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Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136 [Paint Color Review 2023]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 27, 2023

Choosing the perfect shade for your space can be daunting, but don't worry. We're here to help. Today, we'll unveil some unique characteristics of the joyfully serene Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136.

Yea, you heard it right! In this Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136 color review, we will guide you through its underpinning hues and where it best fits your Home Décor.

Finding the right colors that complement your tastes and blend well with your home's overall aesthetics is a puzzle in its own right.

However, with shades like Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136 offering a comforting aura, we promise you’ll get one step closer to creating a soothing and tranquil atmosphere within your abode. Stick around as we dive deeper into the world of this delightfully peaceful tone.

Brief Overview of Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136 Color

Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136 is a soft, muted shade that subtly captures the essence of tranquility. Falling into the blue category, it’s part of the Living Well (Unwind) collection, echoing a calm and serene setting.

Available for interior and exterior applications, this paint color has a location number 221-C1. The soothing hues can be technically defined by their Hex Value, #CBD4D4, and RGB Value, which stand at 203, 212, and 212, respectively.

Cherished for its adaptable qualities and light reflectance value (LRV) of 65, this color brings spaciousness to any room it graces.

Importance of Color Samples

Importance of Color Samples

Color samples become a lifeline when navigating through the sea of paint swatches to make that all-important decision for your space.

With Sherwin Williams' color samples, you can visualize how Lullaby SW 9136 appears in different lighting conditions and how it plays with existing elements within your space.

Furthermore, sampling lets you avoid any surprises on the actual paint day. Also, it helps you understand the color's transparency and coverage better before embarking on large-scale painting projects.

It provides a practical roadmap for your renovation journey. Therefore, consider acquiring a sample of Lullaby SW 9136 or using the Sherwin Williams' online visualizer tool to paint a virtual picture of your space. Remember, colors can drastically alter room aesthetics in a blink, so test before leaping!

In-depth Look at Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136

In-depth Look at Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136

Belonging to the Blue family, Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136 wears a calm demeanor and serene elegance.

It fills interior or exterior spaces with tranquility, effortlessly becoming an integral part of the Living Well (Unwind) color collection, encouraging peaceful moments of relaxation at home.

Here are some specifics you should know:

  • Color Family: This lovely shade belongs to the Blue family - universally appreciated for its soothing properties.
  • Color Collection: Part of the Living Well (Unwind) collection, this paint aims to bring tranquility into your living space.
  • Available in: Both Interior/Exterior
  • Location Number: 221-C1
  • Hex Value: #CBD4D4
  • RGB Value: With Red, Green, and Blue values at 203 / 212 / 212, respectively, Lullaby depicts a subtle hint of gray tones.

It is worth noticing that this color's light reflectance value (LRV) is 65. This implies that it reflects a significant amount of light.

Hence making interiors appear more spacious and airy. The softer tone also ensures a versatile canvas with varying styles, from minimalism to classic and rustic settings. Pairing Lullaby with warm neutrals or earthy hues gives an inviting feel to any room.

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Light Reflectance Value (LRV)

The Light Reflectance Value, or LRV, plays a significant role in how color behaves in a particular setting. Essentially, this value informs you of the percentage of light a paint hue will reflect into space. The scale ranges from 0% (absolute black, absorbs all light) to 100% (pure white, reflects all light).

Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136 has an LRV of 65. This means the color is on the lighter side of the spectrum and falls under mid-tone colors.

Being in this range implies that Lullaby SW 9136 can reflect more than half of the light it receives. Consequently, it can make spaces appear brighter and more prominent.

When deciding on paint choices, remember that tones with higher LRVs are typically preferable for smaller rooms or areas with limited natural light, as they can create an impression of openness and space.

So when you opt for Sherwin Williams' Lullaby SW 9136 with its promising LRV value, apart from achieving a serene atmosphere, you also bring a sense of spaciousness into your décor scheme.

Unveiling the Subtle Undertones

Understanding the undertones of paint color is crucial as they can dictate your décor choices to a large extent. An undertone is a color that lies beneath the main shade and influences how it appears when applied to walls.

Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136 primarily radiates a tranquil blue profile. However, this color also embraces subtle gray hints that surface occasionally and influence its overall look under different lighting conditions.

This understated gray imbues SW 9136 with an added level of sophistication, transitioning from merely being perceived as a pastel blue.

Additionally, if you observe closely, Lullaby's understated cool gray undertones make it extremely adaptive—it can work beautifully with other colors and materials around it. For instance, pairing it with warm wooden tones can perfectly bring out its cooler undertones.

Therefore, discerning these subliminal nuances in Lullaby's character can allow you to tap into its full potential and versatility within your homescape.

While the choice seems simple at first glance (a soft bluish tint), much more lurks beneath the surface when you choose Sherwin Williams' Lullaby SW 9136.

The Color Temperature of the Lullaby SW 9136

Color temperature describes the warmth or coolness of a color and is an essential determinant of how a shade will appear in your space.

Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136 falls under the class of neutral-cool temperatures. This means that while it does have a predominantly serene Blue personality, this color also carries slight cool-gray undertones, contributing to its overall cool character.

