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Sherwin Williams Redend Point SW 9081 [Paint Color Review]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 19, 2023

The perfect home ambiance begins with the right shade of paint. Today, I want us to dive into hues and palettes to discover an exceptional color – Sherwin Williams Redend Point SW 9081.

This is no ordinary shade; it’s a statement, a character that has the power to redefine your interiors.

Choosing the right paint can truly infuse new life into your spaces. It’s not just about giving a fresh coat to our walls – it’s much more profound than that.

The colors we select for our homes reflect our personality, evoke emotions, and set the ambiance we desire. And Sherwin Williams Redend Point SW 9081 does this like no other shade.

Exploring Redend Point SW 9081’s Color Identity

Sherwin Williams Redend Point SW 9081 is a captivating meandering shade that straddles the space between muted earth tones and more sophisticated grays. Here’s what it embodies:

  • A Hybrid Hue doesn’t lean heavily toward any conventional color group. Instead, it tactfully combines the depth of gray with undertones of subtle earth.
  • Sublime Sophistication – This shade shines with an inherent sophistication. Use Redend Point to introduce a touch of understated luxury to your spaces.
  • An Earthy Essence – Its earthy undertones make this neutral shade particularly interesting. This element lends warmth while maintaining its soft gray persona.
  • Quietly Quirky – Despite being essentially neutral, Redend Point boasts a distinct character. It depicts an element of quirkiness, making it non-contentiously standout-ish in its line-up.
  • A Gentle Placeholder – Although Redend Point holds its own proudly among other shades, it never overpowers. This balance makes it an excellent backdrop or primary wall color for contemporary and traditional decor.

Sherwin Williams has created a delicate equilibrium with Redend Point (SW 9081), resulting in a distinctive blend reminiscent of desert sands sharpened by shadowy boulders under the twilight sky.

Analyzing Redend Point: Warm vs Cool

Analyzing Redend Point: Warm vs Cool

One of the significant aspects to consider while scrutinizing a hue is its temperature. Let’s unravel the mystery behind whether Redend Point sways toward being warm or cool.

Warm Tone

Typically, warm hues, like yellows, reds, and oranges, create an inviting ambiance that feels cozy and intimate. They can bring forth a comforting illusion of space drawing closer when applied to walls.

So does Sherwin Williams Redend Point SW 9081 fall into this class?

While it carries that appeal of earthy warmth through its unobtrusive undertones, it wistfully hovers in the neutral zone rather than fully absorbing into the warm spectrum.

Cool Tone

Conversely, cool tones are often associated with blues, greens, and grays. They bring forward an air of tranquility and openness. Spaces adorned with cool tones emanate serenity and often seem expanded.

Upon inspection, Redend Point shares more affinity with this group, thanks to its soft greige composition—vaguely tipping towards darker gray than beige.

The relative coolness doesn’t make your space feel icy; instead, it brings a subtle sophistication into play that gently touches every aesthetic component.

Sherwin Williams’ Redend Point straddles both domains effortlessly but leans more toward cooler undertones than warmer ones.

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Sherwin Williams Redend Point: Understone Characteristics

Unraveling the undertone can provide valuable insight into a color’s inherent persona and possible interplay with your space’s lighting conditions. Undertones, as the name suggests, are the subtle underlying hues that emerge when a shade is subjected to specific light intensities or angles.

Sherwin Williams Redend Point’s undertone hovers primarily in cool earthy tones. Despite revolving around gray, it boasts a tangible element of beige under particular natural or artificial lighting.

Despite being subtle, the undertone plays a significant role in complementing your overall décor and ambiance.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Redend Point

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Redend Point

The Light Reflectance Value, often abbreviated as LRV, quantifies how much light a color reflects when exposed to it.

This characteristic is critical because it influences how light or dark the color will appear once applied to your walls.

Sherwin Williams’ Redend Point SW 9081 has an LRV of 54. This denotes that although the shade tends to absorb more light than it reflects, resulting in a slightly darkening effect on your interiors, it won’t overly darken your space, given its neutral credentials.

The calming effect of Redend Point, along with its LRV and subtly fascinating undertone characteristics, makes this shade a versatile selection for various spaces and styles.

