaciousness and brightness is desired.

This beautifully neutral blue shade gives your interiors a calming and serene effect, serving as an excellent choice for bedrooms and bathrooms.

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The Undertones in Tradewind SW 6218

Tradewind SW 6218 is a stunning, breezy light blue paint color distinctly influenced by green undercurrents and calmed by gray undertones. This hue, derived from Sherwin-Williams, perfectly blends serenity and sophistication.

Primarily, the color blue in Tradewind exhibits tranquility and reliability, showcasing the peace of a serene sea or sky.

Whereas the presence of subtle green undertones adds an element of refreshment and growth to the color spectrum. The gray undertones balance out these vibrant hues, delivering calmness and coolness while neutralizing overall vibrancy.

Apart from this, Tradewind SW 6218 adapts elegantly to different lighting situations. It effortlessly reflects natural light during the daytime, imparting fresh energy to your space while glowing softly under artificial light, making any room cozy and relaxing for evenings.

Whether applied in bedrooms for its relaxing ambiance or living rooms for its refreshing vibe, Tradewind SW 6218 offers a blend of quiet charm and refined elegance that can enhance any interior decor aesthetics.

Tradewind SW 6218 in Indoor Spaces

Tradewind SW 6218 in Indoor Spaces

Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218 lends itself beautifully to various indoor settings, each offering a different canvas to highlight its distinctive potential. This versatile color brings out the best characteristics of your rooms while subtly syncing with your décor.

  • Living Room: Tradewind introduces a calming yet energizing ambiance in the living room. It’s easy on the eyes and plays amicably with natural and artificial light. Try painting the entire room or just a statement wall; you’ll be surprised by how it establishes an airy vibe without feeling overwhelming.
  • Bedroom: Use Tradewind in bedrooms for a restful, serene atmosphere that invites rest. The bluish tint cools warmer environments and complements most mattresses, bedding, and wood furniture.
  • Bathroom: This paint remains durable and attractive for bathrooms with varying humidity levels. Its soothing undertones inspire spa-like tranquility, turning routine moments into pampering rituals.
  • Kitchen: Tradewind is an eye-catching color for kitchen spaces, offering a perfect backdrop for white cabinets or stainless steel appliances. Its subtlety makes messes less visible while enhancing the elegance of your meal prep area.
  • Dining Rooms: Make mealtimes special by enveloping your dining room in Sherwin Williams Tradewind. Its capacity to invoke calmness makes for memorable dine-ins and parties alike.
  • Entryway: Greet guests with an entryway adorned in Tradewind – its welcoming aura sets up a clean canvas before transitioning into other face-forward rooms of your home.
  • Accent Walls: Strategically utilizing this paint can accentuate unique architectural details of any space – be it revealing the depth of artworks or adding dimensions to the walls themselves.
  • Nursery: Ensure comfort for your little ones with Tradewinds in nurseries. It fosters calmness vital for their peaceful sleep while providing ample brightness during playtime hours.

To sum up–Sherwin Williams’s Tradewinds SW 6218 manifests a robust compatibility range regarding interior use. Have fun experimenting with it across spaces–you won’t be disappointed!

Outdoor Usage of Tradewind SW 6218

Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218 is a refreshing choice for the outdoor envelope of your home or building. It’s not just an interior color; it also brings a clean, fresh new look to any exterior setting.

This versatile hue lends itself to many outdoor applications, accentuating the greenery, maximizing the impact of your architectural details, and providing a soothing backdrop for daily life.

  • Exterior walls: Tradewind breathes life into exterior walls with its rejuvenating splash of color. Being a light and somewhat airy blue, it harmonizes with natural elements seamlessly. Whether you have a contemporary construction or a traditional home design, this shade creates an inviting impression.
  • Front Door: Your front door is your home’s welcome statement. Painting it in Tradewinds can make your entrance focal point seem stylish and friendly. Pair it with crisp white trims – and you have an entryway that exudes charm!
  • Trim Accents: When paired with complementary hues like earthy greens or deep blues, tradewinds can add character to trim accents like molding and baseboards around windows and doors. The resultant contrast provides oodles of visual interest.
  • Shutters: Shutters painted in Tradewinds bring an unexpected pop of hue to your home’s exterior palette. It’s especially effective if you’re striving for the beach-house look or Cape Cod-style home.
  • Porch ceilings: Fun fact: In many regions, blue porch ceilings are more than just aesthetic choices; they’re steeped in folklore and history! In this context, Tradewinds makes for an excellent porch ceiling color – Imagine lying on your porch swing on warm afternoons against this soothing sky-blue simulacrum!

