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Are Bed Skirts Outdated In 2024? [Alternatives To Bed Skirt]

By: Susie
Updated On: October 3, 2023

Perusing through your favorite home decor magazines or browsing through popular interior design websites, you might notice a recurring question – are bed skirts outdated? It’s a valid query.

In the realm of home decor, trends come and go like the wind, often leaving us wondering if our own homes might be falling behind the style curve.

So, let’s turn our attention to that often-overlooked frill of fabric lurking beneath your mattress and box spring – the humble bed skirt.

Conversations about bed skirts can stir up strong opinions among designers and homeowners alike. While some view this accessory as a classic staple, others see it as a relic of bygone eras, akin to wallpaper borders or shag rugs.

In order to determine if the bed skirt holds its place in contemporary styling, we need to consider its role in room aesthetics and practical use. So get ready; we’re about to pull back the covers on this hot topic!

The Evolution of Bed Skirt Designs

Bed skirt designs have evolved considerably over the years. Traditionally meant to keep dust from collecting under the bed, these decorative items have transformed into style statements in modern bedrooms.

Initially, ruffled and pleated styles dominated the scenes, made of heavy fabrics like cotton and linen. With the turn of the century, tailored bed skirts came into prominence for their sleek look that favored minimalist design concepts.

Now, you can find bed skirts in a range of styles, from layered and waterfall to multi-ruffle in lightweight fabrics like polyester and rayon.

Contemporary designs also consider ease of use, hence the advent of ‘wrap-around’ or ‘easy-fit’ bed skirts that eliminate the need to lift your mattress during installation. So, from practical dust barriers to sophisticated room accents, bed skirts have truly evolved in their design journey.

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Modern Bedroom Trends: Where Do Bed Skirts Fit In?

Modern Bedroom Trends: Where Do Bed Skirts Fit In?

Bed skirts have a unique role in modern bedroom trends due to their dual functionality of style and utility. Here’s where they fit in:

  • Minimalist Design: Contemporary decor leans towards clean lines and simplicity. A neatly tailored bed skirt can contribute to this aesthetic by hiding the less visually appealing box spring and any under-bed storage.
  • Color Blocking: Bed skirts can be a fantastic tool for incorporating color blocking into your bedroom design. An appropriately chosen bed skirt can accent or contrast with your bedding, adding a layer of visual interest.
  • Layering Textures: Modern design trends are all about layering different textures to create depth and excitement in the room. A bed skirt can offer an additional textural element, whether it’s ruffled, pleated, or tailored.
  • Optimal Space Utilization: With downsizing becoming increasingly popular, optimizing space is key in modern home styling. The area beneath the bed can become valuable storage space; however, it isn’t always the most visually pleasing sight. So, deploying a streamlined bed skirt becomes an effective solution to mask those under-bed storages aesthetically.

Remember that trends are cyclical and subjective! Don’t worry if your favorite style doesn’t align with what’s currently “in”; personal taste takes precedence over transient trends – if you love how bed skirts complete your room aesthetics, then they will never be outdated for you.

Why People Don’t Like Bed Skirts?

Delving into the crux of why some aren’t fans of bed skirts, the answers range from aesthetic tastes to practicality concerns.

Although perceived as an essential piece of bedroom decor, bed skirts can sometimes raise eyebrows for certain reasons.

Here are a few common gripes that might explain why some people steer clear of them:

  • Outdated Appearance: With a shift towards minimalistic and modern decor, some people find bed skirts to be reminiscent of old-fashioned, frilly designs. Although there are contemporary designs available, the perception of being antiquated still bothers many.
  • Difficulty in Installation: Traditional bed skirts can be a pain to install. They require lifting the mattress, which can be physically challenging and time-consuming.
  • Cleaning Concerns: Maintenance is another issue with bed skirts. Frequent cleaning is required as they tend to collect dust.
  • Incompatibility with Furniture: In bedrooms where space-saving furniture like under-bed storage or adjustable beds are used, installing a bed skirt can be impractical or unnecessary.

It’s important to remember that whether one likes bed skirts or not is largely subjective and depends on individual style preferences and needs.

Are People Still Buying Bed Skirts?

Are People Still Buying Bed Skirts?

People often don’t prefer bed skirts for a handful of reasons.

Firstly, they can be seen as outdated. Modern decor tends to favor minimalistic and clean lines, and bed skirts disrupt that aesthetic with their frilly or ruffled appearance.

