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Balboa Mist – Benjamin Moore 2024 [Paint Color Review]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 2, 2023

When choosing the perfect paint color for your home, few names are trusted or recognized than Benjamin Moore.

The name alone invokes images of tastefully decorated homes and flawlessly finished walls. One paint color from their stunning palette making waves is Balboa Mist – a versatile wonder as captivating as the ocean fog it gets its name.

Balboa Mist – Benjamin Moore has a fascinating story to tell. This fantastic color can softly whisper elegance in your living rooms, shout sophistication in your dining area, or gently murmur a calming melody in your bedroom settings effortlessly.

Whether you’re seeking to transform a sweet nursery or set up a cozy home office, Balboa Mist is an understated but equally remarkable choice.

Let’s dive into all things ‘Balboa Mist’ and explore how this unique hue can reimagine your spaces with its subtly stunning charm.

What Is Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist Color?

What Is Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist Color?

Balboa Mist is a unique color from Benjamin Moore’s Off-White Color collection. Known for its fleeting, warm grey undertones, it’s an aesthetic compromise between sophisticated beige and contemporary grey, offering a whisper-like quality that is intimate and inviting.

Is Balboa Mist Grey Color?

Yes and no. As touched on above, Balboa Mist offers an intoxicating blend of subtlety. It’s the color of soft morning fog or that swirl of steam rising from your favorite cup of latte – quietly gray with a comforting hint of beige wafting through it, adding a touch of warmth to this heart-stealing hue.

One could say it all boils down to perception and ambiance too! From one angle or in certain light situations, you might think Balboa Mist leans towards the gray family side; however, tilt your head slightly or watch as the daylight changes – you will see that cozy beige trying to win you over.

So yes, while Benjamin Moore’s Balboa mist is undeniably a member of the ‘greige’ family (a beautiful harmonious merger of grey and beige), labeling it merely as a gray would be significantly underplaying its profound depth and versatility. Indeed, to truly appreciate its allure comes down to light exposure – but more on that later.

The LRV, And Undertone Of Balboa Mist

Understanding the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) and undertones of paint colors dramatically affects how they’ll behave in different settings and light exposures.

LRV is a measurement used by designers that references how light or dark paint color can appear when applied to walls or surfaces.

LRV of Balboa Mist

Balboa Mist has an LRV of 65.53, so it comfortably stands in the light color category. Some might say it approaches ‘off-white’ territory, given its slightly higher LRV than average grey hues.

Undertone of Balboa Mist

Now comes the intriguing part about this color – its undertone! With Balboa Mist, we unravel a beautiful love affair between two timeless neutrals – grey and beige.

The primary undertone you may notice here is greige – the perfect combination of grey with a warm beige undertone.

It is crucial to remember that Balboa Mist won’t swing overwhelmingly towards either gray or beige but sits confidently in between, lending itself as an adaptable option across various settings.

Balboa Mist from Benjamin Moore embodies an atmospheric presence – never intrusive but always quietly beaming on your walls like that balmy ray of early morning sunlight – non-intrusive yet impactful. The warmer undertones matter most in north-facing rooms, tying each element together nicely.

To sum up:

  • LRV: 65.53 (lighter)
  • Undertone: Greige (warm)

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist: Warm Or Cool

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist: Warm Or Cool

In paint colors, understanding whether our chosen hue is warm or cool can significantly influence how the color interacts with your space.

Categorizing Balboa Mist

Balboa Mist is a classic ‘greige’, suggesting its attributes are neither warm nor cool. Instead, they fleetingly flit between the two, thus forming an invitingly neutral hue.

Explicitly speaking, Balboa Mist leans towards being somewhat warm but incredibly soft and understated. However, in rooms with copious sunlight influx or against some dark furnishings – it might present itself as cool owing to its grey undertones.’

Role of Natural Light

Balboa mist’s warmth or coolness inevitably depends substantially on natural light exposure. At the risk of sounding ambiguous, yes, your room’s lighting significantly affects how this color makes you feel.

  • Bright daylight: Under vibrant daylight exposure, it may appear as a true greige – more prosperous and vivid.
  • Soft Evening Luminescence: In contrast, under the soft evening glow, it tends to retreat into a cooler register delivering soothing calmness.

