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Riverway SW 6222 [2023 Color Guide] [Awesome Teal Paint Color]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 16, 2023

Sometimes in life, you're charmed by the whispers of nature, and you wish you could bring a piece of that charm into your home.

And what better way to achieve this than with a color that blends the tranquil hues of an evergreen forest with the serene depths of a nurturing river? Let me introduce you to what I believe is "the best teal paint color - Riverway SW 6222."

A captivating shade imbued with solace and elegance, it's ideal for creating spaces for introspection, relaxation, or a quiet cup of coffee.

Whether seeking to infuse some vitality into an old room or deciding on the perfect color palette for your new place, Riverway SW 6222 seamlessly fits into practically any design scheme, elevating the aesthetic appeal effortlessly. It doesn't just add color to your walls - it revitalizes your surroundings with a touch of class.

Sherwin Williams Riverway SW 6222

Riverway is more than just a pretty name for Sherwin Williams' star in the blue color family. This unique shade, denoted by location number 219-C6, is an enticing gem in interiors and exteriors.

Its hex value of #5D7274 echoes a harmonious blend of RGB values - 93/114/116. Dive into this captivating color that wraps you into an embrace of the calm sea and sprawling forest greenery—a hue that unlocks tranquility amid chaos.

This majestic teal blue paint suggests a river's soothing voyage through sapphire landscapes. Its innate capability to illuminate spaces with unparalleled style goes far beyond its appealing exterior.

A key player in Sherwin-Williams' ColorSnap system, Riverway SW 6222 stands out for all the right reasons.

There's something undeniably comforting about coming home to walls brushed with teals infused with hints of blues and greens in a symbiotic dance.

Each refracted light brings out contrasting undertones, an intriguing play you'll find hard to elude. This isn't just a paint can; it's your shortcut to the vacation villa experience without stepping outside yours.

What are the undertones of Riverway SW 6222?

What are the undertones of Riverway SW 6222?

Just like a river possesses hidden depths, so does Sherwin Williams' star - Riverway SW 6222. This majestic teal color imbues your space with a hint of green undertone that mirrors the tranquil depths of a forest river, revealing its serene side.

  • Subtle Complexity in Color: Riverway SW 6222 masterfully balances the vibrancy of blue with an underlying tone of green. This blend creates a versatile hue for wide-ranging interior and exterior paint applications.
  • Warm Meets Cool: Paying homage to the subtle complexity inherent in nature's elements, Sherwin Williams' Riverway contains cool and warm undertones. It combines the incredible tranquility characteristic of blue colors and the welcoming warmth more commonly associated with greens.
  • Dynamic Underscore: Depending on how it's lit, this color's dominant tones can shift between blue and green, giving your space dynamic and ever-changing appeal. It allows you to capture differing moods throughout the day using clever lighting techniques.

By choosing Riverway SW 6222 for your decorating project, you're opting for a rich paint color that changes your mood and elevates your space from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Light Reflectance Value of Riverway SW 6222

The Light Reflectance Value of Riverway SW 6222

The color you choose for your walls influences the amount of light they reflect. This factor, known as the Light Reflectance Value (LRV), is significant in creating space perception and overall mood within your home's environment. Let's explore Riverway's LRV:

  • LRV Definition: The Light Reflection Value (LRV) measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects. It aids in determining how dark or light that color appears when applied to surfaces.
  • Riverway LRV Score: With an LRV score of 16, Sherwin-Williams' Riverway SW 6222 is considered a medium-dark color. This score categorizes it under the 'lower-medium' range, meaning it reflects less light compared to lighter colors.
  • Space Perception: A lower LRV such as Riverway's can create perceptions of intimacy and coziness when used in larger rooms while adding depth to smaller spaces.
  • Mood Creation: With its soothing tones and the ability to absorb rather than reflect excessive light, Riverway effectively curates tranquil and relaxing mood environments.

Understanding Riverway SW 6222’s LRV will allow you to use this wondrous hue optimally and create atmosphere-enhancing spaces throughout your home.

Sherwin Williams Riverway SW 6222: Warm Or Cool?

The temperature of color can dramatically impact the emotion and ambiance within any given space. So, does Riverway SW 6222 run warm or cool? Let's dive into that.


