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Bearaby Weighted Blanket Review 2024 [Beat Insomnia In Weeks]

By: Susie
Updated On: July 8, 2023

When it comes to quality sleep, finding the right aid can make all the difference. This is where my Bearaby Weighted blanket review comes in.

Ever since I wrapped myself in its cozy comfort, my sleep has never been the same again. It’s an experience that I believe everyone should get a taste of at least once in their lives.

The Bearaby Weighted Blanket is more than just a product – it’s an investment in your overall well-being. With so many gimmicks swarming the market promising to deliver that perfect night’s rest, it can be hard to know what’s worth your time and money.

But for me, this made all the difference – giving me peaceful evenings and restful nights that I never thought were possible before.


My First Impression of the Bearaby Weighted Blanket

My First Impression of the Bearaby Weighted Blanket

From the moment I laid my eyes on it, I knew the Bearaby weighted blanket was no ordinary blanket. The packaging itself gave away hints of what lay inside.

An uninspiring brown box or a simple plastic bag? Not at all! It came in a sleek, matte-finish box with minimalistic visuals conveying an air of sophistication and luxury.

The first impression this made was crucially important. Presentation matters and Bearaby excelled in that department at first sight.

Packaging and Unboxing Insights

Unboxing it felt like revealing a treasure trove. Stylish individually-packed sections for different parts – the blanket neatly rolled, accompanied by an elegant instruction manual with care guidelines.

All this is encased in perfect eco-friendly, recycled cardboard with no unnecessary plastic or tape.

Frankly surprised, I found myself appreciating their approach towards sustainability even before experiencing the product itself.

As soon as I pulled out the blanket from its case, it revealed an item of sheer joy.

Design Aesthetics – First-Sight Love

Aesthetic appeal may not be a top priority when buying a weighted blanket but Bearaby would definitely change that perspective for anyone.

Right off the bat, one can’t help but fall in love with its absolute artistry and class. The fabric texture felt immensely soft to the touch and radiated top-tier quality.

Being entirely made from plant-based fabric (Tencel) gives it a satin-like touch while retaining earthy tones that blend naturally into any home decor style.

Moreover, the exquisite intricacy of its woven pattern is quite eye-catching – looking nothing less than a high-end home decor piece while being massively functional!

As far as design aesthetics go – simply put – absolutely stunning!

To sum it up, my initial impressions were utterly pleasing! But could it live up to its promising start? Well, that’s what we’ll explore further in this detailed Bearaby Weighted Blanket review.

Equally essential is taking into stride other factors that ensure both – comforting usability and aesthetic appeal like – comfort level & temperature distribution, durability & maintenance, suitability for different groups & overall judgment, etc., which we will delve deeper into throughout this discourse.

Feeling the Bearaby Blanket Weight – A Pleasant Surprise

Feeling the Bearaby Blanket Weight - A Pleasant Surprise

On my first night with the Bearaby weighted blanket, I was filled with child-like excitement. Its weight is striking, but not in an overwhelming manner. The first touch brings a sense of steadiness that instantly calms your mind and soul.

It genuinely reminded me of those snug, comforted moments from my childhood when I snuggled into blankets during a winter’s night.

The weight in this blanket does seem heavy initially, but it quickly forms a snug cocoon around you that is pleasantly surprising and comforting. How it moulds to your body without feeling constraining is nothing short of magical.

Why Does Weight Matter?

We must understand why the weight of a blanket would matter in the first place. Weighted blankets work on the principle of Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT).

Researchers have found that a blanket that’s 10% of your body weight works best for comforting and calming effects.

It’s all about giving you a slightly pressurized hug while you sleep, which can help reduce feelings of anxiety and improve sleep quality overall.

The Bearaby blanket accomplishes this key aspect brilliantly – the evenly distributed weight perfectly straddles between being comforting yet not suffocating.

Balancing Size with Weight – My Observations

With this backdrop of understanding how weighted blankets function, it becomes crucial to balance size with weight correctly to experience maximal benefits.

Bearaby offers three primary sizes – 15 lbs (for individuals weighing 125-175 lbs), 20 lbs (weighing 175-225 lbs), and 25 lbs (for those more than 225 lbs).

During my usage experience, I noticed how The Bearaby Weighted Blanket strikes an incredible balance between size and weight just right. The Napper model which I tried was crafted considering this critical ratio between the user’s body weight and the optimal pressure required by DPT principles for effective rest.

Feeling the Bearaby blanket’s heaviness isn’t about being engulfed by something overwhelming – it’s about being wrapped in a cocoon of comfort that’s tailored just for you.

