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Natural Choice SW 7011 [2024 Review: Darker Than Shoji White?]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 8, 2023

There’s nothing quite like the transformative power of a fresh coat of paint. Durability, sustainability, and comfort all factor into choosing the perfect shade and brand for your painting project.

Enter Sherwin Williams Natural Choice SW 7011. A blend of neutrals, this shade has emerged as a go-to choice for those looking to give their living spaces an earthy, wholesome feel that resonates on multiple levels.

What I love about Sherwin-Williams Natural Choice is its versatility. If you’re still wondering what might best complement your bedroom walls or kitchen backsplash, consider how this specific paint color could be the ideal option you’ve been seeking.

Offering subtle warmth and creating an inviting ambiance, it breathes life into interiors and enhances exteriors in a genuinely eye-pleasing and impactful way.

Introducing Sherwin Williams Natural Choice SW 7011

Every so often, a particular shade captures your attention for its aesthetic appeal and the ambiance and atmosphere it can create.

One such captivating shade is the Sherwin Williams Natural Choice SW 7011. This color from Sherwin-William’s unique blends radiates understated elegance like no other.

Representing the elite Top 50 Colors Collection and the Finest Whites & Neutrals, the color invites a comforting neutrality into your space that breathes life into any design theme with finesse.

Color Specifications

As you analyze this shade more closely, it’s essential to appreciate its underlying composition:

  • Color Family(s): White
  • Location Number: 254-C6
  • Hex Value: #E3DED0
  • RGB: 227 / 222 / 208

The natural subtlety crafted within this enigmatic color originates in two primary color families – white. Its precise location number is 254-C6 in Sherwin-Williams archives, offering an easy lookup system when you dive into this vibrant world of neutrals.

Join me as we unravel further details about Sherwin Williams Natural Choice SW 7011—a delightful embrace between warm comfort and timeless style.

The journey promises to be insightful as we tackle various aspects, such as application ideas, pervasive undertones, and how different lighting conditions can enhance or altar this tranquil hue.

Natural Choice: Availability of Interior Exterior

Natural Choice: Availability of Interior Exterior

If you’re pondering Sherwin Williams Natural Choice SW 7011, you’ll undoubtedly be intrigued by its suitability for interior and exterior painting projects.

The specific color characteristics of this shade make it an exceptional choice regardless of its application area.

Interior Applications

Let’s consider interior spaces first. Natural Choice’s slight warmth is a comforting cocoon in any room, providing a tranquil and welcoming ambiance. Here are a few spaces where you might experiment with this adaptable color:

  • Living Rooms: This creates a warm backdrop for any style or decor.
  • Bedrooms: Invites tranquility and promote relaxation.
  • Bathrooms: Adds a therapeutic effect to the subtle hues.
  • Cabinets & Kitchen: A neutral base allowing for striking contrasts.

Exterior Applications

When used on exteriors, Natural Choice steps up elegantly to highlight architectural features and works seamlessly with various building materials:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Metal

Thus, whether you’re considering repainting your family home’s façade or giving your kitchen cabinets a fresh look, Sherwin Williams made the Natural Choice by creating SW 7011.

It gracefully bridges the indoor-outdoor gap through its quiet simplicity and harmonized balance that enhances both living settings beautifully.

What is the Exact Color of Natural Choice?

Sherwin Williams Natural Choice SW 7011 truly lives up to its name, carrying an elegant and natural vibe that gives it a timeless appeal.

This Neutral or near “true gray” paint color has a gentle warmth that is undeniably charming without appearing too stark.

This shade steps up beautifully for those weary of colder whites yet desiring a more simplistic aesthetic.

Its light reflectance value (LRV), which refers to the amount of light the color reflects, falls within a mid-range at 73 out of 100, highlighting its capacity to create a soothing ambiance while projecting certain lightness in interior spaces.

The beauty of working with SW 7011 stems from its exceptional adaptability. This paint can be used with equal impact on interior and exterior surfaces—making it a favorite among designers and homeowners alike.

Does Natural Choice Look Gray?

At first glance, some might perceive Sherwin Williams’s Natural Choice as carrying a hint of gray due to its innate capacity to adapt and change with varying lighting conditions—a true chameleon in the land of neutrals!

On closer observation, one would note that it leans more towards an off-white/cream undertone rather than plain gray.

