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15 Best Zellige Tiles And Backsplashes [Add Moroccan Allure]

By: Susie
Updated On: January 12, 2024

Zellige tiles and backsplashes offer a stunning aesthetic for any space, creating an intertwined environment of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary appeal.

With centuries-old Moroccan roots, their distinctive flair transforms a good design into an extraordinary one.

The versatility in patterns, colours, and finishes make Zellige tiles an exquisite choice for those looking to give their living or commercial space a unique touch.

With the recent resurgence in popularity, you may be considering infusing your space with the charming elegance of these tiles.

Your interest reflects your discerning taste for supreme quality and intricate design elements; choosing the perfect fit can be overwhelming given the plethora of options available on the market.

Armed with an understanding of the best zellige tiles and backsplashes, you’ll confidently navigate this selection maze towards home improvement perfection.

The Best Zellige Tiles

Zellige tiles are architectural gems, encapsulating tradition, character, and beauty into an enticing visual package.

Whether to create an exotic atmosphere in your living room or to elevate the elegance of a commercial space, these intricately designed tiles work like a charm.

We’ll take you through the best Zellige tiles in the market for you to explore their potential.

Moroccan Fish Scale Zellige

Moroccan Fish Scale Zellige

Dive into the fantastic world of Moroccan Fish Scale Zellige. This type of tile has a unique shape that mimics the scales on a fish hence the name.

They are available in various colour shades, allowing you to mix and match to create visually striking patterns.

Made traditionally with Moroccan clay, they are then glazed and chipped into their distinctive shape.

Aside from their exquisite appearance, they’re also renowned for their durability – making them suitable for high-traffic areas in your home or commercial space.

Fez Blue Zellige

The enchanting Fez Blue Zellige inspires rejuvenation and tranquillity with its cool blue shade.

Named after the famed city of Fez reminiscent of serene skies or calming waters these tiles have been used through centuries to decorate palaces and places of worship in Morocco.

Featuring unique variations in colour depth and texture, each tile is truly one-of-a-kind just like snowflakes.

Despite its antique roots, Fez Blue fits seamlessly into modern decors due to its classic colour tone and elegant finish.

Andalusian White Zellige

For lovers of minimalistic design schemes, Andalusian White Zelliges serve as an ideal choice.

These off-white coloured tiles exhibit refined sophistication while providing the perfect canvas for your interior decor elements to shine.

The tiles blend marvellously with different colour schemes and decor aesthetics making them incredibly versatile.

They also come in varying shapes; whether you desire a refreshingly modern square layout or prefer the standout appearance of the traditional trellis pattern, Andalusian White Zellige has you covered.

Marrakech Red Zellige

The Marrakech Red Zellige embodies warmth, passion, and charm with its rich red hue. It’s ideal for creating dramatic accent walls or cosy fireplaces, adding a touch of romance to your space.

Marrakech Red Zellige

The defining factor of these tiles lies in their remarkable pigmentation process: each tile undergoes comprehensive soaking in diverse pigments for varied time intervals, resulting in an array of red shades that shimmer under the light. Like all zellige tiles, each piece is distinctive lending an artisanal elegance to your surroundings.

Emerald Green Zellige

Awaken a sense of abundance and rejuvenation with the mesmerizing Emerald Green Zellige.

Resonating lush greenery, these striking tiles provide quite a shift from the conventional colour spectrum found in tiling.

The vibrant green breathes life into any space while its vivid colour harmonizes splendidly with both light and dark palette themes.

To finish it off, as sunlight hits the tile’s glazed surface; they exhibit an enchanting play of light–like sunrays filtering through forest canopies.

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Sahara Sand Zellige

The Sahara Sand Zellige with its natural, earthy tone embodies a serene simplicity that blends effortlessly with any design.

The light hues imitate the calming sands of the Sahara, offering the perfect bridge between modern aesthetics and earthy elements.

Each tile is crafted to reflect subtle differences in shading and texture, adding depth and character to your environment.

They also offer the versatility of matching up brilliantly with contrasting bright colours or fitting neatly alongside a more neutral palette.

Midnight Black Zellige

Bold, daring, and timeless, the Midnight Black Zellige can infuse your space with sophisticated grace in an instant.

Midnight Black Zellige

Their dark hue offers striking contrast in any room while their unique glaze catches and refracts light enchantingly.

While being ideal for workplaces, due to their sleek appearance, they’re also perfectly suited for homes – providing a chic backdrop for your colorful furnishings or vibrant artwork.

Amber Yellow Zellige

Breathe life and luminosity into your living space with the Amber Yellow Zellige’s sunlight hues.

With varying shades ranging from bright sunshine yellows to deeper mustard tones, these tiles can bathe any room in a warm amber glow – creating an inviting atmosphere year-round.

And this isn’t just about colour; it’s about texture too. The irregularities found on each tile are not defects but designs – think tiny bubbles or calcifications that add charm to these ceramic wonders.

Royal Blue Zellige

Fascinating deep blues accompanied by hints of other hues make the Royal Blue zelliges stand out beautifully in any setup whether traditional or modern.

This sort of versatility makes them popular among homeowners looking for that ‘special something’ to re-energize their living space without overwhelming it.

Their lush sea-wide colour spectacularly combined with incredible shine lends an elevated style statement anywhere they’re used.