While using Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218 outdoors, remember that natural light tends to amplify colors.

Consequently, this timeless shade may appear more vibrant under sunny skies than indoors, where lighting conditions can be controlled and adjusted.

Is Tradewind a warm or cool paint color?

Is Tradewind a warm or cool paint color?

Tradewind is indeed a cool paint color. This soothing and tranquil hue falls under blue and green tones, specifically light teal.

Cool colors in home design promote calmness, serenity, and relaxation. Tradewind paint color reflects these qualities perfectly.

Ideal for bedrooms or living rooms, this color creates a peaceful ambiance that can help clear the mind and reduce stress.

Pair it with neutral tones like whites or grays for a balanced look emphasizing its cool nature. To add contrast, warm wooden tones would create a visually appealing juxtaposition against the cool Tradewind backdrop.

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Where Not to Use in the Home

While Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218 is a versatile color, certain areas within your home may not be the best fit. Let’s delve into each of these spaces separately to make informed choices.

Home Office

Your home office should ideally be a space that promotes focus and productivity. With its soothing and cool undertone, Tradewind might make the space too relaxed for an environment that requires alertness and concentration.

A color that stimulates creativity and maintains an air of professionalism, like teal or aqua, might be a more suitable choice for your workspace.

Small Bedroom

For small bedrooms, your aim should be to create an illusion of expansive space using colors. Unfortunately, Tradewind might not serve this purpose effectively due to its medium-light tone.

You could opt instead for light shades of neutral colors, such as beige or cream, which reflect more light and visually expand the room.

Dimly Lit Hallway

In spaces like a dimly lit hallway lacking natural sunlight, Tradewind may look dull or washed out due to its LRV of 61—high, but not enough for such specific areas. On such occasions, highly reflective paint colors that hugely brighten up the area would work better.

North-Facing Room

The subtle cool undertone of Sherwin Williams Tradewind may not best complement a north-facing room known for its cool and bluish daylight.

This could lead to lending a colder feel to your space than desired; thus, balance this by opting for warmer or neutral shades that instill coziness despite the blue light.


Basements generally don’t get much natural light; thus, a paint color with a higher LRV would do wonders here.

While Tradewind is beautiful in well-lit rooms, its effectiveness diminishes in darker areas like basements—it might turn shady rather than vibrant, making the basement appear duller than expected.

It is pivotal to consider these aspects before painting each room, as color interacts differently according to lighting conditions and spatial dimensions.

Color has an immense power in creating illusions—if wielded correctly! The sole aim is to ensure your chosen shade fulfills your home’s unique requirements while resonating with your style statement.

Subtleties of Sampling – Why it Matters

Subtleties of Sampling - Why it Matters

Sampling is an integral step in your color selection journey. It’s crucial because paint colors can appear drastically different when applied to a large surface compared to their tiny swatch. Furthermore, the lighting in your space influences how you perceive the color.

Sampling helps eliminate guesswork by allowing you to see the color’s true essence in your specific environment.

When sampling Tradewind SW 6218 or any other paint color, apply a sample area on your wall and observe it under various lighting conditions at different times of the day.

This method ensures you’re pleased with the color within your space’s unique context before painting an entire room.

Influence of Lighting and Cardinal Directions on Tradewind

The look of Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218 can dramatically transition based on the influence of lighting conditions and cardinal directions. Natural lighting brings out the best in this color, making it appear more vibrant and welcoming.

South-facing rooms that receive plenty of sunlight will amplify this color’s cool blue undertones, lending a tranquil ambiance.