However, it's important to note that because Lullaby hails from the softer and muted shade catalog, its temperature is relatively neutral – not overly cool or warm.

This unique trait allows it to adapt beautifully, embodying unique characteristics under different lighting conditions and blending effortlessly with varying color schemes in your home.

Warm or Cool: Determining the Tone

Tones play a pivotal role in defining and influencing a room's ambiance. They can broadly be classified into two categories - warm and cool.

When it comes to Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136, this shade leans towards a cooler tone, characterized by its soothing blue hue intertwined with underlying hints of cool gray.

Cool-toned colors evoke feelings of peace, tranquility, and relaxation. They often serve as perfect backdrops for creating minimalist, contemporary spaces.

Sherwin Williams' Lullaby, with its calm and serene profile, is no different. Applying it in your living space can effortlessly create a tranquil setting for unwinding.

As you dive deeper into this unique color's tones, you cannot disregard its complementary ability to balance warm materials in your room décor— like friendly wooden furniture or plush rust-brown fabrics.

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Influence on Mood and Feeling

Colors profoundly impact our mood and feelings, affecting us in ways more profound than we often realize.

When it comes to Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136, its gentle, soothing quality commands an essence of tranquility that appeals to the eye and significantly cultivates an aura of calmness that soothes your senses.

For those accustomed to high-stress environments or desiring a peaceful retreat within their home, the tranquil character of Lullaby can provide comfort and relaxation at the end of a long day.

Its serene disposition is particularly effective in instilling feelings of relaxation, making it perfect for areas dedicated to unwinding, such as bedrooms and reading nooks.

This tone's gray undertones subtly balance the soothing blue, resulting in a balanced hue that can bring about feelings of harmony and stability.

Using Lullaby SW 9136 in your décor scheme offers an aesthetic appeal and contributes largely to fashioning a comforting atmosphere within your space.

Indoor Applications Of Lullaby SW 9136

The impact of color on your interiors is powerful. It can evoke feelings, influence moods, and stimulate or calm the senses.

Many indoor applications come to mind When you're considering draping your walls with Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136.

Versatile Uses in Various Rooms

Lullaby SW 9136 does not restrict itself to being just a beautiful bedroom color—instead, it extends its tranquil charm throughout the entire home.

  • Living Room: Incorporating Lullaby into your living room palette sets the stage for relaxed family gatherings and peaceful moments of solitude. Combine it with soft creams or beiges to invite serenity while balancing with deep-toned furnishings to add depth.
  • Bedroom: Lullaby's soothing demeanor makes it an ideal option for bedrooms. It allows you to create a space where nocturnal dreams blend seamlessly with daytime tranquility.
  • Bathrooms and Powder Rooms: In spaces like bathrooms and powder rooms that generally lack natural light, Lullaby’s high LRV can lend an expansive and inviting feel.
  • Home Office: Creating a peaceful setup is essential with work from home becoming a new norm. Use SW 9136 as your wall color for subtle yet effective stress relief during those long work hours.
  • Kitchen: Don’t shy away from introducing this serene shade into your kitchen! Paired with crisp white cabinetry and natural stone countertops, it offers a delicious backdrop for familial culinary adventures.

Creating Balance and Harmony

When working with Lullaby SW 9136 indoors, remember that balance is key. Warm elements in wood or brass can beautifully offset its slightly cool undertones.

Combine this soft blue shade with neutral accessories such as beige throws, tan cushions, off-white area rugs, or natural jute curtains to establish a sense of harmony within the room.

Importantly, take note of the room's directional light orientation before deciding on paint applications. Northern light tends to amplify cooler tones, while Southern exposure may blend well with this quiet blue-gray hue due to its inherent warmth.

Making the Most of the Outdoors

Making the Most of the Outdoors

Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136 isn't just for your indoor spaces; it has tremendous potential to uplift your home's exterior aesthetics, too.

A refreshing coat of this serene shade can increase your curb appeal and evoke a tranquil ambiance for al fresco relaxation. Let's explore how to capitalize on this versatile color for your outdoor settings.

Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Consider breathing new life into your home façade by applying Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136. Its soft tonality allows it to subtly blend into various outdoor elements without overpowering delicate architectural features.

It is an impeccable paint color choice for areas like verandas, pergolas, or even garden sheds and exterior walls around patios or poolside spaces.

Pair it tastefully with contrasting darker trims or match it with lighter trims for a harmonious look; whatever you decide, Lullaby will elevate your home’s street-side personality tenfold.

Using this tone on fences and porches provides an illusion of tranquility—an inviting aura extending beyond your abode's boundary into the outside world.

Direction and Exposure Considerations

When implementing Lullaby outdoors, we must remember that sunlight exposure can alter blues' perceived hue—due to their underlying gray tones.

Before making a final decision, consider where you want to apply this color and how much sunlight that area receives throughout the day.

For instance:

  • If painted on north-facing walls (which receive less intense light), Lullaby would exhibit more cool blue undertones.
  • On south-facing walls (exposed to stronger light throughout the day), it tends to sport a warmer hue—leaning towards a subtle greenish-blue tinge.

