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Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023 [Paint Color Review]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 23, 2023

Sherwin-Williams is a name that personifies quality and reliability within the interior and exterior paint world.

Today, we're focusing on one of their favored shades - Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023. This review will give you an insider’s look at this trendy paint color, highlighting its versatile usage, color harmonies, performance details, and overall aesthetics.

Requisite Gray 7023 defines the perfect balance of warm and cool—making it a classic 'greige.' Its timeless beauty lies in its understated elegance and versatility.

This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis, helping you genuinely appreciate the attractive subtleties that make this paint shade a favorite among homeowners and decorators.

With Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023 on your walls or exteriors, you invite sophistication into every corner while keeping the charm of comfortable living intact. Now, without further ado, let's delve into this paint color review.


What is the color identity of Requisite Gray 7023?

What is the color identity of Requisite Gray 7023?

Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023 is a member of the Neutral Color family, possessing a fantastic versatility that makes it compatible with a diverse array of color schemes.

It is celebrated in the Living Well (Center) collections, where classic and contemporary interpretations enrich the aesthetics.

Key Details of Requisite Gray

  • Available Applications: This gray gem is known for interior and exterior applications, expanding your exploration palette when deciding on areas around your home you'd like to give a fresh, chic look.
  • Color Codes: Key codes give a more precise identification. The location number for Requisite Gray is 241-C2, but if you're more into digital forms, then the Hex Value (#B9B2A9) and RGB (185 / 178 / 169) reflect its digital color equivalent.
  • Light Reflective Value (LRV): If you're wondering how light or dark this neutral shade would feel in your room, note that the LRV stands at 45. This denotes moderate reflectance, creating warm softness rather than overwhelming brightness.

Having Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023 in your color arsenal offers many possibilities for breathing new life into rooms or elevating exteriors to new levels of curb appeal. It holds the potential to unlock unseen beauty, infusing spaces with style and grace.

Requisite Gray: A Tale of Two Colors

At first glance, Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023 provokes an all too familiar question - is it a taupe or gray color? To answer this, we must delve deeper into its unique characteristics.

When we think of gray, we often picture a diluted black or a monochrome mixture devoid of vibrant tones. However, grays are anything but monotonous.

They carry undertones that infuse additional hues into the base shade and transform their appearance under varying light conditions.

Requisite Gray is an elegant example of greige - a harmonious blend of warm beiges and cool grays. This blends the best attributes of both base colors to produce an expressive neutral color that offers far more than meets the eye.

Also significant is the taupe aspect - a darker shade of beige with a slight hint of gray, creating warm undertones that add depth to the color scheme.

Therefore, when you apply Requisite Gray on your walls, you experience its transformation from pure gray in certain lights to soft taupe in others.

Identifying the Undertones of Requisite Gray

Identifying the Undertones of Requisite Gray

When you gaze upon Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023, you'll find it's far from a plain, flat color. Being a 'greige,' it emanates a complex web of undertones that shift subtly as light changes throughout the day.

At its heart, Requisite Gray carries predominantly warm undertones; however, these are so subtle that you might interpret them as cool-toned in certain lights.

This is what feeds the color's depth and complexity. It's this balance between warm and cool that makes it very versatile and adaptable to numerous settings.

Breaking Down the Spectrum

Considering both visible and hidden hues within this shade can help understand its temperament:

  • Dominant Underlying Color - Warm Beige/Taupe
  • Sub-dominant Underlying Color - Cool Gray

Within the scope of these references:

  • 'Dominant' could be perceived as more robust or more intense in appearance.
  • 'Sub-dominant' typically represents subtler elements within collaborating colors.

To make the most of Requisite Gray's undertone orchestra, pair it with complementary color undertones in your furniture, flooring, or textiles.

This incredibly balanced nature makes it an ideal backdrop within any home design scheme, from classic to contemporary chic.

Exploring the LRV of Requisite Gray

Light Reflectance Value, or LRV, determines how light or dark paint color will appear. It's a scale from 0, representing absolute black absorbing all light, to 100, total white reflecting all light.

Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023 has an LRV of 45. This sits prettily in the middle ground. It is not too dark to overwhelm or too light to fade into insignificance; it is a perfect mid-tone shade.

Practical Applications

Here's what an array of 45 on your LRV scale entails:

  • Enhanced Perception of Space: Requisite Gray can make rooms feel more expansive than darker colors yet still bring an inviting depth that’s missing with lighter paint shades.
  • Moderate Light Absorption and Reflection: It won’t dramatically brighten up spaces like a high LRV color, but it can pleasantly balance lit areas by muffling overly bright corners.
  • Versatility: Perfectly suited for spaces with ample natural light and those dependent on artificial lights.

With Requisite Gray's optimal LRV, you've brought home a balanced canvas that compliments just about any space it graces.

Warmth or Coolness: Unveiling Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray

Warmth or Coolness: Unveiling Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray

In design and décor, the temperature variable can make a difference. It sets the underlying mood, adding to your space's visual comfort and general vibes.

When it comes to Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023, it presents an interesting juxtaposition of both warm and cool tones.

