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Futon Mattress Size Guide 2023 [How Are Futons Measured?]

By: Susie
Updated On: September 29, 2023

If you're in the market for a futon mattress, it can be overwhelming to figure out the perfect size that suits your space and needs.

With so many options available, how do you make the right pick? Don't worry; this futon mattress size guide is designed to take you through everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Enter into the world of comfort by understanding the different sizes of futon mattresses and how they can cater to your needs.

No more second-guessing or endless scrolling online. This guide will help you decipher between single, twin, queen, or king-size choices!

You'll have all the information right at your fingertips! So read on and discover everything there is to know about futon mattress sizes.

What is a Futon Mattress?

What is a Futon Mattress?

A Futon Mattress is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as both a sofa and a bed. Originally from Japan, the futon mattress is typically filled with cotton and has a cover. It is designed to be placed on a configurable wood or metal frame as a couch or laid directly on the floor for sleeping.

Modern versions may also contain foam, innerspring, or latex. The significant advantage of futon mattresses is their dual functionality and space-saving design, perfect for small apartments or guest rooms.

All Futon Mattress Sizes

When choosing a futon mattress, understanding the various sizes available is the first step. The size of your futon mattress can impact how much room you have for additional furniture and how many people can comfortably sleep on it. Let's dive into the details of two of the most common futon mattress sizes – Twin and Twin XL.


A Twin futon mattress measures 38 inches wide by 75 inches long. This site is a great choice if you're setting up a child's room or student accommodation or just looking for a compact sitting or sleeping solution in a small space.

The twin size may not be quite enough length for most adults, but it's perfect for younger sleepers as their primary mattress or even as an option for guests in your home office or living area. A twin futon mattress is affordable and provides adequate comfort without occupying too much space.

Twin XL

If you're tall or looking for a bit more legroom, consider going for the Twin X-long (XL) that measures 38 inches wide and 80 inches long.

It's just like your regular twin-sized mattress but with an extra five inches in length to cater to those pesky dangling feet at night, making them a smart choice for tall teenagers or adults using student dormitories.

Although still designed to fit a single sleeper, they provide more wiggle room and are often seen as more versatile than standard twins due to their added length.


Moving up from the twin sizes, a full futon mattress measures 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. This size is ideal if you're catering to couples adult guests or even if you enjoy a bit more sprawl space while sleeping or lounging alone.

A full-sized futon can comfortably accommodate two adults without squeezing your room space too much. Besides, converting it to a sofa gives you ample space for multiple people when you're not using it for sleep—an excellent blend of space utilization and comfort.


A queen-sized futon mattress measures approximately 60 inches by 80 inches. It offers an added width and length compared to the full size, promising more room for couples or anyone who loves maximum personal sleeping or sitting space.

The queen size can be an absolute luxury if your studio apartment or guest room has enough square footage to accommodate it because, let's face it—nothing beats having enough space to stretch out fully during your slumber!

Consider this option for a master bedroom, spacious guest rooms, larger loft areas, or even as an indulgent choice in the living area.


Ranging at 76 inches by 80 inches, a king-sized futon mattress brings a larger living space top-tier comfort. This dimension is comparatively better for friends or family members who often visit for sleepovers, offering ample room for two to three persons to sleep comfortably.

It also provides plenty of room for stretching out and lounging during the day when converted into a sofa. Remember, king-sized futons are substantial furniture, so you'll need enough space to accommodate one.

California King

The California King futon mattress measures approximately 72 inches by 84 inches and is designed with taller folks in mind. This size trades a few inches off the side width compared to the standard king in favor of added length, making it perfect for tall individuals who crave luxury sleep space and extra legroom.

Remember that your room needs to be big enough to handle this scale and leave enough space for moving around comfortably.

Ensure your chosen frame can handle this longer mattress, as not all frames are designed to accommodate a California King size.

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Price of Futon Mattress

Price of Futon Mattress

Understanding the price of futon mattresses is a critical aspect that can assist you in making an informed decision. The range usually varies depending on the futon mattress's type, brand, and size.

Twin and Twin XL are two common sizes, which have unique features and prices to fit your specific needs.


Regarding pricing, Twin futon mattresses typically range from $60 to $617. The lower price end typically gets you a basic cotton-filled mattress that's suitable for occasional use.

Meanwhile, at the higher end of the spectrum, you’ll find quality mattresses with sturdy construction, containing materials such as premium memory foam or latex.

