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Waterbed Costs Of Various Sizes At Different Stores 2024

By: Susie
Updated On: September 28, 2023

If you’re considering shifting from the ordinary mattress comfort, settling for a waterbed might be the luxurious sleep you need.

Gentle waves lulling you to sleep, and custom firmness and warmth are just a few of the many features that make waterbeds coveted.

Determining waterbed costs of various sizes at different stores is a small yet significant part of this shift, as pricing can widely vary depending upon factors such as size, type, accessories included, and where you purchase from.

Are you looking for that ideal blend of comfort and elegance but feel perplexed by the wide range of options? No need to worry!

This article will aid in navigating your way through the cost landscape of waterbeds. We will help lay out the essentials, so you understand exactly what those dollars buy for your final choice.

Understand Your Options: Sizes of Available Waterbeds

When you set out to find the perfect waterbed, one of the first aspects you will consider is size. Like conventional mattresses, waterbeds are available in various sizes to suit your needs. There are five major sizes that most water-based beds come in.

Twin Softside

A Twin Softside waterbed makes an excellent choice if it’s just for solo use or a smaller space such as a teenage bedroom or a guest room. This bed measures 39″ x 75″, and when filled with water, it weighs approximately 1350 pounds.

That weight might sound alarming, but remember that it’s equally distributed across the bed’s surface, thus creating that unique comfort only a waterbed provides.

Double Softside

If you’re looking for something more spacious but still moderately sized for one user or two who like cozy spaces, then the Double Softside could be your perfect pick.

This bed is wider than the Twin-sized one with 54″ x 75″ dimensions. When filled with water, its weight comes around to roughly 1400 pounds. This lets it have all the properties of a comfy and snug bed with a slightly larger surface area.

Queen Softside

The queen soft side waterbed, measuring 60″ x 80″, is a brilliant blend of luxury and comfort. Its ample space makes it a perfect fit for couples who love having their own sleeping space. Its design provides room for movement without disturbing your partner’s sleep.

Weighing approximately 1500 pounds when filled, ensuring your bedroom floor can handle this hefty load is crucial. Considered a top pick among couples, the queen soft side waterbed embodies the ideal harmony between breathability and support.

King Softside

Stepping up in size is the king soft side waterbed –stretching out to 76″ x 80″ dimensions, this model offers a luxury of space.

Akin to having two twin beds pushed together, it gives sleepers abundant room to move around at night without interruptions. Weighing nearly 1800 pounds when filled, this type takes the lead in sizes among all its counterparts.

King soft side models are preferred by families who love co-sleeping with their kids or luxuriate in generous personal sleeping areas. Its significant weight does require careful consideration regarding supporting structures in your home.

Cal King Softside

The Cal King Softside waterbed spans an extensive 72″ x 84″ length. It is explicitly designed for people who appreciate extra legroom. This style allows tall people to stretch out comfortably without their feet hanging off the edge.

While their dimensions may seem similar to a king-size bed, they are four inches longer and narrower than standard king-soft side beds.

The bed’s distinct proportions cater to tall people but also make it a great choice for more narrow and rectangular bedrooms.

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Waterbed Costs Of Various Sizes at Wayfair

Waterbed Costs at Wayfair

The platform you shop from plays a massive role when exploring waterbed costs. One widely trusted platform is Wayfair, where you can find waterbeds catering to your specific needs and budget.

Wayfair is a leading online home goods store that provides a significant range of waterbed options, with different sizes and their respective prices listed for easy navigation.

Twin Waterbed Costs

If you’re eyeing the twin size, it’s perfect for single users or rooms with compact areas. On Wayfair, the prices of twin-size waterbeds start as low as $90 and can go up to $980.

This wide range offers various models with optional features like temperature control, waveless bags, and various designs to match your decor. If versatility in price and design is what you’re seeking, then these twin-size items may be an excellent fit.

Double Waterbed Costs

Double-sized waterbeds are an excellent choice for couples or those who prefer more sleeping space. On Wayfair, these larger beds come in a price range from $1100 up to $1750.

