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Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige HC-80 [Paint Color Review 2024]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 23, 2023

Introducing the Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige HC-80 paint color review! Today, I am thrilled to share my insights on this popular paint color from Benjamin Moore.

As a professional content writer, I understand the importance of finding the perfect shade to transform a space. Bleeker Beige HC-80 has undoubtedly caught the attention of many interior design enthusiasts.

In this article, I will delve into the details of this hue, discussing its undertones, versatility, and overall aesthetic appeal.

Whether considering a fresh coat of paint for your home or simply looking for inspiration, this review will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

So, without further ado, let’s immerse ourselves in the world of Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige HC-80 and discover its true essence.

When it comes to choosing a paint color, it can often feel overwhelming. With countless options available, finding a shade that complements your style and brings warmth and character to your living space is essential.

One such color that has been making waves in the design community is Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige HC-80.

This timeless hue balances neutrality and warmth perfectly, making it an excellent choice for traditional and contemporary interiors.

What is the color identity of Bleeker Beige HC-80?

What is the color identity of Bleeker Beige HC-80?

The color identity of Bleeker Beige HC-80 is a sophisticated blend of neutrality and warmth, making it an excellent choice for contemporary and traditional interiors. Here are the particular characteristics that define its unique identity:

  • Neutral Undertone: Despite being categorized as beige, the color presents subtle gray undertones, bringing an element of soothing calmness to any space.
  • Rich Depth: While it’s a notably neutral hue, don’t be fooled – Bleeker Beige has richness and depth that provide rooms with a cozy aura and eye-catching allure.
  • Spacious Effect: Due to its balanced blend of warm undertones overlaid by cooler grays, this color makes rooms appear more spacious and airy while still maintaining a snug and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Versatile Appeal: The versatility of Bleeker Beige is its prime selling point. This paint shade can adapt to different styles and moods. Whether you prefer minimalist modern or elegant traditional decor, this Benjamin Moore paint unfolds beautifully across various design themes.

Remember, the particular lighting scenario in your space will play a substantial role in presenting this color’s true identity.

So before you tap into the cosmopolitan class of Bleeker Beige HC-80, consider experimenting with different lighting situations to see how they amplify or soften this perfect taupe-tinted shade.

What are the Undertones of Bleeker Beige

Understanding the undertones of paint color is crucial in achieving your desired look. Let’s dive into understanding the specific undertones of Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige HC-80:

  • Gray Undertone: This versatile beige shade presents an exciting twist with its gray undertone. It brings an ever-so-slight coolness to the on-the-surface warm beige. This subtlety defies the sometimes flat, monochromatic vibe that some beige paints get to interiors.
  • Taupe Subtone: A remarkable characteristic of Bleeker Beige is its subtle taupe subtone. This blends effortlessly with many other colors and adds depth to this neutral shade, making it far from monotonous or dull.
  • Warm Tint: While the gray and taupe subtleties reveal a cooler tone, there’s no denying that Bleeker Beige exudes a certain warmth in well-lit spaces. This attribute gives it a welcoming vibe, contributing to its appeal as a living room or bedroom hue.

Always remember that lighting and surrounding colors can influence how these undertones emerge. These potential shifts make it essential to test out swatches in various light conditions before committing fully to Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige HC-80 for your space.

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The LRV of Bleeker Beige

The LRV of Bleeker Beige

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is essential when choosing paint colors, as it measures the light a color reflects. Here are some key points regarding the LRV of Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige HC-80:

  • Understanding LRV: In simplistic terms, LRV measures how much light a color reflects. A higher value indicates a lighter shade and vice versa.
  • Bleeker Beige’s LRV: Bleeker Beige has an LRV of 47.3. This score situates this hue moderately on the scale – not too dark or light.
  • Implications for Your Room: What does this mean for your room? This mid-range score means Bleeker Beige will neither make your room feel particularly small nor unusually expansive.

Bold is beautiful, but subtle can be more impactful, which is precisely where our beloved Bleeker lies. This versatile hue offers flexibility to balance out other design elements in your space.

Important Takeaway: The moderate LRV of Bleaker Beige allows it to adapt to various lighting conditions, contributing further to its universal charm and appeal among homeowners.

