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Chalk Paint Dining Room Table 2023 [How to Chalk Paint A Table]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 5, 2023

There's just something so alluring about a chalk paint dining room table. It wraps the room in a veil of antiquity and warmth, whispering stories of family gatherings long past.

But, beyond its aesthetic appeal, many people don't realize that this furniture is also straightforward and rewarding to create independently.

Over the years, I've learned nothing breathes life into an old piece of furniture like chalk paint. It morphs tables from forgettable to iconic - making them centerpieces around which the entire decorum orbits.

Just like an artist with his canvas, you too can breathe new life into your dining space with some inventiveness and creativity by creating your chalk-paint dining room table.

What is Chalk Paint?

What is Chalk Paint?

Chalk paint is a versatile decorative paint that offers more than just a striking, matte finish. Developed by Annie Sloan over 30 years ago, it has revolutionized the DIY scene for furniture and home decor. Here's why:

  • Unlike most paints, chalk paint requires no sanding or priming before application, making it quicker and easier to use.
  • It yields a beautifully distressed and vintage look, so it's an ideal choice for upcycling old furniture pieces.
  • Its thick consistency allows you to add texture to your piece, providing layers of visual interest.
  • Chalk paint's fast-drying nature means more painting in less time - it often dries in under 2 hours!
  • With its incredible adherence properties, chalk paint can easily stick to most surfaces without peeling or chipping away.
  • It's available in a wide range of colors allowing you to choose from subtle pastels to bold hues depending on your preference.

In a nutshell, chalk paint offers excellent coverage and flexibility with minimal preparation needed. This fascinating product's transformative effect in simple DIY projects like a dining room table cannot be underestimated. It is indeed a game-changer!

Where Can You Use Chalk Paint?

In my journey of revamping and breathing new life into old pieces, I've discovered that chalk paint's versatility is unrivaled. Its excellent adherence property means it can seal and adhere to a wide range of surfaces:

  • Plastic: Say goodbye to bland, dull plastic furniture. Whether outdoor chairs or picture frames, chalk paint can transform a lifeless plastic piece into a vibrant masterpiece.
  • Wood: As robust or refined as they may be, wooden furniture pieces can always use an uplift. Chalk paint is remarkable for creating a vintage patina on wooden dining room tables.
  • Metal: The rusted, age-old metal objects lying around in your home can be given a chic look with some strokes of chalk paint. Everything can get an aesthetic upgrade, from metal lamps to fixtures and frames.
  • Brick: An exposed brick wall already has charm. But imagine adding some drama with chalk paint! It’s perfect for applying on brick fireplaces to smoothen the rough surface while retaining the rustic appeal.

So, stretch the boundaries of your creativity beyond just painting walls. Remember that with chalk paint at your disposal, you’re not confined to any material – plastic, wood, or brick!

How Much is the Cost of Chalk Paint?

How Much is the Cost of Chalk Paint?

When deciding to venture into a DIY project like chalk painting your dining room table, understanding the cost involved is essential.

A critical factor contributing to this cost will be the price of chalk paint itself. However, remember that although the initial prices may appear steep, the quantity you get and its coverage often make chalk paint worth every penny.

  • On average, chalk paint costs around $23 per quart. A quart can typically cover around 150 square feet, given its exceptional coverage capabilities. However, if you are working on a large piece like a dining table or multiple pieces of furniture, you might need more than just one quart.
  • Some premium brands have slightly higher price tags than others. For instance, the price for specialist brands like Annie Sloan can reach up to $40 or more per quart.
  • Furthermore, your budget should include materials like brushes, waxes for sealing the paint, and any decorative finishes you might want. These additional items can range in price from $5 to $20 each.

Remember, investing in good quality chalk paint can ensure durability and a superior finish for your project.

Plus, it eliminates costs for priming and sanding supplies considering its ability to stick directly onto most surfaces without prior treatment.

Discover the Different Colors Available in Chalk Paint

For any furniture refinement project, choosing the perfect color is imperative. Luckily for us, chalk paint offers an extensive palette of colors.

From understated neutrals to vibrant statement hues, chalk paint opens creative and aesthetic opportunities.

