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Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035 [Color Review 2024]

By: Susie
Updated On: September 16, 2023

Choosing the perfect paint color for your home can feel a little overwhelming but don’t worry, we’re here to help.

The Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035 color review will clear all the details you need to know about this top-rated neutral shade.

Relax in the comforts of your home and let’s find out how this fabulous color could be the perfect match for your walls.

Few colors speak as loudly as Aesthetic White in creating a serene and chic environment. Sherwin Williams has an extensive palette but there’s a reason Aesthetic White is a favorite among homeowners, designers, and builders alike.

Its versatile hue breathes life into any space, offering that fresh, clean look we all love while striking that perfect balance between cool and warm undertones. Read on to discover why Aesthetic White could be your ultimate interior game-changer.

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035 Color composition

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035 Color composition

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White dwells in the core Top 50 Colors, also gracing the Finest Whites & Neutrals collection.

The color genetics will pique your curiosity and avid paint enthusiasts will appreciate the depth of its composition.

  • RGB: 227 /221 /211
  • Hex Value: #E3DDD3
  • Color Collections: Top 50 Colors, Finest Whites & Neutrals
  • Light Reflectance Value (LRV): 73
  • Available in: Interior and Exterior Paints
  • Location Number: 259-C4
  • Color Family(s): White

Aesthetic white has a high LRV that reflects a significant amount of light, making it perfect for spaces where you want to enhance natural illumination.

Its neutral tone fits effortlessly into various color schemes, warming up cool tones and balancing warm hues. Surprisingly versatile, this color welcomes both casual chic style and a more sophisticated appeal when paired with deliberate pops of complementary colors.

Whether you’re painting your entire living space or just a singular wall as an accent, this hue can bring everything together into a harmonious blend.

It’s unsurprising that Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White consistently attracts attention; its understated elegance is key to transforming any space into an inviting haven.

Making Sense of LRV

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035 is a popular neutral paint color with an LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, of 73.

The Light Reflectance Value refers to the proportion of useful light that a painted surface reflects in any given direction. In simpler terms, it measures how much light a color can reflect and also gives an indication how it can make the room look brighter. The higher the LRV number, the lighter the color is, and more light it will reflect.

With an LRV of 73, Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035 is considered a relatively light paint color that can efficiently brighten up spaces and make them appear more open and airy. This makes it a great pick for small spaces or rooms with limited natural light.

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Deeper Look into Undertones

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035 is characterized by a subtle violet undertone. While this paint color may appear pure white at first glance, upon closer inspection and under certain lighting conditions, the soft violet undertones can become more noticeable.

These quiet purple hues bring an added layer of sophistication to your interior design. This unique characteristic sets Aesthetic White apart from other whites, which commonly carry yellow, gray or blue undertones.

The subtle violet undertone in Aesthetic White makes it a versatile paint color that can harmoniously blend with various shades and tones while adding a cozy and warm vibe to any room.

Aside from contributing a touch of unexpected color, the understated violet tint also injects an element of elegance and resembles a slight nod towards cooler tones without overwhelming the classic simplicity of the base white color.

Indoor Use of Aesthetic White SW 7035

Indoor Use of Aesthetic White SW 7035

From hosting dinner parties in the glimmering night, to enjoying peaceful mornings in gentle light – your indoor spaces should always reflect a sense of calm, warmth and welcoming vibes. Achieving this harmonious balance may seem like an arduous task, but Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035 is known for perfectly setting the tone. Let’s explore some rooms within your home where Aesthetic White will truly shine.

  • Living Room: In a living room setting where we often welcome guests, comfort matters. Aesthetic white breathes life into this shared space, giving it a fresh and bright complexion. This color invites an overall sense of relaxation and tranquility and helps maintain a serene environment.
  • Kitchen: A kitchen painted in Aesthetic White is going to light your culinary exploration on fire. The ample LRV makes smaller kitchen spaces appear larger and clutter-free. Moreover, its unwavering ability to blend with other colors makes it perfect for creating dynamic kitchen interiors with rich embellishments or warmer wood finishes.
  • Bedrooms: For bedroom walls, seek solace in the calming aura of aesthetic white tones that match perfectly with any decor style – from traditional to modern minimalistic designs. This color provides a quiet backdrop encouraging restful sleep at the day’s end.
  • Bathroom: Whether your bathroom is spacious or cozy, traditional or ultra-modern – aesthetic white effortlessly adapts to every style, making it an excellent choice for bathroom settings as well!

When selecting accessories and furnishings to complement these walls in any room setting remember that pure whites, subtle grays, and beiges harmonize beautifully. Think blush, taupe, or tan throw pillows in the living room or pale blue curtains for the bedroom windows!

Application in Exterior Settings

The beauty of Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035 lies in its ability to seamlessly transition from indoor to outdoor usage.

Its high LRV reflects sunlight beautifully, making it an excellent choice for parts of your home exposed to natural light all day long.

Whether you’re painting the entire house or focused on particular exterior features, Aesthetic White will make an elegant impression.

  • House Exterior: Consider Aesthetic White for your home’s facade if you’re aiming for that timeless, traditional, or modern farmhouse aesthetic. This color creates a pristine effect, complementing rustic textures like wooden siding or brickwork with understated sophistication. It also pairs brilliantly with black accents or cool-toned colors for visually striking contrast.
    • Doors and Window Trims: Your front door can either blend into your home’s design or make a dramatic statement. Drawing on the high-contrast trend of recent years, using Aesthetic White as a base color for your exterior, including window frames and trims, allows other elements such as doors painted in more vibrant colors to stand out.
  • Patio and Deck Spaces: Give life to your outdoor entertainment area by considering Aesthetic White for structures like patios and decks. Our favorite is a shaded patio, making it the perfect place to wind down in the evenings or enjoy those weekend barbecues with friends and family.
  • Fencing: Another application would be using Aesthetic White SW 7035 on your home’s fencing serving as a backdrop for lush green shrubbery or creating distinctions between various sections of your outdoor garden space.

