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Do You Tip Mattress Delivery Drivers? 2023 [If So, How Much?]

By: Susie
Updated On: September 30, 2023

If you’ve ever ordered a new mattress, then you’ve probably been here, standing in your home, watching as the delivery team brings in your new purchase, and the question pops into your head: "Do you tip mattress delivery Drivers?"

It's a common dilemma faced by many Americans; we're accustomed to tipping those who provide in-person services, yet when it comes to certain roles––like mattress delivery––it's not always clear-cut.

To help navigate this sometimes awkward territory, here's a simple guide on the customary etiquette around tipping. Balancing gratitude for good service with financial reasonability can be tricky.

But remember, the goal is not to leave anyone short-changed or feeling overly obligated. So, let's wade through these murky waters and find some answers.

Do You Tip Mattress Delivery Drivers or Not?

Do You Tip Mattress Delivery Drivers or Not?

The question of tipping mattress delivery can leave you flummoxed, standing in your bedroom amidst packing materials. What do you do? The brunt of the confusion comes from not knowing if the tip is included in the delivery charge or if it's a separate courtesy.

There isn't a hard-and-fast rule about this because tipping is largely subjective and influenced by various factors like the quality of service received. Understanding these details can take out the guesswork and make you more confident in your decision.

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Check the Delivery Services From the Warehouse to Your Bedroom

Whenever you're considering whether to tip for a service, it's crucial to take into account what exactly that service entails. In the case of mattress delivery, the journey begins at the warehouse and ends in your bedroom.

Starting from the warehouse, the delivery team needs to carefully package your brand-new mattress to protect it from any potential damage during transit. Once loaded onto their truck, they strike out on their route to your home. This often isn't just a simple drive down the block - sometimes, they could be traveling a reasonable distance.

When they arrive at your home, more work begins. They need to cautiously maneuver this bulky item through hallways and doorways with enough skill not to scrape walls or ding doorframes.

If you live in an apartment building, add staircases and elevators into the mix! Finally, they'll place it just how you'd like in your room and remove all packaging materials for a hassle-free experience.

Analyzing the Costs

To karate-chop any awkwardness out of deciding whether or not to tip for mattress delivery, you should also consider taking a closer peek at associated costs and understand where your money's actually going. Examining both overt charges that appear on invoices and hidden costs is an important step.

The delivery fee you're charged generally goes toward fulfilling logistical tasks such as fueling transportation, warehousing operations, packaging materials, equipment used during delivery like dollies or straps, and salaries of employees involved behind the scenes in scheduling deliveries –– all these expenditures together make up that flat-rate fee on paper.

On top of this basic cost layer rests several hidden or non-obvious costs that companies absorb. Think about insurance policies covering possible damages during transit or workers' compensation protecting employees from unexpected injuries on duty - these are one of many indirect expenses that have been intricately folded into the business model framework.

Cost of Delivery Services

The cost of delivering a mattress can vary depending on numerous factors. The company, the distance traveled, the weight and size of the mattress, and even whether or not there's an elevator in your building can all contribute to the final delivery fee.

Most companies will offer a flat rate service fee that ranges anywhere from $25 to $100. Some might even provide free drop-off service, while others could have white glove services that could drive up your total cost.

This charge is typically used to cover operational expenses such as fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, dispatching expenses, and more. It likely isn’t significantly contributing to your delivery personnel’s wages..

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Hidden and Overt Costs

Costs for mattress delivery aren't always as straightforward as they appear. While you're probably well aware of visible or overt costs like the base charge for delivery - because it’s stated on the invoice - there may be additional services that carry their fees.

For instance, the "white glove" service (where the team not only delivers but also installs your new mattress and may haul away your old one) ordinarily incurs an extra charge. Similarly, expedited deliveries or deliveries beyond certain distances could also increase your total fee.

Then there are covert—or hidden—costs that won't make a line item in your bill but do play into the pricing structure for the company’s services.

This encompasses expenses like worker's compensation insurance for potential workplace injuries to delivery personnel, liability insurance covering damages during transport, administrative tasks processing these policies, and returns handling caused by order faults –– these are all hidden costs borne silently by the company.

When is it Inappropriate to Tip the Delivery Guy?

When is it Inappropriate to Tip the Delivery Guy?

So, we've established that tipping mattress delivery personnel can indeed be considered appropriate and appreciated. You must understand that there are situations where tipping may not be necessary or even inappropriate.

This might seem not very clear, so let's break down this concept into some clear scenarios. Evaluating the delivery experience as a whole will help you more comfortably reach a decision.