Ideal Areas for Applying Redend Point

Sherwin Williams’ Redend Point is a truly versatile hue. Its uncanny ability to complement any setting, ambience, or decor style makes it an ideal choice for various areas across the home.

Living Room

First, let’s talk about the living room, arguably the most versatile space in an entire home. The soothing tones of Redend Point SW 9081 can create a warm and inviting atmosphere here. Exploit its subtle sophistication to enhance your decor elements and create a focal point.

What’s more, this shade manages beautifully under natural and artificial lighting – so you shouldn’t have to worry about unexpected color shifts irrespective of your living room light situation.

To amplify its appeal further, consider pairing it with elegant white trims or matching neutral-toned furnishings for an overall classy yet comforting milieu.


In the bedroom, you can’t go wrong with Sherwin Williams’ Redend Point SW 9081. This setup allows for many possibilities: utilize it as a primary wall color or use it on select walls tied together with white-painted trims or features.

The color’s serenity ushers in a restful sleep while beautifully holding up against vibrant bed linens or a stately wooden bed frame.

Moreover, decorating this shade doesn’t present many challenges; you could fashionably spruce up your room with soft pastel accents or plush grays for added aesthetics.


Redend Point’s blend of gray with soft earthy undertones does wonders regarding kitchens. Its neutrality highlights kitchen cabinets warmly without overpowering other design elements – making it an excellent choice for cabinet color and wall tone.

To add interest, consider going two-tone – pair upper cabinets painted in lighter shades like almond milk white with lower ones adorned in Redend Point – a tasteful combination that never fails to impress!

Dining Room

Now let’s move on to dining spaces. With its subtle depth and allure, Sherwin Williams’ Redend Point (SW 9081) sets the stage for an appealing dining room backdrop beautiful enough to lure everyone to dinner time without fail!

Consider balancing this hue with deep-seated wooden dining furniture or polished chrome fixtures for enhanced elegance.

Home Office

When decorating home offices, achieving a calm ambiance is critical. With its comforting coolness, Redend Point creates an environment conducive to focus and productivity.

To enrich this vibe further, consider pairing it with bookcases lined in warm honey-colored woods on trim windows that are fashioned in crisp whites. Your workspace will exude both professionalism and warmth at once.

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Finally, stepping into hallways: these often dull transitional spots could use some personality! Break away from plain whites: paint them in Redend Points’ quiet quirkiness!

Add vintage sepia-framed photographs along one side of the hallway atop Redend Points backdrop—an intricate arrangement that enriches this otherwise overlooked space while adding depth.

Redend Point’s Popularity: A Closer Look

Redend Point's Popularity: A Closer Look

Sherwin Williams’ Redend Point has undeniably made its mark in paints and coatings. This color has steadily gained recognition and popularity from professional interior designers to enthusiastic DIYers thanks to its adaptable nature and fresh aesthetic appeal.

Across Different Spaces

The strength of Redend Point lies in its ability to blend seamlessly into different spaces. Unlike more explicit shades, which tend to be space-restrictive, this versatile hue can be applied everywhere.

Whether it is the living room, kitchen, dining area, or home office, Redend Point adds an elegant touch without overshadowing other decorative aspects.

Versatile Undertone

Another factor contributing to its popularity is Redend Point’s versatile undertone. The understated grey-beige combo creates a rich depth that complements contemporary and traditional decors.

While it syncs easily with warm or cool color schemes, it retains a unique character that makes it stand out.

User Feedback

Cementing its position further are the rave reviews and user testimonials applauding its transformative effects on interiors.

Take a peek at Sherwin Williams’ Redend Point SW 9081 color feedback section to understand why this color resonates with many homeowners.

Sherwin Williams’ Redend Point SW 9081 brilliantly delivers on all aspects – aesthetics, versatility, elegance, and timelessness – making it a popular choice among discerning homeowners.

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Enhancing Redend Point: Top Trim Color Combinations

Choosing the perfect trim color can make or break the aesthetic value you aim to achieve with Sherwin Williams Redend Point.

Here are some optimal trim color possibilities that can harmonize with this unique shade, each bringing a different aspect of its personality to light:

Sherwin-Williams Pure White SW 7005

Pure White is a timeless classic with its cleanliness and simplicity. When infused with Redend Point, it creates an elegant contrast, highlighting Redend Point’s charming greige characteristic in your spaces.

