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Sherwin Williams Jogging Path 7638 [Paint Color Review 2024]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 23, 2023

Choosing the right paint color plays a huge role in establishing the perfect ambiance if you’re considering a fresh look for your home. Enter Sherwin Williams Jogging Path 7638.

In this paint color review, we will unveil the magic of this unique shade, helping you decide whether it’s the ideal pick for your space.

The interior decoration world is about creating appealing aesthetics and meaningful experiences within any living area.

And when it comes to setting the mood and vibe, the Wall color does most of the talking. So whether you’re renovating or just applying a new coat of paint to your walls, I’m here to guide you through some invaluable insights on Sherwin Williams Jogging Path 7638.

Meet Sherwin Williams Jogging Path 7638: The Basics Unveiled

Meet Sherwin Williams Jogging Path 7638: The Basics Unveiled

One of the actual achievements of the Sherwin Williams paint palette, Jogging Path 7638, is part of the neutral color family.

Known for its soothing effect and ability to blend seamlessly with most decor styles, it’s easy to see why neutrals are beloved by many homeowners and interior decorators alike.

Hailing from the much anticipated Colormix Forecast 2024 (a Study in Delicate Tints) color collection, this unique shade is set to steer future color trends.

The expert designers at Sherwin Williams handpick the shadows in this forecasted collection every year that are envisioned to dominate the forthcoming years.

Regarding specifics, Jogging Path exhibits a Hex Value of #C0B9A9 and an RGB value of 192 / 185 / 169. But in simpler terms, this translates into a charming blend of earthy tones that collectively give off a warmer hue.

With an impressive Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 49, this paint color optimizes light reflection. This makes spaces painted in Jogging Path appear more spacious and well-lit than they are.

Incoming as a versatile selection, Sherwin Williams Jogging Path suits interior and exterior surfaces. This delightful tone could be your ideal pick, whether to spruce up your indoor living area or impart a fresh look onto your home’s facade.

A Look at the Popularity of Jogging Path

Thanks to its unique charm and versatility, Sherwin Williams Jogging Path has garnered a solid fanbase from homeowners, designers, and contractors alike.

This color strikes a balance between calm tranquility and stylish sophistication. The neutral hue integrates with varied decor styles – modern minimalism or rustic farmhouse.

Whether it’s large living areas or quaint, cozy nooks that you’re styling, you’ll find that this paint color never fails to provide an aesthetic cohesiveness.

Its popularity rests highly in its compatibility with differing light exposure and home design styles. Jogging Path 7638 enjoys glowing reviews and resonates positively among those who choose it.

The Lowdown on Sherwin Williams Jogging Path LRV and Undertones

The Lowdown on Sherwin Williams Jogging Path LRV and Undertones

By now, you might’ve heard me mention the term LRV or Light Reflectance Value. Paint colors each have a specific LRV indicating the light the color reflects. It’s rated from 0 (absolute black, absorbing all light) to 100 (pure white, reflecting all morning).

Analyzing the LRV is crucial in understanding how a paint color will perform in different lighting setups and which areas of your home it may suit best.

With an impressive LRV of 49, Sherwin Williams Jogging Path falls comfortably within the mid-range. This means it neither absorbs nor reflects light excessively but strikes a harmonious balance. For this reason, it’s a flexible choice for rooms with varying natural light levels.

When exploring undertones, I find that describing Jogging Path as having warm greyish undertones hits closest to home.

But don’t let this fool you – this shade is far from dull! The soft hint of green beneath its surface breathes life into any room it graces.

Discover the Versatility of Jogging Path in Your Home

Sherwin Williams Jogging Path 7638 lends itself beautifully to various areas of the home. Its universal appeal lies within its ability to evoke different moods based on where it’s used.

Let’s journey through your house and imagine how this paint color might look on different walls.


Your bathroom should feel like a personal sanctuary, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. The soft undertones of Sherwin Williams Jogging Path fit the bill perfectly.

This color’s neutral warmth offsets cold bathroom tiles and fixtures, encouraging a spa-like serenity.