This beautiful color accomplishes a rare equilibrium that makes it shine across varied decorating styles, space requirements, lighting conditions, and architectural designs.

The Warm Side

Underneath its exterior, you will find warm undertones residing. This shade bestows a comforting sense of homeliness and coziness, making any space feel instantly welcoming. The friendly aspect drives home the ‘taupe’ in our greige equation.

The Cool Side

Conversely, intermittent glimpses of cool gray undertones surface under specific light conditions. They add a crisp freshness lost in purely warm hues and instill depth by offsetting the neutrality with their cooler reflections.

In Practice: Room by Room

When this 'greige' uncloaks itself on your walls, colors around it start to dance in harmony- be they from your drapes, furnishings, or artifacts.

  • Bedrooms enveloped in Requisite Gray's warmth offer tranquility without drifting into stark coolness.
  • Living rooms donned in this shade balance energetic chatter with relaxed conversations.
  • Kitchens become heartwarming hubs where families spend memorable moments.

Deploying Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023 is like wielding a multifaceted tool capable of carving out beautiful spaces imbued with warm elegance or cool sophistication as per whim.

Which paint shades pair nicely with Requisite Gray?

When transitioning from the canvas of our walls to the rest of our living spaces, we desire a seamless blending of shades.

Hence, pinpointing complimenting colors is paramount for a visually pleasing space. Let's unfold the color combinations that dialogue seamlessly with Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023.

Warm Off-Whites

Warm off-white tones such as Sherwin Williams Alabaster (SW 7008) or Dover White (SW 6385) mesh beautifully with Requisite Gray.

This lighter companion softens the muted greige undertones while illuminating your rooms, creating an airy, welcoming ambiance.

Blue-Green Blends

Consider coupling it with harmonious blue-green blends like Rainwashed (SW6211) or Comfort Gray (SW6205) to make your decor organic.

This tranquil shade introduces a delicate splash of color that balances wonderfully well with the grounded essence of Requisite Gray.

Cool Counterparts: Grays with Blue-Green Undertones

Pairing it with cooler grays displaying blue-green undertones can establish a calm and serene aesthetic. Look for options like Silver Strand (SW7057) – it adds depth without stealing the spotlight from your predominant greige backdrop.

Sibling Shades: Lighter Warm Grays

Neighbor shades on the color spectrum could be polished fits too! Lighter warm grays such as Repose Gray (SW7015) harmonize effortlessly with Requisite Gray for those seeking monochromatic yet elegant home interiors.

Each pairing flavor brings life to rooms in unique ways; therefore, you should choose ones that align superbly with your desired ambiance and design language.

The beauty of Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray lies in its versatility - regardless of your chosen accent colors, it always shines through as an organic and refined finish.

Pick Requisite Gray to Beautify Home Spaces

Pick Requisite Gray to Beautify Home Spaces

The versatility of Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray makes it an excellent choice for various spaces in your home. Let's explore how this sophisticated color can transform different areas.

Living Room

Requisite Gray gives your living room a warm, inviting feel. This color is perfect for large, open living rooms with plenty of natural light and more minor, cozier spaces. Use bold accents like reds or blues to contrast and make the room pop.


When used in a bedroom, Requisite Gray creates a tranquil oasis. It's an excellent monochromatic scheme for teamed up with whites or creams.

Metallic accents such as gold or silver will bring out a lavish feel that is perfect for your private retreat.


Your kitchen will shine with Requisite Gray on the walls. It pairs with stainless steel appliances, wooden cabinets, and white countertops.

The versatile hue also harmonizes with various backsplash colors - from subtle whites to vibrant mosaics.

Dining Room

A dining room painted in Requisite Gray exudes sophistication and elegance. The subtly warm undertone makes mealtimes more inviting.

Enhance the look further by pairing it with deep burgundies or muted pinks on accessories to ensure a stylish ambiance during meals.

Home Office

A home office must encourage focus while maintaining comfort, and Requisite Gray does just that! It offers a professional yet welcoming vibe ideal for any workplace at home.


For hallways that often lack natural light, Sherwin Williams' Requisite Gray becomes an ideal choice due to its mid-LRV value, which visually expands the space while offering warmth and simplicity.

Sherwin Williams' Requisite Gray is versatile and injects a modern outlook into any indoor environment you choose—making it an exceptional choice for all home spaces.

Matching Requisite Gray with Perfect Trim Colors

Whether your home leans modern or traditional, or somewhere in between, the ideal trim color is a crucial aspect of your home decor. To complement Requisite Gray, think about that perfect, vibrant, and crisp touch; these are our top picks:

1. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65

This premium paint from Benjamin Moore is beautifully balanced – a perfect pairing that brings out the best in Requisite Gray.

The Chantilly Lace OC-65 has striking whiteness, making any room look spacious and elegantly finished.

2. Sherwin Williams Pure White SW 7005

Pure White SW 7005 offers a clean and sophisticated contrast to Requisite Gray. With its understated charm, this Sherwin-Williams trim provides an immaculate finish that adds polish and poise to any space in your home.

3. Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008

Alabaster SW 7008 is just off-white with subtle undertones of beige that bring out the warmth in Requisite Gray. This harmonious unity makes the room feel inviting yet posh.

These suggestions will help you create a dazzling decor setup, turning every ordinary home nook into a chic space worthy of a magazine cover.

Shedding Light on Cardinal Directions in Requisite Gray

Shedding Light on Cardinal Directions in Requisite Gray

Your room's choice of paint color is significantly affected by the direction your room faces. Understanding how Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray reacts to different lighting conditions can help you make a more informed decision.

North-facing Rooms

Rooms facing north usually receive less direct sunlight, resulting in cool and blue hues. As Requisite Gray has warm undertones, it can effectively balance out the cool light environment in north-facing rooms. This works magnificently to make your space feel cozier and more inviting while maintaining a stylish appeal.

South-facing Rooms

South-facing rooms are bathed in warm and golden light for most of the day. Requisite Gray will appear in these rooms as a nice balanced neutral- not too warm or cold.

It shines and comes alive in rooms that enjoy copious amounts of natural light, adding depth and richness to the space.

East-facing Rooms

Rooms facing east enjoy lovely morning sunlight - initially warm but tend to get colder as the day progresses.

The versatile nature of Requisite Grey makes it blend seamlessly with the changing daylight conditions, reflecting a slight warmth during sunrise and effortlessly transitioning into deeper shades through the day.

West-facing Rooms

West-facing rooms receive good evening light that tends to be soft and warmer in the shade. As such, the Requisite Gray takes on more enhanced deeper gray tones, adding drama to your space while maintaining its inviting charm.

So, when we examine Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray by room orientation, this beautiful shade works well across all directions- north, south, east, or west!

It can manipulate itself beautifully according to light variations, making it a remarkable color choice regardless of your geographical location or cardinal directions! So why not give this fantastic shade a try? Just request a sample.

Is Requisite Gray Suitable For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use?

Most certainly! Whether adding character to your interior walls or charmingly elevating the exterior hues, this shade is a stellar choice.


Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023 creates a neutral backdrop for experimenting with colorful accents and decor inside your home.

This paint's serene versatility pairs well with contemporary and traditional interiors. Picture it in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, or even hallways - the opportunities are endless.

With an inviting mid-tone greige, your interior spaces can instantly feel more sophisticated and grounded. Excellent for minimalistic designs yet equally fitting for rustic themes, this color subtly morphs according to accompanying decor and natural light exposées, making it a genuinely multifaceted gem.


Equally appealing outdoors, Requisite Gray does magic when applied to exteriors. Whether enhancing the sophistication of your home's façade or upscaling outdoor elements such as fences and shutters - Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray effectively charms onlookers.

Outdoors, this go-to gray shines brilliantly under natural light, providing both style and functionality due to its high weather resistance quality.

As an exterior color choice, it showcases architectural details beautifully while harmoniously blending with nature’s elements.

That’s what you get with Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023. Perfect in its neutrality yet full of persona indoors or out.

This stylish hue adds depth without overpowering, establishing a delightful charm wherever used—a surefire winner for painting projects that aim at chic simplicity laced with indomitable flair.

The Importance of Paint Sample Testing

Testing paint samples is a step that should not be overlooked when choosing the right paint color. Swatches can sometimes veer slightly off, rendering a slightly different hue when applied to larger surfaces.

To avoid such complications, Sherwin-Williams provides sample pots for their complete range of paints, including Requisite Gray 7023.

You can paint directly onto your walls or create movable 'test boards' which can be moved about the space to test how the color behaves under various lighting conditions, times of the day, or simply against your décor.

It's always better to spend a little more time in this phase than realize after painting an entire room that it isn't quite what you expected!

So get your hands on a Requisite Gray 7023 sample pot and put this fantastic greige to the test in your own space.

FAQs About Requisite Gray 7023 Color Review

What is the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023?

The LRV of Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023 stands at 45, providing a mid-tone hue that offers balance and flexibility in most spaces.

Can I use Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023 on kitchen cabinets as an addition to my wall paint?

Absolutely. This versatile shade works beautifully on cabinets, complementing modern and traditional kitchen styles.

I have an open floor plan; will Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023 look good across different areas?

This 'greige' color maintains its charm in various settings, making it an excellent choice for open floor layouts.

Would Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023 suit a nursery room?

Its calming undertone makes it a lovely option for a serene nursery environment.

What finish would you recommend for Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023 in high-traffic areas?

A satin or semi-gloss finish will be durable enough for high-traffic areas while accentuating the sophistication of this shade.


Choosing a paint color is more than just picking a shade you like; it's about creating an ambiance and enhancing your space to reflect your style.

With Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023, you're investing in versatility, timeless elegance, and high-quality performance—a greige that transforms any room into a comforting haven.

Whether for your living room walls or kitchen cabinets, this review showcases the depth of this fantastic color’s capabilities.

Remember the essential step of trying out a sample before diving in—so you can fully appreciate the allure and charm of Sherwin-Williams Requisite Gray 7023.

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