When using this shade in external settings, be wary of how color can appear different under varying natural light conditions throughout the day – from cool morning light to warm sundown hues.

For those seeking a chic and clean aesthetic for their outdoors – Sherwin Williams’ Aesthetic White SW 7035 is hard to surpass.

Warm Vs Cool – Pinpointing the Tone

Warm Vs Cool - Pinpointing the Tone

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035 is a cool paint color. Colors on the cooler side of the color spectrum are often marked by undertones of blue, violet or green as opposed to warm colors that have a yellow, orange, or red hue.

As for Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035, although it’s a “white” paint color, it carries an understated violet undertone which categorizes it as a cool color.

Being a cool-color, Aesthetic White tends to recede into the background and can make a space look more expansive and open. Regardless of its underlying cool blend, it perfectly retains its cozy and inviting essence.

Premise Behind Sampling Paint Colors First

Embarking on a home painting project surely demands investment – not just monetarily, but of your precious time and energy.

To ensure you’re making the right choice, it’s highly recommended to first sample paint colors before committing to gallons.

It’s about seeing how the color interacts with your specific space, how it adjusts with changing natural light throughout the day and how it aligns with your furnishings.

Sampling first can prevent misplaced expectations or dissatisfaction later. Trust us, taking this extra step will save you in the long run!

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Coordinating Colors and Codes

Aesthetic White is a uniquely flexible color, pairing well with a plethora of complementary hues. Let’s examine three coordinating colors that truly harmonize with Aesthetic White – two fan-favorites and one bold choice – all from Sherwin Williams’ broad spectrum.

  • Pure White SW 7005: For an elegant, stark contrast, you can’t go wrong with Pure White. This classic hue stays in the cool tone category but will still warm any room if paired with Aesthetic white. Its cleanliness and crisp air add depth and visual interest when used on trim or kitchen cabinetry.
  • Chelsea Gray SW 2850: For those not afraid to make a bold statement, Chelsea Gray adds a touch of sophistication to any design scheme. It plays well with Aesthetic white, offering a robust contrast that remains smooth in tone.
  • Aquaverde SW 9051: Family hosters will appreciate the subtle and unexpected addition of Aquaverde. This soft aquatic shade coexists eloquently with Aesthetic white in dining rooms or sitting areas where relaxed socializing is the norm.

Take another glance at your space and envisage these coordinating hues reflecting your style around the room.

Whether you’re considering accent walls or infusing more character into your living spaces, remember – the broader color spectrum is your playground!

Effect of Cardinal Directions on Aesthetic White

Effect of Cardinal Directions on Aesthetic White

Determining the best paint color for a room also involves considering a somewhat less obvious factor – the orientation of that room according to cardinal directions.

The room’s directional exposure can drastically change how a color appears, especially during different times of the day.

Let’s dive into this phenomena and understand how the Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035 paint behaves in variously oriented rooms.

North-Facing Rooms

North-facing rooms receive less direct sunlight, which can often result in spaces feeling cooler and slightly darker.

The higher LRV of Aesthetic White SW 7035 effectively counteracts these elements by amplifying ambient light and making these spaces appear brighter and more inviting. During evening hours, this brilliant hue maintains its freshness without becoming shadowy or dull.

South- Facing Rooms

South-facing rooms are awash with warm natural light for most parts of the day, allowing the subtleties of Aesthetic White to shine.

The brightness factor can heighten with intense periods of sunlight but be assured this won’t compromise its overall neutrality but will rather enhance it. You’ll notice that during sunset, it radiates an alluring softness akin to a smooth cream tint.

East-Facing Rooms

East-facing rooms bask in tons of warm morning light which fades gradually through the day, turning cooler during evening hours.

Thanks to its adaptable nature, Aesthetic White shines under the shifting conditions, maintaining a comforting atmosphere throughout day and evening time.

West-Facing Rooms

Late afternoon is when west-facing rooms present their true character bathed in vibrant late-day sunlight. While you might expect your walls to get excessively bright due to strong sunset rays, utilizing a high LRV paint like Aesthetic White helps temper this effect by reflecting an ample amount of light.

This color remains poised under changing light intensities – appearing softer under muted morning light while exuding a warm radiance under the evening glow.

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FAQs About Aesthetic White SW 7035

Is Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035 a pure white?

No, Aesthetic White isn’t pure white. It’s a subtle off-white with a modest undertone that leans towards gray and violet.

Is Aesthetic White an ideal color for dark rooms?

Absolutely, thanks to its high LRV, it bounces back a lot of light making it great for darker rooms or spaces with limited natural light.

Can I use Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White in my kitchen cabinets?

Yes! This neutral yet sophisticated shade would make your kitchen cabinets stand out lending them an elegant refreshingly crisp appearance.

How does Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White compare to other similar shades?

It has a bit more depth than many typical whites. While remaining neutral, it exudes warmer undertones giving spaces a welcoming vibrancy.

Does this color work well in both contemporary and traditional settings?

Its versatile nature ensures that it complements various decor styles from minimalist contemporary to more ornate, traditional designs.


Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035 is a standout choice housing a perfect mix of elegance and adaptability.

No matter where you use it, it brings into your spaces a sense of calm, comfort, and sophistication. With this hue on your walls, your rooms transition effortlessly from an inviting daytime environment to a serene nighttime sanctuary.

Indeed, the neutral charm of Aesthetic White is here to transform your abode. It’s time to welcome the warmth and brilliance this stellar shade offers – giving your home that cozy and up-to-the-minute aesthetic you’re aiming for.

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