When it comes to bedrooms, comfort is key! Jogging Path creates an inviting aura that is soothing and calm, essential for a space for relaxation and sleep.

Pair it with white bedding for a clean, minimalist look, or use patterned textiles in rich colors for a contrast filled with personality.

Living Room

This is where your family gathers daily, treasured memories are created, and guests are entertained. You need a color that resonates with everyone—and Jogging Path does just that! It offers a warm backdrop against which colorful cushions, art pieces, or rustic wood furniture can take the stage.

Home Office

If you want to make work-from-home arrangements commonplace, your home office must be conducive to productivity while still adhering to stylish interior norms.

The soothing yet engaging ambiance created by Sherwin Williams Jogging Path is optimal for maintaining focus while providing visual comfort amidst long working hours.

With the versatility of Sherwin Williams’ Jogging Path 7638 across various rooms in your home, you can craft spaces that reflect your style and function perfectly according to each room’s purpose.

Sherwin Williams Jogging Path: The Paint for Both Interior and Exterior

Sherwin Williams Jogging Path: The Paint for Both Interior and Exterior

Sherwin Williams Jogging Path 7638 is the ultimate crowd-pleaser with its adaptability to many spaces – from cozy interiors to stunning exteriors.

The effortless elegance and comforting vibe it lends to areas, regardless of location, make this paint stand out in the pool of thousands.

Interior Spaces

Jogging Path provides an excellent balance with most design aesthetics without overwhelming them. Its warm undertones create a sense of comfort and calmness in living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, or even bathrooms.

Exterior Surfaces

You can’t go wrong with this stylish neutral for those looking to spruce up their home’s facade or outer structures like fences or sheds.

Whether under the blinkingly bright noon sun or softer dusk light, Jogging Path offers continuity in its charm.

Key takeaways

  • Being a part of the neutral family (Hex Value: #C0B9A9), Sherwin Williams Jogging Path can integrate seamlessly into various color palettes and decor styles.
  • With an impressive LRV of 49, this paint expertly balances light absorption and reflection, effectively serving interior and exterior purposes.

It’s not often that you come across a shade that proves equally enchanting indoors and outdoors. But Sherwin Williams Jogging Path 7638 accomplishes just that!

Jogging Path: Light and Cardinal Orientations

The play of light dramatically impacts how a paint color appears on the wall. A north-facing room with minimal sunlight exhibits different paint behaviors from a sun-drenched south-facing space.

So let’s delve into how Jogging Path performs under various light situations across different cardinal directions.

North-Facing Rooms

Decorating a north-facing room can be tricky due to less daylight and cooler, bluish light. Such rooms benefit from warm colors like Sherwin Williams Jogging Path 7638.

With its warm undertones, this paint shade balances out the coolness in diffused natural light and imparts an inviting feel.

Walls painted in Jogging Path gain a deeper dimension due to the softer lighting, and paradoxically, the color seems more pronounced yet peacefully subdued in these spaces – it’s a beautiful paradox!

South-Facing Rooms

Sunlight flooding South-facing rooms tends to accentuate color vibrancy. But with Jogging Path’s balanced LRV, they won’t emit intense brightness nor absorb too much light, leaving the room dull. Instead, it gracefully bathes your room in a pool of its rich tone without appearing overwhelming.

Sherwin Williams’ Jogging Path gives off earthy undertones in bright sunlight-imbued spaces throughout the day while maintaining a striking balance between warmth & brightness, making your south-facing area beautifully sun-kissed.

East-Facing Rooms

East-facing rooms enjoy an abundance of morning sunlight, which casts an energizing warm glow upon everything in its path.

The Jogging path offers an enveloping comfort in such spaces through its inherent tranquility that seamlessly blends with this early light refreshment.

This is where you’ll find yourself genuinely appreciating that hint of green beneath the warm grey facade of this unique shade – it seems to playfully shimmer under bright morning glows!

West-Facing Rooms

West-facing rooms vary quite drastically throughout any given day. They rise with subtle hues during daylight but become more robust as evening sets and direct sunlight blazes through.

