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30 Best Book Storage Ideas [Organize Your Reading Collection]

By: Susie
Updated On: December 21, 2023

A love for books may often go hand-in-hand with a need for more storage. Classic novels, beloved children’s stories, and thought-provoking non-fiction – they all add to a growing collection, filling your shelves and your heart.

But when those shelves become overloaded or when piles of books start popping up around your house, it might be time to reconsider your storage solutions.

Today, we’ll share some amazing book storage ideas that will not only serve as functional spaces to keep your reading material but also accentuate your home decor.

We all believe in the quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero – “A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

With these creative and innovative book storage ideas, you can fill each room with soulful charisma that comes from having an array of delightful reads within arm’s reach.

These storage solutions promise to accommodate your growing anthology in style without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of your space. So prepare yourself for a literary organization like never before.

Best Book Storage Ideas

There exist countless ways to store your books, each method uniquely suiting your personal style and home design.

It’s about finding the one that works best for you in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and space. In this article, we explore 30 top contenders worthy of your consideration.

Book Cart Storage

Book carts brim with an appeal perfect for those who love to inject a touch of vintage chic into their home decor or own a versatile mobile library.

Book Cart Storage

These carts, reminiscent of old-world library charm, can be conveniently moved from room to room, allowing you always to have your favorite reads within reach.

Best suited for small spaces or minimalist designs, book cart storage is multifunctional – acting as a side table while being a book sanctuary.


A classic choice for bibliophiles across the globe has got to be the humble bookcase. With endless variations in style, size, and shape, a perfect match exists for everyone.

A well-chosen bookcase not only offers substantial storage but becomes an integral part of the room’s decor.

Choose one that compliments your theme: modernist dreamers might veer toward minimalist metal structures, while traditionalists may favor solid wood structures exuding warmth and depth.

Bespoke Bookshelves

For those with specific and unique requirements like pesky nooks or skyline ceilings in their homes, bespoke bookshelves are unparalleled solutions where you tailor-make each detail according to the space’s specifications at hand.

Customizing these lets you add personal touches and solves typical constraints like gaps between shelves or inconsistent depths limiting the display of larger books.

Angled Bookcase

Try an angled bookcase! This unorthodox setup creates an instant eyecatcher displaying books in diagonal lines.

Particularly striking in modern minimalist decor styles, it breaks up square spaces while retaining full functionality as a storage space accommodating a multitude of book sizes and presenting them in an appealing, exciting manner.

Arrange by Color

While this isn’t technically a storage solution, arranging books by color can drastically transform the way your collection looks.

Arrange by Color

Grouping books by their sleeves’ color adds an unexpected pop to your room – turning a typically functional unit into an artistic centerpiece.

This also has a beneficial side-effect – you may remember that captivating crime thriller’s color easily when you need it next!

Bedside Bookshelf

Having books stacked perilously on the bedside table is something many avid readers can relate to.

A mini bedside bookshelf solves such issues beautifully, keeping your favorite bedtime stories or morning reads organized and within arm’s reach without sacrificing much space.

It’s compact, functional, easy to manage, and eliminates the risk of knocking down a pile every time you reach for the alarm clock.

Closet Door Book Storage

Repurpose your closet door into an ingenious book storage area to maximize space efficiently, especially if square footage is at a premium.

Simply adding shelves or pockets can turn an unused surface into practical storage. Paint it vibrant or earthy tones similar to book covers for a visually stimulating mini library while maintaining functionality.

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Floating Book Shelves

For small spaces or minimalist designs, floating bookshelves give you the storage you need without compromising space or style.

These installations require no floor space yet provide ample area for your books – giving them an appearance of ‘floating.’ It not only saves room but infuses a hint of whimsy and modernity.

Book Basket

Sometimes, simple solutions work best! Rattan, wicker, or even metal baskets make excellent home storage for your collection–especially advantageous when dealing with limited shelf space or storing smaller paperback versions.

