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Sherwin Williams Divine White Paint Color Review 2024

By: Susie
Updated On: August 15, 2023

If you’re anything like me, you know that choosing the right color for your home is a huge decision. It’s the foundation of your sanctuary, and I’ve done my fair share of color sampling and analysis paralysis.

But let me ease your worry by introducing a perennial favorite that never goes out of style – Sherwin Williams Divine White.

This isn’t just any white. No, Sherwin Williams Divine White is one of those shades that straddle the line between warm and cool, offering a versatility that few colors can claim.

Do you want to inject a friendly, inviting vibe into your living room? Or perhaps you’re more inclined towards having a sleek, modern theme for your kitchen? With Divine White, all this is possible and much more.

What is Sherwin Williams Divine White SW 6105?

Upon delving into the details, you’ll quickly realize that Divine White SW 6105 is not another run-of-the-mill white.

This specific paint color belongs to the highly revered Sherwin-Williams family of whites. Here’s a closer look at this divine shade.

Located in Various Collections – Divine White shines bright by gracing several esteemed color collections. In the Color ID chart, it falls under the ‘Dreamer’ category, mirroring its ability to inspire limitless creativity.

Additionally, it honors its top-tier status by being included in the illustrious list of Top 50 Colors known for their universal appeal.

Finest Whites & Neutrals – Divine White also plays a significant role in the Finest Whites and Neutrals charts. Deftly maneuvering between ‘Finest Whites’ and ‘Warm Neutrals,’ this hue offers rich warmth with an elegant edge.

Location & Details – The unique identity of Divine White SW 6105 comes down to the digits “266-C4”. This exclusive location number marks its spot on Sherwin Williams’ vast palette.

The Anatomy of Divine White – Understanding color codes might seem complicated at first glance but trust me, they’re more straightforward than you think.

The Hex Value of Divine White is #E6DCCD – this alphanumeric code represents its exact shades on a computer screen.

In terms of RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) values, these translate to Red (230), Green (220), and Blue (205). These figures reflect the intensity of each primary color within Divine White.

Versatility in Application – As if it didn’t offer enough already, Divine White works well inside and outside your home.

Whether you want to transform your kitchen interiors or put a fresh coat on your exterior walls, this shade covers you.

Is Sherwin Williams Divine White Warm Or Cool?

Is Sherwin Williams Divine White Warm Or Cool?

When it comes to qualifying as warm or cool, Divine White brilliantly defies limitations. Let me explain further if you’re wondering how it’s possible.

  • Balance of Warm and Cool: I love Divine White is ability to balance beautifully between warmth and coolness. This dual personality can shift depending on the lighting and other surrounding colors.
  • Presence of Undertones: Diving more profound, this shade is mainly a warm off-white. Spanning a delightful spectrum, it reveals slight yellow and gray undertones, which lends itself to its unique character.
  • Complementing Colors: Amusingly enough, feel free to pair this versatile shade with both warm and cool color palettes! I found it serves as an elegant canvas that fine-tunes itself to accentuate its counterparts.
  • Flexibility with Lighting: Divine White won’t make your room feel cold in fluorescent light or cozy under an incandescent glow. Due to its balanced blend of shades, this chameleon of color adapts gracefully under diverse light conditions.

At the end of the day, whether you see Sherwin Williams Divine White as warm or relaxed depends on your perspective.

It offers an extraordinary adaptability that some might define as purely magical – opening up endless possibilities for your design dreams.

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Divine White Lighting and Cardinal Directions

When I think of what makes a house a home, the direction and natural light each room receives plays a significant role. Harnessing the power of these elements can transform spaces like never before.

Imagine when pairing these natural wonders with Divine White paint. The outcomes are impeccable! Let’s explore how this paint color reacts in different cardinal directions:

West-facing Rooms

  • Afternoon Light: West-facing rooms receive the most (and warmest) light in the afternoon and evening. This warm light will highlight the gentle yellow undertones in Divine White, creating an inviting, cozy space.
  • Evenings: Come evenings, you can expect a softer golden hue bathing your room – creating an enchanting ambiance that leans towards serenity.
  • Complementary Decors: Accompany this allure with earth-toned furniture or add depth with darker hues for a lavish contrast.

East-facing Rooms

  • Morning Light: East-facing rooms catch the fresh morning sunlight, rendering Divine white with an enchanting brightness. However, it may appear slightly more relaxed due to East light’s blue undertone.
  • Evenings: The shade is softer under artificial lighting in the evenings.
  • Complementary Decors: Metallic accents or pastel shades amplify this vibe.

