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Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81 [Paint Color Review 2024]

By: Susie
Updated On: September 8, 2023

Considering a room makeover and feeling unsure about the ideal paint color? You’re not alone. Paint selection can sometimes feel like rocket science, with massive color families and hundreds of shades.

It’s no wonder many people end up overwhelmed, throwing up their hands in despair, opting for any old off-white or beige.

Fear not; your guiding color expert is here! Today, we’ll examine one of the most practical yet visually pleasing paint colors available – the Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81.

Sometimes, you only need a soothing, neutral shade that complements almost anything you throw. That’s precisely what this amazing versatile hue delivers.

Known for its elegant and relaxing undertones, the Manchester Tan HC-81 is anything but mundane or boring.

It’s a classic choice to add charm and depth to your space and considerable value. So stay tuned as we dive into more fascinating features of this timeless shade in this color review.

Core Attributes of Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81

Core Attributes of Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81

When finding the ideal paint color, understanding its core attributes plays a significant role. Let’s delve a little deeper into the significant details of Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81.

  • Collection: Historical Colors
  • Designed for use on Vinyl
  • Other identifiers: 955

From its home in the Historical Colors collection, this pleasing color links us to design traditions and values from simpler times. This earthy hue bridges design styles and epochs with definitive charm.

Designed with vinyl applications in mind, Manchester Tan shines when used for vinyl siding or similar areas that demand a robust, long-lasting finish without sacrificing aesthetics.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) Insight

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81 is 63.24. The LRV refers to the percentage of light a paint color reflects.

In the case of Manchester Tan HC-81, this value suggests that the paint reflects more than half of the light that hits its surface, implying it is a fairly light color.

It’s crucial to consider the LRV when choosing paint colors as it can greatly affect how a space feels; lighter colors make rooms feel larger and more open, while darker colors create a more intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Identifying Undertones

Benjamin Moore’s Manchester Tan HC-81 primarily exhibits a yellow undertone. There is more complexity to this color upon closer examination.

Subtly concealed within its layers, a hint of green can also be detected. While not immediately apparent, this sliver of green undertone contributes to the overall depth and character of the Manchester Tan, making it a versatile shade that subtly shifts under different lighting conditions.

The existence of these two undertones helps the color harmonize well with a broad array of design elements and allows it to adapt to various room aesthetics successfully.

Is it Warm or Cool?

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81 is classified as a warm beige color. Despite its name, this “tan” leans more towards a warm beige, encompassing the light and subtle characteristics of the beige spectrum while providing a comforting warmth to any space.

That unique blend of warmth in its undertones grants it the versatility to complement traditional and contemporary styles.

The tone can bring about a cozy ambiance without overwhelming the room, making it a popular choice for those yearning for tranquility and warmth in their living spaces.

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Usage Of Manchester Tan HC-81 in Interior Spaces

The magic of Manchester Tan HC-81 lies not just in its versatility to blend with various decors but also in its wide-ranging applications across different rooms. Let’s explore the wide scope this color provides when planning your interior spaces.

Suitable Rooms for This Color

Manchester Tan is a versatile color that adds sophistication and depth to any room it graces. Here are a few rooms where it thrives:

  • Bedroom: Manchester Tan’s subtle, calm tone makes it an ideal candidate for bedrooms. It can help cultivate a sense of tranquility, contributing to more restful sleep.
  • Living Room: In living rooms, this tonal wonder creates a relaxed atmosphere where you and your guests can unwind and engage in comfortable conversations.
  • Hallway: Hallways often serve as transitional spaces leading to vibrant enclaves of color or patterns, but Manchester Tan uplifts these often overlooked areas from the mundane.
  • Kitchen: Even fast-paced environments like the kitchen could use a refreshing touch of this hue, providing a soothing backdrop amid culinary adventures.
  • Bathroom: Dressing up the walls with Manchester Tan is a no-brainer for bathrooms aiming for that spa-like serenity.

While these are excellent suggestions, the usage of Manchester Tan HC-81 is not limited to these spaces alone.

Picture this shade signifying humble sophistication anywhere across your home interior that calls for an elegant makeover.

It could be functional spaces like laundry rooms or personal retreats such as home libraries or even meditation corners – This beautiful hue has your needs covered!

Coordination with Lighting Directions

When it comes to color perception, lighting holds immense influence. Your space’s orientation and the kind of light it receives throughout the day can significantly impact how Manchester Tan HC-81 appears. Let’s break down how this color reacts to the light directions:

  • North-Facing Rooms: These rooms receive cooler, bluer light that can often make colors appear shadowy and dull. However, Manchester Tan HC-81’s warm undertones come to life here, richly contrasting the cool light yet retaining its calming aura.
  • South-Facing Rooms: Blessed with an abundance of warm natural light throughout the day, south-facing rooms tend to enhance paint colors. In such spaces, Manchester Tan will look a shade lighter and maintain its warmth, making your rooms feel sunlit, comfortable, and inviting.
  • East-Facing Rooms: Mornings in east-facing rooms are awash with bright sunlight that gradually mellows over the day. Manchester Tan adapts beautifully under this variable lighting condition. As the day progresses, watch this hue morph from a lighter tone during the early hours into a richer hue, displaying true depth in the evening.
  • West-Facing Rooms: Known for their softer morning lighting and intensely warmer tones in later afternoon and evening hours, west-facing rooms present an exciting canvas for Manchester Tan HC-81 to exhibit its spectrum. Enjoy how this color softly comes alive every afternoon, recreating an intimate, calming environment.

Understanding your room’s orientation to sunlight is crucial when deciding which shade to choose – while swatches provide a snapshot of its possible look under specific conditions, they can change dramatically based on nature’s ever-changing outdoor lighting conditions.