In contrast, in an east or west-facing room with varying light levels throughout the day, Tradewind might appear subtly different – transitioning from a soft, muted tone in daylight to an enigmatic shade during sunset.

Suppose your room is primarily north-facing or doesn’t have ample access to natural light. In that case, artificial lights can also play a major role – warm-toned lights highlight its soothing gray undertones while cool-toned lights bring out its bluish charm.

Remember: trial swatches under different lighting conditions are vital before committing to this paint color—texture, angle of incidence of light, and paint finish all contribute to how Tradewind will ultimately look on your walls.

Experimenting with these variables can help you seamlessly achieve your desired impact with Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218.

Selecting Trim Colors

To elevate the grace of Tradewind SW 6218, pair it with the right trim colors. Fundamentally, trim colors help frame and accentuate a room’s primary shade, leading to a more cohesive look. Here are two elegant and versatile options from Sherwin Williams that blend seamlessly with Tradewind.

  • Sherwin Williams Pure White SW 7005: Pure White is a timeless classic that breathes life into any space. It’s a clean, bright white without any strong undertones. This means it won’t clash with or overshadow Tradewind SW 6218 but complements it, fostering a harmonious ambiance.
  • Sherwin Williams High Reflective White SW 7757: High Reflective White is another impeccable choice for trims with Tradewind because of its ultra brightness that perfectly contrasts textured wall paints. Its high reflectivity accentuates the calming vibe of Tradewind, making every corner pop up distinctly.

Selecting trim colors is just as important as your primary paint choice. By opting for colors such as Pure White or High Reflective White to accompany Sherwin Williams Tradewind, you’ll achieve an aesthetically pleasing environment that exudes elegance and serenity in equal measure.

Top Matching Shades to Tradewind SW 6218

Top Matching Shades to Tradewind SW 6218

Choosing the perfect color palette can be quite a task when decorating your home. Nevertheless, Sherwin Williams has you covered by providing a flawless range of colors compatible with Tradewind SW 6218.

These shades share harmonic undertones with Tradewind, allowing you to construct a pleasantly coordinated color scheme.

  • Sherwin Williams Topsail SW 6217: This soft aqua paint shares the same soothing vibes as the Tradewind. Being from the same color family, Topsail is lighter than Tradewind and an excellent complementary option for a monochromatic aesthetic.
  • Sherwin Williams Shell White SW 8917: This natural and versatile off-white paint color pairs wonderfully with Tradewind, creating a balanced and breezy color scheme, not too stark and neither too mellow.
  • Sherwin Williams Whirlpool SW 9135: When looking for an edgier contrast that adds depth to your room while maintaining an overall calm aura, Whirlpool can bring just that. It’s considered one of the best colors that harmonize well with Tradewind.

To create an appealing space that feels comfortable and looks sophisticated, coordinating your paints effectively is key. This involves meticulous observation and experimentation.

Make sure to order plenty of free paint chips online or buy small sample pots from your local Sherwin-Williams store and trial them in different lighting conditions before making the final decision.

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FAQs about Tradewind SW 6218

What moods does Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218 evoke in a space?

Tradewind SW 6218 creates a serene and soothing environment with a relaxing vibe.

Is Tradewind SW an ideal color choice for the kitchen?

It can instill a peaceful ambiance with white or off-white kitchen cabinets.

Can Sherwin Williams Tradewind look good on exterior walls?

Absolutely! Tradewind adds elegance and style to exterior spaces when paired with appropriate accent colors.

Does the color ‘Tradewind’ work well in small rooms?

Yes, due to its high LRV, it can make small spaces appear more spacious and light-filled.

How does natural light affect the appearance of Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218?

Natural light can make this cool color appear warmer during the day, creating versatility in your space.


Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218 is a sophisticated, versatile color. It’s a delightful solution for those seeking a marriage of tranquility and aesthetic appeal in their space. Whether indoor or outdoor ventures, this hue creates harmonious drama and elegance.

It’s all about building a palette that resonates with your persona while enhancing your home decor. So why wait? Bath your space in the refreshing vibe of Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218 today.

Embrace the tranquil waves it brings to your surroundings and watch as it breathes life into every corner of your space!

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