Neutral and Natural Tones

These are some of the most popular colors for chalk painting your dining room table. Shades like grey, white, beige, or cream have a timeless appeal and can easily blend with a wide range of decor styles:

  • French Linen: A cool neutral khaki gray reminiscent of aged French woodwork.
  • Old White: This is a soft, warm white that’s beautifully understated.

Bold and Attractive Hues

Dare to venture into a bit more color? Shades like blue, green, or red can breathe new life into your old table:

  • Emporer’s Silk: A rich bright red with a hint of orange undertones that genuinely stands out.
  • Greek Blue: An intense blue that bears the hue of Mediterranean skies.

Remember - the final look also depends on how you apply the paint. So, whether you want a smooth look or a weathered texture, there's enough versatility with chalk paint to help you achieve desirable results.

Essential Tools and Materials for Chalk Paint Dining Room Table

Essential Tools and Materials for Chalk Paint Dining Room Table

The beauty of using chalk paint is that it doesn't require you to be a professional to give your furniture a makeover.

A project like the chalk paint dining room table is manageable and enjoyable when you have prepared everything beforehand.

As for the cost, do understand that investing in quality products ensures better results and longevity. Here's a detailed breakdown of what you'll need:

Chalk Paint

Of course, chalk paint is the star of the show. Be mindful of choosing the colors that best complement your dining room's decor. I would recommend getting around two quarts for an average-size dining table.

Estimated cost: On average, chalk paint costs $23 per quart but can reach $40 or more.

Tools for Application

As for applying the chalk paint, here are some tools you will need:

  • Quality Brushes: You'll want two good-quality brushes - one for using the color and another for waxing. Avoid meetings that shed bristles, as they can mess up your finish.
  • Foam Roller: A small foam roller can be helpful, especially for larger surfaces, as they provide even application.
  • Cloth or lint-free rag: This is particularly important when applying the wax as it aids in creating a smooth finish.

Estimated cost: Brushes range from $10-30, foam rollers are around $7-15, and clothes are usually inexpensive at about $3-$5.

Wax or Sealant

Once painted, you'll need something to seal and protect your table from everyday use. Furniture wax is most commonly used with chalk paint which comes in clear or dark, depending on the desired effect.

Estimated cost: Quality furniture waxes usually range from $15-25 dollars


While one of the pros of using chalk paint includes its non-necessity for priming or sanding before its application, having sandpaper on hand provides a distressed look post-paint job if desired.

Estimated Cost: Sandpaper sets can be purchased relatively cheaply at about $5-10 dollars

Cleaning Supplies

For this project, you'd need warm soapy water and a scrub brush to properly clean your table beforehand properly, ensuring dust or residues aren't trapped beneath your new paint job.

Estimated cost: Almost negligible considering these supplies are generally readily available in homes

Here’s what your shopping list might look like:

ItemEstimated Cost
Chalk Paint$23 - $40 per quart
Brushes$10 - $30
Foam Roller$7 -$15

Despite little expenses here and there, I’ve found my DIY projects enlightening experiences providing tangible results I take pride in and invaluable skills learned that transcend well beyond just revamping old furniture.

Maintaining Dining Room Table After Chalk Paint

Once you've given your dining table a new lease of life with a fresh coat of chalk paint, undoubtedly, you'll want to keep it looking that way for as long as possible.

While chalk-painted furniture can be pretty hard-wearing, it does require some care to maintain its aesthetic appeal. Here's how I'd suggest you go about that:

  • Regular Cleaning: Your table needs regular cleaning to remove spills, dust, or food crumbs. Use a damp cloth for regular wipe-downs, and avoid harsh chemicals which can damage the chalk paint finish. Warm water is usually sufficient for everyday cleaning.
  • Immediate clean-up of Spills: Life happens, and spillages are bound to occur. Whenever a spill occurs (whether it's wine, coffee, or gravy), clean it up quickly, as some substances can stain the paint if left for too long.
  • Use of Coasters and Placemats: As a precautionary measure and part of good practice, using coasters and placemats can save your table from unwanted rings or divots from hot dishes during meal times. It acts as an extra layer of protection for your tabletop.
  • Avoid Dragging Objects: Be cautious when moving objects on the surface, as this can cause scratches on the furniture. Always lift items rather than dragging them across the table’s surface.
  • Keep out of Direct Sunlight: If possible, try to place your dining room table away from direct sunlight - over time, intense sunlight can fade chalk paint colors.
  • Reapplication of Wax or Varnish: If your table shows signs of wear over time (quite typical), don't fret! Reapply wax or varnish where needed; usually, once every few years is sufficient, depending on how much use the table gets.
  • Watch out for High Humidity Levels: Experiencing peeling paint? This might be due to the high humidity in your home! Combat this with a dehumidifier in damp weather conditions, which helps protect against peeling and flaking off chalk-painted finishes.

