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20 Best French Interior Designers In 2024 [Inspiring Décor Ideas]

By: Susie
Updated On: December 20, 2023

Browsing through the pages of a glossy interior design magazine, you’ve likely noticed that the French style stands out from the rest.

The French interior designers have honed this distinct style for decades, and they know better than anyone how to blend history, art, and luxury into one sophisticated aesthetic.

These experts are recognized worldwide for their talent in seamlessly combining various trends while still maintaining an air of timeless elegance.

French design represents much more than simply selecting pieces of furniture or deciding on colors- it’s about sculpting a space that elicits emotion, sparks curiosity, and embodies an exquisite blend of vintage charm with present-day chic.

At its core, it represents the quintessence of sophistication and offers a vibrant versatility that ticks all the boxes on your home design checklist.

Get ready to be inspired as we take you on a virtual tour through the works of twenty top French Interior Designers. So sit back, relax, and let’s take some notes on how you can incorporate some French flair into your home.

20 Best French Interior Designers

When it comes to interior designs that boast about history, art, and nobility, no one does it better than the French.

With a penchant for creating an atmosphere that breathes life into a room, these expert designers are globally recognized.

Today, we present the details of five of these remarkable aesthetes whose design languages speak volumes.

Charles Zana

Charles Zana’s mastery is not just limited to architecture but expands to different areas of art as well. He brings four decades of expertise to the table and is known for his aesthetics that venture beyond time.


His understanding and adaption of spaces, coupled with his sensitivity towards aesthetics, introduce intrinsically beautiful elements in interior decor.

You can expect harmony between arts and objects in every project he embarks on, always resulting in comfortable and enriched living spaces.

Gilles and Boissier

This dynamic duo has been revolutionizing interior design across the globe with their unique approach.

Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier intertwine their diverse influences into each project, resulting in an intoxicating mix of contrast and balance.

Their designs are known for being both elegant yet inviting thanks to their meticulous attention to detail, from furniture arrangement to bespoke fixtures.

Joseph Dirand

Joseph Dirand’s style can be best described as ‘minimalist luxury.’ This architect-turned-designer utilizes space innovatively while incorporating seductive modern lines matched with timeless classic details.

Embodying a perfect blend of Parisian elegance, contemporary aesthetics, and mid-century modern style, his work is synonymously known for its sculptural composition.

Pierre Yovanovitch

Moving away from conventions, Pierre Yovanovitch adopts a ‘Made in France’ approach, which sets him apart in his field.

Pierre Yovanovitch

His work revolves around redefining traditional forms with contemporary codes, translating into distinctive homely interiors tailored with extreme care for details- akin to crafting a sui generis masterpiece.

Alberto Pinto

The late Alberto Pinto leaves behind a legacy of designs that amalgamate luxury with comfort beautifully.

Best known for designing private residences, museums, and hotels, his love for colors, precious materials, and a unique blend of cultures is reflected in his works.

A maestro in creating opulent spaces without compromising on individualized comfort, his designs are revered by fans worldwide.

Didier Gomez

Didier Gomez, initially a celebrated opera singer, made a significant impression on the world of interior design.

His work primarily involves transforming spaces into idyllic works of art that celebrate functionality and aesthetics in perfect harmony.

His inherent ability to balance volumes and lines has earned him prestigious contracts with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior.

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Mathieu Lehanneur

Known for his distinctive approach to merging design, science, technology, and art, Mathieu Lehanneur is a trailblazer in the design world.

His intuitive understanding of human nature continues to shape his designs. Be it lighting systems that mimic sunrise or furniture pieces that cozily enclose, it highlights his ingenious knack for interweaving emotion into daily objects.

François Champsaur

A product of the famous École des Beaux-Arts design school in Paris, François Champsaur brings a unique Mediterranean-inspired style to interiors.

François Champsaur

This artist-designer infuses life into spaces through his masterful use of light and color that dramatically redefines interiors. He has gifted the interior design industry with timeless designs that celebrate natural materials and forms.

Gérard Faivre

A beacon for modern interior designs, Gérard Faivre, has an unusual approach to transforming Parisian apartments into real estate works of art.

Combining old-world charm with contemporary aesthetic elements makes every space he designs extraordinary and unique. Every Faivre-designed residence teems with luxury without compromising on ease and comfort.

India Mahdavi

The queen of color herself, India Mahdavi, is renowned globally for her ability to masterfully use vibrant colors together in schemes you might not expect but will love regardless. S

he brings an international flair to every project thanks to her cosmopolitan upbringing and training as an architect-designer-filmmaker combination, which is insightfully reflected in her mind-blowing works.

Ramy Fischler

Designer of Belgian origin, Ramy Fischler’s ingenuity lies in his visionary approach to reinventing spaces.