Warmth or Coolness: Unveiling Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige

When deciphering the warmth or coolness of a color, it’s crucial to consider lighting conditions, undertones, and surrounding shades. In the case of Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige HC-80, specific characteristics are worth highlighting:

  • Neutral Yet Warm Hue: Bleeker Beige gives off a neutral yet quasi-warm aura despite its gray undertone. Due to these subtly warm hints, its color identity lends itself to a cozy, inviting vibe.
  • Lighting Sensitivity: Interestingly, the warmness or coolness of this shade can shift based on lighting. In well-lit spaces, the hue exhibits more warmth. However, in dimly lit areas, its cooler gray undertone becomes noticeable.
  • Balance of Undertones: The artful blend of taupe undertones with an overarching beige presence sprinkles warmth and coolness into this paint.
  • Adaptable with Other Colors: Accompanying colors can also influence how warm or cool Bleeker Beige appears. Paired with cooler colors will make it seem warmer and vice versa.

Key Takeaway: Understanding whether Benjamin Moore’s Bleaker Beige leans towards warmth or coolness is complex due to its unique blend of undertones and adaptability under various lighting conditions and paired colors. This makes it an incredibly versatile choice for your home decor.

Which Paint Shades Pair Nicely with Bleeker Beige?

Which Paint Shades Pair Nicely with Bleeker Beige?

Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige HC-80 is distinct for its versatility. Its unique blend enables it to harmonize beautifully with various paint shades, further enhancing its appeal for homeowners and designers alike. Here are the top paint shades that pair particularly nicely with Bleeker Beige:

Cream Paint Colors

Bleeker Beige is rich and deep when paired with lighter cream colors. Its warm undertones complement the soothing calmness of cream shades, bringing an elegant contrast to your room. Some suitable options from Benjamin Moore include Mascarpone AF-20 or Swiss Coffee OC-45.

Lighter Neutrals

Pairing Bleeker Beige with lighter neutral colors is an excellent option for a soft, serene atmosphere. This combination creates a seamless blend of warmth with minimal visual interruption – turning your space into a delightful sanctuary. Benjamin Moore’s Shaker Beige HC-45 or Manchester Tan HC-81 is popular.

Darker Greige

Darker greiges form a sophisticated companion to the versatile hue of Bleeker Beige. These neutral tones create a sleek, modern look permeated by coziness and charm you can’t resist. Consider Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal HC-166 or wrought iron 2124-10 for a deep greige.

Darker Gray

To add definition and drama to your space without overpowering it, use a couple of darker gray shades alongside Bleeker Beige.

The contrast will make the room look more dynamic while upholding its inviting vibe – think Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray HC-168 or Amherst Gray HC-167.

Green Undertones

The warm taupe undertones in Bleeker Beige can also harmonize beautifully with paint colors that have green undertones.

Introducing fresh green hues to your design palette gives any room an earthy feel brimming with nature-inspired vibes – look at Benjamin Moore’s Saybrook Sage HC-114 or Camouflage 2143-40.

Key Takeaway: The harmony between complementary colors is vital in creating interior designs that resonate with sophistication and character.

Understanding how various hues interact with Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige can help achieve an exceptionally captivating and personalized touch to any interior space.

Pick Bleeker Beige to Beautify Home Spaces

Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige HC-80 is ideal for turning any room in your home into a work of art. Let’s delve into how this versatile color can redefine and reinvigorate three primary spaces: the bedroom, dining room, and home office!

1. Bedroom

Redesigning your bedroom with Bleeker Beige can result in a sleep sanctuary that is both tranquil and inviting.

  • Soothing Vibe: The unique gray undertones in this color set a peaceful and calming mood, perfect for promoting restful sleep.
  • Versatile Palette: Regardless of your decor style – bohemian, modern, or rustic – Bleeker Beige offers a canvas that blends effortlessly with various design themes.
  • Warm Ambiance: Rooms accented with soft white trims or furniture against a backdrop of Bleeker Beige creates a warm and cozy ambiance – making for an inviting setting to unwind after a long day.

2. Dining Room

Your dining room is not just about the food; it’s about creating an environment where flavors mix with pleasant conversations. Paint it with Bleaker Beige to bring an inviting tone to your dinner table!