Secondly, they can be challenging to install and maintain. Bed skirts need to be ironed and washed frequently to keep them looking good, which adds another chore for homeowners.

Lastly, people with certain allergies may find that bed skirts exacerbate their symptoms by attracting dust more readily compared to other bedding options.

Alternatives to Bed Skirts: Modern Solutions for Hiding Bed Bases

Your bed base doesn’t have to be an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful bedroom. If you’re wondering whether bed skirts are an outdated solution, you’ll be thrilled to know that modern design offers versatile and fresh alternatives that can work with any aesthetic.

From inventive bed skirt clips to sleek box spring covers, there is a variety of contemporary products designed to hide your bed base elegantly and effectively.

Bed Skirt Clips

If you enjoy the classic look of a bed skirt but want a more streamlined and secure solution, then bed skirt clips could be precisely what you need. These ingenious tools ensure your bed skirt stays in place without shifting or sagging, providing both style and comfort.

The beauty of these clips is that they offer flexibility with your design choices. You can use any fabric or throw a blanket of your liking as a makeshift ‘skirt,’ opening up unlimited styling opportunities.

Be it matching the room’s color palette or contrasting for bold statement-making, the choice is yours, really! Bed skirt clips are also user-friendly; they attach quickly – no lifting the mattress or dealing with stubborn elastics!

Simple yet effective, these tiny pieces of plastic or metal can make a significant difference in maintaining a neat and stylish look for your bed base.

Box Spring Covers

Bed skirts not really your speed? Don’t fret! There’s another contemporary alternative – box spring covers. Tailored like fitted sheets but designed specifically for box springs, these snugly fitting covers are perfect for minimalist styles or those who prefer cleaner lines in their decor.

Box spring covers eliminate any frills or ruffles typical of traditional bed skirts by wrapping around the box spring structure itself.

Available in various fabrics like cotton, hypoallergenic options such as microfiber, and multi-stretches like spandex – there’s something here for every taste and need.

Not to mention the array of colors, patterns, and thread counts that let you curate your bedroom look down to the very last detail.

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Fitted Sheet With Deep Pockets

Another excellent alternative to a traditional bed skirt is a fitted sheet with deep pockets. These are not your everyday fitted sheets – they come with extended corners designed to fit snugly over the sides of the box spring in the same way bed skirts do.

The main advantage is simplicity – it’s easy to tuck and retuck, making changing and washing hassle-free. Available in a plethora of fabrics, colors, and patterns – this option allows for maximum customization while ensuring you don’t compromise on style as you choose to ditch the traditional bed skirt.

Dust Ruffle With Velcro

For those who appreciate easy maintenance but still adore that ruffled aesthetic, behold the dust ruffle with Velcro. This smart design expertly marries the classic appeal of a ruffled bed skirt with the ease of modern-day life.

Instead of hassling with removing and refitting after every wash, these dust ruffles connect to your box spring using Velcro strips! So anytime it needs cleaning or if you simply fancy a change – pull off and replace it.

You get all the charming appeal of a ruffled look without any fuss – now that’s what we call ‘having your cake and eating it too’!

DIY Fabric Panel

If you’re feeling creative or want something uniquely yours, consider crafting a DIY fabric panel. This is a chic way to add a personal touch and blend your bed base into your aesthetic seamlessly without resorting to generic solutions like bed skirts or standard covers.

Select any fabric that complements your room decor (think patterned drapes or vivid throws), measure it out to fit your base correctly, and attach it using upholstery pins for an outstanding custom-made solution!

You can also try padding before pinning for that plush look! DIY fabric panels offer freedom and versatility and cost less than buying new – perfect for budget décor or a quick and fun room upgrade. Remember, your space should primarily reflect you!

Bed Wrap-Around

Looking for a simple yet effective solution to hide your bed base? A bed wrap-around might be the ideal fit for you! This accessory offers a sleek look by simply wrapping around your box spring or bed platform, covering unsightly metal frames or exposed storage areas.

The contemporary design of bed wrap-around, coupled with their ease of installation (no lifting the mattress required!), makes them popular among modern homeowners.

They’re also incredibly durable and resilient, making them a sound investment for the long term. You can effortlessly match them with your existing decor, as they come in various fabrics and colors.

