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Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661 2024 [Cool Gray Paint]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 14, 2023

There’s something undoubtedly magical about the transformative power of paint. One can’t help but admire how it seamlessly interweaves with our spaces, often defining or reshaping our perceptions of them.

Being a devoted admirer and keen observer of this process, I found my fascination drawn to the Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661, a phenomenon that stands a class apart in the vast sea of paint shades.

Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661 is an embodiment of elegance and sophistication. The kind of color that skirts on subtle whimsy while maintaining its quiet sobriety.

It’s neither too loud nor too meek. Instead, it strays brilliantly on this fine line – offering versatility like none other.

It appears like a translucent whisper one moment and a solid proclamation the next – subtly shifting as per the mood, light, and even surrounding colors.

Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661

Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661

Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661 embodies subtlety, providing a versatile canvas to embellish your home interiors.

It traces a soft symmetry in nature and promotes tranquility, befitting both minimalistic modern designs and traditional architectures. Here’s some necessary information on this outstanding hue:

  • Color Family(s): Neutral
  • Color Collections: Color ID (Minimalist)
  • Top 50 Colors
  • Available in Interior/Exterior settings
  • Location Number: 233-C1
  • Hex Value: #D3D5D3
  • RGB: 211 / 213 / 211

What probably strikes me most about Sherwin Williams’s Reflection is how it conjures feelings of sense and serenity with such silent poise.

It’s more like a revelation – subtly adding depth and interest to your rooms while adorning them with an effortless charm.

Remarkable in its understated grandeur, Reflection SW 7661 opens up an exciting array of possibilities whether you plan to renovate or recreate your spaces from scratch.

What exact color is Reflection SW 7661?

Reflection SW 7661, by Sherwin Williams, belongs to the neutral color category. It personifies a soft-grayish hue splashed with a dreamy, ethereal charm.

In its essence, it is a crisp, clean shade that stands somewhere between cool gray and warm beige, making it a stunning greige.

It can be rightly considered an exquisite blend of both – harnessing the sophistication of gray and the warmth of beige in perfect harmony.

While its specific color values amount to an RGB composition of 211, 213, 211 (Hex Value: #D3D5D3), it leads to an impressively soothing shade that elegantly draws a balance in any space it adorns.

Capturing the magic of serenity, Reflection SW 7661 bursts with possibilities while making your space feel cozy and magnificently inviting.

It retains its prowess in broad daylight hours or under soft artificial lights – casting a gentle glow that breathes life into your spaces.

Is Reflection SW 7661 Warm Or Cool paint color?

Is Reflection SW 7661 Warm Or Cool paint color?

The intriguing aspect of Reflection SW 7661 is its exceptional versatility in terms of temperature. It neither belongs squarely in the realm of ‘warm’ nor the territory of ‘cool,’ but it carves out a niche for itself right in the middle.

This neutrality lends its unique hue a sense of dreamlike tranquility, which is characteristic of this shade. The exact warmth or coolness varies subtly with surrounding elements and lighting conditions, adjusting its ambiance to seem just right under any circumstance.

In well-lit, sun-drenched spaces, Reflection almost leans more towards a cool undertone – instilling a refreshing airiness about the room.

Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661 revitalizes, catching gleams from daylight to fill your spaces with a natural calmness during morning hours.

Under artificial lights or in lesser illuminated spaces, it mystically adopts warmer undertones, instantly adding depth and coziness.

The intrinsic flexibility of temperature and tone that Reflection SW 7661 showcases sets up an exquisite harmony no matter where it’s applied.

In essence, one can say that this shade reflects (no pun intended) both cool neutrality and warm harmony. Regardless of using it on walls, furniture, or exteriors, this chameleon-like trait gifts your space an alluring dimensionality – effortlessly carving out an invitingly warm and refreshingly cool atmosphere.

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The Undertones Of Reflection SW 7661

Understanding the undertones of paint color is much akin to unlocking its soul. It’s crucial – lending the hue its unique character.

Diving deeper into the undertones of Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661, we discover an enchanting fusion that strikes a perfect equilibrium.

Here are some possibilities:

  • Slight Green Undertone: The primary undertone you’d find in Reflection is a very soft green. Although incredibly faint, it magically adds depth to the color, casting an almost ethereal hue that blends effortlessly with almost any color palette.
  • Subtle Gray Undertone: Another slight undertone at play is gray, which bestows this shade with its neutral character. It steps forward more or less depending on the lighting conditions – binding other elements together in harmony or playing lead by imparting an elegantly understated vibe to the space.

Pick up your keys and drive to your nearest Sherwin Williams Store to get a sample strip of Reflection SW 7661, and I promise you will fall in love with this cunningly deceptive color full of captivating vitality.

Reflection SW 7661 rides on nuanced undertones, making it versatile enough to flow freely across different settings – a fine testament to how Sherwin Williams has crafted not just another paint but an exquisite personality.

Sherwin Williams Reflection: Interior and Exterior

Sherwin Williams Reflection: Interior and Exterior

Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661 is your ideal partner for creating a celestial ambiance both within and outside your home.