Sherwin Williams’ Jogging Path 7638 proves highly adaptive in these settings too! It holds steady during daylight hours, complimenting any artificial lighting well, but truly comes alive during sunset when golden hues adorn your walls — this is when you see JOGGING PATH express itself vividly against twilight’s beckoning.

Key takeaway: For north-facing rooms seeking warmth and depth, go for Sherwin Williams’ Jogging Path!

It welcomes an invigorating sunshine splendor across brightly lit south or east-facing locations while gracefully adapting to shifting moods within west-facing living areas!

To sum it up, Sherwin Williams’s “Jogging Path” paints adapt well toward varying light orientations, mainly owing to their versatile LRV & harmonizing undertones!

The Importance of Effective Sampling Approaches

The Importance of Effective Sampling Approaches

An indispensable part of choosing paint is sampling. Never rely solely on electronic images. Pictures can be deceiving due to varying color rendering across different screens.

Sherwin Williams provides sample pots allowing you to test Jogging Path 7638 in your space. Apply a small patch on your walls, wait for it to dry thoroughly, then observe it at different times and under other lighting conditions.

Sampling will help you visualize how the color interacts with all elements in your space, minimize potential errors, and builds confidence in your final choice.

Remember, spending a couple of dollars now for a paint sample can save you hundreds by avoiding dissatisfaction.

Decoding The Tone: Is Jogging Path Warm or Cool Paint Color?

Decoding The Tone: Is Jogging Path Warm or Cool Paint Color?

Sherwin Williams Jogging Path, one of the company’s most beloved neutrals, is what I’d term a warm gray color. But what does this mean?

Firstly, within the realm of color psychology and interior design, all colors are often categorically placed within two groups based on their undertones – warm and cool.

While cool colors like blue, green, and light purple can make a space feel tranquil and airy, warm colors like red, yellow, or orange tend to radiate coziness and comfort.

Returning to our primary focus – ‘Is Jogging path a warm or cool paint color?’ The heartwarming beauty of this shade lies in its warm gray undertones. These subtly toasty hints pave a welcome escape from stark whites.

This unique characteristic lends Jogging Path an air of graceful vitality without veering off its neutral foundation.

If you’re planning your next home makeover venture or simply dabbling in color-based fantasies, remember that Sherwin Williams Jogging Path is a warmer paint color.

Given its temperate appeal and versatility, it will add visually appealing layers to any interior design style while promoting warmth throughout your home!

FAQs About Sherwin Williams Jogging Path 7638

What style of decor does Sherwin Williams Jogging Path best complement?

Jogging Path is a versatile hue that works splendidly with various decor styles, from modern minimalism to rustic farmhouse themes.

Can I use Sherwin Williams Jogging Path in my kitchen?

Absolutely! Jogging Path’s warm, neutral tone creates an inviting feel, complementing both dark and light kitchen cabinetry beautifully.

How does Sherwin Williams Jogging Path look in artificial lighting?

Under artificial light, the warmth of Jogging Path becomes slightly more pronounced, enhancing its inviting ambiance.

Is the Jogging Path color only for the walls, or can it be used on ceilings and furniture too?

The versatility of Jogging Path extends beyond just walls. It can be used on both ceilings and furniture for a cohesive aesthetic throughout your space.

What accent colors pair well with Jogging Path?

Jogging Path pairs perfectly with a wide array of colors. While crisp whites or beiges enhance its warm undertones, bolder hues like navy or emerald green create an exciting contrast.


Sherwin Williams Jogging Path 7638 is a versatile color option that embodies the perfect blend of sophistication and tranquility.

Its warm undertones allow it to complement many decor styles and set moods beautifully. From your living room to your home office, this color affords your spaces an undeniable charm and orderly serenity that never fades.

The decision to choose the right paint for your home is an intensely personal and important one. Your walls witness your life’s many chapters, so it’s only natural to want them painted in shades that reflect your taste.

With Jogging Path 7638, you can create a timeless oasis right in the comfort of your own home – proof that neutrals are anything but boring!

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