Thus, it becomes crucial to sample your selected paint under different light conditions before adopting it wholeheartedly into your space.

Exterior Applications Of Manchester Tan HC-81

Exterior Applications Of Manchester Tan HC-81

Venturing beyond the confines of your home, Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81 is an equally impressive performer for exterior applications, too.

When you seek to create an appealing exterior, color choice matters significantly. Manchester Tan can lend a sophisticated touch to several exterior elements:

  • Outdoor Playsets: Whether a colossal swing set or a small fort, painting it with Manchester Tan could blend the structure into your backyard oasis while enhancing its appeal.
  • Exterior Walls: Try Manchester Tan for your home’s exterior walls! Its high LRV makes it an excellent reflective color, alleviating the summer heat while creating an inviting ambiance.
  • Trim/Doors: A dash of Manchester Tan on trims and doors against darker or complementary painted walls can give them a distinct layer of elegance and charm.

To make the most out of this versatile hue, consider the architectural style of your home and its surroundings. The natural light exposure it gets and your personal preference should guide you.

The consistency of Manchester Tan under varying light conditions is impressive, making it widely favored amongst discerning homeowners.

Importance of Sampling for Manchester Tan HC-81

Importance of Sampling for Manchester Tan HC-81

Sampling is an indispensable step in your paint selection journey, especially with a nuanced color like Manchester Tan HC-81.

  • Understanding Undertones: Sampling lets you examine how the unique undertones in Manchester Tan interact with other elements in your space.
  • Time Variance: Colors tend to behave differently at various times of day due to changes in light. A sample helps you understand these shifts unique to your space and lighting.
  • Interplay with Textiles and Furniture: Sampling will give you an idea of how this tone plays off against different textures, patterns, and colors in your furniture, curtains, or upholstery.
  • Cost-effective: Instead of investing directly into gallons of paint, grabbing a tester pot will save time and money by letting you try before buying.

Always remember that colors can look different on screens compared to reality. Therefore, sampling provides the most accurate demonstration of how a specific color suits your space.

Aim for approximately 2×2 feet section on a wall for testing — large enough to understand the variation but small enough not to overpower if you change your mind.

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Pairing Manchester Tan HC-81 with Trim Colors

Your aesthetic choices don’t conclude with picking a primary wall color. How you accent it, particularly concerning your trim color, powers another dramatic level of visual intrigue and sophistication.

Here are some outstanding trim colors to consider when using Manchester Tan HC-81:

  • Constellation AF-540: A part of the Affinity Collection, this understated blue-gray color offers a cool contrast to the warm earthiness of Manchester Tan. The resulting blend is balanced and harmonious.
  • White Ice OC-58: Nothing spells classic like pairing a subtle, neutral hue with clean white. White Ice is a brilliant white that stands out strikingly against Manchester Tan. This combination brings forward the richness of Manchester Tan while providing fresh, open-feel aesthetics.
  • Georgian Brick HC-50: If you’re aiming for a regal touch, look no further than Georgian Brick HC-50. This deep red provides a bold contrast that redefines Manchester tan, creating an impressive design statement.
  • Bleeker Beige HC-80: On the warmer spectrum, Bleeker Beige is an excellent choice after understated elegance. The mutual warmth shared by both colors creates an enveloping sense of welcome while keeping your space classy and refined.

Ultimately, you must remember that your trim color should enhance the beauty of your primary wall color – in this case, the stunning Benjamin Moore’s Manchester Tan HC-81!

So do think not just about what these colors look like on their own but also how they influence each other when combined.

Similar Color to Manchester Tan: Jute AF-80

Similar Color to Manchester Tan: Jute AF-80

If you’re in love with the warm undertones and soothing aesthetics of Manchester Tan, you would be thrilled to meet its color sibling – Jute AF-80.

This is another beautiful addition to Benjamin Moore’s Affinity Collection. With an LRV or Light Reflectance Value of 63.3, Jute AF-80 resonates with warmth while maintaining a light, airy feel – perfect for all your calm-inducing spaces.

Although slightly brighter than Manchester Tan, Jute AF-80 still pulls off the same muted elegance we’re familiar with in HC-81, infusing rooms with a uniquely tranquil ambiance.

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FAQs About Manchester Tan HC-81

Can I use Manchester Tan HC-81 for both small and large rooms?

The versatility of Manchester Tan HC-81 makes it a great choice for any room, regardless of size.

Is Manchester Tan HC-81 only suitable for vintage or traditional style houses?

No, while this hue belongs to the Historical Colors collection, its timeless appeal makes it blend effortlessly into modern and contemporary decors.

How does natural light influence the color of my Manchester Tan HC-81 painted wall?

Manchester Tan encompasses subtle undertones that may reveal more prominently under different lighting circumstances, warmer with yellow light and cooler under bright whites.

What is the best trim color combination for walls painted with Manchester Tan HC-81?

While personal preference plays a pivotal role here, trims in White Ice OC-58 or Constellation AF-540 can ideally complement walls painted in Manchester Tan.

Can I use Manchester Tan HC-81 on my home’s exterior?

Yes! When applied correctly, this elegant shade offers great aesthetics to outdoor playsets or exterior walls – boosting curb appeal significantly.


Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81 is a master of versatility, adapting to a wide range of interior and exterior settings with enviable fluidity.

Whether you want to bring a sense of calm to your bedrooms or charm into your living room, Manchester Tan stands tall as an obvious choice for those seeking harmonious colors.

Just remember, it’s always best to trust your instincts in home decor and painting. So, let your imagination guide you in finding the perfect application and pairing for this beautiful shade. And don’t forget to enjoy the process!

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