Maintaining your chalk-paint dining room table isn’t overly complicated or time-consuming - it just takes a bit of attentiveness!

It's always worth remembering - while each scratch or blemish might seem damaging at first, they add character over time, reflecting stories shared across countless meals at this centerpiece! By looking after it correctly, you're prolonging those stories yet untold.

Where can you get the best chalk paint colors?

Where can you get the best chalk paint colors?

When I set out to transform a mundane piece of furniture into a unique show-stopper, choosing the right chalk paint is vital.

The brand and color you choose will significantly influence the final output. Here's an overview of my top picks for chalk paint brands, each offering many colors to open up your creativity.

Goose Feather Chalky Matte Paint Finish

Goose Feather offers smooth and durable chalky finish paint in diverse shades. Their product promises excellent coverage that dries to a lovely matte texture.

Frenchic Paint

Frenchic Furniture Paint is my go-to for eco-friendly choices. They are renowned for their minimal VOC content and creamy consistency that adheres well, resulting in a luxuriously rich antiquated look.


For those seeking wide-ranging color options, Rust-Oleum is the answer. Known for their durability and easy application, these paints are an excellent choice if you're on a budget but don't want to compromise on quality.

Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion Mineral Paint boasts zero VOCs and superior application properties – even rookies find it easy!


Known for their pastel hues seamlessly fitting into any décor, Behr's chalk decorative paints offer excellent adherence and longevity.

Plaid Online

This brand serves the artistic lot who lean toward craft-themed paints with a muted aesthetic.

Dixie Belle

The easy application process and fantastic finishing touches make Dixie Belle's selection perfect for beginners hunting down some effortless beautification of their dining tables.


If vintage shades align with your vision, DecorArt Americana delivers an incredible range of colors that bestow your furniture with an old-world charm.


Kilz offers shades that provide unique visual depth once applied, making them attractive when painting large surfaces like dining tables.


Valspar offers excellent resilience in its paints — it stands the trials of time without losing its elegance!

General Finishes

I love General Finishes for its straightforward yet classy color choices. It does wonders if you are looking to achieve a chic minimalistic look!


The farm-style palette offered by Magnolia Home perfectly complements homeowners who lean toward country-themed spaces."

Each brand brings a distinct collection of shades catering to varying tastes and preferences, ensuring something suitable precisely for your vision.

FAQs About Chalk Paint Dining Room Table

What is chalk paint, and why is it ideal for a dining room?

Chalk paint is a decorative paint known for its matte finish and excellent adherence properties. It's ideal for transforming dining room tables because it can adhere to almost any surface without prior sanding or priming.

What tools do I need to chalk paint my dining room table?

You'll primarily need chalk paint, a good quality brush, fine-grit sandpaper, a damp cloth for cleaning the table, and wax or lacquer for sealing the paint.

How do I prepare my dining table before applying chalk paint?

Clean your table thoroughly and lightly sand any glossy surfaces if needed—this will ensure proper adherence to the chalk paint.

Do I need to seal my chalk-painted dining table?

Sealing your painted surface with wax or lacquer protects it from spills and stains while enhancing durability.

Can I use chalk paint on other furniture pieces in my dining room?

Absolutely! Chalk paint can be used on various surfaces, such as wood, metal, ceramic, and even plastic - so feel free to get creative.


Crafting your chalk-paint dining room table is much more than just a DIY project. It is a journey into the past, with every brush stroke embedding a touch of vintage charm and character into the timber. It's about transforming a mundane piece of furniture into a unique work of art that tells its own story.

No matter which color or brand you choose, there's no denying the magic that unfolds when you take up chalk paint, brush in hand, and breathe new life into your old dining table.

And the true joy comes when you gather around this table, savoring precious moments with loved ones in an ambiance suffused by the warmth and rustic allure of your unique creation. Happy painting!

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