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Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge SW 7517 [2024 Color Review]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 29, 2023

If you’re considering sprucing up your living space with new paint colors, you’re in for a treat. Nothing hits the mark quite like Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge SW 7517 when deciding on the perfect shade for your walls.

This color review will guide you through all the essential details, ultimately helping you to understand why this unique shade is a top pick among homeowners.

Whether you plan to revamp your home office or add a splash of subtlety to your bedroom, Rivers Edge is an excellent option.

Let’s get the ball rolling and plunge into what makes this color from Sherwin-Williams a top choice. Painting is an art; choosing the right color can turn your simple pad into an inviting abode that exudes charm and comfort.

Exploring the Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge SW 7517

Exploring the Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge SW 7517

Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge SW 7517 belongs to the Neutral color family that offers a balanced and soothing feel to any space it adorns.

  • Color Family: Neutral – Known for imparting a calm, cozy aura to your home.
  • Available in: Interior/Exterior – Suitable for creating both indoor sanctuaries and remarkable exterior facades.
  • Location Number: 250-C1 – This helps you identify and match the color within Sherwin William’s vast color palette.
  • Hex Value: #DBCEBD – This code will help you digitally recreate this color with precision on any online design tool.
  • RGB Values: 219, 206, 189 – Using these RGB values, computer programs and digital devices can recreate Rivers Edge with high accuracy.
  • LRV (Light Reflective Value): 63 – A moderately high value indicating that Rivers Edge is a reasonably light color.

Its satin finish holds up well over time without chipping or peeling, ensuring this enchanting shade remains vibrant for years.

The moisture-resistant quality of Rivers Edge makes it even more desirable if you live in places with humidity or waterfront regions.

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Key Things About Rivers Edge SW 7517

When you’re selecting a paint color, several factors come into play. For Rivers Edge SW 7517, aspects such as Light Reflective Value (LRV) and undertones significantly contribute to this paint’s charisma.


Light Reflective Value, or LRV for short, measures the light a color reflects. The scale for LRV runs from 0 to 100 – with 0 being absolute black and 100 being pure white.

Why is LRV Important?

The LRV allows you to determine how light or dark the paint will appear when applied to your walls:

  • High reflectivity: When a color has high LRV, it reflects more light, creating a brighter appearance. It’s perfect for spaces that require an illusion of more space or want to maximize natural light.
  • Low reflectivity: Colors with low LRVs absorb more light, often creating depth and making rooms feel smaller or cozier.

Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge SW 7517 has an LRV of 63. This mid-high range value assures that this hue will bring ample brightness into your space while maintaining a comfortable level of warmth.

The Undertones

Determining the undertone of color can greatly affect how it appears in different lighting conditions as well as when paired with other shades:

What are Undertones?

In essence, undertones are colors beneath the surface of your primary color. A single paint shade can possess several undertones ranging from warm (yellow or red) to cool (blue or green), which subtly shine through in certain lights.

Why are Undertones Important?

Recognizing the undertone in your chosen shade ensures harmonious coordination with other colors in your room – furniture, decorations, or other architectural features.

The understated elegance of Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge lies within its balanced blend of beige and gray undertones.

This neutral textural character adds depth to any room while making it easy to match with various design elements ranging from traditional wood furniture to sleek modern pieces.

Is Rivers Edge Suitable for the Exterior?

The exterior of your home, much like the cover of a book, sets the stage for what’s to be found inside. It is the first impression that visitors or passersby get of your abode.

Choosing the right paint color for your home’s exterior is critical as it can substantially enhance curb appeal, directly influencing property value.

  • Exterior Suitability: The good news is that Rivers Edge SW 7517 is not only suitable but also an excellent choice for exteriors. This shade exudes an almost magical charm that captivates onlookers and entices them to see more.
  • Withstanding Elements: Its neutral tone blends seamlessly with various architectural styles and natural surroundings and does a swell job masking dirt and minor imperfections better than lighter shades. Plus, it has been designed to withstand natural elements like sunlight and rain, subjecting it to less wear and tear over time.
  • Coordinating Colors: Rivers Edge can be charmingly paired with darker or lighter trim colors to beautifully accentuate doors, window frames, and other architectural features.