Moreover, factors such as sheen level and complementary colors used in conjunction can also influence whether Balboa mist leans warm or cool in your particular setting.

Balboa’s versatility ensures suitability for varied tastes and styles, making it an exciting proposition for every design enthusiast.

Labeling Benjamin Moore’s Balboa Mist strictly as ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ would be too simplistic. It’s a beautifully nuanced color that evolves subtly throughout the day, transcending any single categorization.

Balboa Mist: Lighting

Lighting is crucial in how a paint color finally settles and is perceived. Realistically, this rule applies to any color you pick, but Balboa Mist’s complex blends of grey and beige make it particularly susceptible to changes in lighting.

North-Facing Rooms

North-Facing Rooms

Balboa Mist can lend the walls a cooler gray appearance in north-facing rooms, where the light tends to be more relaxed with a touch of blue undertones.

However, not to worry! This color’s warmer undertones balance the chilly northern light splendidly – without making your room feel icy.

East-Facing Rooms

East-facing rooms love to shake hands with a subtler orange hue during sunrise hours. Balboa Mist looks gloriously warm and comforting here – perfect for early risers!

But as the day progresses and natural light dwindles or changes direction, expect Balboa Mist to veer towards a more fabulous gray once more.

West-Facing Rooms

With west-facing rooms receiving plenty of warm afternoon sun, an enticing play of colors occurs here with Balboa Mist.

It can lean more towards a beige in basked golden hour warmth but transitions into a neutral or cool grey as daylight diminishes.

South-Facing Rooms

South-Facing Rooms

South-facing rooms lit by abundant sunshine throughout most of the day will see our darling hue at its warmest.

The paint seems to embrace its beige side wholeheartedly in these rooms while still subtly flattering its grey connotations – creating an inviting space that feels cozy yet refreshing.

So yes – as I have consistently attested throughout this blog post – do take your lighting seriously! The allure of ‘Balboa Mist’ promises different moods in varying lighting situations.

Appreciating its depth and versatility requires casting careful glances through changing daylight hues – dancing from dawn till dusk.

The biggest takeaway here must be – to expand your understanding and usage of sample swatches! Be patient and observe them diligently through different parts of the day (under diverse lighting conditions) before vetoing or welcoming Benjamin Moore’s Balboa Mist into your spaces.

Trust me when I say – you will fall just slightly more under this delightful ‘greige’ spell every passing hour.

Best Way to Samplize Balboa Mist

Best Way to Samplize Balboa Mist

Choosing paint colors, even those as versatile as Balboa Mist can come with many variables. You’ve got to consider how it’ll look in different lighting situations, its reaction to the furniture and decor elements, and so on. That’s why the best way to understand how Balboa Mist will work in your home is to sample it.

For those unfamiliar with this term, ‘sampling’ involves getting a good-sized (around 12″x12″) stick-on sample of the paint color and sticking it onto different walls within your room. Websites like offer easy peel-and-stick samples that save time and effort.

To sample Balboa Mist,

  • Request a peel-and-stick paint sample.
  • Once you have your sample, place it on multiple walls in the room you want to paint.
  • Look at how the color interacts with various natural and artificial lighting throughout different times of the day.
  • Move it around at least once daily, and consider other furnishings in each view too.

By doing this, you can visualize precisely how Balboa Mist will transform and interact with your unique space – there’s a hidden power in illumination, after all!

Why is Sample Important?

It’s valuable because light exposure fundamentally alters how we perceive colors. Having a physical sample adhered to your wall instead of relying on digital swatches ensures accuracy within your unique home setting, which means avoiding heartbreak (or headache) post-painting!

The lighting sources (both natural & artificial), shadows within the rooms, selection of furniture- everything impacts color perception that digital renderings can’t wholly capture, but physical samples do!

So remember- samplizing isn’t just important but essential: what appears passive under one light source may manifest dramatically under another, thus ensuring an understanding between expectations and reality before taking any tools out.