In terms of warmth,' Riverway exhibits subtleties under specific lighting conditions. It embraces its green undertones, exuding an earthy warmth you associate with gentle sunlight filtering through a dense forest canopy or lazy afternoons spent by a riverbank.

This capricious trait of Riverway imparts an inviting glow to your room reminiscent of sun-dappled landscapes. This warm character offers a comforting environment, whether used in a living room, bedroom, or kitchen.


However, at first glance and on most occasions, Riverway leans towards the more astonishing spectrum. The dominant blue hints are undeniably tranquil, similar to the reassuring coolness of a flowing river or a clear sky after the rains have passed. It lends spaces an airy and spacious feel without making them seem impersonal or distant.

This 'coolness' makes Riverway SW 6222 a perfect match for bathrooms or workspaces where you aim for an atmosphere of calm concentration.

The color retains its cooler dominance even when paired with furniture or accessories in warm tones such as honey oak, rustic browns, or rich reds.

To summarize, Sherwin Williams’ Riverway SW 6222 is predominantly calm, with sporadic instances where it leans towards warmer shades when exposed to particular lighting conditions.

This mutable color manipulation helps create depth and alters the mood within your space in fascinating ways.

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Where You Can Use Riverway SW 6222

Where You Can Use Riverway SW 6222

The enthralling intensity of Riverway SW 6222 is exceptional for creating vibrant spaces, both in your home's interiors and exteriors. Here are some suggestions on where you can use this shade:

  • Living Room: In the living room, this color can create an air of calming sophistication with its deep hues. Whether used on all walls or only on an accent wall, it pairs well with neutral-toned furniture, bringing an inviting feel to your space while embodying high-style aesthetics.
  • Bedroom: Bedroom walls painted in Riverway swiftly provide a sanctuary vibe that soothes you after a long day, enveloping you in tranquility and rejuvenation.
  • Home Office: Enhance the ambiance of a home office by adding a focus-inducing Riverway as an accent wall. A perfect balance between soothing undertones and stimulating overtones inspires creativity and productivity.
  • Kitchen: For those brave souls looking to take their kitchen decor up by a notch, Riverway applied on cabinets against white or cream walls creates a striking contrast that oozes warmth and charm.
  • Exterior: When transitioning outside, Sherwin Williams' Riverway adds depth and sophistication to your home exteriors, making it stand out among the others in your neighborhood.

Joyously versatile yet profoundly elegant, Riverway SW 6222 reaffirms why teal is a beloved color in home décor.

Why Is Sample Important Before Buying Full Paint Color?

Why Is Sample Important Before Buying Full Paint Color?

Never underestimate the power of a paint sample!

Whether planning a complete home makeover or simply sprucing up a single room, buying a whole can of paint can be quite an investment.

And nothing stings more than realizing that what you thought was the 'perfect' color isn't as ideal once it’s on your walls. This is why sampling the color you're considering is so vital.

The Power of Lighting

One significant advantage to ordering a sample first is seeing how different lighting conditions affect the color.

A stunning hue in the store under their fluorescent lights may look drastically different in your living room in mid-afternoon sunlight or your kitchen under halogen bulbs.

Understand Undertones

Samples also help you understand bold or subdued undertones and explain how they'll complement or clash with other hues within your space.

Visual Validation

Seeing an actual swatch on your wall rather than judging from a digital image or a pint-sized paper card provides much more visual validation – ensuring that you get precisely what you had envisioned.

Point blank - always sample before committing. It's not just about visualizing; it’s about making an informed decision, so there won't be any disappointing surprises when the first brush stroke hits your wall.

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Best trim colors with Riverway SW 6222

Choosing the right trim color to complement a robust and vibrant hue like Riverway SW 6222 can articulate your intended ambiance while framing your central color theme.