Is Rivers Edge Warm or Cool Paint Color?

It may be no surprise then that Sherwin Williams SW 7517 Rivers Edge gravitates towards the warm undertone spectrum. It brings a welcoming and inviting aura that can be felt throughout your home.

  • Determining Temperature: Warm colors have undertones of red, orange or yellow while cool colors encompass undertones in the realm of blue, green, or purple. A neutral color will lean towards warm or cold, depending on its subtle undertone hues.
  • Importance: The temperature influences how we perceive space – warmer tones bring intimacy, while cooler hues usher in tranquility into living areas. In essence, warm colors excite; cool ones calm.

Despite categorically being ‘warm,’ Rivers Edge exhibits a uniquely balanced characteristic due to its beiges and greys that straddle the line between warm and cool tones.

This versatility allows it to harmonize with diverse design elements, expanding your decorative possibilities.

Can you use Rivers Edge for the Interior?

Rethinking the color of your interior space significantly impacts the overall ambiance. Paint color can highlight specific features, affect lighting, alter perceived space dimensions, and even influence mood.

  • Interior Compatibility: As for Sherwin Williams SW 7517 Rivers Edge? You bet! Doubling down as an interior-friendly shade makes it immensely adaptable without compromising stylistic intent.
  • Variety of Styles: Ideal for a modern farmhouse look, it also doubles up in coastal, bohemian or rustic decor styles.
  • Rooms: It works well in all kinds of living spaces – be it bedrooms that need calming warmth or living areas that require an inviting essence.

Deciding on Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge for your home interior means opting for versatile charm – ready to cater or pivot toward whatever style you desire while rewarding you with an elegantly classic home environment.

Different Types of Colors for Rivers Edge

Different Types of Colors for Rivers Edge

Rivers Edge is undoubtedly versatile, but much like a chameleon, it has the capacity to morph and blend with other hues while displaying unique aesthetic characteristics.

Pairing Rivers Edge with varying colors procures pleasing contrasts or gradual harmonizations that contribute to its overall appeal.

The transformation of your space with the right color pairing and balancing becomes much easier when equipped with a better understanding of similar colors.

Integrating these complementary hues into your design scheme will elevate your home décor.

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Similar Colors of Rivers Edge

Now that you’re considering Rivers Edge as the new color for your home, why not explore similar shades? These alternatives can offer subtle differences that may better suit your tastes and preferences.

Plus, they provide an expanded palette for enhancing and emphasizing various elements within any room.

  • Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige SW 7036: A popular choice amongst homeowners, this color emulates heat and coziness due to its deeper beige undertones. This color pairs beautifully with light wood tones and is perfect for a modern look.
  • Sherwin Williams Moderate White 6140: As the name suggests, this shade is a warm off-white choice that brings lightness without appearing stark or overtly vibrant. It provides a soft touch to your walls and works wonders in kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Sherwin Williams Natural Linen 9109: This natural beige tone provides a solid foundation for most room decors while maintaining elegance. Its subtle warmth makes it an excellent choice for creating a comfortable yet sophisticated atmosphere in living rooms or bedrooms.
  • Benjamin Moore Muslin OC-12: An inviting amalgamation of beige and cream undertones that mimics the comfort of warm muslin cloth draped around you – quite true to its name! It can transform any room into an inviting spot while complementing vibrant accent colors.

Parallel hues refine your vision beyond picking “just another wall color”. Rather than focusing on one isolated shade when painting their walls, astute decorators perceive them in coordination with accompanying colors under different light sources, crucial elements in cultivating harmony within their homes’ interiors or exteriors!

Trim Colors For Rivers Edge SW 7517

Looking to elevate the style of your home? The trim color can make a world of difference. It not only creates crisp lines but also injects character into your rooms.

Selecting a trim color is just as crucial as your wall color. After all, both must work harmoniously to produce the desired effect.

  • Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008: With an LRV of 82, Alabaster is a lighter shade that contrasts against Rivers Edge without being stark. Sherwin Williams classifies it as a ‘whitish’ neutral, showing off a faint hint of beige-yellow undertone that would pair nicely with Rivers Edge SW 7517.
  • Benjamin Moore White Dove OC 17: A popular pick for trims and often touted as the “perfect white”, it carries warmer undertones that complement colors like Rivers Edge brilliantly. This beloved soft white touts feather-like hues, offering splendid finesse to any abode when used with wall colors akin to Rivers Edge.

Picking either Sherwin Williams Alabaster or Benjamin Moore White Dove as your trim color will bolster the classic sophistication of Rivers Edge without overpowering its serene hush.

Importance of Sampling

Venturing into any painting project, there’s one golden rule homeowners should live by – Always sample before you commit fully.

Though paint chips and online swatches provide an initial idea, there is no substitute for viewing paint colors on large swatches in different lights directly on your walls.

Why is this important?

Well, simply because:

  • There’s no standard lighting: Every home has its unique mix of lighting, both natural and artificial.
  • Individual design elements: Each home possesses differing architectural aspects, each casting its shadows differently, which affects hue visibility.
  • Segregated survey: Observing it under morning sunlight versus afternoon shade versus indoor evening lamps significantly differs since each casts varying angles.
  • Context visualization: How does it look next to your furniture or decoration? Will it match or clash against them?

Considering these reasons above, sampling becomes especially vital before finalizing any color for your haven.

How Do You Sample Paint?

Comprehensively exploring potential paint colors before embarking on any large-scale painting venture helps provide a comprehensive evaluation and maximize satisfaction. The following steps are necessary when embarking on this critical step:

  • Acquire Samples: Acquire small sample cans of your selected paint colors. Sample pots are available at your local paint store or can be ordered online.
  • Prepare Surfaces: Clean the walls where you plan to test the samples. A clean surface provides a more accurate depiction of the final color’s appearance.
  • Paint Patches: Use a small paintbrush to apply two coats of each sample onto several areas of your wall that receive different amounts of light throughout the day, like near windows, shadowy corners, or areas under direct artificial lights.
  • Allow drying time: A single coat dries quickly — typically within an hour — but let it dry completely between coats.
  • Observe changes: Once dried, observe over several days and note how the paint’s appearance changes under varying lighting conditions – natural daylight vs. artificial light in the evening.
  • Contextual Considerations: Evaluate how well these trails integrate with existing furniture or decorative elements for an impression of what your space might look like when painted entirely in those shades.
  • Decide: Carefully noting all these evaluations helps narrow down your choice based on cumulative observations made over time.

Taking these simple but essential steps will ensure that you choose the best possible color for your space and prevent regrettable choices later on.

Rivers Edge: Four Different Directions

Rivers Edge: Four Different Directions

Lighting conditions can significantly impact how a paint color appears depending on the room’s orientation. Here’s how Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge SW 7517 might look in north, south, east, and west-facing rooms:

North-facing Rooms

North-facing rooms typically receive less direct sunlight throughout the day and are, therefore, more shadowed. The light in these spaces tends to be cooler or bluer, which might affect the way Rivers Edge is perceived.

With its warm undertones, Rivers Edge can help counterbalance this by adding a cozy feel to these often cooler areas. It brings warmth to balance out the cooler shades that might appear due to low levels or lack of light exposure.

South-facing Rooms

South-facing rooms enjoy the brightest light of all exposures. These rooms are often sunny and warm. In this case, Rivers Edge will reflect more of its warmth, making your room look more inviting throughout the day.

This color perfectly complements the constant flow of daylight, enhancing its warm subtlety whilst reflecting ample light to maintain its vibrancy.

East-facing Rooms

East-facing rooms benefit from natural solid light in the mornings but tend to be softer and cooler in the afternoons.

Depending on when you often use these spaces, choosing a color like Rivers Edge might prove ideal if you prefer a mellower setting in your home’s east-central areas during afternoon hours.

Also, since morning sunlight casts a warm golden hue combined with subtle illumination at other times, it lets Rivers Edge shine as intended while keeping everything subdued without appearing too overwhelming.