Ramy Fischler

Adopting a multifaceted process of research and experimentation, his designs carry a stimulating narrative and serve multiple functions.

Fischler strikes the rare balance between aesthetics and practicality with finesse, ensuring his works transcend mere decoration to become living experiences.

Pierre-Yves Rochon

Pierre-Yves Rochon is a name synonymous with luxury hospitality design. Known for his adeptness in enhancing the local culture through his designs, Rochon has indeed redefined aesthetics in some of the iconic landmark hotels and restaurants worldwide.

His intrinsic understanding of harmony within spaces gives rise to environments that are both comforting and elegant.

Christian Liaigre

Christian Liaigre’s minimalistic approach toward design, coupled with an affinity towards natural materials, has garnered global attention. His philosophy lies in providing visual comfort and calm while integrating elegance and warmth.

Liaigre’s style is renowned for its juxtaposition of traditional craftsmanship with modern design elements, a perfect blend of sophistication and minimalism.

Jacques Garcia

Known as the master of grandeur, Jacques Garcia’s work speaks volumes about his love for historical architecture. Garcia’s gift is in transforming interiors into works of art with panache.

A mélange of intense colors, rich fabrics, and exquisite details are instead trademarks he seamlessly uses to inject each room with an air of luxury.

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Sarah Lavoine

Sarah Lavoine brings everyday life into interior design in a way that few can match. She crafts spaces that fuse color, vintage elements, modern simplicity, and functional pieces beautifully to mirror contemporary yet timeless aura.

Sarah Lavoine

Her style echoes her personal philosophy – place people at the heart of design.

Philippe Starck

Internationally acclaimed designer Philippe Starck needs no introduction. His works, which encompass furniture, interiors, and even yachts, are a bold testament to his ethos of enhancing living by transforming the usual into the unusual.

Known for his playful use of shapes and materials, he creates avant-garde spaces that captivate the senses while maintaining functionality over form.

Borella Art Design

Christine and Nicola Borella are the creative minds behind Borella Art Design. This duo merges their eclectic taste in art with their knowledge of architecture to create interiors that are both decadent and timeless.

Their portfolio is versatile variegated by projects ranging from luxurious hotels to refined private homes across Europe and beyond.


Chahan Minassian’s designs depict understated luxury. The styles he presents communicate a sense of serenity using a muted color palette, clean lines, and minimalistic design features.


His work reflects an inherent understanding of materials, combined with inventive lighting solutions – thus creating spaces that teeter on the edge between reality and imagination.

François Catroux

Over the past 50 years, François Catroux has been a powerhouse name in interior design circles. His designs are recognized for their innovative fusion of style with comfort.

Spacious rooms decorated with stunning pieces tailored specifically for each site speak volumes about his ability to breathe life into any space, from traditional manors to high-tech apartments.

Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel’s designs transcend mere aesthetics – they validate how buildings interact with their environments.

Jean Nouvel

Esteemed globally for his architectural understanding as well as interior ingenuity, this Pritzker Prize-winning designer doesn’t shy away from bold colors and patterns in his designs.

Infusing raw industrial style seamlessly with posh elegance captures Nouvel’s sensibilities best.

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FAQs About The Best French Interior Designers

Why is French interior design so popular worldwide?

French interior design is renowned for its perfect blend of history, elegance, and modern luxury – a combination that is never out of style. The designs feature high-quality materials, rich colors, and textures, which make them distinctively attractive.

Who are some famous French interior designers?

Some renowned names in the French interior designing world include both modern and classic designers like Philippe Starck, Jean Nouvel, Charles Zana, and François Catroux, among others.

How do I choose the best French interior designer for my project?

Start by identifying your style and budget, then research various designers’ portfolios to see whose projects align most with your vision. Contact your top selections to discuss your project in detail before making the final decision.

Are French Interior Designers expensive?

The cost to hire a designer varies based on their experience level, project requirements, and location. It’s always wise to communicate your budget upfront when initiating talks with a designer.

How can I incorporate French design into my home without hiring an interior designer?

To add some French flair to your space, invest in quality furniture boasting elegant and timeless designs, balance classic elements with modern accents, use rich color palettes, and don’t shy away from vintage or artistic décor pieces.


The exquisite taste and discerning eyes of French interior designers continue to sculpt unforgettable spaces worldwide.

They effortlessly combine traditional elements with modern trends, making every interior a unique mix of elegance, comfort, and style.

Whether it’s Charles Zana’s futuristic aesthetics or Jean Nouvel’s bold patterns, these iconoclasts define what it means to create engaging interiors.

From private residences to chic hotels and even yachts, these talents carve out transformative designs that not only elevate spaces but also how we perceive them. So, are you ready to infuse your space with some French sophistication?

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