By understanding these outdoor considerations from varying levels of sunlight exposure in different directions, you'll make better-informed choices when using Sherwin Williams’ Lullaby SW 9136 in an outdoor setting.

Smart Pairings with Lullaby SW 9136

Smart Pairings with Lullaby SW 9136

Sherwin Williams’ Lullaby SW 9136 is a versatile hue that harmonizes well with various color palettes. To help you imagine this vividly, let's delve into some of its complementary colors.

  • Whites: Pairing Lullaby with clean, crisp whites like Pure White (SW7005) brings your interiors an airy, spacious feel. It allows the soft blue-gray of Lullaby to take center stage. Whites or off-whites can serve as accent elements like trim or molding against the soothing backdrop of Lullaby.
  • Grays: Gray shades are another excellent combination with Lullaby. Agreeable Gray (SW7029) or Repose Gray (SW7015) with this soft blue shade introduces a layer of modern sophistication.
  • Earthy Tones: Warm earth tones such as Accessible Beige (SW7036) or Canvas Tan (SW7531) create an intriguing contrast against the cool vibe of Lullaby. Incorporating these colors infuses warmth and texture into your space.
  • Blues: Light to mid-tone blues like Rainwashed (SW6211) and Comfort Gray (SW6205) echo the subtlety of Sherwin Williams' Lullaby and offers a monochromatic theme that has its unique charm.

When selecting complementary colors, consider your space's light source(s), the purpose of the room, and the furnishings within it to guide your choices effectively.

Trim Colors that Complement Lullaby SW 9136

Trim colors can blend in or provide a crisp contrast to your wall color. When considering trim colors to accompany Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136, you have an extensive palette to feel. Let's delve into some popular choices:

  • Extra White SW 7006: If your goal is to create an edgy and crisp contrast, Sherwin Williams’ Extra White SW 7006 could be the perfect choice. This white tone with cool undertones accentuates Lullaby’s muted hues and adds a sharp and chic finish to any space.
  • Big Chill SW 7648: Big Chill SW 7648 is another option from the grayish-blue family that effortlessly matches Lullaby’s underlying tones while offering a harmonious balance.
  • Creamy SW 7012: Going in a different direction, Sherwin Williams’ Creamy SW 7012 introduces a warm touch against Lullaby’s cool temperament. This creamy white provides a soft accompaniment and makes your space more inviting.

Meticulously chosen trim colors reinforce the beauty of your primary wall color and bring forth balance and rhythm in your homescape.

Therefore, choosing wisely can help you amplify the serenity of Lullaby SW9136 in all its resplendent glory.

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Why Choosing the Right Paint Matters

Why Choosing the Right Paint Matters

Your chosen paint color significantly influences your space's overall appeal and feel. It's a powerful design tool that can make rooms appear smaller or larger, cooler or warmer, and even influence our moods. Therefore, it's imperative to consider several factors when choosing the right color paint for your walls:

  • Room Size: Lighter colors can make a small room seem larger and brighter, while darker colors can give a larger room a more intimate and cozy feel.
  • Lighting: Natural daylight reveals the truest color; incandescent lighting sparks warm tones and yellows, while fluorescent lighting leads towards Blue tones.
  • Furniture & Decor: Your paint color should complement your furniture, textiles, artwork, and other decor elements.
  • Shading: Colors vary in shading. The same color can look different in morning and evening light or under artificial lighting.

Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136 reveals its chameleonic nature under varied conditions - making it an excellent selection for any room or setting. For an optimal outcome, pair it with other elements in the room wisely.

You're not just choosing a paint color but shaping a living experience. So, take the time to make informed decisions that capture what you want your space to represent. After all, the walls do talk!

FAQs About Lullaby SW 9136

What type of finish works best with Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136?

A satin finish works best, keeping the color vibrant and easy to clean.

How would Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136 look in a bathroom?

With its light-reflecting value, this shade can make a bathroom seem larger and more spacious.

What colors coordinate well with Lullaby SW 9136 by Sherwin Williams?

Shades of white, off-white, beige or lighter tones of blue and pink pair well with Lullaby SW 9136, creating a soothing palette.

Is Sherwin Williams' Lullaby SW 9136 suitable for use in the kitchen?

Absolutely! Its serene mood and cool undertones can create a peaceful cooking atmosphere.

Can Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136 be used for an exterior color scheme?

Yes, it complements stone or brick exteriors beautifully, holding its own against natural elements.


Choosing the right shade of paint can be a game-changer in setting the tone for your home. Sherwin Williams Lullaby SW 9136, with its tranquil undertones and impressive flexibility, brings a singularly serene touch to any room it graces. This blue-grayish hue has that comforting appeal that blends seamlessly wherever you use it.

Stepping away from pure, vibrant colors and choosing this muted tone allows your décor elements to shine while creating an inherently calm ambiance.

Discover the magic of Sherwin Williams' Lullaby SW 9136 within your spaces, imbuing them with an unparalleled sense of peace and tranquility.

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