Excessive Wait Times

Excessive wait times can be a significant factor when deciding whether to tip the delivery person. If your delivery arrives considerably later than the agreed time without any prior notification or valid reason, such as weather conditions or traffic, you may decide not to tip.

In some cases, late deliveries can cause inconveniences, especially if you have made specific plans around the arrival of your order. Always consider circumstances beyond your control before deciding about the tip based on delays.

Safety Concerns

Safety concerns are another situation when tipping may not be necessary or even inappropriate. If your delivery person ignored safety protocols, such as not wearing a mask during a pandemic or disregarding property rules and regulations, it might be unsuitable for tipping.

Such behaviors not only pose potential health risks but also demonstrate a lack of respect for you and your environment.

While evaluating this, remember the difference between minor neglect and significant infringement that justifies withholding the tip.

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Hidden Fees

When you encounter undisclosed or hidden fees on your delivery order, it might be inappropriate to tip the delivery person. These unexpected charges may increase the cost of your purchase significantly and strain your budget.

If your bill already includes a service fee or delivery charge that you weren't previously informed about, you might choose not to provide an additional tip.

Bear in mind that hidden fees often result from company policies and may not directly affect the delivery person’s earnings.

Poor Service

Poor service is a solid ground on which you may decide not to tip the delivery person. This can involve rudeness, negligence, or carelessness.

If your delivery person arrives with a damaged item because of improper handling or if they are rude and unprofessional in their behavior, you might opt not to give a tip.

Always remember that tipping rewards the effort put into providing good service, and you're under no obligation to tip for poorly rendered services.

Late or Wrong Order

If your order arrives late or there's a mistake in the items delivered, you may consider not tipping the delivery person. Mistakes can happen, but repeat incidences or significant delays could indicate poor service.

If you’ve received someone else's order, your meal arrived cold, or house products were missing from your list, these adverse experiences might cause you to reconsider giving a tip.

It's good to understand that sometimes these errors could be due to mistakes at the store or restaurant and not directly the fault of the delivery person.

How Much Should You Tip To The Delivery Guy?

How Much Should You Tip To The Delivery Guy?

The amount to tip a delivery person can vary and depends mostly on the service quality, distance, order size, and your discretion.

As a general guideline, a tip of $5 to $10 is widely accepted as appropriate. For larger orders or longer distances, you might want to consider tipping more generously.

The tip is a way to thank the delivery person for their work. So, while tipping is not mandatory in most cases, it's usually appreciated.

Empty Pockets for Tipping - Solutions?

Empty Pockets for Tipping - Solutions?

It's happened to all of us at some point. You want to tip, but you find yourself cashless. Don't fret; you have other options!

  • Offer Refreshments: A simple gesture like offering a glass of water, or if it's a chilly day, a hot cup of tea or coffee can be greatly appreciated.
  • Pay it Forward: If cash-on-hand isn't an option, but you foresee another delivery in the future, stand on your intent to double-tip next time.
  • Digital Praise: In today’s era, where online reviews can make or break businesses, taking the time to write a positive review is valuable and goes a long way in showing appreciation.
  • Minimum Tip: If you have limited funds and can only afford a small amount––even if it’s as low as $5––that's still better than not tipping at all.

These alternatives may not involve dollar bills, but they convey your gratitude effectively just the same!

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FAQs about tip For mattress delivery driver

Is tipping expected for mattress delivery?

No, tipping is not strictly required or universally expected but is generally appreciated by the delivery team for their hard work.

What factors should I consider when deciding to tip a mattress delivery?

Consider the complexity of the delivery, including long drives, stairs, difficult maneuvering, and the overall quality of the service provided.

What if the store offers ‘free delivery’—do I still need to tip?

Even with free delivery, a tip is a nice gesture due to the physical effort and care needed to deliver your new mattress safely.

How much should you tip for mattress delivery?

Though it varies by the complexity and location of the job, tipping $5-$10 per person seems to be an acceptable range in most circumstances.

Can I show my appreciation in other ways apart from cash tips?

Yes! Offering refreshments, writing positive online reviews, and recommending their services can be great alternatives if you can't provide a cash tip.


Whether you choose to tip your mattress delivery team or not comes down to your discretion. Understanding what the job entails and the costs involved can help you make a fair decision.

Keep in mind that there are always alternate ways of showing appreciation if a cash tip is not feasible for you.

Do what feels right, extend kindness where possible, and maintain an attitude of gratitude. After all, a good night’s sleep on your new mattress ultimately hinges on the diligent efforts of these hardworking individuals.

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