At these price points, you can expect extras like reinforced corners for longevity, premium vinyl for comfort, and lumbar support for those needing it – truly providing good value for your dollar spent at every rung.

Queen Waterbeds Costs

Queen waterbeds, tailor-made for couples and those who need a vast space while sleeping, range widely in prices. Generally, a queen waterbed starts from $1,870 and can rise to as high as $2,500.

This price isn’t set in stone; it factors in the design of the bed and materials used and often includes add-ons like heaters and safety liners.

An added advantage of choosing the Queen over other sizes is that it fits snugly into most bedrooms without cramping the space. Most brands at this price point ensure the customer receives an array of options, including padded rails and varying degrees of motion.

King Waterbeds Costs

King waterbeds promise opulence that rivals royalty. Larger than any other common bed size, these usually cost between $2,600 to $3,100.

While they may seem expensive at first glance compared to smaller beds, consider this – a king-size waterbed provides a monumental upgrade from a traditional mattress to the soothing waves of a waterbed.

This transition isn’t only about luxury and wellness — better sleep can improve health outcomes. Plus, you don’t have to worry about waking up your partner whenever you move when sharing your sleep space!

California King Waterbeds Costs

For those seeking out extravagance in luxury coupled with maximum comfort during their shut-eye time – The California King is the cherry on top among all sizes.

It likely costs between $3,300 to $4,000, depending upon brand and features included. Even though it’s a substantial amount, if you sleep alongside your loved one or your pets or prefer extra legroom, you will appreciate the abundant space of the California King.

It’s not just a bed but an entire sleep system, including heating and safety elements, targeting and solving multiple pressure points, and sleeping concerns. When choosing a bed of this size, never compromise with quality.

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Waterbed Costs Of Various Sizes at Amazon

Waterbed Costs at Amazon

If you’re browsing through Amazon for your waterbed purchase, you will find a wide spectrum of options available. The impressive variety can cater to your unique preferences, be it the price, brand, material, or size.

Amazon offers options for newbies wanting to dabble in waterbeds without breaking the bank and abundant choices for those who want to splurge. The twin and double-size beds are popular picks, so let’s delve into their costs on Amazon.

Twin Waterbeds Costs

Twin waterbeds are great if you’re tight on space or purchasing for a single user. The cost of a twin waterbed on Amazon ranges from as low as $70 to $476. Naturally, the price difference is due to variations in quality and brand.

Lower-priced options might not have heaters included or may feature lower-quality vinyl. On the higher end, you can find beds with lumbar support or dual-waveless mattresses that curtail wave motion when you move around during sleep.

Also notable is the type of mattress included – some are full-wave mattresses, while others feature reduced wave technology. Extra accessories like safety liners and fill kits could also affect pricing.

Double Waterbeds Costs

A double waterbed provides more sleeping area than a twin but takes up less space than a queen or king-sized bed. It is ideal for couples or anyone who likes sprawling out during sleep.

On Amazon, double waterbeds range from $759 to $1260. Much like the twin-size beds, the variance in cost is due to factors like quality and brand reputation.

Inexpensive models seemingly offer value but may come with no-frills packages like not having heaters included or offering minimal warranty coverage.

On the contrary, best-in-class models can include temperature control systems and dual mattress models, allowing each person to independently adjust their side’s firmness level.

Queen Size Waterbeds Costs

A queen waterbed is a charming option for those who prefer an ample surface area but not too expansive. These waterbeds generally offer enough room for two people to sleep comfortably.

A queen-size waterbed’s Amazon costs range from $1,500 to $2,230. Remember that the final cost would highly depend on the type of bed you’re going for – be it the hard side or the soft side. Additional features like lumbar support, dual mattresses, heaters, or digital remote controls might affect the price.

Though it may appear steep at first glance, investing in a queen-size waterbed could be smart, considering its durability and therapeutic benefits. Imagine sinking into your bed after a long day at work; nothing could beat this luxury!