South-facing Rooms

  • Ample Daylight: South-facing rooms bask in lots and lots of daylight, making Divine White appear brighter and more luminous throughout the day.
  • Sunset Charm: As sunset approaches, the room may undergo another transformation where you’ll find hints of those lovely gray undertones subtly shimmering through.
  • Complementary Decors: Teaming up this wallpaper white backdrop with pop shades or vibrant accessories is an absolute show-stopper!

North-facing Rooms

  • Subdued Lighting: North-facing rooms get less direct sunlight compared to other directions. This subdued lighting would invite Divine White’s cool undertones while maintaining its inherent warmth, crafting a mesmerizing balance that adds character to your space.
  • Artificial Lighting: Divine White glows warmly under artificial lights – an angelic canvas that harmoniously embraces all kinds of décor accents.

Playing around with Sherwin Williams Divine White can create versatile and profound ambiances that’d be challenging to label under just one description.

I hope these insights help you envision the breadth of experiences that choosing this color could provide.

What are the undertones of Divine White SW 6105?

What are the undertones of Divine White SW 6105?

When we unpack the subtleties of Divine White, it’s essential to understand its understated yet transformative undertones.

The Art of Undertones

Let’s discuss undertones. Think of them as the secret ingredient adding depth and character to a seemingly monochrome shade. Sherwin Williams’ Divine White Houses – you guessed it – divine undertones.

Grey and Yellow Unlock Versatility

Divine White, these are subtly mixed hues of grey and yellow. Don’t be fearful – these aren’t glaringly obvious but invisible artists working behind the curtain to create a captivating show.

Harmonizing Spaces with Undertones

These undertones wonderfully regulate how warm or cool the shade appears under different lighting conditions or when placed next to various colors.

Their discreet presence imparts flexibility to Divine White, letting it harmoniously blend in any setting – modern minimalist, classic elegance, rustic chic – you name it!

Knowing your chosen paint’s undertones is crucial in achieving your desired ambiance and style direction.

The Light Reflectance Value of Divine White SW 6105

Understanding the Light Reflectance Value, or LRV, allows us to comprehend how much light a color can reflect.

Plus, it helps determine how light or dark a color will look once applied. When speculating about the LRV of divine white, I find it adds another layer of fascination.

Decoding LRV

Every paint shade has a particular Light Reflectance Value (LRV), which ranges from 0 (absolute black) to 100% (pure white).

This rating describes the percentage of light that a color reflects and absorbs. Usually, colors with higher LRV scores make small spaces appear more significant because they reflect abundant light.

LRV of Divine White

In the case of Sherwin Williams Divine White SW 6105, its LRV stands at 72. Falling well above mid-range, this hue is considered a lighter color – although not quite near stark white with its maximum score of 100%. This implies that Divine White can lend an airy and spacious feel to any room it graces.

The Cheerful Aura

Equipped with such a high LRV, Divine White is undeniably an energetic shade reflecting substantial natural and artificial light.

It effortlessly transforms dull areas into lively habitats by bouncing back most incoming luminescence – thereby displaying its truly divine touch in shining its surroundings.

Best Light Bulbs To Use for Divine White Color

Best Light Bulbs To Use for Divine White Color

Choosing the correct light bulb is crucial in rendering the true essence of Sherwin Williams Divine White. Opting for the right kind of illumination is key to enhance its warm and cool characteristics. Here are some light bulb options that you can consider:

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs offer a balanced light spectrum, producing a natural warm glow. This will smoothly highlight Divine White’s inherent warmth.

LED Bulbs

If energy efficiency is on your mind, LED bulbs are a solid investment. These bulbs offer a wide color temperature range and can perfectly replicate daylight.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

CFL bulbs exude more toward a more fantastic range of the color spectrum, perfect for unveiling the cooler undertones in Divine White.

Tip: Monitor each bulb’s Color Rendering Index (CRI). A bulb with high CRI will reveal colors authentically.

Let your chosen ambiance guide your selection of the correct bulb for your space. Accentuate Divine White properly and watch it create wonders inside your home.

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Where You Can Use Divine White SW 6105

Divine White isn’t necessarily a one-trick pony. Although traditionally pigeonholed into certain applications, in reality, this color serves exceptionally well in the range of places around your home. Let’s discuss how Divine White can be utilized in specific spaces.