It beautifully contemporizes any interior or exterior space, adding layers of tranquillity that harmonize to achieve remarkable coordination.


Reflection’s strikingly versatile undertones make it perfect for interiors – in dramatizing accessorized settings or evoking understated elegance.

This shade introduces cool undertones in large, bright, daylight-flooded rooms such as living spaces or kitchens, adding a sense of openness. Pair it with whites or grays to sculpt a minimalist modern setting that breathes serenity.

For smaller spaces, Reflection increasingly leans towards warmer tones that wonderfully radiate coziness, particularly under artificial lights.

Spruce up your study room, bedroom, or bathroom in Reflection’s comforting aura by pairing it with dark-hued woodwork or brass accents.


Reflection SW 7661 translates marvelously well onto exterior surfaces too. The neutrality and elegance of this Sherwin Williams classic effortlessly complement the natural surroundings.

Used outside, the undertones elicit more of those more fantastic spectrums during bright daylight hours, pairing brilliantly with deep reds or navy blues for doors or window frames.

However, under artificial exterior lights at nightfall, it subtly captures spurts of warmth, creating an inviting outdoor space.

For brick facades or wooden sidings – painting them in Reflection SW 7761 generates appealing contrast while maintaining visual harmony with the surroundings.

Ultimately the beauty of Sherwin Williams Reflection doesn’t simply stop at its pleasing aesthetics but stretches beyond to its immense adaptability – enriching each space distinctively while tying them all together in an unspoken harmony.

Where You can use Reflection SW 7661

Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661 holds boundless potential for diverse types of spaces. Its flexibility and all-around usability expand its range beyond conventional usage.

Two foremost areas where this shade truly shines are perhaps Bedrooms and Living Room spaces.


Reflection SW 7661 is a brilliant choice for bedrooms. It creates an oasis of calm where you can retreat at the day’s end or jump-start your mornings with balanced tranquility.

Morning View: If your bedroom has windows that channel morning light, Reflection will appear slightly cool, rendering a serene start to the day.
Evening Reverie: As daylight dims, under artificial lights, the warmth subtly kicks in, creating an atmosphere that’s cozy and comforting.

Balancing this untethered light beautifully at different times of the day gives your intimate space a soothing rhythm – seamlessly transitioning from energizing mornings to relaxing evenings.

Living Room

As for living rooms, Reflection SW 7661 assumes a harmonious backdrop that complements varied furniture and accessories effortlessly.

Its timeless elegance and versatile neutrality mold around different styles- minimalistic modern, or traditional chic – rendering it a perfect canvas for your décor and furnishings!

It adds depth to your space while maintaining an invitingly warm environment regardless of hours – bustling daytime family gatherings or evening high-tea parties. Reflection adjusts beautifully under various lighting, setting a unique mood and tone for every occasion!

To put it simply,

  • In Bedrooms: Reflection SW 7661 morphs through daylight hours, pouring cool serenity into the room, which alters to warmth as night approaches.
  • In Living Rooms: Corresponding smoothly with surrounding elements and lighting conditions, the elusive shade carves out distinct moods for hearty gatherings during pleasant daytime or cozy evening get-togethers.

When choosing any paint color, it is crucial to note how natural and artificial light will affect its appearance.

The same holds for Reflection SW 7661, whose shade ebbs and flows with changing light, lending variable degrees of comfort to your eye.

Sherwin Williams Reflection and Lighting Directions

Sherwin Williams Reflection and Lighting Directions

The inherent beauty of paint shades lies in their variability and adaptability. The same paint can emit different color nuances under varying lighting conditions, which only emphasizes its multifaceted character.

This is evident in the case of Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661, which interacts uniquely with the light depending upon its direction.

North-facing Rooms

  • In north-facing rooms, where natural daylight is generally less abundant, colors appear cooler and more muted.
  • Here, Reflection SW 7661 showcases a slightly cooler undertone that helps to add depth to the room.
  • Despite this, it maintains an appealing warmth and luster that can mitigate the coolness typically associated with northern light exposure.
  • This shade in these rooms inject much-needed brightness during the daytime while also instilling a cozy ambiance come evening.

South-facing Rooms

  • In south-facing rooms bathed by ample warm natural daylight, Reflection SW 7661 assumes a brighter appearance.
  • Its soft gray undertones are accentuated without harshness, making these rooms feel more spacious amidst an inviting warmth.
  • Even under artificial lighting later in the day, Reflection continues to reflect a pleasing balance that’s neither warm nor cool.

East-facing Rooms

  • East-facing rooms benefit from the morning sun and can bring richer hues from Reflection SW 7661 during these hours.
  • Its neutral tone complements morning sunlight exquisitely without looking overly saturated – instilling an enveloping serenity for your morning rituals.
  • As the day progresses and indirect light takes over, Reflection maintains a pleasant glow while subtly showing off its more nuanced greige aspects.