It seems like Bearaby took their time in perfecting this correlation; they understood that success lay not merely in creating a heavy blanket but one whose density contributed positively towards relaxation too – which reflects quite genuinely as you snuggle under it day after day.

Comfort Level of the Bearaby Weighted Blanket – An Indescribable Experience

Comfort Level of the Bearaby Weighted Blanket - An Indescribable Experience

When it comes to bedding, comfort is key, and that’s right where Bearaby Weighted Blanket excels. Undoubtedly one of the most comfortable blankets I’ve ever curled up with, Bearaby combines optimal weight distribution with ultra-soft threads to bring an indescribable level of coziness.

Wrapped in its warm hug, I could feel how every ounce was meticulously balanced. The blanket hugged my form without being too restrictive or overly loose. It was as if it had been custom-made for me in order to create the perfect cocoon for relaxation and tranquility.

Feeling cool against my skin yet warming gently, the blanket surprisingly didn’t overheat through the night. Whether watching a movie on a lazy Sunday or using it as a duvet replacement on chillier nights, I found that this high-quality design maintained its plush comfort.

How Soft is Soft Enough?

When you ask yourself: “How soft is soft enough?“, the answer comes within seconds of holding this lush weave. The blanket has just the right thickness and feels buttery-smooth to the touch with a subtle heft that adds substance without smothering its user.

It’s woven from hand-knitted organic cotton, which not only lends itself to excellent sustainability credentials but also underscores a level of sophistication that makes it very aesthetically pleasing. Honestly, just looking at its opulent weave gives you a hint about how inviting it’ll be when you curl into it!

While softness alone is easy to mimic in many products out there, it’s rarely achieved without compromising on breathability – but Bearaby gets it right.

It offers the kind of delicate balance few brands manage to capture: ample softness that doesn’t end up making you sweat bullets overnight.

The Comforting Embrace Of The Bearaby Blanket

“There are blankets…and then there’s Bearaby” – That’s honestly what you’d find yourself exclaiming after experiencing your first night under this weighted wonder! In this comforting embrace lays the uniqueness and innovative approach towards sleep Bearaby champions.

Unlike others in the market, there’s no use of artificial fillers or pebbles here – every ounce comes purely from layers upon layers of nothing but pure cotton weaves.

What also makes it remarkable is how seamlessly adaptable this blanket proves to be for all body types and weights thanks to its range of weight options.

This personally made my experience all the more delightful as I could find my just-right cuddle weight – one heavy enough for a therapeutic calm yet light enough for comfortable ventilation.

Trying out Bearaby’s weighted blanket fostered not only phenomenally restful nights but also offered me newfound daytime poise stemming from sounder slumbers!

Going Eco-Friendly with Bearaby – A Conscious Choice?

Going Eco-Friendly with Bearaby - A Conscious Choice?

Speaking from my own experience, one of the features that drew me to the Bearaby blanket was its eco-friendly aspects.

Nowadays, it seems like just about everybody is jumping on the sustainability bandwagon. However, not all companies practice what they preach. Luckily, Bearaby is different.

Materials and Sustainability

The true measure of a sustainable product lies within its raw materials. The Bearaby blanket scored high on this aspect for me, due to its use of organic cotton and eucalyptus fibers.

Each blanket is meticulously hand-knit from environmentally friendly fabrics which are both luxurious to touch and gentle on our planet.

While many conventional weighted blankets are filled with glass beads or plastic pellets to add weight, Bearaby has reinvented the wheel in this department too.

Their Cotton Napper provides the heft with layers of GOTS-certified organic cotton instead – resulting in a dense weave that’s naturally weighted.

This brilliant innovation had me sold by avoiding any synthetic or potentially harmful materials often found in conventional weighted blankets.

In addition to their commitment to sustainability, Bearaby also practices fair trade principles across their supply chain — an admirable quality they wear as a badge of honor.

Why ‘Eco-friendly’ Matters

But why does going green matter when it comes to a product like a weighted blanket? Sustainable products significantly reduce our carbon footprint and help conserve resources for future generations – so every conscious choice counts.

From my perspective, depending on non-renewable resources for our day-to-day comfort needs can have serious repercussions on our already strained environment.

For this reason alone, I found my purchase more rewarding knowing it aligns well with preserving our natural world.

Moreover, there’s something quite reassuring about submerging into an eco-friendly blanket at night. It’s comforting to know that no toxic substances seep into your skin while you’re getting your much-needed rest.

Thus given these arguments, it’s safe to say that investing in the eco-conscious design of the Bearaby weighted blanket has been a rewarding experience both on personal comfort and sustainability grounds.

Bearaby has created a fusion of functionality and social responsibility without compromising quality or comfort.

