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9 Best Los Angeles Interior Designers [Creating California Dream Homes]

By: Susie
Updated On: January 8, 2024

Los Angeles is a melting pot of cultures, styles, and tastes. Amidst the sprawling metropolitan landscape thrives a community of artists and designers who are revolutionizing the city’s aesthetic appeal.

One critical component of this creative powerhouse is the thriving scene of Los Angeles interior designers.

These design maestros have a keen eye for beauty, an innate taste for elegance, and an uncanny knack for transforming given spaces into awe-inspiring dwellings.

Whether you’re looking to redecorate your home or revamp your commercial space, these talented individuals can make every corner resonate with your personality and artistic vision.

The following list highlights nine of the best interior designers in Los Angeles whose creativity knows no bounds.

Best Los Angeles Interior Designers

Los Angeles is known for its golden beaches, palm-lined boulevards, and the Hollywood sign that stands tall against the picturesque backdrop.

Rivers of creativity flow through this city, contributing to its vibrant and innovative interior design scene. This article delves deeper into the artistry and vision of four of the city’s most stellar designers.

Their distinct styles will not only pique your imagination but also inspire you to uphold an aesthetic that reflects your unique identity.

Jake Arnold

Renowned British-born designer Jake Arnold continues to dazzle with his keen eye for minimalistic and impactful designs.

Jake Arnold

His prowess lies in creating rustic yet modern home interiors that whisper sophistication while loudly exclaiming comfortability.

Arnold distinguishes himself through his ability to effortlessly mix textures, combining vintage and contemporary pieces into seamless arrangements within a living space.

It’s this ingenious blend of old-world charm with crisp modernity that has led many high-profile clients like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend to seek his expertise.

Waldo Fernandez

A legend in Los Angeles design circles, Waldo Fernandez’s eclectic style embodies a blend of warmth, luxury, and flair that makes him stand head and shoulders above others.

His ability to create functionality while cultivating graceful aesthetics has made him instrumental in transforming regular spaces into luxurious abodes.

He worked on iconic properties like SoHo House West Hollywood and Beverly Hills’ Greenacres; his work oozes class and quality which is why celebrities Bradley Cooper and Elizabeth Taylor have trusted their spaces to Fernandez’s expert hands.

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Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Notorious for courting opulence in every nook & cranny of living space, Martyn Lawrence Bullard tackles interior designing with an unprecedented extravagance that balances flamboyance with subtlety.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

His unmatched panache has attracted global celebrities like Tommy Hilfiger, Cher, and Kylie Jenner.

Known for designs infused with multicultural references spanning several centuries, Bullard creates spaces that feel just right – not overly ornate but unapologetically stylish.

Cliff Fong

Integrating elements of both West Coast modernism and East Coast sophistication, Cliff Fong’s designs induce a transcontinental charm that’s rare to come by.

His perception is deeply rooted in authenticity and promotes sustainable living that does not compromise on style.

As the founder of Matt Blacke Inc., his work has transformed Hollywood stars’ homes, from Ellen DeGeneres to Ryan Murphy.

Fong’s ingenuity in mixing natural elements with modern clean lines reveals a magical blend of serenity and energy.

Lori Dennis

Lori Dennis, renowned for her eco-friendly designs and expertise in green design principles, is regarded as one of the top Los Angeles interior designers.

Lori Dennis

Her ability to combine high-end luxury aesthetics with sustainable designs is what truly sets her apart in the industry.

As a leading figure in custom interiors designed to be both gorgeous and environmentally friendly, she’s making strides in transforming the way we view our living spaces.

Comfort and luxury go hand-in-hand with responsibility and mindfulness, presenting harmonious outcomes.

Michael S. Smith

Michael S. Smith has become a household name in America’s interior design landscape for his refined and classic approach to design.

With a distinct style veering towards European elegance, his oeuvre comprises luxurious makeovers for some of the most prestigious addresses not just in Los Angeles, but globally as well.

Perhaps one of his most notable works includes redesigning the Oval Office for former President Barack Obama a testament to his masterful prowess.

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Brigette Romanek

Respected for her unique aesthetic that blends bold statements with understated coolness, Brigette Romanek is an emerging talent in the field worth noticing.

Brigette Romanek

She challenges traditional norms by employing unconventional elements that make spaces stand out yet feel warm and inviting at the same time.

A proponent of mixing styles, periods and cultural influences, Romanek offers an eclectic style that speaks volumes about boldness in design.

Molly Luetkemeyer

Molly Luetkemeyer, the creator of Mollywood Garden Design, is known for her vibrant style that champions playful patterns and daring colour palettes to breathe life into spaces.

She takes inspiration from nature, her travels around the globe, and fashion trends – all culminating in a refreshing perspective on interior design.

With natural sophistication and originality that shines in her works, Molly is recognized as an innovator within the LA design scene.

Kenneth Brown

Kenneth Brown caters to a blend of traditional and modern sensibilities with his interiors.

Kenneth Brown

With a diverse portfolio under his belt, he’s mastered the art of curating minimalist chic environments that manage to exude a warm vibe while sticking to clean lines and neutral palettes.

His works display elegance and simplicity while incorporating elements that match the unique tastes of his clients, making him one of Los Angeles’s top interior designers.

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FAQs About Los Angeles Interior Designers

What factors make a good Los Angeles interior designer?

Factors include understanding of the unique LA lifestyle, versatility, varied style expertise, and the ability to weave client’s taste into a cohesive, beautiful result. Also important is knowledge of local resources, suppliers and architecture

Which interior designers have the best luxury aesthetic in Los Angeles?

Designers such as Michael S. Smith, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, and Lori Dennis have a reputation for creating luxurious, high-end interiors in Los Angeles.

Are there Sustainable Design-focused Interior Designers in Los Angeles?

Yes. Lori Dennis is particularly known for her commitment to green design principles and sustainable practices in her interior design projects.

Are there Los Angeles interior designers who specialize in colour use?

Yes. Molly Luetkemeyer is renowned for her use of bold colours and adventurous patterns that bring spaces to life.

Who are some of the most famous clients of Los Angeles Interior Designers?

Some very high-profile individuals have sought the expertise of LA’s top designers. One such instance is Michael S. Smith’s work for former President Barack Obama’s Oval Office redesign.


Los Angeles is home to a wealth of interior designers whose individual styles, creativity, and expertise have shaped the city’s aesthetics and contributed significantly to its global reputation as a center for design excellence.

With abundant choices on hand, from vibrant colorists like Molly Luetkemeyer to eco-luxury experts like Lori Dennis and European-style mavens like Michael S. Smith, there’s a designer to suit every taste.

So whether you’re seeking an intimate home makeover or an extensive business renovation, rest assured that Los Angeles’ top interior designers will deliver striking transformations that both echo your personality and exceed your expectations.

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