  • Sophisticated Look: The rich depth of this color provides an upscale, cosmopolitan aesthetic ideal for dinner parties and family gatherings.
  • Versatile Backdrop: Display your art pieces or family photos on walls painted in Bleaker beige to ensure they make their statement against this harmonious backdrop.
  • Room Size Perception: This neutral shade complements other colors and makes the room appear more prominent due to its moderate LRV score.

3. Home Office

If you’re hunting for the perfect paint to give your home office that professional yet comforting look, consider Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige HC-80.

  • Elevates Focus: The hue minimizes distractions due to the neutrality of its undertones. This can aid concentration and productivity.
  • Stylish Blend: The taupe-like touch adds sophistication without imposing any particular moodiness that could subtract from your office’s serene atmosphere.

Accommodating Pairings could be paired outstandingly with darker or lighter hues, which brings out the best in accent furniture pieces.

Transforming these rooms isn’t merely about adding a fresh coat of paint; it’s primarily about creating spaces where you feel happy, relaxed, and productive!

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Match Bleeker Beige with Great Trim Colors

Match Bleeker Beige with Great Trim Colors

One of the significant advantages of Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige HC-80 is its compatibility with various trim colors.

However, Benjamin Moore’s White Dove OC 17 and Simply White OC-117 are colors that pair exceptionally well with Bleeker Beige.

Benjamin Moore White Dove OC 17

This color is a universally loved go-to white in the interior design world. Its creamy undertone makes it coherently match Bleeker Beige, maintaining the warmth yet amplifying the elegance of your space.

  • Compatibility: Moderately Warm to Neutral
  • Finish: Works best in a Matte or Eggshell finish
  • Suggested Application: Ideal for traditional style trims, crown moldings, and wainscoting

Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117

Simply White packs a cooler punch. It presents a crisp contrast when paired with Bleeker Beige – resulting in a modern, minimalist ambiance.

  • Compatibility: Neutral to Cool
  • Finish: Strikes best in a Semi-gloss finish
  • Suggested Application: Appropriate for modern minimalist trims and baseboards

Essential Note: When choosing the right trim color to match Bleeker Beige, consider your overall home decor theme.

Whether leaning towards classic elegance or sleek modernity, White Dove and Simply White can harmonize with our friendly star – The Benjamin Moore’s Bleaker Beige HC-80.

Similar Colors to Bleeker Beige

Determined to leave no stone unturned, exploring similar colors to Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige HC-80 is an excellent idea before making the final decision. Let’s glance at two Sherwin-Williams shades that share some similarities.

Sherwin Williams Nantucket Dune SW 7527

One such color is Sherwin Williams’ Nantucket Dune SW 7527. Like Bleeker Beige, it is a warm neutral with subtle gray undertones.

Although slightly lighter than Bleeker Beige, this delicate hue captures the serene essence of dunes, bringing a comforting ambiance into your living space.

Interesting fact: This paint color was inspired by the calm Nantucket dunes along New England’s coastline.

Sherwin Williams Sand Beach SW 7529

For another alternative, consider Sherwin Williams’ Sand Beach SW 7529. Despite being slightly warmer than our focus shade, it shares the same balancing versatility between cool gray and warm taupe hints. This hue manifests a lively yet soothing air in any room it graces with its presence.

While there are similarities between these colors and Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige HC-80, each has its unique character that can bring something different to your home’s interiors.

Remember: Choosing paint involves more than comparing colors on-screen or a paint chip. Testing them on your walls based on your room’s lighting conditions will lead you closer to finding the ‘Perfect Hue.’

Shedding Light on Cardinal Directions in Essential Gray

Shedding Light on Cardinal Directions in Essential Gray

Understanding the role cardinal directions can play in how a color presents is crucial in making an informed decision for your painting project.

The impact of the shifting daylight, depending on which way your room faces, could drastically affect how Benjamin Moore’s Essential Gray shade performs visually. Let’s take these influences one at a time.

North-facing Rooms

Rooms that face north often have softer and more muted daylight throughout the day. This more diffused light tends to enhance the cool undertones of Essential Gray, lending it an even calmer demeanor.

  • For north-facing rooms, consider pairing Essential Gray with warmer tones, such as rich browns or oranges, to create a striking contrast that keeps the room from feeling chilly.
  • If you prefer a cooler look, use light blues or greens instead.

South-facing Rooms

South-facing rooms get ample sunlight for most of the day, which can brighten and warm up any color applied.