This responsible approach towards production resonates well with more discerning consumers like myself who aren’t only concerned about what they’re purchasing but where it comes from too!

Checking Out the Heat Distribution – The Real Test for a Good Night’s Sleep

Checking Out the Heat Distribution – The Real Test for a Good Night's Sleep

The Bearaby weighted blanket, with its beautiful knit design and aesthetic appeal, isn’t just about looks. A significant factor that truly sets it apart is how it handles heat distribution.

Now, if you’re like me and have always battled with hot, oppressive nights under the cover of some other weighted blankets in the market, then this factor is a true game-changer.

What has consistently impressed me about the Bearaby blanket is that it perfectly balances warmth and breathability—a quality not all weighted blankets can boast of.

Breathability Aspect – Does it Make You Sweat?

Despite its heft, the Bearaby Weighted Blanket still manages to be incredibly breathable. This is due, in part, to its unique open-loop knit design, which not only gives the blanket an artisanal charm but also facilitates optimal air circulation.

The breathability aspect matters because no one wants to wake up drenched in the middle of the night due to an overly warm blanket trapping heat and causing excessive sweating.

The Bearaby guarantees comfort without compromising on effective temperature regulation—trust me when say this: I’ve been there!

Quality Sleep without Night Sweats-Yes, It’s Possible!

There seems to be a common misconception that using a weighted blanket means having to tolerate momentary discomforts—like breaking out in night sweats—as part of the package.

But with my experience with the Bearaby Weighted Blanket, I can confirm— quality sleep without night sweats is possible!

Here’s why: Typically, weighted blankets use fillings like synthetic glass beads or plastic pellets to create weight. Unfortunately, these materials also tend to trap heat and create what I like to call “the toaster effect.” Thankfully though; such isn’t the case with Bearaby Weighted Blankets!

They use layers upon layers of 100% organic cotton yarn and absolutely no fillers. This ensures that their blankets are completely breathable and do not contribute to overheating.

Also worth mentioning here is that despite their considerable weight (ranges from 15-25lb), these blankets don’t feel overly heavy or restraining when you’re under them; instead what they offer feels more akin to being embraced quite tenderly by something so soft & comfortable—like a giant plush toy maybe!

And while we’re having this discussion around temperature regulation & breathability—it’s important we also highlight how Bearaby uses sustainable & plant-derived Tencel fabric (made from eucalyptus trees!) for some of their collections like ‘Tree Napper.’ Now aren’t those features enough reasons for anyone thirsting for quality sleep without waking up all sweaty?

Let me just put it out there again: Yes indeed! Quality sleep without night sweats IS very much possible thanks largely due to great design-thinking from teams like those at Bearaby!..and guess who’s a living testament to the same? That’s right—you guessed it: Yours Sincerely!

Assessing the Long-Term Durability of My Bearaby Weighted Blanket

Assessing the Long-Term Durability of My Bearaby Weighted Blanket

When it comes to investing in a quality product like the Bearaby weighted blanket, durability becomes an essential factor.

After all, no one likes to buy a product that won’t stand the test of time. Having used my Bearaby blanket for several months now, I can confidently say that my initial investment has borne fruit.

Regular Usage and Wear & Tear Factors

Nothing truly tests a product’s sturdiness like its exposure to everyday household elements. I’ve spilled coffee on mine, wrapped it around my kids as they munched on their snacks, and even let the family pet cozy up in its plush comfort.

Despite constant usage around sticky fingers and playful paws, it has managed to impressively retain its original fluffiness with no signs of compression.

While typical blankets would show signs of wear or even tear under this kind of regular use, my Bearaby blanket stood strong through what I like to call “the real-life durability test”. Regular washes were not an issue either – multiple machine washes didn’t lead to any loose threads or a worn-out appearance.

Is it Worth the Investment?

Now comes the moment of truth. Is the Bearaby weighted blanket truly worth every single penny? My answer is yes. Why? Its high-quality materials, coupled with hand-knitted construction ensure longevity.

When you compare this blanket’s lifespan with standard blankets that need replacement every year or so, you begin to see why Bearaby offers value for money in the long run.

If you analyze cost versus long-term benefits, then considering factors such as reduced anxiety, deeper sleep cycles, and impressive heat distribution (which results in lower energy costs i.e., less dependency on heaters during winters), these add up to make this investment worth your while.

In conclusion:

  • The Bearaby weighted blanket held up beautifully against everyday wear and tear factors.
  • Regular machine washing did not compromise its durability.
  • Investing in it equates to value for money considering its robustness and added health benefits.