Bedroom Walls

Considering painting your bedroom walls? Look no further than Sherwin Williams’ Divine White. Here’s why:

  • Feel the Serenity: Bedrooms should offer comfort and tranquility – qualities that Divine White harmonizes within its ambiance. Its soft warmth subtly cradles you to sleep while greeting you with a refreshing dawn-like brightness during those early morning wake-ups.
  • Play of Light: A remarkable quality of Divine White is how it reacts to different light plays – offering various depths and tones throughout the day. Watch as it transitions from a soft ivory under morning sunlight to a creamier shade under warm midday light and an elegant muted white under evening fluorescents or lamp lights.
  • Versatile Backdrop: It easily blends with most decor styles – rustic woods, contemporary metallic accents, or traditional plaster moldings. It acts as an understated backdrop, giving prominence to furnishings and textiles while unifying the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

Kitchen Cabinets

Don’t dismiss kitchen cabinets from getting the Divine White treatment! They might just become your favorite place to apply this versatile hue:

  • Freshness Galore: Donning kitchen cabinets with Divine White imparts an airiness that makes the space feel fresh and clean – exactly what you want for an area where delicious meals are prepared.
  • Smaller Spaces Shine: For smaller kitchens, using Divine White on cabinets helps bounce light around, appearing more spacious than they are while maintaining a cozy vibe.
  • Bold Contrast Approach: If you enjoy bold contrasts or love experimenting with color – imagine dark granite countertops or vibrant backsplash tiles against your divine white cabinets! This blend can visually elevate your kitchen space in an instant.

The versatility of Sherwin Williams, Divine White paint inspires me to experiment endlessly with this shade.

From ethereal bedroom retreats to inspiring kitchen corners, this go-to neutral deserves the ‘divine’ moniker.

Color Strip of Sherwin Williams Divine White

Color Strip of Sherwin Williams Divine White

A color strip is akin to flipping through the pages of a storybook, each hue offering a new narrative yet fluidly connecting with the pervading theme.

The colors that walk side by side with Divine White seamlessly complement its unique personality.

  • Kestrel White SW 7516
  • Steamed Milk SW 7554
  • Panda White SW 6147
  • Moderate White SW 6140
  • Bauhaus Buff SW 7552
  • Divine White SW 6105
  • Only Natural SW 7596

Why Should You Sample Divine White?

Trust me, I’ve been there. A color looks perfect on the paint chip, but once it’s on the walls, it’s not quite what you anticipated.

To truly understand how Divine White (or any paint color) will behave in your specific setting, taking a sample for a spin is non-negotiable.

  • Lighting Influence: Remember how we talked about Divine White behaving differently under varied lighting conditions? Using sample paint gives you firsthand experience of these subtle transformations throughout the day.
  • Coordinates with Your Elements: The beauty or beast factor of your wooden trims, furniture shades, or stainless-steel refrigerator hinges massively on your wall paint choice. Sampling allows us to see how our chosen color pairs with these elements before committing entirely.
  • Resolve Color Conflicts: Colors can play pretty crafty tricks on our eyes. To avoid unfortunate surprises, sampling helps resolve potential color conflicts between new and existing elements in a room.

Investing time and effort in sample testing is invaluable for ensuring your paint color choice delivers its promised hue and vibes once you adorn your walls.

Best Trim Colors with Divine White SW 6105

Best Trim Colors with Divine White SW 6105

After painting your walls in the gloriously balanced Divine White, you might wonder, “What is the best color for the trim?”

Striking that perfect harmony between your wall paint and trim color will create a pleasing aesthetic flow within your room. Here are some great options:

  • Sherwin Williams Pure White (SW 7005): This shade is a classic go-to for trims because of its clean, neutral characteristics. Pairing Divine White with Pure White on your ornaments can deliver an airy, fresh vibe while drawing more attention to the soothing atmosphere Divine White brings.
  • Sherwin Williams Extra White (SW 7006): A brighter alternative to Pure White, this color can significantly enhance the warmth of Divine White by creating a starker contrast.
  • Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay (SW 6206): If you’re looking at color, Oyster Bay’s calming blend of blue and green offers an unexpected yet delightful contrast to the subtle warm undertones of Divine White.
  • Charcoal Blue (SW 2739): I am mesmerized by this deep, elegant shade of blue next to Divine white as it adds depth and sophistication.