West-facing Rooms

  • West-facing rooms enjoy the afternoon sun’s warmth; under these conditions, Reflection manifests more of its warmer beige undertones.
  • It adapts effortlessly from stark afternoon brightness to softer evening twilight – bearing witness to dramatic natural transitions while amplifying the coziness intrinsic to your living spaces.
  • When paired with proper indoor lighting solutions, you can experience an immersive transformation as night approaches – intimately highlighting the inviting sophistication inherent in Reflection.

Remember that Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661 is versatile enough to accommodate various interior settings under differing lighting conditions owing to its balanced hue.

It’s one shade that tailors itself according to your room’s personality and lighting mood – crafting a unique essence!

While every care has been taken here to explain how different directions of natural light may affect the visual presentation of Reflection SW 7661, it remains essential to test paint samples in your home environment before deciding on any changes.

It’s always wise to consider factors like location-specific sunlight exposures and other dynamics such as surrounding furnishings or your room size.

Use this guide as just that – a guide – empowering yourself with ample knowledge about how beautifully diverse Sherwin William’s magic wand Reflection is!

Best Trim Colors with Reflection SW 7661

Best Trim Colors with Reflection SW 7661

Choosing precise trim colors to pair up with Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661 can elevate the aesthetic of your rooms to an unforeseen elegance.

Whether for crisp whites, soft creams, or even bolder colors, selecting the appropriate trims comprehensively accentuates and highlights the walls.

Here are some recommended colors:

  • Pure White SW 7005: When paired with Pure White, Reflection creates an airy feel and gives a chic contrast. The slightly cool undertones of Pure White, alongside Reflection’s delicate warm tones, strike a sophisticated balance in interior spaces.
  • Alabaster SW 7008: Alabaster reflects a gentle off-white tone that brings warmth while maintaining its distinct white essence. When paired with Reflection, it creates a creamy texture, leading to beautifully rich yet subtlety elegant interiors that exude comfort.
  • Extra White SW 7006: The brilliance of Extra White adds a crisp edge to the serene personality of Reflection. This combination works perfectly if you’re looking for a bright yet relaxing atmosphere.
  • Sea Salt SW 6204: For those looking at options beyond the whites, Sea Salt can offer an exciting blend. The light greenish-blue tint integrates splendidly with Reflection, producing fresh yet subdued interiors.

These shades complement and highlight Sherwin Williams Reflection’s unique color personality, making your space visually appealing and feel more open and cohesive.

From providing contrasts to creating monochromatic themes, these trims do it all! Carefully consider each one based on your room’s style, lighting conditions, and personal preference to find your perfect match.

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Why Is A Sample Important before buying full paint color?

One of the most crucial steps before you change your wall colors, is to get a paint sample. It’s a minor investment that can save you from significant regrets.

Here’s why obtaining a sample of Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661, or any paint color, is a step you must never miss:

  • Various Lighting Conditions: Testing samples under different lighting conditions allows you to gain meaningful insights into how the color behaves in day and night
  • Room Interactions: With sampling, determine how the paint interacts with other room elements, including furniture, decor accents, or flooring.
  • The True Hue: While online images can provide an idea about the color, they might not accurately represent it. A color swatch will give you a genuine glimpse of the hue.
  • Visual Impact: See how transitions between walls or from walls to ceilings feel when reflected with this shade.

Remember – finalizing on paint without testing it at specific spots in your house can leave room for unforeseen surprises.

Sampling could bring out underlying tones and effects that may be overlooked, helping ensure your choice suits your liking and space requirements.

FAQs About Reflection SW 7661

What undertones does Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661 have?

Reflection SW 7661 has tranquil gray and beige undertones, creating a versatile ‘greige’ hue.

Is Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661 a warm or cool color?

It’s both! Reflection can flex between warm or cool depending on the surrounding environment and light.

What spaces work best with Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661?

Its versatility suits any room, from bedrooms, and living spaces to exteriors, offering a subtle yet transformative impact.

What colors coordinate well with Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661?

It pairs beautifully with other neutral shades, white tones for contrast, or even bold hues for a burst of color.

Why should I sample test Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661 before painting my house?

Sampling allows you to gauge how the paint color reacts under different lighting conditions and complements your home’s decor – saving potential future regret.


As we journey through the charming world of Sherwin Williams Reflection SW 7661, it’s clear that its versatility and adaptability make it an exquisite choice for your spaces.

This paint shade is a sumptuous blend of depth and nuance, offering a warmer approach to white and hosting a cooler side to beige.

It gives you the freedom to shape your space precisely how you envision it – all while ensuring a sense of calm and comfort.

Whether splashed over expansive walls or playing peek-a-boo among your furniture, Reflection SW 7661 adds a pinch of magic in every setting.

Each stroke encapsulates tranquility while elevating spaces’ aesthetics with modern or traditional decor themes.

It’s not just a mere color to slather on your walls but a thoughtful choice that brings out the best in any space while standing resolutely as an aesthetically pleasing backdrop to paint your life’s precious moments.

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