The application can be broad, covering doors and windows, mantle pieces and moldings – anywhere your area craves a stark contrast to highlight the luxuriance of Redend Point.

Sherwin-Williams Ethereal Mood SW 7639

On the cooler side of white lies an Ethereal Mood. Closer to gray on the spectrum, this shade is a perfect coupling combination if you love uniformity. The resultant pairing amplifies Redend Point’s gray tones, hinting at sophistication sans monotonous drabness.

Sherwin-Williams Worldly Gray SW 7043

Worldly Gray trim unfolds a rustic delight when combined with Redend Point. This interplay downplays the more relaxed notes in our featured shade and illuminates its earthy elements significantly. It is an ideal choice when you want to create a cozy chic ambiance in your rooms.

Being mindful about selecting the right trim color will assuredly accentuate Sherwin Williams Redend Point SW 9081.

This choice can complement or contrast your preference, creating an extraordinary result – something uniquely yours.

Impact of Lighting and Cardinal Directions

Impact of Lighting and Cardinal Directions

The grandeur of a hue is often significantly influenced by the natural light entering our spaces. The intensity and quality of this light can morph a shade, causing it to project different tones throughout unique parts of the day.

Similarly, the cardinal direction your space faces is integral in determining how your chosen color – in this case, Sherwin Williams Redend Point SW 9081 – appears.

North-facing Rooms

In areas that adhere to the northern direction, sunlight tends to be diffused and less direct. North-facing rooms are primarily subjected to more fabulous, bluer lights.

In these settings, Redend Point leans more distinctly into its gray nature. Undertones come across quite vividly under this illumination, manifesting the shade’s complex character, unlike any other directional light exposure.

South-facing Rooms

Contrarily, south-facing rooms bask in warm light for significant portions of the day due to more generous sunshine exposure.

Herein, you may catch a surprising shift in Redend Point’s temperament as it tends to register lighter and warmer on your walls compared to its appearance in north-facing rooms. Its subtle beige undertones respond warmly to southern lighting, presenting a creamier composition.

East-facing Rooms

In east-facing rooms, early morning sunlight bathes your space with a warm glow. As we proceed through the day, this room becomes progressively softly lit – under such conditions, Redend Point exhibits a placid behavior. The gentle infusion of grays becomes discernibly present as daylight recedes.

West-facing Rooms

Finally arriving at west-facing rooms, these are privileged with incredible sunsets that emit a deep orange effulgence reflecting dramatically off your walls in ways only sunsets can rival. During these times, Redend Point evolves into its most prosperous state – drawing out an alchemy of its gray-beige paradigm that is both comforting and charismatic.

Redend Point’s Suitability: Interior and Exterior Applications

Let’s focus on how well Redend Point performs across interior and exterior applications. This exploration will assist in deciding whether it’s the right fit for your next renovation project.

Interior Usage

Sherwin Williams Redend Point SW 9081 is a versatile companion for various applications indoors.

  • Living Rooms: Redend Point’s understated sophistication makes living rooms appear cozy and elegant.
  • Bedrooms: Its calm demeanor brings tranquility, making it an excellent bedroom choice.
  • Kitchens & Dining Rooms: Its neutral nature pairs excellently with various textures – from wooden cabinets to modernized steel fittings – offering an inviting ambiance in eating areas.
  • Home Office/Bathroom/Hallways: Its softness enhances the sense of space. Thus, smaller areas like closets, hallways, or home offices can significantly benefit from this color.

Exterior Usage

Regarding exterior uses, Sherwin Williams’ Redend Point is no less impressive. The shade holds its own under varying lighting conditions and harmoniously fits into different architectural styles.

A contemporary suburban house may find in Redend Point the ideal signature paint color for its outdoor trims. As a siding color too, it works brilliantly, creating a warm and welcoming impression on onlookers or visitors.

Whether you’re keen on transforming your interior space or refreshing your house’s external appearance, Redend Point can deliver results beyond expectations.

Sampling Before Purchasing Full Paint Color: Do Try at Home

Sampling Before Purchasing Full Paint Color: Do Try at Home

Testing the waters first before one jumps headfirst into a paint job with a new color can make all the difference. Here’s why and how sampling paint colors in your home before purchase is essential:

Make Your Choice Confidently

Often, it’s tough to visualize what a specific hue would look like on your walls, primarily relying on paint chips or swatches from storefronts.