These luxury futons offer improved resilience and lifespan - making them investment pieces able to endure years of heavy-duty use.

Twin XL

Prices fall between $660 to $937 - significantly steeper than regular twin mattresses. This higher cost reflects not only the more substantial dimensions but also building materials and quality upgrades.

At this range, you’ll find mattresses that provide enhanced comfort and support with features like coil cores surrounded by high-density foam layers and luxury natural fiber fills like wool or organic cotton- all finished off with soft yet durable cover fabrics.


Upon deciding to invest in a Queen-size futon mattress, you should note that these luxurious pieces usually come with a price tag ranging from $985 to $1499.

This mid-range cost is worth considering for those who value extra space when sleeping or lounging and offers optimal comfort for a good night's sleep or a cozy reading niche.

However, better quality elements within the mattress structure provide superior support and comfort and justify the higher price.

Higher-end models often boast design enhancements like tufted construction or ISO-certified cooling gels, making these pricier options worth every cent.


The price range of king-size mattresses is $1522 to $1688; these larger mattresses are ideal for couples who prefer space or families with young kids who cherish cuddle time on lazy weekend mornings.

The elevated price accounts for luxuries such as higher coil counts, natural fillings like organic cotton/wool/silk, sturdier frames (when sold as part of futon sofa beds), and upgraded covers made from resilient fabrics like suede or twill.

California King

The California king-size futon mattress offers absolute luxury thanks to its extended length (72 inches by 84 inches), making it an attractive option for taller individuals or those seeking more legroom. As it’s an extravagant piece of furniture, its pricing varies from $1713 to $1730.

Unique features such as hybrid foam-individual coil layering systems designed for pressure relief and spinal alignment may also be included at this costliest end of the spectrum.

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Sizing Guide for Children and Adults

Choosing the right size of a futon mattress is crucial for comfort. The choice largely depends on who will be using it.

  • For Children: Twin or Twin XL sizes are well-suited for children as they offer ample space without taking up too much room. A twin futon is 38 inches by 75 inches, while a Twin XL is slightly longer at 80 inches.
  • For Adults: Adults generally require more space, making Full, Queen, or King-sized futons more appropriate. Full-size measures 54 inches by 75 inches, Queen comes in at 60 inches by 80 inches, while the King size boasts dimensions of 76 inches by 80 inches.

Considering who will use the futon mattress is integral in determining the suitable size. Remember to measure your living space before purchasing to ensure a proper fit.

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Three Different Types of Futon

Three Different Types of Futon

The flexibility of a futon is inarguable, offering a practical solution for both seating and sleeping. But did you know that three types of futon arrangements cater to various specific needs and tastes?

These include the loveseat, bi-fold, and tri-fold futons. Let's dive right into understanding the nuances and features of each.


First on our list is the Loveseat Futon. You might have guessed from the name - it's perfect for two people to sit side by side comfortably.

Occupying less space than its counterparts, it's the ideal choice if you're dealing with space constraints. This compact design typically comes with an ottoman (a separate piece) that you can move around conveniently or tuck away when not in use.

Regarding setup transformation from sofa to bed, Lovesat makes your life easy! It works perfectly as a casual seating arrangement during the day, transforming into a twin-size bed when required during the night.


The Bi-Fold Futon features a simple mechanism and is one of the most common types in homes and apartments today.

A standard full or queen-size bi-fold futon frame takes up about as much space as an average couch for seating and converts into a double or queen bed for sleeping. True to its name, this type employs a two-fold mechanism: think of it like folding paper in half.

What sets this variant apart is the relative simplicity of its operation; flip it once, and your comfy sofa turns into a cozy bed.


Tri-Fold Futons provide three sections - one serving as the backrest, one as the seat, and one forming either an ottoman or part of the sleeping surface area. Compared to other types, the tri-fold futon may be slightly more complex to convert from sofa to bed.

On the plus side, its flexibility allows for a more substantial sleeping area, making it suitable for taller individuals.

Further diversity in configurations is also possible with this variant; use it as a long sofa, a lounging space, or a slumber spot based on your needs.

Different Types of Futon Frames

When choosing your futon mattress, an equally important aspect to consider is the type of futon frame. Your frame not only impacts your futon's overall look and feel but also its functionality and durability.

Three primary materials are used for futon frames: Metal, Wood, and Plywood.

  • Metal frames are usually lightweight, affordable, and easy to assemble.
  • Wood frames offer a more traditional look and are quite durable.
  • Plywood frames tend to be most affordable but may lack the durability of metal or wood.