All these juxtapositions create exciting design opportunities, giving you plenty of flexibility whether you’re shooting for modern minimalism or cozy tradition.

Sherwin Williams Divine White: Interior and Exterior Use

When contemplating the implementation of Sherwin Williams Divine White, interior and exterior applications should be considered.

Interior Use

From a design perspective, I’ve found that Divine White can lend a sophisticated air to any room. Its versatile tint adapts superbly across various rooms, lighting conditions, or design themes.

In my home office, Divine White engages well with the natural daylight coming through my windows. The living room radiates warmth as the color softly ensnares and disperses the glow from artificial lights.

It even helps add extra depth to my kitchen, playing nice with stainless steel appliances and wooden cupboards.

  • It has the versatility to blend in different rooms.
  • Deals efficiently with diverse light conditions
  • Offers depth & sophistication to any interior décor

Exterior Use

On the external sides of a house, Sherwin Williams Divine White tends to resonate well with landscaping.

Its subtle undertones contrast beautifully against greenery while amplifying features like brickwork or stonework.

Under varying daylight conditions, this shade navigates seamlessly between sun-drenched afternoons and overcast mornings, offering aesthetically pleasing views every time.

  • Enhances natural surroundings
  • It contrasts wonderfully against brickwork or stonework.
  • Adapts well under fluctuating daylight conditions

By stepping into the world of Divine White, you’re bound to witness its divine intervention in transforming your living spaces.

The potential is endless – it’s up to you on which canvas you’d prefer to cast this alluring shade on – inside or out.

Coordinating Colors of Divine White SW 6105

Coordinating Colors of Divine White SW 6105

We’ve established the stand-alone charm of Divine White. Let’s explore its companion potential by pairing it with other coordinating colors.

  • Black Fox SW 7020: For stark contrast, combine Divine White walls with Black Fox trims. This deep, sultry hue brings out the muted warmth of Divine White in a stylish and modern way.
  • Decorous Amber SW 0007: This sophisticated shade adds a touch of earthy elegance when paired with Divine White. Ideal for those seeking an organic balance in their home decor.
  • Brandywine SW 7710: The warm vibrancy of this deep red beautifully complements the incredible versatility of Divine White, creating an inviting ambiance sure to impress guests.
  • Balanced Beige SW 7037: True to its name, It offers an even-handed accompaniment to Divine White, particularly beautiful in open-concept spaces where seamless flow is desired.
  • Verdant SW 6713: Verdant is your guy for those wanting a pop of color! This bright green hue accentuates the subtle cool undertones in Divine White while serving as an undeniable statement color.

Remember – experimentation is essential when it comes to color coordination. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these colors throughout your home until you find the perfect match for Sherwin Williams’ Divine White.

Trust me; this incredible off-white offers an endless spectrum of potential design outcomes sure to captivate all who enter your sanctuary.

FAQs About Sherwin Williams Divine White

What are the undertones in Sherwin Williams Divine White?

Divine White has subtle undertones of yellow and gray, giving it a uniquely warm and cool balance.

Can Divine White work well in any lighting?

Due to its unique blend of warm and cool tones, Divine White adapts beautifully to various lighting conditions.

Does Sherwin Williams Divine White lean more towards warm or cool?

As intriguing as it sounds, Divine White can lean either way depending on surrounding colors, adding to its adaptive charm.

Which colors pair well with Sherwin Williams Divine White?

It pairs wonderfully with vibrant hues like Verdant SW 6713 and Brandywine SW 7710 and subtle shades like Black Fox SW 7020 and Balanced Beige SW 7037.

Is Sherwin Williams Divine White suitable for exterior use?

Beyond interior spaces, this versatile color is also an excellent option for your home’s exterior.


Sherwin Williams Divine White is a versatile, adaptable color with undeniable charm to any space.

Its unique ability to balance warm and relaxed and fit into various lighting conditions and color palettes is commendable.

With just the right amount of radiance and depth, this off-white hue exhibits a subtle complexity that can transform your home into a peaceful sanctuary or a lively hub.

Choosing a color scheme for your home can be daunting, but hopefully, with this detailed overview of the divine hue that is Divine White SW 6105, I’ve made your decision-making process just a tad more comfortable.

Whether you are looking for complete tranquility or a bold statement piece within your home decor – Divine White can serve multiple roles in your design dreams. With its sheer versatility and timeless charm, it won’t let you down.

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