Book Basket

Basket storage lets you experiment with arrangements and locations – redefine coffee tables as personal libraries!

Convert Your Closet

Turn a disused cupboard or closet into exceptional book storage. This works especially well with deeper closets where you can add multiple shelf layers for serious storage potential.

It’s out-of-the-way, cleanly integrated within the existing home layout, and offers a chance to show off your impressive collection without infringing on the overall decor.

Corner Bookshelves

Combine practicality and style by turning unattended corners into interactive spaces with corner bookshelves.

This is the perfect solution for utilizing neglected areas and gives your room a structural update.

Regardless of whether they’re freestanding or built-in, vertical or tiered, these bookshelves can accommodate an array of book sizes while adding a dash of aesthetic charm to your surroundings.

Correlate Your Color Scheme

Want to achieve a cohesive look with your home decor? Try correlating the color scheme of your books with room decor or furniture.

Brightly-colored books can jazz up neutral-colored rooms, while monochromatic books keep the look clean and minimalistic. This way, you’re guaranteed both function and style in one swoop.

DIY Wall Mount Bookshelf

Create your personalized book storage with a DIY wall-mount bookshelf. This approach allows flexibility in choosing size, design, color, and shape, guaranteeing seamless integration of storage within your specific interior layout.

DIY Wall Mount Bookshelf

All you need is a solid piece of wood, brackets for support, and basic tools like a drill and level to create functional art out of everyday objects.

Framed Book Display

Books are more than just reading material; they’re pieces of art, too. Treating them as such in framed displays results in picturesque walls that convey stories through vibrant covers even when the pages are closed.

This quite literal framing approach offers an unconventional way to flaunt your favorite works while keeping them accessible.

Ladder Bookcase

Embrace both novelty and vintage vibes with a ladder bookcase. Whether you repurpose an old wooden ladder or buy a new metal two-sided one, the rungs offer plenty of space for stacking books while maintaining an eclectic appeal.

Such bookcases serve as focal points, injecting character and literary charm into any room.

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Play With Horizontal Book Stacks

Revive conventional shelving aesthetics by playing with horizontal book stacks. Alternating between vertical and horizontal piles not only adds visual interest but also makes each title more accessible.

With no rules set in stone, let your creativity loose and create unique configurations that please your eye.

Secret Door Bookcase

For fans of mystery novels or spy movies, hold the secret door bookcase, a perfect blend of enchanting architecture and book storage.

Secret Door Bookcase

Comprising hidden compartments to a secret room, this space-efficient idea brings the magic of books to life while serving its purpose as a sleek storage solution.

Separate Hardcover Books From Paperbacks

Keep things organized by separating hardcover books from paperbacks – it’s functional and saves your more delicate reads from dodgy shelfmates.

You can even further categorize them according to genres, authors, or reading priorities for an uber-stream-lined library.

Upcycled Crates

Amp up sustainability through upcycled crates, a simple yet stylish method for storing books while evoking rustic vibes and cottage-feel coziness.

Paint them in bright colors or leave them in their authentic wooden texture. Regardless, these crates deliver character-filled cubicles ready to embrace your literary collection.

Visit Your Favorite Bookstore

If ideas run short, head over to your favorite bookstore. They are excellent places for inspiration with their endless array of innovative displays spanning every style possible under the sun. Treat yourself to a new read while you soak up some decor wisdom.

Add a Space Saving Bookshelf

A practical and aesthetic solution for compact rooms, office spaces, or small apartments is the remarkable space-saving bookshelf.

Add a Space Saving Bookshelf

Slim designs are an ideal companion against walls or corners, offering a smart storage solution without occupying too much floor space.

Look for unconventional designs that sneak into often unused home spaces –like under-staircase compartments or recessed wall areas.

Book Caddy

Perfect for regular readers or budding bibliophiles among the younger generation, A cute book caddy serves as both a storage and easy access point for commonly read books.