West-facing Rooms

Westward areas remain quite subdued during the mornings but receive an abundance of warm light during late afternoons and early evenings. Interestingly enough, as compared to morning-lit rooms manifesting a warmer shade, later afternoon sunshine may tint your walls with a slight pinkish glow, bringing out whatever hushed undertones it hides.

Consequently, painting West-oriented walls with Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge could introduce an unexpected dash of elegance yet intrigue into such spaces due to typical sunset fondness for unearthing dormant hues.

Although every color reacts differently under varying daylight sources as per room orientation, Creek Bend carries within itself sufficient warmth to ward off unwanted iciness while maintaining enough neutrality not to excessively overheat under stronger sunlit moments.

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Should You Use the Rivers Edge Color in the Whole House?

Yes, you absolutely can apply the Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge across your entire house, owing to its subdued and versatile characteristics.

Yet, certain sections of a home especially come alive when adorned with this neutral yet captivating color. Here’s how Rivers Edge could potentially transform these spaces:


Providing an undeniably warm aura, Rivers Edge is a fantastic selection for bedrooms. This space is intended to be a serene sanctuary where you unwind from long day activities.

The calming undertones of grey and beige that are inherent within this hue serve to create a comforting haven that encourages relaxation. Pair it with plush white linens and soft wooden bedroom furniture for a peaceful retreat.


Rivers Edge graces bathrooms with an air of refined elegance. It serves as an excellent backdrop against white or brushed gold fixtures, harking back to spa-like environments that instantly boost your bathroom’s calming effect.

Living Room

Want your living room to emit a welcoming vibe? Look no further than Rivers Edge. Its warm undertone evokes an inviting atmosphere which morphs your living room into an enticing hub for social gatherings or quiet nights in alike.

Home Office

In today’s steady transition towards remote work culture, having a well-curated home office is no longer simply a fancy – it’s becoming increasingly crucial.

When used within home offices or workspaces, Rivers Edge aids concentration while simultaneously reducing stress levels by offering subliminal tranquility due to its inherent nature-inspired hues.

Is Rivers Edge SW 7517 a Popular Paint Color?

Is Rivers Edge SW 7517 a Popular Paint Color?

Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge SW 7517 is certainly gaining popularity among homeowners and interior designers alike.

While competing neutrals are in the market, Rivers Edge holds its charm, distinguishing itself because of its versatility.

What adds to its rising popularity is its neutral gray-beige undertone that seamlessly complements various styles and décor preferences.

Users have widely appreciated this quality as it allows them to integrate this hue within diverse design aesthetics easily.

Its Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 63 makes it desirable for spaces needing ample brightness without overt reflection.

From modern to rustic interiors, it is a choice shade with an elegant aesthetic appeal, making it an increasingly popular paint color among American homeowners.

FAQs About Rivers Edge SW 7517

What is the RGB value of Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge SW 7517?

The RGB value of Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge SW 7517 is 219, 206, 189.

Does Sherwin-Williams Rivers Edge have warm or cool undertones?

Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge carries warm undertones but its unique blend makes it a balanced tone leaning neither too warm nor too cool.

How can I use Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge in my interior design?

This color can be used in any room—from your bedroom to living areas—or even for exterior walls due to its high versatility and adaptability.

How does the Light Reflective Value (LRV) matter when choosing Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge?

The color has an LRV of 63, reflecting a significant amount of light, making spaces appear brighter and more open.

Can I pair Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge with other colors for my home decor scheme?

Yes, this color pairs beautifully with shades such as Accessible Beige or Natural Linen from the same brand or White Dove from Benjamin Moore for trims.


Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge SW 7517 is indeed a fantastic choice that brings a warm, welcoming aura to any living space.

Its favorable neutrality, abundant versatility, and adaptability make it an exceptional contender for any design style.

Whether you’re looking for some refreshing change for your cozy home office or a revamp of your exterior façade, Rivers Edge could be the magic touch you need.

The final call, of course, rests on your taste and existing décor items. But with its high LRV and harmonious undertones, Rivers Edge is sure to bring classic sophistication peppered with tranquility into your living spaces.

So why not give Sherwin Williams Rivers Edge SW 7517 a shot? Who knows—it might just be the best design choice you’ve ever made.

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