King Size Waterbeds Costs

If your motto is ‘go big or go home,’ a king-size waterbed is your perfect match! Known for their upscale comfort and space, king-sized beds can easily accommodate two adults with room to spare.

On Amazon, king-sized waterbeds range from approximately $2,535 to around $3,200. This varies depending on your selected brand and potential extra features.

Consider other considerations, such as sheets specially sized for these larger beds, and look into accessorizing with other elements like thermal divider sheets or specialty pillows.

Despite the seemingly hefty price tag initially seen with these products, if you value spaciousness and seek an enhanced sleeping experience awaiting every night, these are worth each penny spent.

California King Size Waterbeds Costs

The California King ranges from about $3,488 on Amazon, reaching around $4,200. These majestic beauties are longer and slightly narrower than the regular king-size beds, providing enormous comfort for taller folks.

While purchasing a California King size waterbed, you can consider specialty sheets or mattress covers designed exclusively for these models.

Adding extra features such as dual temperature controls or reinforced corners might add to the overall cost. Still, these elevate the category from an ordinary bed to an extraordinary sleep experience.

How Much Does Waterbed Insurance Cost?

How Much Does Waterbed Insurance Cost?

Waterbed insurance typically ranges from $10 to $20 per month. This specialized insurance policy primarily covers any damages caused by a waterbed, such as water damage due to leaks.

Coverage amounts can vary depending on the specific policy and insurer, but generally, plans offer coverage ranging between $100,000 and $300,000.

It’s important to understand that regular homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies may not always cover waterbed-related damages, so many homeowners and landlords opt for additional protection through waterbed-specific insurance policies or addendums.

If you own a waterbed, it’s advisable to consider getting an addendum in your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy that explicitly covers damage caused by waterbeds.

Rates can be affordable at roughly $10-$20 per month, and it would ensure your peace of mind knowing you’re financially protected against potential unexpected disasters caused by a waterbed.

Cost of Waterbed Bedding

Cost of Waterbed Bedding

The cost of bedding for a hard-side waterbed varies due to its unconventional dimensions, often making it pricier than standard mattress bedding.

Because these beds are typically longer, you will need appropriate sheets and linens to fit the shape and size of your waterbed. Here’s a general price range:

  • Twin Size: This is the smallest size available and usually costs around $65 for bedding that fits appropriately.
  • Double Size: A size increase from the twin, double-size hard-side waterbed bedding is normally priced at approximately $70.
  • Queen Size: For those who need larger bedding, queen-size accessories for a hard-side waterbed generally cost about $80.
  • King Size: The largest commonly purchased waterbed size, king-size bedding, can be expected to cost around $85.

You will likely need a safety liner for your waterbed. This critical component helps guard against any leaks or spills from the bed and can save you from serious damage. The liner usually costs about $45.

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FAQs about waterbed costs

Are waterbeds generally more expensive than traditional mattresses?

The price of a waterbed can vary widely, but they are often pricier than standard mattresses due to their complex structure and unique features.

Do the accessories included with a waterbed affect its price?

Yes, accessories like safety liners, heaters, or special bedding can significantly influence the final cost of your waterbed.

Is there a significant price difference among waterbed retailers?

Yes, prices can vary significantly from one retailer to another based on factors like brand reputation and shipping costs.

Does the weight and size of a waterbed influence its price?

Absolutely! Larger and heavier waterbeds require more materials and structural reinforcements, which can increase their cost.

Are there additional costs associated with owning a waterbed after purchase?

Additional maintenance costs, such as heating or insurance coverage, might be considered along with the initial purchase price.


As you embark on your shopping journey for a waterbed, remember to evaluate not just the initial cost but all potential expenses.

Understanding the diversity in waterbed prices across sizes and stores provides a clearer picture of what to expect, making your buying process smooth and confusion-free.

While waterbeds may present a slightly higher upfront cost, their added comfort, warmth, and luxury offer an entirely elevated sleeping experience. So don’t let the price deter you – consider it an investment in quality rest and optimal health.

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