Among these categories, there are a variety of specialized futon frames designed for specific uses:

Wallhugger Futon Frames

Wallhugger futon frames are known for their space-saving ability because they can be converted from a sofa to a bed without being pulled away from the wall.

Named after their unique capability to "hug" the wall, these frames work with an ingenious mechanism that lets you change its purpose with minimal effort and without much displacement.

Wallhugger futons also add to your room's aesthetics. They come in several styles and finishes that could nicely complement any decor scheme you have at home.

From rustic walnut finishing to modern painted metal models, wall huggers can blend seamlessly into any room setting while maintaining essential functionality.

Outdoor Futon Frames

If you’re looking for outdoor lounging comfort for multiple purposes, outdoor futon frames may be right up your alley!

These specially designed frames resist damage caused by various weather conditions thanks to the treated wood or weather-resistant metal used.

Outdoor futons offer aesthetic appeal and functional value by transforming swiftly from an inviting daybed into a comfortable nighttime sleeping spot. Outdoor-grade fabrics or waterproof covers ensure longevity even under harsh climate conditions.

Combining style with practicality is what outdoor futons do best. They are available in various sizes with a wide range of finish options.

So, even if you have a limited patio area or a posh poolside setting, an outdoor futon can seamlessly blend into your outdoor layout, giving you comfort in style.

Front Loading Futon

Front-loading futons are a marvel in terms of convenience and space management. This design allows you to convert the futon from a couch to a bed without pulling it away from the wall. You only need to lift the front edge, and the frame folds into a bed.

The benefit of this design lies in its simplicity and user-friendliness. Front-loading futons are ideal for regular use because of their easy operation.

You don't have to struggle with complicated mechanisms or heavy lifting— converting your couch into a bed for your unexpected guests becomes effortless.

Bunkbed Futon Frames

Bunkbed futon frames provide an upper bunk traditional bed and a lower bunk convertible futon couch/bed for optimizing space in small rooms or apartments.

The versatile lower part can be used as a couch during the day, providing ample seating in your living area, and transformed into a plush mattress at night for comfortable sleeping.

They are popular among college students living in dorms and families with children as they make great additions to children's bedrooms, offering extra sleeping areas for sleepovers without consuming additional floor space.

Bunkbed futon frames typically come with sturdy metal or wood structures, ensuring durable and safe use over time. It's a perfect combo of utility, space efficiency, and comfort! Always ensure safety first when using the upper-level beds, especially with young kids!

What Are The Types of Futon Mattress?

What Are The Types of Futon Mattress

When picking out a futon mattress, you'll typically run across two main types: memory foam and innerspring.

Each mattress type offers distinct benefits that cater to different preferences and needs. Regardless of your choice, both promise comfort and functionality. Let's delve a bit further into what these options involve.

Memory Foam

Memory foam futon mattresses have become increasingly popular due to their unique comfort. Constructed from high-quality viscoelastic foam, these mattresses conform beautifully to your body shape. This adaptability makes a memory foam futon mattress perfect for anyone seeking support and cushioning.

Moreover, memory foam has excellent motion isolation properties. This means if your partner tosses and turns at night, their movements won't disturb your side of the bed--a big plus for light sleepers! Remember that memory foam mattresses retain heat more than other mattresses, which could concern hot sleepers.


Innerspring futon mattresses give a traditional mattress feel with their steel coil cores surrounded by cushioning material like cotton, wool or foam padding. They offer superior breathability to memory foam mattresses because air can easily circulate between the coils.

These mattresses provide an excellent balance of comfort and firm support. You'll appreciate them if you prefer a bouncier feel! They're also typically less expensive than their memory foam counterparts.

One thing you might want to take into consideration is that innerspring mattresses may not fold as well on futon frames designed for bi-folding (into sofa position), so they're best suited for tri-fold frames that allow them to lie flat or be used on standalone platforms.

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Importance of Bed Frame Selection

Importance of Bed Frame Selection

When considering buying a futon mattress, your bed frame selection plays a vital role. It's not just about matching decor or preferences but involves how it supports and fits the mattress.

Bed Frame Measurements for Perfect Fit

The perfect fit is a game-changer when choosing a bed frame for your futon mattress. A mismatched size can lead to discomfort, damage to your mattress, or even injuries.

Measure the area where you plan to place the frame to ensure it accommodates the mattress size comfortably.