  • Pure White SW 7005: This is an exceptional choice for a classic contrast. The clean, crisp tone of Pure White magnifies Riverway's lush depth brilliantly.
  • Netsuke SW 6134: If you favor more subtle contrasts, then Sherwin Williams' soft ivory shade, Netsuke, can complement Riverway's blue undertones while downplaying its green aspects. The resultant pallet delivers an enduring warm, earthy appeal.
  • Watery SW 6478: Watery effectively highlights the more remarkable aspects of Riverway with its light aqua hue. When paired together, they create a palette that is peaceful and open. It's almost like bringing a piece of the serene beach into your home.
  • Alabaster SW 7008: Alabaster is a phenomenal pick in such pairings for those seeking a diverse neutral. Its light beige tone tempers Riverway's intensity and perfectly punctuates the colors' combination without competing for attention.

Choosing the right trim color ultimately boils down to personal preference and the situation specifics: desired spatial ambiance and proximity to natural light are key considerations here.

While some prefer stark contrasts that sharply outline structural elements, others may favor understated pairings for more cohesive space planning.

Ultimately, trial-and-error testing often yields the best results—so go ahead and sample your favorite combinations before deciding.

Is Riverway Good for Interior and Exterior?

Is Riverway Good for Interior and Exterior?

Whether your home decorating project is focused on the indoors or the exterior, Riverway SW 6222 is a delightfully versatile color to explore. Let's dive into understanding why this can be an ideal choice.


If you're looking for a hue capable of transforming your interiors into enchanting spaces, the answer lies in Riverway SW 6222.

This distinctive teal paint color has an uncanny knack for breathing character and personality into every room it graces.

This is not an intimidating color and can be used generously to bathe an entire room in captivating comfort - be it your living rooms, bedrooms, or even your dining area.

It especially shines in well-lit spaces, wherein its undertones spark a lively interplay of hues setting the right mood for relaxation or rejuvenation.

Its unique ability to blend seamlessly with other colors enables you to introduce contrasting elements, enriching the visual appeal of your area.

Pair it with cool whites for a refreshing look, warmer neutrals to add coziness, or even bolder hues to introduce vibrancy.


Don't confine this tranquil shade solely to your interiors; Riverway SW 6222 _ has proven its effectiveness in exterior applications too!

Clad your exteriors with this sophisticated shade and let its green undertones subtly invite nature to become part of your architecture.

In settings bathed in sunlight, the color reflects a beautiful spectrum ranging from deeper teal blue to more vivid verdant undertones.

This elegant hue adds curb appeal, offering a pleasing contrast against light and dark exteriors.

Choose complementing colors such as crisp white trims or earth tones to create visually appealing facade designs that stand out magnanimically amidst the architectural ensemble in your neighborhood.

In sum, whether for interior or exterior applications, Riverway SW 6222 undeniably emerges as an alluring choice imparting visually stunning variations that continually surprise you with its innate versatility.

FAQs About Riverway SW 6222

What is Riverway SW 6222?

Riverway SW 6222 is a Sherwin-Williams paint color that provides a delightful blend of teal, taking deep blue and melding it with soft green undertones.

How would you describe the tone of Riverway SW 6222?

It's a calming and sophisticated color that comes across as both warm and cool; it gravitates between these hues, depending on the lighting in the room.

Is Riverway SW 6222 suited more for interior or exterior use?

This versatile teal color, offering elegance, works exquisitely well for interior and exterior applications.

What colors pair well with Riverway SW 6222?

Cream or white trims perfectly complement this richly pigmented hue, giving balance to its depth and enhancing its soothing quality.

Why choose Riverway SW 6222 when redecorating my space?

Choosing this color breathes life into your space, bringing an edge of calm sophistication while adding plenty of character to your surroundings.


Riverway SW 6222 isn't just a paint color; it's a transformative tool capable of making your dreams become reality, one brush stroke at a time.

Whether you're after injecting life back into an old room or embarking on a new house project, this impeccable teal paint color lends itself to creating spaces where memories are made.

Its versatility allows it to vivify a room in the morning light and weave an atmosphere of tranquility as the day wanes.

Never underestimate the power that one hue possesses. With its warm undertones and cool overtones beautifully intertwined, Riverway SW 6222 presents endless opportunities to redefine your home or office space in distinctive styles.

Choose this exceptional paint color and experience how it can navigate your surroundings toward aesthetic brilliance and unparalleled sophistication. It's more than paint; you tell a compelling story through color.

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