Terracotta Zellige

Terracotta Zellige introduces a sense of warmth and Meditteranean charm to your interior décor with its deep earthy tones.

Terracotta Zellige

Drawing inspiration from the rich iron-laden clay it’s made from, the beautiful rust hues can transform any space into a homely, inviting haven.

Its uncanny ability to blend in with almost every interior design style and color theme makes this tile a firm favorite among homeowners, designers, as well as architects.

Whether it’s accenting an outdoor patio or sprucing up a kitchen backsplash, terracotta zellige tiles offer timeless grace and functionality well-suited for any space.

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5 Zellige tile backsplash

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodels, a backsplash serves the dual purpose of protecting walls from splashes and spills, while adding a decorative accent that can dramatically transform the entire space.

Enter zellige tile backsplashes. With their rich colours and unique shapes, they bring an elegant wow factor to any room. Let’s dive deeper into what makes these top five picks so delightful.

Moroccan Fish Scale Zellige Backsplash

A Moroccan Fish Scale Zellige backsplash is perfect if you’re looking to introduce some artistic panache into your bathroom or kitchen setting.

Moroccan Fish Scale Zellige Backsplash

This unique design option, inspired by the shimmering beauty of fish scales, delivers a classic yet distinctive touch to your space.

The iridescent quality of zellige tiles coupled with the fluidity of the pattern creates an interesting visual sensation that is both subtle and impressive.

Especially with natural sunlight or under well-placed lights, this style brings alluring magic to your interiors.

Each tile is handmade by craftsmen in Morocco imparting sincerity and craftsmanship that’s hard to replicate.

Fez Blue Zellige Backsplash

The Fez Blue Zellige backsplash is an ideal blend of elegance that meets serenity for your home interiors.

Characterized by its calming shades of blue reminiscent of the azure skies over Fez Morocco from which it gets its name, it lends tranquillity while keeping style in check.

It creates an inviting ambience in areas like the kitchen where families often gather; its rich yet soft hue proves soothing during rush hours.

Depending on your preferred aesthetic, you can choose between varying shades from deep midnight blues to light aquas making each installation truly bespoke.

Andalusian White Zellige Backsplash

If neutrality is more to your taste or perhaps you wish for a serene sanctuary away from the vibrant chaos outside, consider an Andalusian White Zellige backsplash for your home.

Andalusian White Zellige Backsplash

The pristine white induces a sense of serenity, making your space look larger and brighter. Its minimalist aesthetic synchronizes with contemporary settings while the zellige design attests to traditional craftsmanship.

Whether in a cosy kitchen setting or a sleek modern bathroom, this backsplash brings uncomplicated sophistication without being too overpowering.

Emerald Green Zellige Backsplash

An Emerald Green Zellige backsplash is perfect if you want to infuse some vitality into your space.

Inspired by the lush landscapes of Morocco, this backsplash fills spaces with freshness, depth, and balance making kitchens and bathrooms feel more lively.

The vivid emerald green paired with Zellige’s signature glossy finish creates a dynamic light play that’s truly captivating.

Depending on your room’s architecture and furniture style, this versatile colour choice can be bold or complementary introducing unexpected contrasts.

Sahara Sand Zellige Backsplash

If you are an aficionado of earthy tones and love bringing bits of nature into your interiors, the Sahara Sand Zellige backsplash is something not to miss out on.

Sahara Sand Zellige Backsplash

Mimicking the gentle hues of Sahara sands, it gives a warm timeless appeal to any kitchen or bathroom space exuding cosiness throughout time.

This tile can cohabit harmoniously with different colour schemes while the zellige’s reflective quality lends intrigue despite its simplicity an effortless way to add texture without overwhelming your space.

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FAQs About Zellige Tiles And Backsplashes

What is Zellige tile?

Zellige is a type of Moroccan tile known for its unique visual appeal. Crafted by artisans, these are glazed terracotta tiles, distinguished by their vibrant colours and reflective qualities.

Where can I use Zellige tiles in my home?

Zellige tiles are versatile enough to be used anywhere. They are perfect for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, showers, fireplaces and even flooring.

Are Zellige tiles durable?

Yes, they are. Zellige tiles are highly durable and resistant to water damage making them an ideal choice for areas like the kitchen or bathroom that are prone to moisture and spills.

Can I install Zellige tiles myself?

While some homeowners may take on the project themselves, it’s typically recommended to hire a professional due to the intricate nature of installing these tiles.

Do Zellige tiles require special maintenance?

Not really, regular gentle cleaning with mild detergents will keep your zellige tile looking bright and beautiful. It’s also best not to use harsh chemicals on them since they can discolour the glaze.


As you look to lend charm to your space with zellige tiles and backsplashes, it’s essential to choose a style that not only appeals to your aesthetical sense but also blends seamlessly with the overall décor scheme.

Be it the tranquil hues of the Fez Blue zellige or the vivid richness of Emerald Green, each tile promises to inject a distinctive flair into your interiors.

With their timeless appeal, these tiles invite tradition while keeping step with modernity – an innovative way to create spaces that resonate with personality and grace.

Choosing Zellige for your backsplash ensures a delightful fusion of practicality and design elegance.

As you embark on this exciting home improvement journey, exploring these wonderful tile options can help you transform your everyday spaces into personal sanctuaries imbued with a unique blend of comfort and luxury.

So go ahead, let the enchanting world of Zellige reignite your love for those cozy corners in your home.

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