Double-checking these measures can save a lot of hassle later. If your room space is small, consider bi-fold frames, as they take up less room than tri-fold ones.

Analysis of Common Frame Materials

Remember that the material of the bed frame impacts both longevity and style. Traditional futon frames generally use wood or metal for their construction.

  • Wood: Wood frames are durable and offer an aesthetically pleasing rustic or country feel, making them suitable for traditional home decor. They are typically available in various finishes like oak, mahogany, walnut, or unfinished, so you can customize them.
  • Metal: Metal frames are stylish with a contemporary look and feel, offering good support and durability without taking up much space.

Beyond aesthetics, ensure that whatever frame you choose is robust enough to handle day-to-day wear and tear.

Lifespan Expectations based on size

The lifespan of your futon can depend greatly on its size and usage frequency. It's important when considering which size to get to consider its purposes in your unique home setting.

  • Larger sizes like Queen or King have longer lifespans due to their heavier-duty use capabilities; however, they will cost more upfront.
  • Smaller options such as Twin or Full may be suited better for casual use; bear in mind smaller sizes could wear faster due to more frequent transformations from couch to bed.

The key takeaway is the better the fit between your frame and mattress, the longer the lifespan of your futon setup.

This significant detail makes all the difference when trying to optimize comfort, minimize cost, and extend the longevity of your futon mattress.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Futon Mattress

Are you ready to venture into the world of futon mattresses? There are some crucial factors to consider before choosing the perfect futon mattress.

Paying attention to these factors can significantly affect your level of comfort and satisfaction with your purchase.

These factors include material type and quality, comfort level according to sizes, and understanding that a bigger size doesn’t necessarily mean it's better.

Material Type and Quality

The first decision you must make when choosing a futon mattress is what material suits your needs the most. Futon mattresses are typically made from either foam or innerspring core materials. Both have their benefits.

Foam futons are known for their firmness and ability to hold their shape over time. This makes them ideal for those looking for extra back support or prefer sleeping on firmer surfaces.

Innerspring futons provide a more traditional bed-like feel, offering bounce and plushness, which some may find more comfortable.

The quality of materials is also vital regarding durability and comfort level. Higher-quality materials tend to last longer, offer better support, and generally offer a more comfortable sleep surface than their lower-quality counterparts.

From its core materials down to its cover fabric – ensuring that your futon mattress is made with quality products should top your list of considerations.

Comfort Level According to Sizes

Size does impact comfort when it comes to futon mattresses. The thickness can significantly affect how comfortable a futon feels. Thinner mattresses (4-6 inches) are relatively firm because there isn't much material between your body and the hard frame or floor underneath. Meanwhile, thicker models (8-10 inches) feel softer since they have more cushion from additional layers of filling.

Consider whom the futon will accommodate; Twin or Full might be perfect for solo sleepers, while Queen or King-sized futons are suitable for couples.

If it is primarily used as a bed, a larger size might be more comfortable. If it's mostly used as a sofa, a smaller futon could suffice.

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

While choosing the largest size available might be tempting, remember that bigger isn't always better. You need to consider the space limitation you’re working with.

An oversized futon mattress can overwhelm a small room, take up too much space, and become an obstacle rather than a comfort.

Just because you can fit a Queen or King-size futon into your room doesn't mean you should. Think about the space in your room and how much you're willing to devote to your new mattress. The best mattress fits seamlessly into your space while providing comfort and functionality.

FAQs about futon mattress size guide

What is the standard size of a futon mattress?

The standard size of a futon mattress aligns with traditional mattress sizes, ranging from twin (38 x 75 inches) to king (76 x 80 inches)

Can you put a regular queen-size mattress on a futon frame?

Yes, you can, but ensure that your frame can adjust to accommodate the size and weight of the queen mattress.

Do all futon mattresses fold into sofas?

Depending on their thickness and flexibility, many standard futon mattresses can fold into a sofa setup.

Can I use my existing sheets on a futon mattress?

Absolutely! As long as they match size, your regular bed sheets should fit comfortably on your futon mattress.

Does the type of frame influence what futon mattress size I should get?

Yes, the size and type of your frame impact the appropriate choice of the best suitable futon mattress for you.


As you embark on your journey to find the right futon mattress, remember understanding the available sizes and their functionalities is a fundamental first step.

It's crucial to consider what aligns best with your lifestyle, accommodation space, and personal preferences while keeping in mind that comfort should never be compromised.

With this comprehensive guide, you're well-equipped to make an informed decision that can redefine your comfort experience.

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