Its handy nature ensures even the smallest of hands can safely reach their favorite bedtime story, while its chic design makes it a vibrant addition to any room.

Book Chandelier

Add a touch of glamor and whimsy to your reading area with a stylish book chandelier. This inventive decor piece does not provide conventional storage, but it turns books into stunning art pieces suspended from the ceiling.

It creates intriguing visuals and lends an irresistibly eclectic charm to your décor- demonstrating that books can furnish spaces beyond the shelf or table.

Book Sling

Lightweight yet durable fabric slings are excellent storage options for lighter reads like magazines or children’s books.

Easily attached to existing furniture -like children’s bunk beds- the sling offers an innovative storage place without crowded up space.

Its fun, interactive nature ensures your young ones engage with their literary companions regularly.

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Staircase Book Storage

An underutilized gem in many houses is the staircase space; transforming these into bookshelves can seriously ramp up your storage game while keeping the floors uncluttered.

Staircase Book Storage

This modification is particularly useful in multi-story homes where square footage comes at high real-estate prices.

Under-Bed Book Bins

Castaway shoes and dust bunnies from under your bed; give way to sleek book bins instead. The proximity makes it excellent bedside reading storage; plus, slide-in bins effectively utilize redundant real estate.

Suitable for those who love a minimalist, clean look, this keeps your collection out of sight until night falls.

Revolving Bookcase

Adopting the principle of corner shops is the compact revolving bookcase. Great for small spaces or as a stand-alone book display, rotating bookcases combine functionality with novelty, almost making you feel like you’re in your bookstore.

Its easy accessibility, combined with plenty of storage, makes this an excellent choice for heavy readers.

Window Seat with Book Storage

Create a cozy reading nook while maximizing storage by incorporating drawers or shelves underneath a window seat.

Natural light engulfs this picturesque setup, complete with comfortable cushions – enabling countless hours of comfortable, sunlit reading time.

Hanging Fabric Book Pockets

A budget-friendly alternative to expensive bookcases is hanging fabric pockets installed behind doors or from room walls.

Not only does it provide safe and neat storage for books, but it also offers flexibility to move them around as you redesign or move homes!

Modular Book Cubes

Modular cubes are contemporary storage options providing scalability and customization.

Modular Book Cubes

Whether you have ten books or a thousand, these cubic structures cater to all while infusing modern vibes into your living space.

Plus, they can also double up as stylish display units housing trinkets and photo frames.

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FAQs About Best Book Storage Ideas

What types of book storage are best to maximize space in small homes?

For small spaces, consider using versatile storage options such as book carts, floating shelves, and under-bed bins. Convert unused spaces like under staircases or closet doors into book spaces, too.

How can I incorporate books into my home decor?

Books can become part of your decor by arranging them on shelves by color, utilizing a stylish book chandelier, or creating a comfy reading nook with a window seat that doubles as storage.

What are some unique alternatives to traditional bookshelves?

Some unusual alternatives include angled bookcases, revolving bookcases, and modular cubes. These solutions add visual interest while providing practical storage.

Are there kid-friendly book storage ideas?

Yes, Consider options like a bedside bookshelf for their favorite stories, fabric slings for lightweight children’s books, or a vibrant book caddy.

Can I use furniture items for storing my books creatively?

Of course! Innovatively repurposing items like ladders into bookshelves or turning an unused cupboard into a hidden library are excellent ways to integrate your collection within existing home furniture.


Everyone has unique reading habits, and your book storage solution should reflect that individuality.

Whether your collection is enormous or modest, a well-organized setup offers an inviting retreat to disappear into another world with characters and narratives.

From essential bookcases to imaginative book chandeliers, there are myriad ways to house your beloved books stylishly.

The right book storage choice can reflect not only your literary tastes but also complement the aesthetic of your home.

Whether you are minimalist or traditionalist, appreciate functionality or adornment, treasure classic paperbacks or collectors’ hardcovers – embrace their presence gracefully in every corner of your home.

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