Its muted, delicate quality lends itself well to creating warm atmospheres without relying on any specific color palette.

However, remember that the perception of this color can vary based on other colors surrounding it or even the type and intensity of lighting it’s under!

It may lean more towards pearly white under intense sunlight and borderline creamy beige in dimmer spaces.

Nonetheless, if you’re seeking a shade that boasts sophistication, versatility, and elegance all rolled up into one—rest assured your search ends with Sherwin William’s Natural Choice SW 7011.

Undertones and Light Reflectance Value

Undertones and Light Reflectance Value

When considering a paint option, the undertones and Light Reflectance Value (LRV) are two of the most vital aspects to appreciate. Let’s dive deeply into these fundamental attributes tied to Sherwin Williams Natural Choice SW 7011.

Subtle Undertones

Every paint color has an undertone that subtly shines through, rendering a subtle nuance to the primary shade.

Natural Choice, SW 7011’s undertone, is predominantly beige with a hint of gray – a perfect balance that supports its neutral stance.

This delightful blend creates an elegant shade that seamlessly complements other colors around your space.

Whether paired with dark or light stains, Natural Choice’s beige-gray undertone adds sophistication without being overbearing.

The Impact of Light Reflectance Value (LRV)

To put it simply, LRV measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects. It is integral in determining how light or dark your space will appear once painted.

Natural Choice SW 7011 has an LRV rating of 73. This indicates that it leans toward the lighter end of the spectrum. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for spaces you want to appear brighter and more spacious.

Understanding undertones and LRV can help guide your decisions, better informing how Sherwin Williams Natural Choice 7011 might interact within your specific design and lighting context.

Keep in mind:

  • High LRV shades tend to make rooms look larger
  • Lower LRV hues create a more intimate feel.
  • The Beige-gray undertone can complement a variety of color schemes

Striding confidently between aesthetics and practicality, Natural Choice is poised to enhance your space in ways you’ve only imagined.

Natural Choice: The Impact of Lighting

Every color creates a different aura depending on various factors, and one significant factor is the direction of the light.

With its neutral, earthy tone, the Sherwin Williams Natural Choice sw 7011 interacts uniquely with various lighting situations.

Let’s explore how this shade behaves in different lighting conditions, from North-facing rooms to South, East, and West-facing spaces.

North-Facing Rooms

With less direct sunlight, north-facing rooms carry a cooler and softer tone throughout the day.

  • Natural Choice in this setting exudes a stately elegance as it subtly balances out the colder tones. It curbs the severity of blues while highlighting a sophisticated yet comfortable off-white aura.
  • It paints a soothing picture that maintains its character even during gloomy weather or late afternoons without creating an overwhelming sense of dullness.

South-Facing Rooms

South-facing rooms with abundant direct sunlight throughout offer scope for intimate warmth.

  • Natural Choice SW 7011 flourishes under ample sunlight, revealing undertones running toward beige.
  • Especially during morning hours when natural sunlight reaches its peak intensity, you’ll find that Natural Choice adapts brilliantly by radiating eloquent warmth in your space.

East-Facing Rooms

East-facing rooms immerse in warm tones during sunrise but take up cooler shades once the sun moves westward.

  • In such room settings exposed to early morning sunlight, Sherwin Williams’ Natural Choice becomes more radiant as the rising sun hits it.
  • Yet the color has enough versatility and depth to retain harmony when shadows start casting later in the day – maintaining a tranquil effect akin to Eden’s peaceful breath.

West-Facing Rooms

West-facing rooms capture the sunset’s melodious glow; hence, they call for shades that seamlessly complement this spectacle.

  • Natural Choice morphs into warmer beiges- inspiring tranquility at twilight when cast with late afternoon sun rays or early evening subdued light.
  • This quality accommodates stronger hues as accents without straining the overall balance.

Each room orientation underlines unique features within Sherwin Williams’ Natural Choice SW 7011, enhancing its abstract appeal further across diverse settings.

Flexibility remains an essential quality of this versatile neutral shade which adapts according to varying light directions offering visual serenity regardless of your room’s aspect within your dwelling.

Best Trim Colors for Natural Choice SW 7011

Best Trim Colors for Natural Choice SW 7011

Choosing the right trim color allows you to frame your walls perfectly—enhancing their character and adding extra depth to your living spaces.

Below are some of the most suitable trim color choices for Sherwin Williams’s Natural Choice SW 7011.