In short, if you are like me and prefer quality over quantity then making an upfront investment towards gaining superior comfort with durability is worthwhile – making Bearaby weighted blanket a formidable player on my list of long-lasting bedding essentials.

Maintaining Cleanliness- Washing and Care Instructions

Maintaining Cleanliness- Washing and Care Instructions

One of the key concerns I had before purchasing my Bearaby Weighted Blanket was maintaining its cleanliness.

With regular use, any blanket or comforter is bound to accumulate dust, sweat, pet dander, and accidental spills. And let’s face it – laundry day isn’t everyone’s favorite day of the week.

Thankfully, Bearaby thoughtfully designed their weighted blankets to be as easy to clean as they are snuggly.

According to the care label attached to the blanket, it’s machine-washable and can also be air-dried. This feature drastically simplified my cleaning chore by providing machine-friendly options for this heavy-duty product.

Practicality of daily use – Dealing With Stains and Spills

As a busy person who occasionally has late-night snacks (and breakfasts in bed on weekends), spills are an inevitable part of my routine.

So understandably, I was initially wary about staining such a high-end blanket. However, much to my relief, the knitted design and fabric used in this blanket showed remarkable resilience when tackling accidental stains.

In case of a spill or an accident, don’t panic. Instead, take some mild soap or detergent and clean off the spot immediately with cold water. Blot (don’t rub) until the stain has lifted completely.

Can This Heavy Blanket Be Washable at Home?

Weighted blankets aren’t just for snuggling under during chilly nights – they’re essential sources for regulating our body systems during sleep.

Therefore it’s natural that more frequent usage results in a faster build-up of bodily residuals like sweat and dead skin cells.

A major concern echoed by numerous users (including me) about weighted blankets revolves around their weight – “Can something so heavy be cleaned at home without added hassle?.

Here’s what I discovered – Yes! Bearaby Weighted Blankets can indeed be washed conveniently at home without compromising their efficiency or wearing down too soon.

Follow these simple steps for hassle-free washing:

  • Ensure your washing machine can handle the weight of your blanket.
  • Use mild detergent and cold water only to prevent harm to delicate fabrics.
  • Once washed, hang dry instead of tumble drying which can damage your blanket due to intense heat.

To ensure optimum longevity and functionality of your Bearaby weighted blanket remember to wash sparingly as frequent washing could potentially affect its overall quality over time.

Maintaining cleanliness for your cozy companion won’t turn out as daunting as you might think – another reason why I’ve grown fond of my Bearaby Weighted Blanket!

Reviewing Customer Service & Ordering Process from Bearaby

Reviewing Customer Service & Ordering Process from Bearaby

When it comes to any online purchase, excellent customer service and a seamless ordering process can greatly enhance the shopping experience or, conversely, provide unnecessary stress. With Bearaby, I can confidently say my experience fell very much into the first category.

Ordering Process Experience

Navigating the Bearaby website was straightforward and user-friendly. The products are well categorized inducing their unique features and specifics to ensure every buyer could find exactly what they’re looking for at a single glance.

I was able to select my required blanket size and weight with ease. The size chart available on each product page greatly expedited this process eliminating any guesswork.

Furthermore, any questions I had were quickly addressed by the detailed product descriptions and accompanying images that gave me an accurate expectation of what I would receive.

The check-out process itself was as smooth as butter. A variety of payment options available made it flexible for me.

The efficiency didn’t stop there. Once my order was placed, I received confirmation emails laying out all the details of my purchase – including when I could expect my much-anticipated weighted blanket to arrive at my doorstep.

An additional merit worth mentioning is that Bearaby also provides international shipping, something not every retailer offers but often proves essential for many customers round-the-globe.

Post-Sale Service: Is It Up to Mark?

As much as a product is essential, splendid post-sale service decides if the customer will be betrothed with a brand.

Exceptionally good post-sale services ease off so much worry from our shoulders about product conditions occurring after purchasing. On purchasing Bearaby weighted blanket, I kept in mind these aspects also.

Once my Bearaby Weighted Blanket arrived (right on schedule), their customer service continued to impress with follow-up emails ensuring everything was up to mark with delivery and that I was contented with my purchase.

While thankfully, there were no issues with my order or the blanket itself but out of curiosity, I reached out to their customer helpline, just to gauge their response time and query handling capability.

The agent got back in less than 24 hours addressing all of the concerns patiently which makes me realize their dedication towards ensuring each of their customers’ satisfaction- both prior to the sale and post-purchase.

Their return policy capped off an altogether satisfying shopping process at Bearaby for me. If by chance you’re unhappy with your purchase or detect any issues within thirty days since your order has been delivered – Bearaby offers an easy and hassle-free return policy, thereby solidifying its standing as a customer-centred company that prioritizes your satisfaction above all else.