Where You Can Use Balboa Mist Color

Given its extraordinary warmth and adaptability, Balboa Mist can turn any room from drab to fab. Here are some great ideas on how you could use this fabulous shade in different areas of your home:

  • Living Room: This room is often the hub of the home and hence an excellent staging area for Balboa Mist. It’s a soothing backdrop that elegantly showcases your furniture and decor. Whether you want vintage charm or modern allure, this color makes it all work perfectly.
  • Bedroom: Restful, soothing, and welcoming – what more do we want from our bedrooms? Using Balboa Mist in your bedroom ensures a serene start to every day.
  • Kitchen: White cabinets aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so why not pair them with none other than Balboa Mist for a timeless yet fresh feel?
  • Bathroom: With natural light comes the best of Balboa Mist. This dazzling color will make your bathroom feel spacious yet welcoming when paired with marble or white tiling.
  • Dining Room: Perhaps there’s no better place to use this hue than in your dining area. Combine it with warm lighting, and you have an ambiance encouraging long conversations over good food.
  • Home Office: Ahh! While we’re all itching for our work-from-home setup to feel more professional and less couch-like, using Ballboa mist in your home office will undoubtedly offer a calming environment that nudges productivity just as much as relaxation.
  • Hallway or Entryway: They say first impressions are everything! Add depth and warmth to these greeting spaces by applying Benjamin Moore’s Balboa Mist hues. The result? A charming welcome every time you walk through those doors!

The fabulous thing about Benjamin Moore’s paint colors is their adaptability – yes, they influence the feels of space considerably but consistently in a manner explicitly catered to your vision (and lifestyle!).

Remember, while adding different hues into rooms – consider the existing elements like rugs, natural stone features, or flooring color, which significantly play around with the overall look.

However, don’t fret – if something feels out of place once painted – change is only a trip away to your closest hardware store.

Best Trim Color with Balboa Mist

Best Trim Color with Balboa Mist

Match Balboa Mist with the right trim color, and you’re on your way to creating a picture-perfect canvas for your interiors. But what color should that be? Well, stick to these classic hues for a harmonious contrast.

  • Benjamin Moore White Dove: This soft white hue with a hint of gray provides a seamless look when paired with Balboa Mist. Together they focus on creating an airy and bright atmosphere.
  • Benjamin Moore Simply White: This clean, crisp white color produces a striking contrast against Balboa Mist, making this duo perfect for modern or contemporary-styled rooms.
  • Sherwin Williams Pure White: With little to no undertone, this brilliant white shade is excellent as it amplifies the warmth in Balboa Mist and doesn’t compete against it.

These colors work beautifully together not only because they all fall within the neutral palette range but also due to their shared ability to enhance those warm undertones found in Balboa Mist.

Choosing your trim color should also take into account the kind of ambiance you are going for. A darker trim adds depth, whereas lighter tones add brightness and openness.

FAQs About Balboa Mist – Benjamin Moore

Is Balboa Mist a warm or cool shade?

Balboa Mist lands somewhere in the middle, being a ‘greige’ color it combines both warm and cool tones, making it incredibly versatile.

What colors go well with Balboa Mist?

Warm whites like White Dove and White make excellent pairing choices due to their ability to bring out the warmth in Balboa Mist.

Can I use Balboa Mist in low-light rooms?

Absolutely! Since Balboa Mist carries a high LRV, it performs wonderfully in low-light conditions by reflecting more light around the room.

Is Balboa Mist a good choice for the exterior of homes?

Indeed! It can complement any home style while providing an inviting and soothing visual appeal.

How does the color change throughout the day?

It can look more beige in direct sunlight, but as evening falls, you’ll see a shift toward more fabulous gray shades.


Choosing the right paint color is daunting, but you can’t go wrong with Benjamin Moore’s Balboa Mist. This remarkable hue offers a sophisticated blend of gray and beige, making it a versatile choice for any room in any home style.

It’s perfect for creating soothing and elegant interiors, complemented beautifully by whites and other neutral shades.

Not only does this ‘greige’ color balance out cooler tones and inject warmth into your space, but its inherent adaptability to fluctuating light conditions ensures it wears different looks throughout the day.

So whether you’re looking to redefine an individual room or want a single cohesive color draped through your entire house – let the Balboa Mist charm your spaces to whispering sophistication.

Trust me, decorating with Balboa Mist is like crafting poetry – quiet elegance narrating stories of nuanced beauty.

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