This intense light content could potentially highlight the cooler undertones of Essential Gray rather than its warmer qualities.

  • Complement Essential Gray walls with other neutral furniture within these rooms, or use colors like soft pinks or earthy greens to balance this color intensity.

East-facing Rooms

East-facing rooms are illuminated by natural sunlight, mainly during the mornings. Here, Essential Gray will seem lighter and have a somewhat glistening sheen due to this effect.

  • Use darker furniture within these spaces to provide aesthetic balance when bathing in the morning light.

West-facing Rooms

Finally, west-facing rooms absorb the warm evening dusk light strengthened by sunsets. The consequence is that Essential Gray takes on a slightly rosier tone under such conditions.

  • Add unary accessories into the space to maintain neutrality while also creating visual interest.

Keep in mind; these are just guidelines. Ultimately what counts most is personal preference! Experiment within your unique spaces as much as you need until you find what you’re looking for!

Essential tip: It’s always wise to use sample swatches across various timeframes before finalizing your choice – since shades magically transform under multiple lighting scenarios.

Does Bleeker Beige Work Well for Both the Interior and Exterior?

A common question when selecting a color scheme is whether it will perform equally well for interior and exterior applications. Let’s consider the variables of Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige HC-80 in both contexts:

Interior Use

  • Ideal for Various Room Types: The neutrality and versatility of Bleeker Beige make it a superb choice for any room in your home—living areas, bedrooms, dining rooms, or even home offices. Its inviting warmth adds a cozy ambiance to any interior space.
  • Pairs Well with Different Decor Styles: Whether your style leans towards modern minimalism, traditional elegance, or anything in between, Bleeker Beige adapts beautifully. This chameleon-like quality allows it to blend seamlessly with various decor styles.

Exterior Use

  • A Neutral Foundation: As an exterior color, this beige tone is a neutral foundation that works well with many architectural styles. Its earthy undertone helps it complement natural surroundings beautifully.
  • Versatility with Accents: From doors to trim to shutters, Bleeker Beige pairs splendidly with various accent colors allowing creativity when making style statements on your home’s exterior.

Yes, Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige HC-80 works well for interior and exterior use—it exudes class and sophistication in either context.

However, remember that personal taste is paramount when selecting colors to create your dream living space.

What’s the point of using Paint Samples?

If you’re planning to give your home a color makeover, utilizing paint samples is a crucial step you shouldn’t overlook. Here’s why:

Better Understanding

  • Color Accuracy: Screen resolutions vary, which can misrepresent the color you see online versus the actual paint. Samples provide a more accurate representation.
  • Undertones and Shifts: Small samples allow us to identify undertones and color shifts under different lighting conditions before whole-room application.

Test and Experiment

  • Contrasting Colors: Paint samples let us play around with contrasting colors, helping us decide what blends harmoniously.
  • Testing Durability: The sample allows us to test paint durability and washability on our walls.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Lastly, using paint samples can be a small but worthwhile investment that protects you from making costly mistakes.

Italic emphasis was added to accentuate critical points for your quick understanding. You can find different sizes of Benjamin Moore’s paint samples on their website.

FAQs About Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige HC-80

Is Benjamin Moore Bleeker’s Beige a truly beige color?

While named ‘beige,’ Bleeker Beige HC-80 is more of a greige due to its subtle grayish undertone.

How does Benjamin Moore Bleeker’s Beige look in low light?

Bleeker Beige shows more gray undertones in low light, giving it a cooler appearance.

Is Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige a safe and versatile color for any room?

The balanced warmth and versatility make it an excellent choice for any room, irrespective of size or lighting conditions.

Can I use Bleeker Beige on my home’s exterior?

Absolutely! Its timeless neutrality makes it an elegant choice for exteriors as well.

What furnishings pair well with Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige?

Given its neutral nature, Bleeker Beige pairs beautifully with various wood tones, metal accents, and textiles in multiple colors.


In the world of paint colors, picking the perfect shade for your space can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

But with Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige HC-80, you may have found your best fit! Its unique blend of warmth and neutral tones offers the flexibility to grace any room with understated sophistication.

By striking that elusive balance between cool and warm undertones, it adapts brilliantly to varying light conditions, giving your space a fresh yet inviting vibe.

Take the plunge and let this remarkable shade transform your home into an interior design masterpiece.

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