So whether you’re considering dipping your toes into the world of weighted blankets or simply in need of a cozy upgrade from the standard fare – based on both the quality of their products & impeccable customer service – Bearaby deserves at least one top place on your contender’s list.

Who Can Benefit From Using a Bearaby Weighted Blanket?

Who Can Benefit From Using a Bearaby Weighted Blanket?

As someone who absolutely adores their Bearaby weighted blanket, I often say that everyone can benefit from using it. But the truth is certain individuals might find it more beneficial than others.

Individuals Needing Stress & Anxiety Relief

If you’re like me, often stressed and anxious about various things in life, this blanket could potentially change your whole perspective on rest and relaxation.

Weighted blankets are often recommended by therapists for people dealing with stress and anxiety disorders, due to their deep pressure stimulation which simulates the feeling of a hug.

It might seem like an overstated benefit, but I honestly did find that this blanket helped with my own personal anxiety.

By evenly distributing a slight pressure across your body, Bearaby creates a comforting sensation, like a warm and secure hug from someone you care about.

Another aspect I’ve appreciated is the fact that Bearaby’s weighted blanket is also free of artificial fillers. Instead, it employs layers of organic cotton that naturally create weight through densely woven materials. This indicates the brand’s commitment to users’ health beyond just providing restful sleep.

The Importance of Rest for Overall Health

As they always say, sleep is an integral part of our daily lives – not merely a break from waking hours. When we sleep, numerous vital functions take place within our bodies from consolidating memories to healing damaged cells, boosting immune function, and controlling appetite.

For me, tossing and turning throughout the night due to stress was not only causing disruptive zzzs but also murdering my daytime productivity.

Ever since I incorporated Bearaby into my bedtime routine, my nights have been calmer and my days much more productive.

Quality sleep has been shown to greatly improve mood as well, which I can absolutely vouch for! A proper night’s sleep under my Bearaby blanket leaves me refreshed in the morning and feeling ready to tackle the day head-on.

Now you may wonder what happens when hot summer months come around. Can you still use this weighted comforter without sweating excessively at night? The good news is yes – at least based on my experience!

Remember when I mentioned organic material? Well aside from being natural and healthier, these also allow breathability thereby reducing extra warmth in those hotter months while maintaining composure during colder ones!

  • If you find yourself dealing with bouts of stress or anxiety (who doesn’t?), then having something as simple as a comforting cover might just offer some relief.
  • As well as offering aid for mental wellbeing challenges such as stress or anxiety disorders – poor quality sleep can be dreadful for your physical health too; which this blanket definitely helps upgrade!
  • Last but not least: despite being slightly heavier than average blankets – due to their natural materials Bearaby will have you sleeping comfortably all year round!

After thorough use and observation, I strongly feel using Bearaby Weighted Blanket has considerably amplified not only my overall sleep quality but my life quality too, and hope many other individuals striving for better health would give it a chance.

FAQs About Bearaby Weighted Blanket Review

What sets the Bearaby Weighted Blanket apart from others on the market?

Its eco-friendly production, aesthetic design, and evenly distributed weight which promotes better sleep separate it from the competition.

How does the weight distribution of the blanket helps in getting quality sleep?

The balanced weight provides a gently hugging effect, decreasing anxiety and promoting deep sleep.

Is it easy to clean the Bearaby weighted blanket?

Yes, despite its weight, home cleaning is possible by following the instructions given by Bearaby.

Who would benefit most from using a Bearaby weighted blanket?

Those struggling with insomnia, anxiety or simply needing aid for a sounder sleep can benefit from it greatly.

After long-term use and washing, does Bearaby weighted blanket retain its quality and comfort?

Absolutely, with regular care as instructed, the blanket maintains its comfort level and durability over time.


To wrap up (no pun intended!) my Bearaby weighted blanket review, I can confidently say it’s a solid “Yay”. It has unequivocally changed not only my sleep pattern but also the whole concept of unwinding for me.

In terms of comfort, design, quality, and its eco-friendly aspects, the Bearaby blanket is leagues ahead of other products in the same category. The subtle pressure offered by its evenly distributed weight makes every sleep a cocoon-like experience that leaves me rejuvenated each morning.

Yet, it’s important to mention that – weighted blankets are not for everyone. Some may find them too restraining or heavy – so, consider your personal preference before investing.

Bear in mind, good sleep isn’t an indulgence but an essential part of our well-being. So don’t hesitate to invest in aids like this one that help you get some well-deserved restful nights.

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