Valance Sheet

Channeling a more traditional aesthetic? A valance sheet, also known as a dust ruffle, could be your preferred choice. Traditionally used in European-style decor, valance sheets not only cover the base but extend down towards the floor.

Besides covering under-bed storage and hardware aesthetically, this accessory adds dimension to your bedding ensemble.

You can find valance sheets in countless colors and patterns, which gives you an endless array of options to suit your personal style and bedroom color scheme. And just like bed skirts, they offer a bonus – help minimize dust buildup beneath the bed.

Bedskirt Pins

If you’re keen on using a bed skirt but are constantly bothered by its incessant shifting every time you adjust the mattress, then bedskirt pins, also referred to as twist pins, might be just what you’re seeking.

Easy to install and remove without damaging fabric or bedding, these pins secure the skirt corners snugly against your box spring or mattress.

They often come with clear heads that blend seamlessly with any fabric color or pattern so they won’t disrupt your designed aesthetic look – while ensuring that your bed skirt stays put exactly as you intended.

Adjustable Bed Base

We live in an era where customization is key – catering to individual needs, preferences, and lifestyles. As such, the adjustable bed base has become a popular choice among modern homeowners.

With an adjustable bed base, you can elevate or lower different parts of the bed to suit your comfort. Featuring a clean and sleek aesthetic, many models require no skirting at all! They’re a prime example of functional furniture meeting contemporary design.

Plus, many adjustable bases come with high-tech features like built-in USB ports, massage functions, and programmable positions. It’s not just about hiding your bed base anymore – it’s about elevating your entire sleep experience.

Platform Bed with Storage

Another stellar option that merges practicality with style is the platform bed with storage. Breaking away from conventional bed frames that leave empty spaces beneath mattresses crying out for a skirt or cover-up, platform beds offer usable space beneath the mattress.

How do they do this? The key lies in built-in drawers or shelves designed as part of the structure itself. No ruffles or fabric drapes are needed to hide anything – this design intentionally makes use of all available space.

Not only does it provide ample room for storing linen, extra pillows, or seldom-used items, but it also results in a neat appearance that works exceptionally well in minimalist or contemporary bedrooms.

So with platform beds offering storage solutions combined with their chic appeal – bedroom decor enthusiasts and practical-minded homeowners both score a homerun!

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How Different Cultures View Bed Skirts: To Use or Not to Use?

How Different Cultures View Bed Skirts: To Use or Not to Use?

The use of bed skirts varies across different cultures. In North America and European countries, they are primarily used for decorative purposes or to conceal under-bed storage. Their ruffled or tailored design can add a touch of elegance and finish to the overall look of the bed.

Conversely, in minimalist Japanese interiors, bed skirts are generally not preferred. The emphasis is on clean lines, functionality, and less clutter. Bed skirts can disrupt this aesthetic with their elaborate appearance.

In Middle Eastern cultures, bed skirts may be used as part of a lavish decorative approach to bedrooms. Meanwhile, in Scandinavian design, which values simplicity and practicality, bed skirts aren’t commonly used.

Views on bed skirts are evolving over time and across borders due to global exchanges in interior design trends.


FAQs about ‘Are bed skirts outdated?’

Are bed skirts considered old-fashioned?

While some might view bed skirts as outdated, their design variety and practical benefits continue to keep them relevant in current home decor trends.

What can I use instead of a bed skirt?

There are many modern alternatives to traditional bed skirts, including box spring covers, bed skirt clips, adjustable bed bases, or platform beds with built-in storage.

Do contemporary interior designers still use bed skirts?

Indeed they do! Although preferences vary, many designers see value in the utility and aesthetic versatility that a well-chosen bed skirt adds to a room.

What is the purpose of a bed skirt?

Aside from being decorative features, bed skirts also help prevent dust accumulation under the bed and conceal unsightly storage or box springs.

Does every type of bed need a bed skirt?

Not necessarily. Many modern styles like platform or adjustable base beds have designs that eliminate the need for additional covering like a traditional bed skirt.


Bed skirts may seem like a traditional element in room decor, but they have stood the test of time thanks to their utility and evolving styles.

While some might prefer sleeker alternatives like box spring covers or the practicality of platform beds with storage, others still appreciate the classic touch that a well-chosen bed skirt brings to a bedroom.

Whether you deem bed skirts outdated or not depends on your personal aesthetic and practical needs. Remember, it’s all about creating a space that looks and feels like home to you.

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