  • High Reflective White SW 7757: This is one of Sherwin-Williams’ purest whites. Its remarkably high reflectivity enhances the warm tones in Natural Choice, creating a bright, balanced aesthetic. You’ll find that High Reflective White stands as a crisp canvas or border that imbues your spaces with a sense of freshness and openness.
  • Alabaster White SW 7008: Often classified as another perfect white, Alabaster has a neutral undertone that complements Natural Choice impressively. Plus, its softness offers just enough contrast without veering overly stark.
  • Snowbound SW 7004: Snowbound possesses slight gray undertones that pair nicely with the warmth of Natural Choice. The combination creates an elegant contrast while promoting serenity and tranquility throughout your design themes.

To get the best out of these combinations, remember to approach it from your personal preference lens — think about what you truly like and how each room is utilized.

What kind of feeling do you want each room to evoke? Once these questions are answered, you’ll quickly bring harmony into your home using Natural Choice SW 7011 with these preferred trim colors: high reflective white, alabaster white, or snowbound.

The Best Way to Experience Natural Choice SW 7011

The Best Way to Experience Natural Choice SW 7011

Before finalizing a color, it’s wise to sample it within your space. This preview phase allows you to test the color’s undertones in varying light conditions.

A shade may look different in bright daylight than artificial lighting or alter when surrounded by other decor elements.

Therefore, sampling becomes integral to experiencing a color – especially when the hue is as nuanced as Sherwin Williams Natural Choice SW 7011.

Embrace the Convenience of Sample

Paint testers have long been the traditional way to sample a color, but there are drawbacks, such as messiness and potential wall damage.

But what if there was a better way? Let me introduce you to Samplize – possibly your new go-to method for selecting that ideal paint shade.

  • Non-damaging: Samplize squares are gentle on surfaces and easily removable, ensuring your walls remain unspoiled.
  • Super Affordable: Cost shouldn’t be a barrier when finding that perfect shade, and with Samplize’s competitive prices, color sampling is genuinely accessible.
  • Reusable: You can reposition these adhesive squares multiple times, unlike traditional paint testers.
  • Mess-Free: Say goodbye to drips and spills! There’s no cleanup necessary with these fuss-free squares.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Samplize uses eco-friendly materials for its adhesive squares in keeping with sustainability efforts.
  • Crafted with Manufacturer Paint: These aren’t mere approximations of the color; each square is made using actual manufacturer paint – which means successful matches!
  • Authentic Representation: With no added texture or sheen effects from brush strokes or rollers, these squares display colors accurately on various wall surfaces.

Sampling ought not to be an expensive affair nor a complicated journey involving patchy test swaths or cumbersome cleanup processes.

With advancements like Samplize’s adhesive squares in today’s digital era, convenience meets accuracy – making room for uninhibited exploration of shades like Natural Choice SW 7011 in all its glory within your space.

FAQs About Natural Choice SW 7011

Is Natural Choice SW 7011 warm or cool?

Natural Choice SW 7011 leans towards the warmer spectrum of colors thanks to its subtle beige undertones.

What mood does Natural Choice SW 7011 create in a room?

Natural Choice SW 7011 introduces a tranquil, soothing atmosphere, ideal for living areas and bedrooms.

What is the exact color of Natural Choice?

Natural Choice is an attractive blend of neutrals that fall within the white color family, offering an inviting softness to any space.

Can I use Natural Choice both on exteriors and interiors?

Absolutely! Natural Choice’s neutral undertones make it versatile for interior and exterior applications.

Which colors pair well with Natural Choice SW 7011?

Natural earth-tone accents, darker grays, or deeper wood hues pair harmoniously with Natural Choice SW 7011.


Sherwin Williams Natural Choice SW 7011 is a natural choice for all who seek an elegant neutral with a touch of warmth.

Its ability to blend with various decors, maintain an inviting aura, and its contrasting versatility are significant aspects that make it stand out.

Whether painting the interior or exterior or pairing it with earthy tones or vibrant hues, this color provides the perfect backdrop.

Shortlisting and finally choosing a color could be daunting, but sampling options like Samplize make it easier than ever before.

Remember, your space is an extension of your personality and should evoke comfort and peace.

With Natural Choice SW 7011, you’ll find that much-desired serenity in your surroundings while showcasing your unique style. Here’s to painting your world in the shades that speak to you!

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