Testing out a larger paint sample at home gives you an accurate perception of how those shades will behave within your unique spaces. This preparatory step helps eliminate doubts and reassures you about your color choices.

Lighting Makes a Difference

Whether it’s natural light or artificial lighting, the intensity and temperature of light can significantly modify how a paint color appears.

What sets Redend Point apart might not be noticeable under store lights but could shine through stunningly under the lighting in your house.

Steps to Utilise Samples Effectively

  • Paint a large enough section (at least 2 feet by 2 feet) on different walls to capture all lighting conditions throughout the day.
  • Study these sections in the morning, noon, evening, and night to witness how natural and artificial lights play upon them.
  • Don’t rush – live with the sample for some days to truly evaluate their performance under varying conditions.

After this procedure, you’d notice that Redend Point SW 9081 might have hinted at its sophistication subtly, even in low light, or mustered up warmth when paired with specific furnishings.

It will aid in making sound decisions before purchasing full-sized cans of Sherwin-Williams paints.

Remember – painting is not just about giving our walls a fresh coat; we create an ambiance. This small precaution may save us from future dissatisfaction and ensure we achieve perfection.

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Coordinating Colors for Redend Point SW 9081

An essential part of creating well-balanced and visually inspiring spaces is selecting the right coordinating colors.

For Sherwin Williams Redend Point SW 9081, several beautiful harmonizing shades can help augment its unique charm. Let’s take a look at a few of those options.

Pure White SW 7005

Sherwin-Williams Pure White SW 7005 will always remain a classic coordinating color. It offers the perfect contrast to the complex tones of Redend Point with its clean and crisp attributes. This white allows Redend Point to shine, amplifying its sophistication.

Canvas Tan SW 7531

If you aim for a seamless balance, try accompanying Redend Point with Canvas Tan SW 7531. The tan undertones in Canvas Tan pair harmoniously with the earthy feel that Redend Point radiates, creating an unwaveringly warm aura.

Earl Grey SW 7660

Aiming for something more contrasting yet stylish? Consider using Earl Grey SW 7660, a deeper gray tone that helps heighten the uniqueness of the Redend point through contrast.

Using these harmonizing companions with Redend Point will help sculpt an atmosphere that resonates with your personality while effortlessly breathing life into your spaces.

FAQs About Redend Point SW 9081

What’s the personality of Sherwin Williams Redend Point SW 9081?

Redend Point SW 9081 is a soft, earthy gray hue with understated elegance, making it perfect for contemporary and traditional decor.

Is Redend Point a warm or cool color?

While Redend Point has subtle earthy undertones, it tends towards cooler shades due to its primarily gray hue.

Which areas of my home would best suit Redend Point?

This versatile color suits any room in your home – from a cozy living room to a modern kitchen or even the exterior for a sophisticated touch.

Which colors pair well with Sherwin Williams Redend Point SW 9081?

Pure White SW 7005 for contrast, Canvas Tan SW 7531 for balance, and Earl Grey SW7660 for depth are all excellent choices to complement Redend Point.

Should I sample Redend Point before buying all the paint needed?

Absolutely, sampling first can help you understand how the color adapts to different light sources and angles in your space.


Sherwin Williams Redend Point SW 9081 is more than a paint color—it’s a statement of sophistication, an embodiment of earthy elegance, and a testament to your preference for discreet luxury.

This soft gray intersecting with delicate earth tones is distinctive, delivering an aura unique in its blend of warmth and coolness.

Offering versatility in use, whether it’s your living room wall or the exterior facade that needs a refreshing touch, this color’s adaptability stands out.

In closing, thoughtful engagement with paint shades can dramatically transform our living areas’ ambiance.

And when it comes to neutrals with personality, Sherwin Williams Redend Point SW 9081 certainly fits the bill.

With its capacity to stand alone and harmonize wonderfully with other hues – such as Classic White or deeper tones like Earl Grey – it promises to deliver on many aesthetic fronts while maintaining balance and sophistication.

Don’t just take my word for it; sample it and witness how effectively Redend Point could redefine your interiors.

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